Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Collage of Life!

So I am taking a class on Monday nights and one of the projects is to make a vision board. It is supposed to be what you want out of life and what you see yourself doing that makes you happy and successful. So if you are a spiritual person then yours will reflect that and if you are a material person then it reflects that too or both.

The task is simple. Come up with what you dream about and find a few magazines that you can cut out. Or you may draw your own pictures on a board for you to see your goals. Ingenious as your subconscious mind sees most things in picture images and you can then connect to your Super Subconsciousness mind that is connected to everyone and everything this is what you want out of life.

It then tells the universe and the Creator this is what you want and like plugging into a computer for spell check it tries to match up your dream with the right spelling. "Ask and you shall receive" or manifesting....really all the same...

So my husband and I decided we would sit down this morning and do a vision board together since we are in transition is our own lives and there is lot of room for major changes. We sat down with our coffee, magazines and materials to create a family vision board. What we discovered is that we both had very different ideas of what we wish to do and create. It was so different that we decided to create our own vision boards as we could not come together on a dream.

After the third cup of coffee and lots of stressing out over what the other one was wanting in life and almost a upset of balance in the house. We suddenly stopped and realized that the reason we could not pull our resources together as both of our energies were being funneled in two very different directions. If we could not decide what we wanted together as a couple then what kind of message were we sending out?

Then what I call "Magic" took place.. that is when you realize that the other person is quite different than you and you began to listen to what they want and they listen and hear what you want. Wow!! Communication, compromise and respect for the other person and their needs and wants. Suddenly we were understanding what each of us were trying to live out in our own lives and understood. It was all clear and all on a collage of visual images cut out of paper.

We had just completed couples therapy 101 without the big price tag. To end the story I would like to say that we got it together and completed our collage on one poster board but we didn't. We each have our own collage and hung them up together side by side in our bathroom so we see it each day. We did agree that the combination of the two different ideas is not a bad thing but they do work hand in hand to create the same dream.