Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Moon Cycles

Did you know that we as humans cycle with the moon? We do...... It is kind of weird but there seems to be a pattern.... I didn't know this. It wasn't until I was talking to a friend and mentioned that I have bursts of inspiration where I feel very creative and focused. And then there are other times I could talk the ear off a flea and only want to be out and about with people.

My friend said, "you know Ana, you should chart your moods with the moon cycle. The moon has a gravitational pull on the earth and it does effect the tides in some way and we as humans are made up of a high percentage of water". Hmmm... I was thinking to myself this might help me to know when I could sit and really work on a piece of my art without feeling I need to get up and be somewhere else. "OK, I will do it!" And for the next six months I started to chart my focus.

My daughter helped me find a site on the internet that told us what phase and also gave the percentage of when the moon was waxing and waning. I had no idea what each meant as I started out. I charted my creativity and my social patterns.

The results were amazing and seemed to follow a pattern. I found that when the moon is waxing and getting closer to the full moon I was more apt to wanting to be out with others in a more social environment. It was when the moon was in the waning cycle I wanted to stay closer around the house and was more focused and able to be creative with my hands.

During the cycle of the full moon for each, I found that I could not sit still but needed to be out of the house and was again inspired creatively only it was more verbal and people oriented. This information was great because now I could tell my friends and family when I needed to be alone and when I could give them my full attention without feeling guilty of wanting to be working on my art.

Trust me it does make a big difference in relationships knowing who you really are and accepting others for who they are........

Blessings for the New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

As I wake from dreaming I am excited about the day and also very excited to be with some of my family as we celebrate the holiday. I am also so grateful for all the wonderful friends and family who are in and out of my life that I share so much with but know we all can't always be together.

Yesterday, I shared my experience of feeling energy but please know that it is not just a chosen few that can feel this. It is a gift given to each and everyone of us. We all have the ability to feel and experience energy and be aware of what is happening to us.

If you think about all the people you have loved or that loved you on this earth that have passed on before you, then you know that they are sending out their love and prayers to you, just as you might still pray for them.

Energy is not just of this earth but is in all realms of existence. In truth if you don't already know this your soul is made up of pure energy and if you even think our bodies are amazing in the way they run and function then the soul will blow your mind.

Now if you understand this, wrap your mind around this........Each and everyone of us have been given gifts even beyond our own comprehension. Call them what you may, like spiritual gifts, intuition, seeing, knowing or being sensitive to name a few but we all have them. Oh it is all there, even in your DNA. Just ask your family about it, someone will talk.

When you think about it, the body and soul are all connected and the body is the major key to sensing energy around us. For me, I know my arms will tell me something is up. Remember we talked about the different body parts that connect emotions to certain organs. Mine is my heart which is connected to the hands and arms.

An example would be like, for me I might get a feeling of heavy syrup coating my arms and when this happens I check into my heart area because I know that I can often be sensitive at picking up things that are not my own emotions. This immediately tells me that someone is not doing well and they are in a mood that might need to be approached with caution.

By knowing your own body signals you can connect with your emotions and you are in a better place to offer assistance if you need to, rather then being pulled into their emotions and only adding to the problem. Knowing what is yours and what is theirs is a big deal.

There are so many other ways we sense and see things that I could go on for hours but know this..... that each and everyone of us are amazing in how we are created and designed. There are no mistakes in how we are made and that the gifts we were given were from the great Creator Himself, with that in mind know that all we have to do is be aware and accept..... Oh, and always be responsible for them to..


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Other Side of the Coin

The other day we were driving to the airport to fly out to visit my little sister and her family for Christmas. We were all packed and snug in the car as I listened to my two children play a game in the back seat. My son had a card deck and was asking his sister what color was the card he had in his hand. Well, there were only two colors and black or red were it.

Of course this gives you a fifty fifty chance of getting it right and my husband who is an Engineer was enjoying figuring out all the averages. I listened in until I was caught and was called in to play as he went through the whole deck. As we swished players I thought about playing heads or tails with a quarter which seemed to follow the same rules.

Then I remembered a saying that I heard once and would try to apply it when I could. All it said was, "what's on the other side of the coin?" Often we come to situations in life that we need to look at both sides of the coin. So many times we only see one side and so we miss out on the other fifty percent of what life has to offer us.

I think it is there when we flip the coin and remember the other side we realize that there really are two sides to each and every story that life becomes more interesting. We are all created to see form our own point of view but looking at things form someone else's prospective allows us to see a much bigger picture.


A Special Purpose

Ever have those times in life that no matter what we do it just does not work out? It may seem at the time that we were called into action but once we start to really get into the middle of it, it just falls apart. I know that my heart has lead me down different paths in life looking for something that I was called to do, yet way back in my mind I knew it wasn't right.

Growing up there was a popular movie at the time staring Steve Martin called "The Jerk". In it he was looking for his special purpose. Now as I am older I find that I meet so many people in life who are changing their careers and their life styles starting from their 30's. The phrase "I don't know what I want to be when I grow up" is often the topic of lunch or groups as they are going back to school or changing jobs and careers

No, this is not all about money. People with high paying jobs are leaving their positions and seeking out ways to help others or finding something that is more in sink to meet the needs of satisfying what is calling out to their heart.

I remember when one of my friend's husband announced that he was no longer going to be an Engineer but was going back to Grad school to be an Architect. They had three children and another on the way and she was a full time mom. This was awhile ago and I know that the rest of us didn't understand the change in lifestyle. But now he and the family are very happy and he enjoys going to work every day doing what he loves the most. She is still a full time Mom and amazing at that.

Others as they come in and out of my life are making changes in their lives and some are being pushed on to other paths by unknown forces. I do believe that we are all created to have a special purpose in life and that often we don't see it because we are too focused on at what we have at the time.

Often we are too afraid to move and so we are then moved to fit into the Creator's bigger plan. It seems that most of us are still searching and many of us are taking the big plunge but when it comes down to it all we are all looking for the same thing which is finding where we fit in and what we are called to do in this beautiful world of ours.

As Steve Martin says in the movie, " Look Ma, I found my Special Purpose!"

Many Blessings,

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Voice of Gentle Reason

I guess one of the things that we often ponder is the question, are we alone in the world or universe and I don't mean family or friends. So many times I have thought about this question myself and wondered if we live in such a big space, "can we be the only ones here?" I am finding for myself as I am leaning that there is more to this earth that we can see even with our own eyes.

As we become more aware we start to experience things that seem to tell us that we are not. I know in my own experience I discovered that we are not always doing things alone.

When I was six years old we had a working ranch in Presidio, TX. I was in first grade and the bus would always bring me home. One day I arrived before my parents could get home from errands and found the whole place deserted. I panicked and started to walk over to the neighbors house that was one and half miles next to the highway. I remember crying when I heard the voice tell me, “Don't cry, I am with you.” I stopped crying and felt someone around me.

To make the story short I did make it to my friends house and played until my parents found me which I had already forgotten about them not being at home. It was all though out the rest of my life that, that same voice would come into my life a kind and gentle voice of guidance.

It wasn't until I met my husband for the first time that I really heard the voice strongly say,.... “That is him”! "He is the one!" 'Him who?', I asked but I knew what it meant.” We married nine months later. And nine months after we married we had our daughter.

Last year even though I didn't want to admit that there was really something out there as a guardian angel , or guide following me around that I agreed to go to a Healing Seminar. I went with a friend who took me under her wing to show me that there was more to this life than what we can see. I went only to apease her and go on with my life without much thought of it. It was when our teacher had us do a meditation that things began to shift. In the meditation we had to ask if there was an angel or guide to please give us proof by showing us something close to our heart that only we would know.

Of course since I was there in the group I went though the mediation so that we could get to lunch. I was starving and I was getting tired of sitting in the class. He dismissed us for lunch and we ate but before we got back we went to the bookstore that was right next to where our class was.

It was there in the corner of the store I saw this necklace and it was a design I had drawn, up in the mountains of Taos when a teacher asked me to go inside myself and find my inner core. It was a drawing of something so special with personal symbols that meant a lot to my heart. I saw it and I grabbed up the medallion throwing it in the back of the old shelf and skulked back to the class.

“How could anyone steal my design!", I complained to my friend.
I had not shared it with anyone it was too personal!

Of course the first thing the teacher asked when we started class was, “Did anyone get a sign or something from their angel or guides that told them that they were real?” OH No!

I forgot! I looked at my friend as the color drained from my face and I realized that it was from someone who knew who I really was deep within. I quickly went back to the store and dug though all the Jewelry to find the design as soon as the class let out. I took the time to really look at it and turned it over which reviled the words” Please Guide this Woman” Amazed I bought it and restrung it wearing it to remind me that I was not alone.

Today I have moved past having to wear my necklace everyday as a reminder but I am always aware of the guiding voice that warns me or reminds me when I need to do things. I am not saying that I am always good at listening though........


Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Essence of Power

Power and control is something we all know exist but no one likes to talk about. It is the child that runs amok in the room and we go on like it wasn't happening. The only problem is that when you decide in your life that you are going to take control of your own life you have to set boundaries and become more aware of where others are losing or trying to gain their power.

By looking at the situation this way, it brings a whole different light on someone who is hurting and hurting others. You soon become aware that, that person is struggling inside trying to find or gain the power or control that they feel that they need to survive. Somewhere in their lives they were taught that there was not enough power inside and lost all their control to someone else.

Now you may find someone using their power to control others in their words they speak, energy they take or the position they have, which could be family or job related. This form of relationship always seems to struggle often destroying the relationship beyond repair. Families split apart, coworkers leave their jobs, friends and neighbors no longer speak all a result of people losing what they already possess which is the power to control the lie that they carry inside.

No, we can't really control someone else. For if the body is enslaved the mind is not or the mind enslaved the body rebels and the spirit always remains free. We are intended to be, no matter who tells us that we are not, to be as we were created.

The true essence of power is learning how to balance the power that we possess inside so that we lift others and ourselves to the highest potential. Sound easy? No, not really it can be a life's work but you know as I always say it is about taking that first step and being aware of the real control in our own lives.

Many Blessings,

Friday, December 19, 2008

Physical Emotion

One of the many things that I learned form a Teacher in Taos was the emotions can be felt physically in the body. I know you are thinking, "well yeah, doesn't everyone feel emotions in the body'? Yes, they do but did you know that you can feel different emotion at different locations in your body including different parts of your brain?

This is something to really think on that if you are having some self esteem issues where do you think you might feel it? The answer may be in your solar plexus which is located right above the navel area. This whole area seems to be really sensitive to will power, self control and feelings of self development. Next time you are feeling powerless or over powerful try to be aware of where it is coming from.

Of course the big question is why do we care? Because if you are losing that emotional energy or bringing in too much energy then it will probably effect those organs that are located in that area. Again it is all about balance, if not corrected then you may be taking time off to visit a Doctor.

Try this one..... Do you have lower back pain? Then you may be dealing with issues of stability, security, trust, or basic survival needs. Again the body is affected and recording all of your emotional feelings in you physical body.

Let us go with the favorite that everyone is aware of, the heart. If you are feeling a gain or loss of love, empathy, compassion, or tolerance then it is somewhere in the heart region. Ever have a broken heart? There is a reason they say it is broken in the heart, you most likely feel it very strong in that area of the chest. What organs are around that area? Well, there is the heart, lungs, and they seem to effect the arms and hands. It is all connected...

Here is another good one..... I bring this up because it affects us Artist and anyone in Communication. The Throat Area is one of the places that we miss in our body. It is where we express ourselves and if you have ever heard the expression, "They got all choked up" then you know what it is like trying to talk or give an opinion when your throat is closing up which also has an affect on the thyroid or parathyroid organs.

This part of the body deals with the issues of creativity, music, truthfulness, intelligence and inspiration. It is a major part of expressing ourselves and someone who has lost their voice and I use the example of abuse will often feel like they can't communicate their feelings which makes it all the more important for them to open and use their voice in an environment that is safe. This will help them recover some of the pieces that they have lost of themselves.

The other part of the body that I like to bring up is the crown or the top of the head. This part of the body seems to tingle and you get an almost high feeling when you are praying or feel connected to God. It is known for the feelings of enlightenment, confusion, apathy, spirituality,or ability to learn also affecting our cerebral cortex, and central nervous system.

It is also where our knowledge of God and all of creation seems to permeate our bodies. Please know that the feeling of a great loss can cause energy blocks that will also affect this area which communicates to the whole body a feeling of loss of well being.

So those are only a few that I mention so that if you are interested you can investigate further. I didn't get into the brain but the brain will also connect with the different emotions that we feel. You can feel anger in one part apposed to feeling that you are mistrusting someone in another part or true love is one of my favorite areas of the brain. Again our bodies are amazing in the way they were created and how they function.

Peace be with you

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Nature of Balance

I guess we have all heard the expression that, "Life hangs in the balance". I had to stop and think about this as I awoke from a very refreshing nap a few days ago. It seems that my dreaming was all about how things were balancing in my own life.

We as human beings have so many things in our lives that we have to balance. We are constantly in the motion of balancing the checkbook, work, play, kids, house, relationships, health, food and the list goes on...

It seems that it is in those times when we are out of balance in some aspect of our lives that our soul seems to weaken. Our minds and bodies follow this by over compassionating and creating more friction in our lives that we either become ill or depressed. Often we look for medication or Doctors to solve our problems or some way to push it down inside as we continue the vicious cycle of our busy lives rather than finding what is screaming that it is out of balance.

Other times we look to others and their problems to focus on, rather then looking inside ourselves for the answer. I am reminded of flying on an airplane when the Stewardess tells us that in case of an emergency that when the masks drop down we are to place the mask on our own heads first and then place the mask on others. We can't help others when we are unconscious.

Now here is the funny part, so often we pick others in our lives unconsciously facing the same trials and tribulations as ourselves. It is almost like we are trying to solve our problems though them and when we do we can heal ourselves. The only problem is that we all heal and learn on different levels of the spectrum, so if they are ahead or behind us it can cause problems in the relationship. Again we are talking about balance. What does this lead to gossip, anger, sadness and a wide variety of other emotions that send out warning signals.

I had a wonderful Teacher in my life tell me that,"healing is very self centered".
It is all about you and you alone. This goes against the grain of our culture but it is a huge step in being aware and being aware of the true self. By making this step, the next step is locating where the balance in our lives is out of balance. Looking within and not looking at others so that we find the cause to move though the process of healing allowing our soul, body and mind to reconnect and once again we become one with our true selves.

Love and Peace

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Voice of Emotion

I have been noticing when I am listening as someone is speaking that fear will sometimes creep into the vocal cords and display its self. Often the speaker is guarded and not aware that they are sending out those signals. There seems to be a pattern in the subtle tones of the voice that give away the emotions and intention in the body language that follows, confirming the signal is clear.

The change in the vocals in the voice happens so slightly that the emotions start to stir in the receiver, kind of like turning a knob on a radio tuner as the body lines up with that person's feelings. It seems to happen so naturally that I don't believe that most of us are even aware of the slight change.

I guess it could be called empathy or connecting with the other person but it becomes a process of learning how to define the line of who's emotions are whos. I bring up fear because fear and love are the two categories that my Teachers taught me that all emotions can line up under.

The only reason that I became aware of this is that I noticed as people were speaking, the emotions in my own body were starting to change ever so slightly as I listen to their words. But it was the vocal changes in their voice that moved me to action or set of the alarms.

Thinking more about this I remembered that when we are in the womb we don't understand the language that our mothers are speaking but it stands to reason that we could pick up on the vibration of the voice and the vocal changes expressing the emotion. Maybe this is the reason we can sway each others emotions not only by the power of our words but the vibrations of the vocal cords. Just something to ponder....


Friday, December 12, 2008

The Art of Judgment

Judgment, how many times do we run into this, not only with others but inside ourselves. Judgment can be something that we become aware of when our lives become unbalanced. Often it will come with a fear that we are carrying inside because if there is only love in our hearts there is no room for what we fear.

Often we think that others are very judgmental but if you really get down to the nitty gritty of listening to our own inner being inside ourselves we will find that judgment of the self is so strong. As I have this amazing opportunity in my own life to interact and visit with people, I am able to reflect on myself. I find that we as human beings beat ourselves up for not being perfect and if it is not that then there is always something else we can find.

We hurt ourselves for; not being smart, our weight, our appearance, power, money, age, relationships, jobs, sex, control, and the list goes on.....
And as we do, we judge others by our own standards that we ourselves can't attain in life.

Why do I bring this up you ask? Because the first step to healing our emotions inside is to be aware of this and finding the fear or the lie that we accepted as truth. It is there in that awareness that we can free ourselves from our on inner bondage granting mercy to ourselves and others.

Looking at our judgments and fears as someone once said "are the first steps in a thousand mile journey to finding the peace inside". Yes, I know it is a long path that we will walk but think of the freedom in your soul you have when you get to the end.

Love and Blessings

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Subtle Energy of Color

One of the amazing things that I have been learning about energy is that it comes in different colors. I don't know if you know this but if you think about it makes a lot of sense because color can be measured in wavelengths. The energy that each color produces can be recorded in THz that sends out a vibration energy.

Just think about the power of the laser and what we do with the different levels of light and color. Also, how much do we see the color that is transmitted through our TVs? (More energy) OK, with that in mind think about your body and the energy that it produces with just raw emotion. We have already talked about emotional energy going out in a crowed room. So now imagine that emotion comes in different colors, kind of like ice cream comes in different flavors.

Yes, some people can see this color energy with the naked eye circulating around the body. Other people who are real sensitive can feel the energy and close their eyes and see it in their minds eye. It is just another way that our bodies are programed to pick up the subtle energy around us.

Now if you are going to work with energy it is probably best to know what these colors mean and how they relate to the person that you are working with. I have had the honor of meeting a real Medical Intuitive. These people can scan the energy that is in your body and find hot spots that tell them that something is not right. They can tell you where it is located, say for example your liver or heart and with this information you can go to a Dr. and have it checked out. Yes, they can detect cancer among other things.

It reminds me of the animals that we have read about that can tell the owner if the person has a fatal disease or heart condition that needs to be looked at. Please, no disrespect to the Medical Intuitives it is just an example of how we don't always understand how it is done, but it is out there.

The colors around the person not only tells about the emotions or illness that the person is experience but can also tell about where that person is in their life walk.

Now, lets change this over to art and clothing. Color again is energy that can be felt by another person but is also felt by the person who is producing it. Looking at a piece of art can tell a lot about what the Artist is feeling and what they were thinking by just examining the colors. You may be attracted to that piece of art because you like the color?

You see, we are attracted to colors like we need different food in our diets. You crave a cretin food because your body needs it and the same goes with the color energy. Look at your wardrobe and see what colors you are buying or what you feel, that is the key word...... what you feel like wearing.

Look at your home.....What colors do you surround yourself in? Just something to make you think when we are not running a million miles a minute. The information is all there you just have to stop and be aware of it, kind of like taking time to smell a rose.

Many Blessings, Ana

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Journey

They say the fastest way between two points is a straight line. This is something we have have always known. My view on it in the past however has been wanting to forgo that straight line and be where I was going yesterday. Christmas holidays, Summer vacation, Europe, or a party just to name a few of the events that I hurry to be apart of.

When I was a little girl my mother used to tell me that the whole point of the straight line is the adventure and the journey is the key to whatever life holds. Of course it wasn't until much later in life that this had any meaning for me. I discovered that making the plans, preparing, traveling or the people that I met only added to the joy to whatever event life handed me.

As I started to look at the journey we have in each of our own lives and how we connect with each other. I began to realize that there was more to life than the final destination. Each of the side trips or delays that interfered with us getting to where we thought we should be only added more color to our stories.

It is in these moments that we take a breath and look around us and see where we have been and how much we have grown inside our own being. It is a time to stop and enjoy what we do have and who is in our lives.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Energy Blocks

Learning about energy and working with it is something that I really enjoy now that I am more aware of it. I don't think that people even realize how much it effects our everyday living.

Now here is the part that everyone forgets, the part that we learned in grade school that everything is made up of those atoms and tiny molecules. Everything is buzzing because it is moving whether we see it or not. Most of the time your body detects it without your knowledge. Kind of like your heart beating and you never think about it. It just does........

Think about this..... when you walk into a crowed room of people and you began to pick up emotions which is raw energy you are drawn to cretin people in that room. As you talk you find that you may have a lot in common and if you don't you quickly move to find someone else that seems to fit your energy pattern. This can mean a friend, romantic or healing match. It is always there......

As someone who is learning about energy I learned that our bodies put out this flow of energy that moves though us like an oscillating fountain. It is constantly in motion inside and out.

When we are healthy then it moves and flows though our bodies restoring and repairing it. It is like the blood flowing though our veins bringing nutrients to the body only energy gives us a feeling of health and vitality.

Now, when it is not flowing then we feel slow, sluggish and tired not quite ourselves. Yes, energy can get stuck when our emotions are out of whack or
we have run ourselves into the ground. When this happens then we are more prone to diseases and if we are already carrying one it can cause great distress and make it more active.

The idea of energy is to keep it flowing and moving though the body like it was designed to do.

I must confess that I was not a believer until I was visiting my Mom in Taos, NM. I was having allergies form the construction at the place where I worked and it had turned into a big infection so I took some time off to see Mom. Flying and getting on a bus with people on a two hour ride from the airport in Albuquerque did not help at all. By the time I got there I collapsed and was miserable. My ears had closed up and nose had stopped up. You know the regular allergy stuff.....

Mom finely said, "You know Ana I have this friend and she is known as a Healer and she might be able to help you." I was taking drugs and nothing seemed to help and at that point I would have done anything. "OK," I said as I blew my nose for the millionth time feeling like it was going to fall off....

She called her friend and Jean came over. I didn't know what to expect, I just wanted relief from my state. I remember she came over and they began to talk just about their regular day to day things and as they did Jean asked me to sit down on a chair where she pulled one up next to me and placed her hands behind my head and on my neck.

I remember the feeling of a warm rush of heat running through my head and into my sinus that ran down though my nose and ears as they began to open up. I could hear and breath without my nose being blocked. The warm heat then began to flow though my chest and into my lungs that had been fighting for breath which started to relax as my body stopped fighting. She only worked on me for 10 min and without missing word of conversation said goodbye and left to do other things on her agenda. I went to bed and slept for the first time in weeks a very sound and deep sleep.

When I awoke I asked my Mom for her number and scheduled an hour session with her. I didn't know what she did but I was now a true believer. I met her at her home where she did her work the next day. As I laid on her table thinking what am I doing, she bought out this bowl and stuck it over my body which sounded like a thud..... OK, OK, Lets get on with it, I thought as she did this...... Not knowing where this was going........

She laid her hands on my feet and worked her way up to the top of my head telling me what she was doing the whole time she was working. I never felt invaded or uncomfortable and to my amazement my body began to relax again and I started to fight off the sleep. After she finished she got out her bowls and stuck them. It was amazing... the sound had changed from a thud to a clear bell sound and I could feel the vibration of the bowl ring though my whole body. I could feel it and knew where I felt it inside as my body began to sing with vibration with the bowls.

I came home that weekend healed and a new person. As soon as I could I started to read and learn more about working with energy and Reiki. I found a teacher in Arlington and signed up for the class! Now, I know what it is like to be on both sides of the table.

Many Blessings,

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Gentle Energy of the Soul

Did you know that color can be registered by the frequency of their vibration? Each color has a different vibration that can be measured and recorded. If you think about how they produce laser and light frequency's then this may help.

A few days ago my husband and I were driving down the road and when spotted a rainbow. Steve, said, "Ana," Look if you look really close to the right you can just make out the colors in the sky. As I looked I could just barely make out the colors of the rainbow in the sky. It was there, but to you see it you had to look really closely or you would miss it.

It was then that the thought came to me is that is what it is like to see energy. You see there is a gentle energy surrounding the body that telling a story about the person who they were attached to. It will often tell of the emotional state the person is in by the color. .

No you don't always see them unless you want to be aware of it then you relax your eyes as you look an inch above someone's head and you began to see the glow or colors will appear.

I remember the first time that my Teacher, Friend and Mentor asked me to go to a seminar and as we sat there waiting for it to start I started to look at the people around us checking out the colors and energy around their body. It makes things less boring when waiting. The man who spoke was a nice color of yellow which was kind of interesting. I just mouth that to my Teacher of the color. "Yes", she said I see it....

Later he gave an introduction about this lady who was going to give her testamonoy. I remember it well but the lady stood up and as she did she had this beautiful shade of green all over her. I couldn't take my eyes off of her and as she spoke I realized that she was a Healer that didn't know she was. I mouthed the color to my Teacher and she confirmed what I saw and thought.

Wow, I thought I am going to go up and tell this lady that she has the gift of healing and I wanted her to know......

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Addiction can be a scary word when we think about it and associate it with alcohol, food and drugs. But addiction can be about so many other things that we never think about. Did you know that we can have addictions with people ? I think we call it Codependency.... We can be addicted to places or things.

For me I do have an addiction and it didn't come up until it showed up on a test that the Dr. was running. Lucky for me that my Dr. was nice in putting it in a mild way about it could effect my hormones. Oh yeah my addiction is caffeine. I love coffee, tea and chocolate which are both loaded in caffeine. A little bit is good for the heart but too much of anything is not good for the upkeep and wellness of the body.

You know how hard it is to be a woman living in Texas and be without caffeine? The first few days were a nightmare for my family. When I announced that I was just fine without it and decided to quite cold turkey.

Then there are the Moms who offer us a cup of coffee or tea when we visit or the friend who has a beautiful box of chocolate on the table and wants to share. Of course there are those wonderful baking friends who make these delightful desserts that have name like "Chocolate Sin" or "Double Dutch Chocolate" and have made them just for you. It is everywhere!!!!

What is eating out when you can't have a nice cold glass of ice tea? OK, I want to applaud those amazing people who stop their addictions and never look back. I am finding that for me temptation is always around the corner.

On the Sunny Side

I had to laugh at myself as I ordered a plate of eggs and the waitress asked me how I wanted them cooked. Instantly, I had a flashback of my childhood as a small child, waking up with my Dad and playing at the table while he fixed the coffee and breakfast for our family. Mom used to try to get that extra wink of sleep before getting up and caring for me and running a working ranch in Presidio, Texas. That gave my extra father time to paint and write during the day.

I used to love all the things he cooked for breakfast except when he cooked the sunny side up eggs whose yoke always ran all over my plate touching the other food and contaminating it with its yucky slime.

I am not sure what happened that day because Dad was always on my side but he and Mom decided I needed the extra protein and that I should eat my eggs. It then became a force of wills of who would win and anyone messing with a five year old knows what that is like. I sat there for at least an hour looking at those things looking back at me. Gaging on one bite and waiting for the dog who was excused from the kitchen to disobey and bail me out... Not a chance....

Next my thoughts my thoughts shot over to an expression my friend only recently told me as she was going though a though time in her life.... "Ana, How do you eat an elephant? " "I don't know," I replied. "The answer is, ONE BITE AT A TIME." This is so true with any hardships that we are faced in life.....

Then I heard the Waitress asked again, "How do you want your eggs cooked?"
"Oh," I said, "why Sunny side up of course."


Friday, November 28, 2008

Cell Memory

What is cell memory you might ask? Well, it is something I think that we all should know about because it can effect everyone of us and our relationships with others. One of the key aspects of it is that physical, verbal abuse and trauma are recorded in the body the same. Doesn't matter what actually happened it is all the same as far as the body is concerned which puts out a signal of "fight or flight".

What does this mean? Well, it means that a person who suffered any kind of trauma will often find that feeling of fight or flight when a trigger goes off in the body. By trigger, I mean that if a person, often without conscious awareness feels as though they are put in a similar situation will react. The body which has recorded that pattern of trauma will put out a signal that there is danger which sends a chemical reaction through the body. The body then recognizes the signal in the cells as a warning and reacts to the trigger.

This can mean one minute you are having a lovely time with someone and the next that person may be upset, angry or wanting to leave. The whole key is finding what caused the trigger to go off and learning more about the trauma. Once this is established then it can help both parties as a base to work through the trauma and help strengthen a relationship without feeling helpless.

I had a personal experience like this happen while I was visiting Italy this summer with my husband and family. It was when we were in Venice and I found myself surrounded by all the pigeons. Lucky for me, my husband and I had discussed it before we went to Italy that it may happen and I was prepared to deal with it as it came. He even picked the words "Blueberry pancakes" as a code word to remind me in case I needed to leave or he felt that I needed to go.

Now that sounds funny when we look back on it now but it was not then and I had to remember what caused the reaction. We had always known that I was a little nervous around birds when friends had them as pets and always asked if I wanted to hold them. But it wasn't until I was talking to my Mom on the phone one day that a memory began to pop up of an incident that happened when I was two and we were in Italy.

I remembered my Mom used to take me to Rome to do some of her shopping. And while she was looking at the beautiful merchandise that was often outside on the plaza I would let go of her hand and run around close playing with my toys. I guess it was because I was small that the pigeons would swarm all around me as they did with everyone else and land on me in large numbers. All I remember was screaming as a sea of birds covered me and my mother was running to help me.

One of the things that I found even now that has not changed are the pigeons. They are so friendly that often they crowded around you and perch.
Looking back I realized that because of the patients and caring of my husband that walking on the plaza and confronting an old childhood terror that I was able to really enjoy being with my family and moving past my fear even though I was still feeling that old feeling of flight.... No pun intended!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Shadow Self

Often when I think about the "Shadow" it reminds me of a comic book character that I used to read with all my guy friends as a kid. They even made a movie of it. It wasn't until recently that I found out that there is a Shadow and that it is in everyone walking the earth.

Of course the first reaction is "thats is not true!"......But it is the truth. In each and everyone of us, we carry a side, that is our darker self or nature. I guess it is what we would say that the devil made us do it or feel things we so often deny because we are afraid of it. But truth be known, it is something that we should not be afraid of because like the character in the comic book it has something to teach us about ourselves. 

The Shadow Self is something we cover up and push away and pretend it doesn't exist until one day we see that side of ourselves leaking out and fear creeps in that others will judge us.  I spent a few hours pouring out my own heart to an amazing healer and teacher in Taos, New Mexico, whom I had the priviledge to meet a year ago.  It was then that he stopped me in mid-sentence and told me that the Shadow that I was afraid of was the part that drove me to learn and succeed in my own life.  That without it I would have no drive and would sit somewhere quietly without the desire to move as I do.

He said, that I should look at that side of myself and honor what it had to teach me by aknowaldge that that part existed.  It is as he said, by exploring the darker half of ourselves that we can find a way to use that energy as a positive energy in our lives in motivating ourselves and others.  By accepting who we are and what we carry inside, we grow both emotionally and spiritually as we move through our lives.  

Yes, be aware that the Shadow has a negative side to it but by knowing that part of ourselves and learning about it, we tame the dragon living in all of us that can create so much good in our lives and others.

Many Blessings,  Ana

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Last night I had the honer of attending another one of Daniel's classes at his home on a meditation on gratitude. I thought this was a great idea because I felt like I had come a long way from where I was last year at this time. Plus, I was not cooking Thanksgiving dinner which everyone else was grateful for. (I am not known as a good cook) Not my thing........

As I was driving I was praying out loud that God would not place any crazy people in my space tonight and that I would be really grateful. I had had a stresser of a day and just couldn't deal with it tonight. I arrived and was warmly greeted by the host and hostess. The guest were friendly and inviting. A new friend who I have just became acquainted with was there whose name is Joseph, whom we seem to share a rich background in New Mexico.

I had asked Joseph what was his line of work was and he replied, "a teacher".
OK, "what kind of teacher?" "Oh," he said, "I teach French and Spanish". " I guess you are very fluent" I late it was already out of my mouth...... He smiled and said, "Ana, you of all people should know this from our background in New Mexico." Embarrassed I added...... "Well, I only know enough to get arrested!" His reply as the whole room had stopped to listen in..... "Then let's not tell anyone shall we".

With that Daniel started the meeting and I sat there thinking of Mark Twain and a quote that always seemed to fit. It kind of goes like this" It is better to not say a thing than to open your mouth and let everyone know how really ignorant you really are."

Daniel had decided while preparing for the class that we were going to have a group discussion instead of a mediation. Oh great...... I thought knowing that I was not feeling like talking since I had already opened my big mouth......I guess I am putting my listening ears on.........

The man next me had started a group called "Love" and as it started out I was not quite understanding him....... I was thinking, Oh yeah I asked not to sit by someone like this.......But as I started to listen the man next to me began to talk about his new mission..... "Love" a group that meets and does things for the community. He started a month ago and 180 people had joined in the cause to give their time and help others......

They just delivered food baskets for Thanksgiving on their own and his volunteers were delivering them door to door. He told of a story that at the very end they were unloading baskets and a car was driving past the group very slowly.... He had this feeling that he needed to stop the car. He did and the guy driving had his wife, kids and mother in the car, said, "I didn't do anything wrong. we just want to go home. "

He said all he knew to do was to shove the food basket through the door. The man saw what he was doing and started to cry..... some of the volunteers that saw couldn't believe the emotions that was passing between the two men. Emails later flooded the group, of people who were blessed by witnessing what took place.

All the man could say was the gratitude he felt that the man excepted his gift. By doing that it completed the circle of the two being grateful to each other.
Another women began to talk and open about a relationship she had and how God had shown her that by looking at the heart of this other person's soul she could see the love that this persons had for her even though this person had been very tough on her.

The whole evening went on like that story after story and I sat in my silence I realized that I was grateful that I was allowed to sit among the giants.


The Other Side of Fear

I met Daniel a few weeks after I left my position at a small church as the Healing Director. I was searching for a missing piece of myself. I had been invited to one of his workshops on Meditation and really felt no urge to go but as the week went by I was feeling more and more of a pull in that direction.

"OK," I yelled as I woke up that morning and asked my very sleepy husband to drive me because I was only going to poke my head in the door see what they were doing and leave. As usual it didn't quite go as planned. Daniel saw me and invited me in to join the class. I don't know when it actually happened but I began to relax and become my true self as we went though the meditations.

Later after class, I asked him if he taught any other classes. "Yes, a few and one you might like to try" "Oh yeah?" I asked.... " Yes, he said, "the class dealing with your personal fears and in the end you have the chance to walk on a hot bed of coals." "Oh, Not my thing!" I remembered saying.........

A month later there I was signed up and sitting in his "Fire Walking" class. Wondering how it happened. The only thing was that the place that was hosting the walk had not come though so we were not able to fire walk that day but walking on broken glass barefoot, breaking an arrow with the tip at your soft part of your neck and breaking a board with your hand was offered.

I listen intently as he gave the seminar during the day knowing full well, I was going to bow out of participating in the thrill seekers part at the end. In my family I am the cautious one. I hold everyone's coat at Six Flags.... Not me, I was just taking the part of the class that dealt with your fears.

He explained that "Fear is all about being a little uncomfortable. Mostly it is a new experience that we have no data on so we become fearful but once we get past it we look back and realize that it was a valuable lesson in our lives. Fear is what challenges us to grow in all aspects of our lives and only we have the power to change it inside our selves."

I remember him handing out the hard board and me knocking on it with my knuckles and feeling how hard it was. I guess, I made a face because he stopped the class and said," Ana, What was that face you made?" Tell me what you are thinking". "Great! I am thinking, now I can tell everyone that I don't think that I can do this"..... All eyes on me face giving me away....

My answer went like this...... "Well,.... I guess I am afraid?"......... "What if I fail?" "Close your eyes," he said "and see yourself standing at the board and see your hand moving though the board and stopping at the other side." I am very visual and this came up in a flash. "I see it" but..... but.... I guess I doubt it? ...... Then he, shouted to the class..... "let's go out and break some boards!" A hand on my shoulder and a words of encouragement "Ana, you can do this, you need to trust yourself."

Well, I love gentleman, all the women went first and broke their boards and I was the last one standing with all eyes on me again. I walked up like I was facing the gillitien and placed my board between the blocks and with the count of one, two, three, my hand sliced through the board like butter. The walking on glass and breaking the arrow with my neck were all the same. Me being the last but each a success. There were a few that did not have the some luck but I think my Angels who must of felt like I needed the extra boost that day.

Now, when I am faced with fear in my heart. I know I can move though it and it is all about trying something new and being a little uncomfortable because success what is on the other side of fear.


The Dark Night of the Soul

I don't know if it is true in your house but in my house when someone mentions the "Dark Night" the word Batman seems to follow. Well, this is something quite different when it comes to the experience of the human soul. No, it is not a bad thing but a description of what it is to be totally alone.

Usually it comes at a point of your life when you and your soul are making a major transition and sometimes you feel like you were abandoned by everyone including God. It is a time of trail and reflection with in your own being. Often people will not be able to sleep or feel depressed because they feel completely alone. What got my attention when I have read about these cases and even felt that on a lesser level that it is when inspiration, creativity and art are born out of the experience.

I was talking to my teacher and she said" Ana, think about this when you go into a sweat lodge and you are in the dark pulling out all your impurities and praying that true inspiration will hit. It is also when you leave the darkness of the lodge and return to the outside with the sun hitting you in the face that you feel apart of something much more bigger than yourself. It is a time of inner reflection. A feeling of being new again because you have faced your deepest fears."

Wow, when you look at it that way then facing our fears in our lives and deep in our soul ,it is not a bad thing but a way of renewing and remembering that even though we feel completely alone God never abandons us even when we can't hear him. He is and will be always be with us.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Power of the Human Dream

The term to "dis-em-power someone" is a term that I really never gave much thought about as I was going though my everyday life. At least it wasn't until I heard about this wonderful teacher whom I wanted to take classes from.

That morning I was excited about meeting with this person in my life and discussing some of the exciting things that were happening, along with finding when the class was to start up so that I could began to learn.

I think it was in the beginning of the conversation that she brought up the term "dis-em-powering" someone else. What was that? My thoughts quickly turned over to someone being held down on a Karate mat...Then she explained that it was "taking someone else's power away."

She used me as an example, that I had come to her with a dream that I felt very called to do and wanted her blessing and to know if I was doing it right. Her answer was that, "if it was what I felt in my own heart, that the way I did things were what I was to do to make it happen, then I should continue on my journey in life, because I knew what was best for me, in that situation for what I was called for.

Then she said "Ana, What if I told you that you were doing things all wrong?"

"Of course," I said, "I would stop and then I would not put my words into action."
"Well, then all those people who would benefit from your dreams would lose out because I took your power to make it not happen." "Look what happens when you give your power away or someone else takes it from you." "The joy is gone and everyone loses in the end."

I think it was then, that I realized how humbling it was to hold someone else's heart in your hand and that words could make or break someone else's dreams when they looked up to you. In all the different roles that we play as parents, friends and different family members our responsibility are massive in in-powering each other to be successful in life as opportunities arise. Most of the time we don't even realize that we hold something precious in our hands.

I went away with a reflection of myself and what my own actions and intentions were with the ones that were placed around me, in my life. Also who it was that I give my own power away to.

Blessings, Ana

The Space Between the Lines

What is the space between the lines you ask? Why it is life..... What else would it be? I love this phrase even the first time I heard it. I realized that there is more to life and relationships than just the solid line of commitment. There were all the spaces that were not filled in on the whole sheet of paper.

It is what it is... the space between the musical notes written on a page, when played it fills the air creating music. It is the whole story of a life with all it's passion, love, inspirations and hardships that create a book of an individual.

It can also be a feeling or gut reaction that inspires you to hold out your hand to a friend in need. It is what being human is all about. The Spaces between the lines.........


Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Butterfly Story

Once I was visiting a dear friend who has a amazing gift for healing and we were discussing what it was to help people in their struggles of life. I was expressing my idea that was to get in there and roll up my sleeves and help them get though the whole mess by walking side by side with them on their path of hardship.

She thought for a moment....... Then she said..... I want to tell you a story about an old man and a butterfly. OK, I was in for a story. Well, she said, I don't remember where I got this from but I feel it is a good time to share it because I think it will help you with helping others.

Once there was this old man who was in the garden and he found this worm who he knew would turn into a beautiful butterfly. So he took the worm into his house and put it into a terrarium. He was so happy and he went out and got all the best leaves for food and made sure that the worm was warm and well cared for. Everyday he would watch it and feed it and take great care to meet all its needs.

Then one day the worm began to spin it's cocoon. Again the old man took pains to see that the cocoon was in a safe place. Then one day he saw that the cocoon had a crack in it and the butterfly inside was struggling to get out and be free. He very carefully placed it in his hands and helped it in its plight to get out of its cocoon.

Finely it was set free and the butterfly began to spread its beautiful wings to fly but something happened and as the old man was gently holding this amazing creature in his hands it began to die. It struggled and soon gave up and died in his hands.

She stopped there and said "Ana, sometimes when we help people too much we push the ones we love off their intended path in life and without the struggle and pain they never reach their full potential and strength to do as the Creator has made them for. By helping to much we are not blessing but hurting them in their journey.

It was then that I remembered hearing a Teacher say, " A Healer does not actually heal a person but facilitates in the process of teaching another person how to find the power inside themselves to heal. "

The Souls of the Feet

Last week while I was having tea at a friends house she was telling me about how sensitive the soles of the feet are. Knowing that she had spent time in New Mexico learning about herbs I decided to listen to what she was saying with an open mind.

"No, really", she said! "Try this sometime by taking fresh garlic that you cut up and rub it on the bottom of the feet. In a few hours you will be able to taste it with your tung."

Of course it wasn't until I woke up the next morning at 4am that the thought that came to me that how many times had I heard that in the Bible that not only did they wash their feet but also smudge oils or different kinds of herbs on the bottom of their feet.

Could this not only be a way to care and cleans the feet but actually a way of caring for the whole body as a whole? I have heard stories of people in the past putting Vicks on their children's feet when they had a cold and it would help them breath betters.

If our feet are that sensitive then by not caring for them properly can have an effect on the whole body. Wow, this puts Athlete's foot in a whole other category......... What is in the inside of our shoes? What about foot powders and sprays?

Things that make you go Hmm

Friday, November 21, 2008

Soul Separation

There is something you may have heard of but might not really paid attention to and that is soul separation or better known as soul loss. Let's get into the term and what it means before you decide that it is something scary.........

Soul loss is about having a dramatic experience or trauma that makes you feel like you have lost something of yourself. Have you ever said, " I don't feel like myself today"? Maybe you said," I am just not all here"?

Now with that in mind, think about an experience or situation where you gave away your personal power or someone else took it. Maybe something happened to you that was really bad. It doesn't matter whether it was a physical experience or an emotional experience the body records it all the same.

If you talk to someone who has been physically abused or emotionally abused the body is taking notes on the whole experience and as the drama plays out a little piece of the soul will often times separate from the body to go to a safe place to escape the pain to survive. This process is called soul loss and has been recorded by millions of Therapist and Psychiatrists around the world.

There is nothing unnatural about it because it is the way we were created to survive by the great Creator Himself. When a piece of the soul separates from the body sometimes it returns and we began to move though the pain to heal so that we can deal with what happened to us. But often times it does not come back and we feel pain and loss when we revisit the trauma or we simply don't remember what happened.

It is because of the latter that we need to find someone who can journey back with us to the trauma and help us find ourselves so that we can begin the healing process. Once this happens we will begin to feel like we are whole again and our loss of personal power will start to mend. Self esteem will grow and feeling that we have purpose and will to do as we were created.

If for any reason that you feel like you have lost a piece of yourself to someone or a situation don't blow it off but honor yourself by aknowledgeing that this has happened and find someone who can help you. You will be much more of a Blessing to loved ones and others if you are

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Food and Digestion

Did you know that the way you are feeling when you eat can effect the way your body digests your food? I am not kidding you. It is true! How many times has anyone been in a bad mood or angry with someone and felt bad after eating?

Now wrap your mind around this.... When you pray over your food or bless the food you are about to eat with a sincere attitude then you are changing the molecular structure of your food that will be more compatible to your digestion. Of course this means if you are in a better mood.

Makes you think about eating when you are not in a compatible mood......

Feeling good about yourself and others along with blessing the food will help you digest and will do a better job feeding your body. All this will help you be all that you can be as you walk though this world....

Blessings, Ana

The Gift of Intention

I love this time of year because we are all getting ready for the holiday shopping to give gifts to the many people in our lives. And all of this has me thinking of the many type of gifts and the many meanings that are attached to them. We give gifts this time of year because of the Spirit of the season, but do we stop and think about what the intention is behind the different gifts we give?

Now lets change the meaning of the season over to a deeper perspective...... We give gifts to people because we love them. We give gifts to people out of guilt. We give gifts to people to get something back. We give gifts to people to get out of things and say I am sorry. We often give gifts to others for the main purpose of tying some type of payment from the other person or we just feel sorry for them.....

The whole idea of gift giving is what is inside the heart. The intention as one of my Teachers tells me, "what are the true intentions behind a gift?"
Is the gift something of value and meaningful to form the heart of the person who gave?

The true value of the gift is what is in the givers heart. The intention of the gift. That is what will

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Emotional Energy

OK, yesterday I was talking a little about vibrations and how they effect us and what we are sending out which includes emotional energy. What is emotional energy? Why it is the energy attached to an emotion? Confused?

When you look at it this way........ All emotions have energy that makes our body react to someone or something. It can also effect the way people perceive us. (So far so good) Again a lot like vibrations. This energy can be so powerful because it can motivate us to move and change things. Go ask Pancho Villa....

These emotions can cause invisible waves that can be sent to others or to situations. If bad, you might know this as "stirring the pot" and often it can sway or cause damage to a situation or person. Emotions of love can cause the receiver to feel really good or be annoyed with someone. Either way these emotions are sending out signals.

When I was a little girl and I was living on a ranch. My dad taught me about working with the animals. I learned that if I carried fear in my heart it was immediately sensed by the animal and it would react. If there was trust and love in my heart the animal sensed that to.

One day my dad took me to a place where he had a cardboard box and inside was a rattlesnake. He asked me if I wanted the snake to live or die. The choice was mine. I have a great fear of snakes and my first thought was to kill it. Then the thought of why should my fear have anything to do with the decision of life and death over this animal and we lived on a ranch. Live,,,,, was my decision.

Dad said for me to stand back and to watch. He put the box on it's side and the snake went into a coil.... It was preparing to strike and as I watched my father reminded me of my fear and he squatted down and began to talk to the snake. He told it "that it was free to go and that we were not going to hurt it." He also said that " We respected the snake's life and would live on the same land as neighbors". As I watched the snake slowly uncoiled and finely slithered off into the bush. My Dad said that "it was the love in the our hearts of another living creature which the snake understood". Even a rattlesnake!

Though this experience and many more that just happen day to day on a working ranch I learned that what I carried in my heart is also picked up by the heart. This I found later in working with others in an office situation. People and animals pick up the invisible waves of energy though their bodies.

Please know that emotional energy can get stuck in our bodies and can cause all kind of physical problems and illness. You must take care to check on this if you are in a very stressful situation or other.........

I often wonder why we don't teach this in school when we teach the

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I just learned that often we leave relationships when the two souls no longer vibrate at the same level. Thank about it, we either vibrate higher or lower or the same as someone else and when the vibes changes so does the relationship.
This is also true with situations that we find ourselves in. Awhile go, I had the experience of feeling like the song "Angel Flying Low to the Ground" and the energy was being sucked out of me. The situation was very bad for me and every time I left I would renew and could fly again but would come back into that situation and then felt drained and low.

Once I left the situation and the relationships that were holding me down my spirit began to soar. Now, I am once again experiencing flight and beautiful and amazing people that seem to vibrate on the same level have come into my life giving me wings again to spread out and fly.

Yes, we all have our days that we are down but when we leave those lower vibes and move into the higher levels our souls become inspired and once again God opens the doors for us once again. So if someone in your life is leaving , or you are leaving that relationship remember that is is jusst the way god created us and it is OK. someone or some situation is waiting just around the corner to connect with your vibration.

I love, what one of my Teacher's says........ 'Ana, always stay on the high road"
she meant stay in the higher Vibrations....... "Smile"

Blessings, Ana

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Divided Selves

The devided selves is where we pull apart from who we are as a whole and become two or three people inside. There seems to be three aspects of selves that devide. The higher self which is our spiritual side. The next is concouious which is our mind. And the last is the child or emotional side.

My own personal experience is when I found myself in an unhealthy position and realized that I had become more than one person. First there was this person who was a visionary and Leader who was on task and organized. Thought things through and knew the answers when they came.
Then there was this emaotional child who wanted to be seen and was angry of being put into an unhealthy position. Next the Spiritual side that detached and

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Personal Power

Personal Power is something I have been on the search for since I became aware that I had lost it. Many of us lose it in our early childhood or forget that we have it and often if we do find it we give it to someone who doesn't deserve it. We compromise ourselves and put ourselves in powerless positions where we can't move because of fear when deep down inside of ourselves we are prisoners of our own loss of power.

Finding our personal power is taking back our lives and forgiving ourselves so that we can begin to heal. I say begin because this just does not happen over night. There is much to overcome and the hardest part is being gentle with ourselves so that we can listen to our own hearts.

Losing one's power is splitting ourselves in two and sometimes into many. So we begin the journey by waking up and becoming aware of our losses. Then the process of finding out who we are and where all the pieces that we have lost are hidden becomes an amazing puzzle as we piece together our lives. So as we start on this private journey from within the Healing process begins.....

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Gift

This morning as I awoke and started to become aware of where I was I felt this amazing feeling of waves washing over my body. It is a feeling of laying on the beach in the shallow part of the water and the waves moving over your skin. The only difference with me is that it starts from my head and moves down though my body to my toes.

After this sensation started then a feeling of a warm prickly feeling started to move from my core and out though the rest of my body. It is like when you are cold and someone gives you a blanket that has been heated and you wrap yourself up in it. I would describe the prickles like your foot going to sleep but this does not hurt it just feels like everything is moving yet it is feeling of peacefulness and bliss.

If you are wondering if I was afraid? Then you should know that this has been happening to me for the last seven months. It started out when I would go to bed and at first there was fear because I felt movement but then as I would give into the feeling of peace I would be gently rocked to sleep.

Of course I told my husband and my family and when my daughter said that she was experiencing the same thing and it started at the same time, it kind of made us both realize that it was something unique. I must admit that once you get over the fear of something new then it is a very pleasent sensation.

It got to where I was sitting still during the day and would relax I could feel it and I need to warn you don't do this while driving. It makes it hard to concentrate and I would get lost or needed to pull over as the waves moved though me. All I had to do was relax and it would pulse over and though me.

Yes, I spent hours on the internet looking up what was happening to both me and my daughter and could not find an explanation that seemed to fit just what we were experiencing. I emailed all the teachers that I had meet and they could not offer an explanation and would say, "just enjoy it, it is a gift."

Growing up I made my parents crazy because I was never satisfied with the standard answer, I wanted to know how things worked and why. If they couldn't explain it to my satisfaction, I would go on and on about it until I found an answer. Something I have learned about myself is this has Not changed since I was a child.

This is not something you talk about in the open during lunch with the girls, in a meeting or out shopping with friends. It is hard to explain in common every day conversation. And if people are unaware of the energy that moves though our bodies then it makes it hard to explain. Since there were two of us feeling the exact same thing then I felt like I needed to find some explanation.

I did discover that I could control it when it came when I set my will so that it just couldn't creep up on me. I also discovered that before I fell asleep or woke up was the best time to let it flow.

One day I got an email from a friend and was invited to hear a teacher speak about energy. Yes, I signed up immediately and drove up to Plano the next week to listen to what this teacher had to say.

It was in the middle of the class that I finely got up my nerve to ask my question and ask I did and the answer was," I don't know but it sounds like a gift, so enjoy it." My heart sank and as I was giving up a lady in her early twenties tapped me on the shoulder behind me and said," I know what it is that is happening to both you and your daughter. "We can talk after this is over."

It seemed hours getting though the rest of the lecture but I made it and finely turned around to listen to what this young lady had to say. Her first question was, "do you have a big family?" A big family! What kind of question was that! I thought in my head. My answer was "yes", "I guess but I was adopted," wondering where she was going.....then she said " I don't mean your living family, I mean the ones who have passed on."

Oh great, I thought....... Then she said " I believe that the energy that you are experiencing is coming from the prayers of your Ancestors who have past on to the other side and are praying for you and your daughter." Of course my first thought that started though my head was....... but all of a sudden, I felt a ring of truth in her words and the feeling that the answer I so sought out was solved. I could feel it deep within my own soul the love and prayers of others with this amazing love. I had my answer!

Lately my daughter and I have learned to live with this energy. She tells me she does not notice it as much anymore. I on the other hand let it flow when I get time to sit quietly or when I wake up in the morning if I get a few minutes to not be hurrying around. Neither of us know what happened in our lives that made the shift for us to be aware of it but all I know for sure, it is a gift.