Thursday, February 23, 2017

Repost "A Common Thread"

A common thread that we all share is our connection we have with each other. Our energy, thoughts, and intentions all have a huge influence not only in our own lives but others that we come in contact with. For many this can be called Empathic but as I have learned we all share this ability at different degrees. For me it was a way that I could help others and understand blessings in my own life with what I could feel within my own body as a Reiki practitioner. Later with practice I learned that I didn't have to feel the energy but could read it instead which only changed the way that I learned about energy.

I once had a client come to me who was nursing a cold at the time asking me to balance her energy fields. During the session we had to stop a few times to let her blow her nose. Then in the middle of the session my nose started to run and I had to stop and blow my own. Finally it dawned on me to check in with myself when I recognized that I was fine when we started. It then became clear to me that I was working in her energy field and I was taking on her symptoms. This meant that I needed to acknowledge what was happening and then send the energy that was causing the nose to drip on it's merry way stopping it for the both of us so that we could to continue the rest of the session without all the Kleenex.

I had another client come to me for Reiki and I noticed a few minutes into the session that my stomach was hurting. Not bad but uncomfortable, so I asked my client if she was having a stomach ache.  She immediately responded that her stomach was hurting all that morning and so I started to work on releasing the energy and clearing out the pain from both of our energy fields. It worked, within the next few minutes the pain was gone which I quickly checked in with my client and hers was gone to.

Another time was when I went with a friend to pick up her daughter from her ballet class. Her daughter got in the car complaining that her foot was hurting. Seeing me in the car she asked if I would lay my hands on her foot and help with the pain. I did and after a little while my foot started to hurt which made me speak up letting her know what I was picking up. She smiled wanting to know where on the foot that I was picking up the pain. That was easy, as I could pin point the exact area of where the pain was coming from. She smiled really big and said that, yes, that was where her foot was hurting. I then placed my intentions to release the pain in her foot and my own energy field. After few seconds she sighed in big relief. The pain was gone for both of us.

My husband is a very dear person who sympathized with both my pregnancy and the births of our two children. As I was having contractions, he would feel the pain in his stomach. I must confess at the time, I was not very compassionate towards his pain. But now years later I am still in "awe" of how we can pick up emotions, and even feel physical pain from each other when we are connected.

Throughout my own life I have discovered that we as human beings don't even have to be in the same room but can be miles and miles apart and still be connected to each other.

An example of this was several years ago when I was doing a lot of traveling in my life and I could feel one of my friends thinking or praying over me. The feeling I got was so strong that I would make note of the time and day where ever I was. Later, when I got home, I would contact her and we would compare notes which always confirmed what I noted to the exact time and day. Again, I was reminded of the power our thoughts and prayers have on each other.

Now, years later, I understand more than ever how important it is to send out loving and healing thoughts towards each other, especially towards those who make us feel off-balance. They are the ones who need it the most and when we are conscious of this we can send loving energy that is needed to create that balance. The other thing to be aware of is that often when we are hurt and angry we send the energy out which can cause more pain and suffering for others and ourselves. I am not saying not to get angry but learn how to release your anger into the earth and let it regenerate into a healthy energy that doesn't cause pain to others and eventually make it's way back to you. As multi-dimensional beings it is our responsibility to be mindful for the things that we think as much as the things that we do.

Friday, February 10, 2017


"Memorized feelings limit us to re-creating the past."
                     Dr. Joe Dispenza

"Rather than resisting or getting rid of negative thoughts, simply place thoughts of a higher nature by their side."
                  Sanaya Roman

The Observer

A practice that is really powerful when working with strong emotions is to learn how to become our own observer. That means being conscious in what we are feeling in an intense experience, or even in an emotional exchange with someone else. When we do this we allow ourselves the privilege of really seeing what is being triggered, defended, or if it is our ego that was hurt.

It is by becoming our own observer that we have the opportunity to make choices from the information that we gathered and decide if it is important to respond by letting go or if we really need to take a stand without the emotions making a decision for us. If we learn that our emotions are really only a gauge for us to look at a situation and different views of the world around us then we feel more empowered for stepping into our integrity.

Photograph by Steve

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Ice Cubes Story

This is a story that I like to share with my Light Language class......

A few years ago as I was waking up and in that place of Twilight. I saw this image of myself standing in what I perceived at that time as hell. I was aware that my hands were up close to my shoulders open towards the heavens. Immediately I was reminded of the stature that is in the poster for the movie, "In the Garden of Good and Evil" While I was contemplating this I felt someone place an ice cube in each of my hands. Then I heard the voice of an angel that I was familiar with explaining that I was safe as long as the ice cubes didn't melt.

My awareness then settled on the images that surrounded me which were of great pain, and suffering. Toxic fumes blasted me with extreme heat that smelled so vile it took my breath away. Hopelessness wrapped it's self around my core sending a flash of fear that shot through me and as it did the ice cubes that were in my hands started to melt. When this happened I started to experience all the fear, pain, and suffering around me. I was also aware in that moment that my own thoughts and aguish were contributing to the horrors I was witnessing so that I was a part of what was happing.

That is when I remembered what the angel had said and for some reason I had a quick flash of my cat complaining about finding a spider in the house until we removed it. I could't help myself and started to giggle at how she doesn't like bugs which opened my heart with Love and forgiveness. A miraculous thing happened as soon as I saw this image, I noticed that the ice cubes were hardening in my hands freezing out the emotional fear and pain which departed quickly from within my body.  As I stood there a knowing came over me that as long as I held love and forgiveness within myself I was no longer contributing to what was going on around me nor was I absorbing it. Then a wave of compassion swept over me for what I saw happening around me which permeated from my soul.

Again, I heard the voice of the angel saying "As long as I was standing connected with my higher self and the Creator in that space of Love, compassion, and forgiveness I could walk through the valleys of darkness and hold the light for myself and others." I was also reminded that, "We are all able to do this and when we remember from where we originally came from and stand in that alignment we remind others that we all have the choice to align ourselves into the Light. It is when we forget and become caught up in the darkness in the world that our ice cubes melt. "

I have had the commit from a few of my students that they have had days with not only their ice cubes melting but they evaporated. We all have days like that and what I like to say to this is that we have the ice cube story to help remind us where we are when we are in a difficult situation. The story gives us a gage when we are conscious that we do have a choice in how we connect or hold the energy of a higher space for ourselves and others.  I am not saying it is easy but the more we practice we go less into a vicim, contributor, or fear mode as we learn how to step into our own personal power.

Look around you and see where you are in the story and if your ice cubes are melting?