Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Gift of Love

today as I am driving to see a friend, I started to sing in the car which can be a little awkward when you stop at a stoplight and people look in your direction. But no one could hear me so I was singing at the top of my lungs when something beautiful hit me right square in the heart and connected my brain.

All I knew is that I was perfectly normal with my everyday concerns and the next thing I know, my heart is opening up as tears roll down my cheek and joy swells throughout my whole body. Next, my brain was somewhere in between space and where I was sitting at the light. (stop light)

The thought that went through my brain was a child holding their breath until they turn blue. I don't know about you but I have known at least one child in my life who did that which is an odd event.

Next, was my daughter playing the piano as I walked through the house listening to her emotions as her fingers struck the keys. But it is not the force of hitting the keys that betray her but rather it is the vibration of the notes that hang in the air that blend to create the sound.

What I realized was that love is like the notes in the air which are all around us in everything, every being, even in what we don't see but we like the child are holding the breath until our bodies turn blue. We hold it until we are starved and deprived of the oxygen that carries life through us. So I guess the question is....Are we really living when we are in that state?

The light did turn green and as I drove on, I started to assess my own life understanding that love was only a breath away.



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Word Power

My father who passed away a year ago used to remind me when I visited him in South Texas that words have power not only written but spoken. I don't think that many are aware of just how much their spoken words not only affect their relationships but reveal who they are behind the mask.

No, I am not just talking about a Freudian slip but what you can learn about a person if you dare take the time to actually listen to the words and the way that person puts their words together. You may find that you have a key to a secret garden. If you listen without projecting your own experiences and really hear what is being said you find that you can then communicate on a whole new level.

If we look closer to we will find that we get careless and sling words around without realising how powerful our words are and disempower someone without knowledge of what we have done. I guess that is why teachers warn to stay in the moment. You have the choice to be aware what your own words can do.

Also, another aspect of the power in our words are when we speak our fears and concerns often without the intention of speaking our truth. The words slip out of our mouths and I am not talking about when we put our foot in our mouth that is something different. It is something that seems to come out often with the speaker being unaware that they have shared something so intimate about themselves that reveals the true depth of their relationship and a tear within their being.

It is truly amazing what words can do and I have only touched a tiny part of what they do in our lives. As you look into words you may find that they can empower, tear, impose, build, heal, create ourselves, others and the world around us. What do you do with your words?