Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Divided Selves

The devided selves is where we pull apart from who we are as a whole and become two or three people inside. There seems to be three aspects of selves that devide. The higher self which is our spiritual side. The next is concouious which is our mind. And the last is the child or emotional side.

My own personal experience is when I found myself in an unhealthy position and realized that I had become more than one person. First there was this person who was a visionary and Leader who was on task and organized. Thought things through and knew the answers when they came.
Then there was this emaotional child who wanted to be seen and was angry of being put into an unhealthy position. Next the Spiritual side that detached and

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Personal Power

Personal Power is something I have been on the search for since I became aware that I had lost it. Many of us lose it in our early childhood or forget that we have it and often if we do find it we give it to someone who doesn't deserve it. We compromise ourselves and put ourselves in powerless positions where we can't move because of fear when deep down inside of ourselves we are prisoners of our own loss of power.

Finding our personal power is taking back our lives and forgiving ourselves so that we can begin to heal. I say begin because this just does not happen over night. There is much to overcome and the hardest part is being gentle with ourselves so that we can listen to our own hearts.

Losing one's power is splitting ourselves in two and sometimes into many. So we begin the journey by waking up and becoming aware of our losses. Then the process of finding out who we are and where all the pieces that we have lost are hidden becomes an amazing puzzle as we piece together our lives. So as we start on this private journey from within the Healing process begins.....