Monday, July 28, 2014


Several years ago I had what I have called my cancer scare. It was my second one in my lifetime. The first one happened when I was in my early thirties and at the time I was very much in tune with my body so when the Doctors thought they had found something I knew that they didn't. After three weeks of dealing with tests they discovered that I didn't have cancer at all.

Two years ago they again found something suspicious on a routine test and wanted to investigate for cancer. It was the full treatment of tests at the cancer center. At that time dealing with empty nest I was not in a position to know what was up with my body as I was dealing with my own grief so I immediately went into fear. After all I was sent to the cancer center and signed in as one of the patients. It wasn't until a month into it all after dealing with myself in preparing for the illness and possibly dying that I found some peace to go into my body's energy field and do an assessment. What I found when I did was that I didn't have cancer. There was no trace of it anywhere. The only problem was I felt pulled apart with the Doctors doing the tests telling me that they saw something and my own assessment telling me that it was all a huge mistake.This made me split into two as one side was believing the Doctors and the other side believing what I knew also to be true.

Even with all the big equipment that the Doctors had they still couldn't assess what they were seeing and it continued on for another month. Long story short I didn't have cancer at all. I can't tell you what a relief it was but on the other hand it was a huge let down in myself for not completely trusting what I got intuitively. Later in the year I was at a funeral and met a women who was in remission with cancer. When we talked energetically I had no constraints of feeling into her fear as she shared with me about her ordeal of dealing with her cancer. I knew some of the fear that she felt as it was still very familiar to me of what I had experienced to some degree. The connection I had with the women was huge with great compassion for what she had and was going through which caught me up in what she shared.

Now when I look back my thought is that when we say the word cancer it brings up intense negative images that we all have within us either by our own experience or by what other people have experienced. On one hand we as a whole on a mass conscious level have this huge fear that is attached to it with an expected outcome to what we see as cancer. On the other hand on an energetic level we see changes in the outcome of many illness within the physical body that can reprogram cellar patterns within our cells. I find to that even with this knowledge I see my own reactions to cancer within myself.

The thought that haunts me is that if we as a mass community on a conscious level were able to change our fear on the outcome of cancer, how would it affect cancer on an energetic level. Would it disarm it? Again energy is changed through thought and is lead by intention. How powerful would that be in moving the atoms and molecules in our physical world if we went into a state of awareness on a mass consciousness level? Just a thought...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Effect of the Spiritual Bodies

I think one of the hardest things to learn in life is how not to get caught up in our own emotions. As human beings emotions are really meant to be a blessing in our lives. They were created to be used as tools to gauge where we need to clear our spiritual and physical bodies. What ends up happening in most cases is that we get caught up in the human drama leaving a wound or scar that likes to replay itself over and over either in our mind or in our cells. When this happens it is hard to remember that our emotions were created to help us to release those energies that are creating the imbalances.

When an emotional energy is stuck it will linger in the spiritual bodies before working its way into the physical body. As we continue to hold on to our raw emotions allowing them to build up or even ignoring them they began to manifest themselves into a physical illness making themselves at home in our physical bodies.

Last week while I was out doing an errand I visited with a women who was at one of the stores that I was at. For some reason our chat led to the subject of illness where she shared a story about how susceptible she was to pneumonia. Now I know that pneumonia is something that affects the lungs which is often where the emotion of grief likes to hide in the physical body. When she finished I asked her if she was grieving. She answered, "No" and went on to explain that she wasn't feeling sad at all. Confused by her answer I let the subject drop.

As she continued she began to share more of her life which was very sad. I found myself feeling deep compassion for this women that I had just met and her plight in life. When we parted ways I pursued my mission of finishing my errand not thinking much more about my encounter until I was almost home. It was then that I made the connection realizing that she really was carrying a lot of grief from everything that had and was still happening in her life. It was in those times when she couldn't handle the grief that the illness would flair up. She was unaware of the grief that was being pushed aside but it all came out in her stories about her life.

When I was studying Qigong my master teacher taught us where the emotions can get stuck in the physical body when they are not cleared from the spiritual and emotional bodies. Grief as I have mentioned is found in the lungs while fear is more comfortable hiding in the kidneys and bladder.  The emotion of anger likes to hid in the liver and affects the eyes. Worry is found in the spleen or stomach area making it more susceptible to ulcers. Then there is stress which likes to hid in the heart and brain organs.

As we learn about ourselves we find again how connected we are even when we are unaware of what is happening right in front of us. Even our physical and spiritual bodies are connected as we learn that illness can often be stopped from entering the body if dealt with first in the spiritual body. It all starts in the ether moving out into the physical field. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014


As I am working with different energies I do my best to be conscious of the different energy patterns that I pick up. What I mean by energy patterns are what we feel, see and experience through the many senses of our physical and spiritual bodies. Not only can we feel an emotion but we can actually see it. All it take is a little practice learning how to see the colors and energy around people. I find working with energy is almost like enjoying a piece of a favorite fruit or food. Not only can we experience the color, smell, flavor and textures but we can also be satisfied when we do find how connected we are in participating in the whole life experience.

Remembering again that we are both spiritual and physical beings. This in its self makes us somewhat unique as we have the ability to experience both sides of the spectrum. The only draw back is that we have to awaken into knowing there is more to life than just the physical realm around us. This means that we are neglecting the other half of us that is apart of our birth right. We have to abilities to be active in the spiritual world and the world around us. It is two worlds merged together in one just as we are two merged into one. It is only by being aware of the subtle things around us which helps us to see ourselves, each other and the world in a whole new domain.

For example if you are aware of energy you may notice when you walk into a room how the energy shifts. As you move from room to room you may feel the energy changing when you step through an entry way or when you are closer to certain objects. As you pick this up you may find that objects that are placed in a room can shift the energy by creating or changing the flow of the energy moving through the room. If you are working with emotional energies you will discover that these energies can create patterns that shift the energy in a room which sometimes gets stuck or even held captive for long periods of time within that space. This not only includes physical places, but also the human body as well.

 It is because of some of these things that can happen in the space of a room or within a person's aura that it is always good to learn how to clear the energy so nothing can linger there that shouldn't. Energy as it is created needs to continue to move to be healthy to the environment and anyone who walks into that field. I must share a little recipe that was handed down from one of my teachers for clearing rooms from different energies. The essential oil peppermint can be used in a diffuser or you can add a few drops to distilled water in a sprayer. It is easy to make and doesn't cost a lot of money. It also makes the room smell good while clearing the energy in the room. You can also spray it on yourself and those who want to be cleared. I know that white sage is used a lot but the smoke can also be intrusive. White Angelica essential oil can be used the same way when you need to bring out the big guns. It is more expensive as it is rare.

There are lots of book on the different essential oils and the internet has good information about them if you want to go further on with them. That was a little tip that was shared with me that I want to pass on.


Monday, July 7, 2014

"As Above, so Below"

"As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul..." is part of a quote that originated by Hermes, and seems to play a key part in life when you are aware of the world, and universe around you. I was reminded of this just the other day when I was having lunch with a friend, and we were talking about how we as human beings are an incredible combination of both the spirit, and the human bodies that we occupy.  The really amazing thing is that if you are conscious of this then the some of the secrets of the universe are not as mysterious as it all begins to make more sense.

  Later that evening when I had time to myself I was reminded that the human voice also plays a part in our connection to both heaven, and earth. Since we are all made up of atoms, and energy knocking themselves together creating the physical world then our voices that vibrates also creates a frequency, and sound that is just another part of the big picture.

 A few years ago I had the opportunity to sing with a band, and during that time I was also studying voice like all people do when they want to improve their singing. It was during this time that I became aware that certain notes could shift the energy in my physical, and spiritual bodies. At first it was only an awareness, but later on when I started to take Qigong classes I discovered it was not my imagination going wild as we learned a technique to heal, and repair the organs in the physical body by using different frequencies in our voice. It was explained in our class that our internal organs each make their own particular sounds when they are healthy. When we are sick the organs change their vibrations as they become out of balance creating a different sound, and vibration within the body. By working with the voice, and concentrating on the sick organ we have the opportunity to reprogram the body bringing it back into it's original frequency to give it that boost it needs start to heal it's self.

  Learning this technique was amazing experience, and when I went to sing with the band I began to notice more how the vibration of the voice blended with the instruments creating a resonances both within, and outside of myself. As I looked out onto the audience when we were performing I started to see that the blending of sounds had created a union within the singers, music and listeners as we all came together as one during the whole the experience. It was all so beautiful to behold, and be apart of.

It was also during this time in my life that I wanted to know more about what was happening with the voices, and how it all connected that I came across a spiritual teacher who shared with me that the human voice has more to it than what we are aware of. It was explained that vowels when spoken are on a frequency that connects us to the heavens, and higher realms, and the consonants are connected to the physical frequencies. That means that when we speak the different languages we are still connecting to both heaven, and earth as both spirit and physical beings. We speak the languages of the universe in our own languages without even knowing it. We connect to each other when we speak or try to learn a language as it is in the vibrations of our voices that connects us one universal language. We are of course both spirit, and physical beings as we are always connected to the above, and below, (heaven, and earth), within, and outside of ourselves.