Sunday, October 26, 2014

" Reflections"

One of the lessons this week that really caught my attention was learning how to release cellular patterns within the cells that have trapped past emotional scars. This is important because as we move through our lives our cells download information from our experiences that is transferred to each cell that replaces the one before it. It is like a written diary of our experiences recorded within our own bodies. You may have also heard the term "muscle memory," well the whole body is like that to some extent.

Now everyone at least once in their lifetimes goes through some kind of emotional trauma or heart break. It is just part of our human experience. But what I found so fascinating was that even after we work on confronting these emotional injuries and healing them, some of the trauma may still be left over as it was recorded somewhere deep within our cellular tissues. So often when we think that we have moved passed it all then something totally out of the blue triggers a response from an old wound bringing back emotional attachments to an event or occurrence. It is not until we revisit the emotional incident without being affected by it that we make some progress in healing to have peace in letting go of the trigger.

An example of this would be over eating. There are many reasons why a person over eats but I am only mentioning a few to help demonstrate the process. One example is a person who has not been able to have enough food and when they do they over compensate for not having it. Another example is someone who is emotionally abused who uses food as an emotional crutch. Physical abuse can lead to over eating to gain weight to protect the body. All of these tendencies are usually unconscious leaving the person wondering why they are over eating not really recognizing that there is another reason for it.

Most people have learned the process of bottling up or blocking the emotions somewhere in early childhood. Because of this it can be hard to let go of trauma or old wounds that still reside in the emotional, cellular and spiritual bodies. It is up to each individual to learn from and process the information that is brought up in allowing the energy pattern to flow and move out of these bodies. Emotions are neither good or bad as they are there to help us learn and gather information form an experience. If they become blocked in these bodies they can lead to emotional trauma or turmoil or even illness within the physical body.

A Technique 
 Something that is taught by some spiritual teachers is to take a few moments to go in a quite meditation  finding your center. Then you can scan your body while asking where the block or emotion is coming from. By doing this it will help you track down where it is within the body that is holding on to the block which can be very telling of what is going on with the self. If you are familiar with chakras you may want to work with the body that way and if not, then you can sit with the energy to locate the energy block. These subtle energies may show up as a sound, color, signal, feeling, memory, picture, or it may just tell you. Take whatever shows up without judgement only allowing yourself to recognize and accept what is showing up. After locating the blocked energy in the body it is important to ask that particular part of the body, what memory was trapped within the cells that caused the emotion or physical trauma to stir up. Trust what comes as it will be embedded within the cellular structure of the cells. 

If you have a memory with the emotions attached honor what it is being shown to you. Grant yourself the chance to process the information and let the energy move out of your body and energy fields by finding your sense of center and grounding it in love. Healing may not occur in one session so you may want to revisit continuing to work allowing the energy pattern to move through and out of your system. After all we are energy beings and energy was meant to move not stand still or become stuck. After each session then imagine a big ball of golden light filling your up aura and your body. By doing this it allows the  healing light to enter and heal the cells and any emotional and physical scars. 

As we learn to honor our feelings and allow the energy to flow through us we become balanced, while embracing the higher energy frequencies in and around us. We become more open and in tune with our higher self and with Source. It is this that we remember from where we all came from and which we are a part of. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

"The Rescuer"

Ah... The rescuer, what do we know about the rescuer? A very interesting archetype. There are two kinds of rescuers that tip the scale. One is a rescuer with healthy boundaries who knows when to help and when to let go.  But on the other side is a rescuer who doesn't know when to let go which can lead into a toxic relationship that follows a pattern of codependency.

 The healthy balance for a rescuer is to accompany someone up a mountain rather then to carry them up the mountain. Sometimes this can be the hardest part for the rescuer who has a huge heart for humanity as they watch someone continue to struggle. The real growth emerges as long as a rescuer has healthy boundaries and doesn't fall into the category of enabling which allows the other person to learn from their own mistakes.

 I once had a spiritual teachers share with me that sometimes when we rescue a person we can take away the blessing of a lesson that the person we want to save is in need of learning. Then she told the story of an old man who happened upon the butterfly that was struggling to free itself from its cocoon. With great care he gently began to free the butterfly helping it from the binding of the cocoon. Once it was free he sat there with it in his hands as the butterfly tried desperately to spread its wings only to end up dying. In the end it was the struggle of exiting the cocoon that created the strength in the wings for it to fly and live.

As we walk this earth we have the gifts to love, support and inspire each other on our journeys. The rescuer is a magnified projection of this, but like all things it is the gentle balance that makes the difference.....

For more information I would recommend the YouTube video on the rescuer archetype from Caroline Myss:

The Wedding Pot

A few years ago as I was getting ready for a friend to come over for tea, I decided to pull out my grandmother's old tea cups to make it a little special and honor her. When I looked in our old china cabinet for the cups I found a gift from my wedding 19 years ago.

There it was, displayed in the case for show, but long forgotten. What really struck me as I picked it up was that I was transported back to that time. There I was sitting in my friend's living-room in the past opening a box and pulling out the wedding pot and examining every inch.

One of the traditions that my friend told me as I held it in my hands was that the Pueblo Native Americans where we lived, give a Wedding pot to the newly-weds as a gift. It was a vessel with two separate openings at the top which flowed down into the belly representing the two becoming one joined together, holding life within.

Beautiful story, I remember saying but as I held it I dropped it and it cracked. "Oh No", I said as an overwhelming sadness came over me, but my friend pick it up and said," Ana, "it's OK and I am glad that happened because you need to understand that nothing is perfect. Life is certainly not perfect and marriage is not perfect."

"There are cracks in everything as there are many disappointments in life but the real key is the love and the extra care that glues it back together that becomes the strength of the vessel. "

Then time began to move again from the past to the present as my marriage flashed before me in a collage of pictures and emotions, some bitter and some sweet. Life was such a good teacher and here in my hands was a small reminder of what life was all about.

As I placed the pot back in it's spot I could hear the doorbell ring. It was time for tea.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Gift of Stones

I have had a lot of people ask how the different types of stones have healing properties, and the best way I know how to explain this is by the atomic make up of the stones.

As most of you know from science classes in school everything is made up of atoms. Everything has its own way of being put together with the atoms so that it is created. With this simple idea you can then see that a piece of jade has a different atomic structure than a diamond.

Now, think of the ways the atoms move within each stone. You can't see them with your eyes but you know they are there. Also, know that your energy field can pick up the movement because your energy field is also made out of the atoms that are constantly moving.

So now you have a person who's energy field is weak because of something they are going through. Remember to that emotions are energy, so that means their energy is not vibrating as high as it would if they were happy or excited.

For example....emotional trauma which like to settle in the heart area. Ever have a heartache? A stone like green diopside resonates a healing vibration of atoms that helps sooth the heart as it fills in the gaps. Almost like a cup of herbal tea only you don't drink it. "Smile"

It is like a guitar in a music store where you can pluck a string and the other guitars will resonate on the same string even though you never touched them. They are in tune with the vibration of that note. You are no different than a fine tuned instrument that can get out of balance or tuned. And the things that are around you are also inline with your energies as you live on this earth.

Don't forget that color also has a vibrational energy that can be measured and will also help with healing for the same reasons. They can play a big part of why you reach for certain colors in stones as you need to be in sync or need that healing property in your energy field.

No magic here, just science. A natural process of living...

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Sacred Dance of the Masculine and the Feminine

I had the opportunity to watch the movie Moonstruck with Cher and Nicolas Cage the other day. The one phrase that I never have understood in that movie that always catches my attention is the one the mom says which is "The reason men chase women is that they are afraid of death." This one phrase sparked me into exploring what that was all about. As I started to turn the questions over in my mind I remembered the story my father had told me about he Great Spirit who dropped his creation and when it broke it wanted to return to it's original form. The other part of the story is that it had separated into pieces but one of the pieces separated into the male and the other into the female.

Now as I took it a step further not just on the physical level but on the energetic levels of masculine and feminine energy I could see that we as individuals are trying to find that balance within ourselves. But to do this we are using the simulation of the different relationships in our lives that are outside of ourselves to learn about the process. So with that thought in mind I started to look at all my relationships and others around me with the connection of being created out of one form. If that is the case then as individuals we each carry different varying degrees of masculine and feminine traits that are unique within each of us from our own soul's journey. That means that each person would want to find the combination for another half that matches their energy pattern to complete themselves, to create an equal balance of both, to have a healthy relationship with another individual.

To better look at a pattern lets take for example an individual who carries a very strong masculine energy pattern, which could be either male or female who finds the opposite of themselves in a relationship with someone who is extremely feminine. This relationship would balance out the missing energy pattern in both individuals and compliment the relationship as a whole. This is because each male and female aspects of the relationship finds comfort and usefulness in the relationship of the other. But lets say in another example that we took the same individual who is very masculine who is now in a relationship with someone who carries a feminine energy pattern with more masculine energy than feminine which then throws the match off balance. The masculine energy might become needy in the relationship wanting more nurturing then the smaller amount of feminine energy can offer. Now the masculine energy starts to look for other ways of satisfying that need. These are only two scenarios as there can be countless examples depending on what is within a person's energy field to balance out the two energy patterns.

As I followed the trail of this thought process I remembered that this is not a new story as the ancients used the yin and the yang to explain the energies of balancing both the masculine and feminine. What was exciting was that when I became aware of this I started to see energy patterns in relationships that followed this process. To some degree this would explain why there are divorces and infidelity in some relationships and not in others.

Then the masculine and feminine energies went in another direction as there is always change in the universe. What came was the reminder that people change and their energy patterns change through life experiences scrambling everything up as people release or become stuck in old patterns. A once healthy balance may become unhealthy for the individuals as one or the other in the couple changes or not, creating an imbalance within the energy pattern of the relationship. If the couple can not bring balance back into the relationship then it creates friction that may cause them to split. This also works the other way around to, bringing a couple together that was not likely to get together only now are very compatible.

If you get a chance to watch Moonstruck you may want to examine the relationships in the movie. By using the feminine and masculine energy patterns you can see how those relationships balance out. Then you may want to look at your own relationships and those around you. Going back to why men and women chase the opposite sex or energy pattern, I want to add women to make it even is that we are looking for that balance within ourselves to complete ourselves as we are all looking to find the connection as a whole.