Friday, May 29, 2009

Stuck Emotions

So, I am talking to a group of friends and the subject of being held hostage by our own emotions comes up. I loved this, because everyone can relate to being stuck and just like the commercial says, only with a twist, "I am stuck and I can't get out."

Now, I must admit that positive emotions are amazing and, as far as I am concerned, can stay as long as they can last. But the negative ones need to pass on by without leaving a calling card. Only it seems that it is the negative emotions that we get stuck in and really seem to notice.

It just so happened that I was listening to one of my teachers talk about emotions and how we need them to listen to, so that we can use them to live as warnings or signals, as they were created to help us get along is this old world.
It is when the emotions get stuck and we are not in tune with ourselves that this becomes a major problem.

A past trauma may cause an emotion to get stuck and because we as humans don't like pain we send it away without dealing with the emotion that reminds us of the past trauma. Sounds a lot like cell memory or Post traumatic stress for those of you who like the scientific terms.

The reality is that now when you come upon a similar situation, you will experince this past baggage of emotions as it is now registered in your cells. This allows you to revisit it over and over until you finely decide to deal with it.

OK, now that we are aware of the stuck emotion we have to go through the process of revisiting the trauma and moving through the emotions in a safe environment with someone you trust and very qualified to help you with this. As for a lot of people the experience will be very real but will be different for each individual.

Truth is that our emotions are powerful, healing and helpful as they are the true signals of what we are experiencing and learning in this life as long as we keep them from getting stuck and learning how to move them into a healthy state of growth.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Healing on a Higher Level

One of the things that many of us are working on as we move through the human experience is learning how to heal those past rocky relationships that are no longer apart of our lives. I know that with the work that I have been doing this has been one of the quest that I have put upon myself so that I can balance and heal within my own heart.

Often there are relationships that you will experience that making the contact can't be achieved and therefor putting you at a stand still as you are trying to clear that old energy out of your energy field. This makes the work of healing a little different than what we all assume to be the only solution as far as a person to person interaction.

What I have learned and what I have discovered that working on the higher realm is often the option when this blocks the road of healing. This means working with God and the higher self of the person which is the soul of the person you are having conflict with. The best part is that because we are all crated by our Creator that makes us apart of the same family which in turn allows us to be more loving and accepting towards each other on a higher realm.

The energy of the soul has a higher loving energy toward one another, meaning that what the body and mind are doing is not necessarily who we truly are on the soul level. That is why so many people become split when they are going against the true nature of their souls as they follow certain norms here on earth.

It helps to understand that really learning to tap into the loving nature of the soul as we put out trust in God is how we become a lot more comfortable with what is unfolding in our own lives. It also gives a much bigger picture of how the soul is here on earth to learn even as our egos might take control causing havoc in our lives.

So with this in mind we can go into a meditation asking God to come into our personal space and inviting the other person's higher self to come. It is here in the quite and the scared space that we ask God to intervene and allow us to express our sincere love for them and bringing them into our lives to teach us as we grow and learn in this life. We can also ask for forgiveness form both them and ourselves for whatever has passed.

It is also important that we ask God to cover us both with a beautiful light of love and healing energy so that we can go back into our lives with a feeling of wholeness. Then with gratitude we can part and move back to our awareness of this life.

With this done, each time that person enters your mind, you then send them loving and healing thoughts guided their way. Keep them in your prayers and don't worry if you think they wont get it, as it is stamped with their name on it.
That type of mail always gets delivered on time.

Oh and one more thing to remember, is that just because the healing is done on the soul level, it is not about bringing that person in your life again. If that is what is supposed to happen for the highest good, for both you and them, then it will happen. But if it is not, it will be what it is. The thing to remember is that it is about loving the other person and having faith that it is all in God's plan.

1.Forgive, 2.Let go, 3.Trust....... big steps on the road to forgiveness and healing.



One of the things that I have noticed is that many of us fall in the trap that we have to be perfect. Therefore we find ourselves struggling behind closed doors wondering if people are apt to see out flaws.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shifts of Life

It seems that we all go through major shifts, like changes in our lives, that make improvements in our spiritual growth as we move down the path of life. Sometimes it is a blessing in disguise, even if we claw and hold on to all the door frames as we are being moved from one place to the other.

I for one, always thought I enjoyed the spontaneity of change but lately these movements have been coming in quick blasts each time the wind turns in a new direction. It is a lot like riding a roller coaster and not knowing what is around the next turn or over the next hump. But with each ride there is the sense of a thrill of accomplishment and a feeling of, "that wasn't as bad as I thought," only to find that another ride is about to take flight after getting off the last.

As we learn to center ourselves in all the major shifts going on in our lives and the lives of those we hold most dear, we can take on a new appreciation of learning. Thus, we can experience the events and changes in our lives without the massive amounts of drama that we might have been more susceptible to before we learned to do so. Finding that center within ourselves allows us to move into a place where we can find peace that can give us freedom to experience the unplanned events that life can sometime throw at us.

But with this, there is also a need to find a community that can be trusted, where you can speak your truth without fear, and validate your feelings as you are moving through the creative process of life changing events. It is here, in a small group of friends or healing circle, that you find acceptance of who you are without judgment and are loved because you are in the same life boat and apart of the crew weathering out the same storm.

For all of us, it is about finding acceptance and love without judgment that helps us move on to healing waters. I am so amazed of the wonderful people in my life within the Healing Circles, as we reach out, to each other in growing and learning how to find peace in a community of self acceptance, surrounded by support and love for each other.

Finding the strength as we experince the shifts is learning self acceptance and how to connect, not only with each other, but also finding that peace that is within us all as we move through the changes that life has to offer, knowing we are apart of something much bigger than ourselves.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Energy Prayers

Here is something to try as I mentioned it in my last blog called energy prayers. It is for those of you who like to feel energy and want to have a little more of a connection with our Creator.

First you need to find a quite space where you wont be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. I like to lie down but others like to set with their feet on the floor. You need to take the time to slow the thoughts with your mind by breathing out the negative thoughts or irritations of the day. As you do breath in positive energy and love as it feel it fill you whole body all the way down to your DNA. Relax and enjoy the feeling as you bring in this energy of love starts to tingle in your whole body.

Ask God to come into your heart and fill your body and spirit with love. As you do you will fill this beautiful feeling

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Source

As I move through my own experience, I find that many including myself are going through or have gone through the change of the soul. We see it all the time even though we might not be aware of it. So often we look for religious experiences where we can have that personal connection and we may find it in the mass of others who have the same quest but what happens when you go home?

What happens when you go back to your family and your job? Do we forget where our personal connection with our Creator began? You hear so much about falling victim of some organization or charismatic person who draws you in and you end up giving up your personal beliefs to follow. It is somewhere along this line that you have lost yourself and your personal power of connecting with our own Spirituality.

Spirituality, is something that we tend to give up so easily as we don't realize how it is so important to connect, so that our souls grow on a higher level of learning. I talk to so many people who are so disappointed as they leave these circumstances disillusioned and a feeling of emotional trauma. Where as many will return to the same situation or move on searching for answers. Some lose their faith all together.

But maybe we have it all wrong as we hand over our precious gift of the care of our own spirituality to others and the organizations. Truth is that the growth of our own spirituality and our souls is out of tending to it everyday and not giving it away. Who is to say what is between you and God. Your own connection to the source is different than anyone in the world.

I have learned from some amazing people and teachers in my life to trust and listen to what is inside myself as I make that connection. As you share what you are learning and if someone suggest something that they feel, always know that your experience is yours and personal which means if it rings true within your spirit, then trust and you will know in your heart what is the real truth. We were all built, with that inner knowing and connection to the true source of God.

I know that meditation is not for everyone as it is hard to quite the mind sometime when you have thirty different things to do but it is a good way to hear what the Creator has to say in the silence. Also, prayers are heard and feeling the positive energy within your own soul can change your life bringing you closer to how you were created. Talking out loud or in your head is another easy way to connect. Love is a big one and one of my favorites for those who like to work in the energy prayers.

There are so many ways to care for our relationship with our Creator without handing the responsibility over to other individuals, it just takes a little practice, faith and love to enjoy this powerful and fulfilling experience of connection with our Creator.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

The sin eater

Have you ever wondered why when you think you are finished with something and all is well and then it keeps popping up? In fact it is almost like a nightmare as it just doesn't pop up but multiplies.... This is when you think to yourself that someone upstairs is trying to tell you something.

I think for all of us we have that same nightmare as we often see it in the movies when the villain dies and then keeps jumping out with the knife. You get that thought of, OK, die already. As each time you think it is done and it repeats it's self. I know I have this issue when I am not taking care of the things I need to face.

I think it can be so easy for us to put unfinished business in a box and place it under the bed. Oh.... I don't recommend this as it will cause you nightmares if you put something with major emotional trauma under the bed both physically
or mentally. It is only by taking the bull by the horns and wrestling it to the ground knowing it you are going to get dirty and might get a little scratched.

I know for me I thought that after I made the decision to work on my personal healing and spiritual growth that all would be smooth sailing. Not a chance....
it seems that the things that I packed away for another day, have come back for a second round.

Meaning as one of my friends said one time when I was leaving behind a very difficult situation. "Ana, I don't need to know what happened but what ever it is you need to learn form it and it will not come back and knock you in the head."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Powerful in the Present

By us not swallowing the lie, we create one of the biggest acts of discovering our personal power which is finding our true connection to the Holy Spirit. I know that many have learned the disparate lie at an early age that we are not good enough to measure up to others, as we are taught to compare ourselves in this world.

This lie is only a trick of the ego, trying hard to hold us hostage of our true selves. What we need to remember is that we were created by the Divine. We were created in love which many have long forgotten from where we originally came from, as carry this lie in our hearts.

As we stumble in the dark trying hard to find the light, we often get a flash that leads us to a path where some who have found the spark of light and are offering their light to light the path to awaken the other souls form the darkness.

As we are attracted to the path which is lit up, we find that we can be powerful in our own thoughts and actions if we stay in the present and leave all of our past pain behind. But if we move into the past or try to go on into the future bringing up the pain, then we get lost in the emotional baggage or lost in fear where we must learn to free ourselves.

We, not God or anyone else, creates our own pain in our lives, as we hold the knife to our own necks. If we ask God to release us from this, then we must be willing to drop the knife. If we ask God to release us and we are unwilling to let go of the knife, then we allow our own suffering to continue until we are brought to our knees in surrender. In which case for many of us that is when the Holy Spirit will often intervene. And things in our life began to shift in a whole new meaning and different direction.

Once we again remember, where once we came, through love, as a creation of the Divine. Then remember the lie that we swallowed was only a lie as we began to live.

Blessings, Ana

In the Kingdom of our Fathers

Once a long time ago, long enough that most of us can't remember, there was a land of great abundance. And in this land, were beings who honoured the sacredness of the self and love. But there came a presence in this beautiful world which we will call a lie and in that lie, brought doubt and fear.

It was within the intent of the lie that things began to fall apart and the beings were starting to lose their glowing light. One by one they swallowed the lie and one by one they relinquished their light. And soon this beautiful kingdom, fell into a darkness where the only light that now shined was now created by the one who wanted the lie to spread.

It was there in that darkness as the beings were wandering around without the hope of light or finding each other in the dark, that one being discovered a spark and within the spark was the abundance of healing and truth, the one part of the true light that survived the the whole ordeal.

Now in this spark there was also a glow. And to look at the glow reminded you of where you came form which offered forgiveness and the true meaning of hope for anyone who saw or touched it.

It was there in the darkness, that a healing occurred and the one being who had first lost their light, began to understand the truth and meaning of love. Within that love there was a connection to God and where it all began. As the being picked up the spark that now started to grow into a larger light and others came to touch the light. The world that was filled with darkness, was now lit up with an enormous light.

As the beings began to see again and remember what they had lost because of the lie. They also understood that the only reason they lost their light is because they believed the lie which gave it power. The true power was understanding it was only a lie and moved on with what they were doing without the constant belief of the lie.

Freedom, form the bondage of darkness was achieved, as the beings learned that lie, is only a lie, nothing else and nothing more.......

In Peace,

Spritual Awakening

One of the things that I have learned out of the many bumps and bruises of starting to awaken and learn, is that it is not all smooth sailing. I think many of us have this fantasy of peace that comes when you finely open your eyes and see the light. The truth is that you only began to get small glimpses of it which are enough for you to live in hope, until the next.

You find yourself like a small child wondering what is wrapped up and waiting under the Christmas tree, as each experince brings an amazing event or growth in your life. The only trouble is moving through the full life experience which are there for our personal growth of the soul. This is the hardest part of learning.

I like the idea of us being a piece of clay and the Master is molding us. Each experience whether a loving one or a painful one is the touch of the Master turning us into a masterpiece. Beautiful and unique in our own right, as we are becoming a true work of art.

What most don't understand is that sometimes this hurts, as we are molded and shaped. Even when we are awake during this process of creativity, we can lose ourselves, if we don't put our complete faith in the hands of our Creator.

I think we find that falling off of the shelf and then trying to patch ourselves back together before anyone sees us, is a natural response. But it is through our own surrender that we finely find a little peace, only to find that those cracks can hurt when being smoothed out on the wheel of our Creator.

Just because we have chosen to consciously take the high road to spirituality does not mean that we are immune to cracks that can't hurt us. Some of the most brilliant and spiritual people are still finding the cracks being filled in. We are all as we say, "Human," imperfect and beautiful as we move through our lives.

The work of the soul is this process of learning, love, compassion and faith. It is discovering our fears and releasing our own judgments of ourselves and each other. The painful and loving relationships in our lives are only teaching us how to expand our souls in our own self awareness of learning.

I used to think that people in my life who emotional hurt my ego were out to get me but now I understand that we are all in our own experience and even though we intermingle and affect the other, we are all ultimately learning how to love.

Just recently I had the experience of forgiving myself and someone else of hurting my ego in the past. I decided to move in the act of forgiveness and grace, as I had held this person responsible for my pain. I contacted this person, and got no response which I discovered that I was again shot with the pain of rejection.

But I did come to realize that if my intentions were out of guilt or to find relief in mending the fabric that was torn, then the act of forgiveness was not in line with what I know, should be. I revisited the situation and this time sent love to the person and the past. I released my attachments of this beautiful individual of needing to change or mold this person to my own requirements. The best part, was that I was the one delivered grace.

I know that on a higher level of understanding, we are all created and interwoven of the same fabric with the love that God has infused deep within our soul, in all of us.

My own personal experience here on earth is to learn form the past, sending love to all those who have been and will be apart of my life. It will be a journey of staying conscious of many decisions to come as I am learning to move through an awakening of the spirit.


Fire of the Spirit

As I share some of my experiences in life, I have to mention one of the many experiences I had, that pushed me over the edge, on the the path that I am on now. It seems to have started two and a half years ago. I have mentioned before about having experiences that were rather spontaneous happening in and out through out my whole life. Nothing, as strong as the one I wrote about in my blog "Epiphany" but close to it.

Again, these were happening spontaneous and could happen any where or at anytime, while I was driving, setting at my desk or just living life. What happened was that I would start to get a tingling sensation in my body and a feeling of warmth and love would drape over me like a nice fuzzy tingly blanket coming form behind by back. Then an all encompassing feeling of love and acceptance would shoot up my spine almost like fire as it exploded out of my head. A feeling of pure bliss and ecstasy would follow as love felt like it was beaming form every cell in my whole body.

This experience was different than what I described earlier in the "Epiphany" blog as I felt apart of everyone and everything. This was a feeling of love for all those around me. The feeling would last a few minutes and it would slowly wear off the rest of the day.

The funny thing is that I was in an unhealthy situation at my work place and this would happen where I felt love but would start to resort back into the unhealthy behavior patterns as I went back into my environment within days. As I was starting to work on a healing program for my workplace, I decided to take the liberty of following my nose, so to speak.

I decided to try to find what and why this was happening to me. So I began to talk to very close friends, where it was suggested that I start learning meditation, which might help me understand what was going on.

A Continuing Education catalog arrived at our house within a few days of this decision and as I was looking through it, a meditation class stood out. OK, that was easy, I called and enrolled. Feeling a little uncomfortable and like a fish out of water, I sat in my first class out on the side. Our teacher was going to have no part of that and quickly moved us into a circle and started us out by saying our name and why we were there.

As I opened my mouth to say, I was here to see what mediation was all about, the teacher stopped me in mid sentence and said, "so much will change in your life the next nine months and you will not know yourself as you know yourself now." Oh honey, you didn't volunteer to come here, you were dragged here." Then she moved on to the next person, as my sentence was never completed. I wish I could say that all my answers were answered in that class but it was the beginning of a journey of self discovery and spiritual awakening for the last two and a half years.

I might not have the answers you might be looking for but if you are reading this blog then you are on the same path that I am of learning. As we share our experiences and stories, then we come together in a unity of understanding that when the Holy Spirit calls us to grow, the only way to find peace, is to move on that path.

In Love,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Natural Rhythms of Life

As we learn to feel the natural rhythms of life all around us, we began to move into a new consciousness. There seems to be a heart beat and awareness of energy which flows in us and though us. This is what is called, subtle energy that affects you even if you are not aware of it.

Everything we know of is made of some type of energy, even the things that we believe are solid. Energy can create low frequency sound, vibration or space that can be picked up by the energy centers located in our own bodies. It is because of this that we are able to become sensitive to the energy around our bodies.

You can use the example of plugging up your ears and feeling the top of the piano as someone plays so you feel the vibration. You don't hear the sound but you feel it. Again this is energy on a stronger level of vibration.

So now lets us say you take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the park. If you stand close to a train track you will feel the train and if you stand close to the road you will feel the cars. But what if you stand in the middle of a field as your energy centers in your body start to feel. Then you began to pick up the energy of the earth and all the things that are apart of it.

Same thing, when you use your higher energy centers and start to meditate or stand still in the quiet. You will feel an energy that comes down from the heavens and moves through top of your head. It may feel a little like waves moving in and through your body or a tingling sensation. I am finding that people feel the energy differently but everyone feels it.

A few years ago I was in Taos, NM and was there working out some relationship issues in my life. I had meet this Medicine Man and he told me that," energy is not good or bad as it comes form the Great Spirit. It is the person and their intentions that create the good or bad as they use it. Energy is only energy as it was created." I remember at the time that made no sense to me. Now, with more of an understanding of how things work, it make perfect sense.

Energy is no more than a tool that can be used and moved with our thoughts and bodies. It is not something to warship or some type of magic. It is the same as cutting down a tree and building a house. It is learning how to move it so that it flows the way it was created to flow in and out of us. In a past blog I discussed how when the energy gets stuck it can cause illness in the body and that by moving can help speed up healing. Again it is the way we are made as it moves through you, in you and even gets stuck whether you are aware of it or not.

We as human beings have forgotten what we once knew, even connecting with our Creator and living in harmony with the energy and things around us. It is time for us to remember and wake up form dreaming.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Energy Color

If you have read my past blogs on energy then you understand that seeing energy has nothing to do with religion. It is not something to worship or be afraid of as it is apart of everything and in everything. Emotionally it is truly a state of being. It is learning how to balance the emotional self with body, mind and spirit.

For those of you, who can see the color around living things then you understand that energy can be transposed by the brain into color as it shows the different moods of individuals. Emotions, come in so many colors and the way people are feeling shows up in the energy field around them. As I talk to people more and more I am finding that everyone has this gift of seeing the colors, only most have forgotten and have left it behind.

Two years ago when I started to remember how to see colors again, I was explaining it to my children. One of my children who is very well grounded said, "Oh, you are talking about the colors of light that surround people." I had no idea that my children could see this or were even aware of it. When we stated to talk, I discovered that they are able to see but have played it off as a trick of the light.

Energy is nothing to be afraid of as it makes up everything in the universe. It is in everything and around everything only most of us are not aware of it as some. As far as color is concerned, people don't realize how beautiful they really are. This has nothing to do with skin color, faith or other, it is about really just being human.

Something fun you can try......

I find myself doing this when I am board or wanting to know the color of my own energy. Find a mirror and look into it. When you do, find your outline and stare at it for a minute. What you will began to see is a whitish light surrounding you. So often this is what most people see only at first and some will even see color at that time. If you are like me, it might take a few times at first but you will eventually see it.

Once you do, then you can play with it, by expanding the light out by thinking of someone you love or feeling good about. Later, you might began to see color. Don't be discouraged if you don't see color right away, it takes some time and once you do it is like riding a bike.

If you are feeling love, then send it to someone you care about. Trust me the energy is there to carry that love to them. If they don't pick it up then I promise their spirit will.

Love, Ana

Friday, May 15, 2009


I know I can be a little slow at coming to these things as I see others shaking their heads as to, "Now she gets it"! For me you can tell me about it and I can study it but until I experience it, it takes awhile to sink in.

Lately, I have been working hard on learning about ascension and tying to understand exactly what it is. As I learn I find it very close the story of Revelations that is discussed in the Bible only with a view of the more positive side. It is not about death and destruction. But about love and forgiveness so that we prepare ourselves for the ascension in which we will become reunited with our Creator.

Great, this is something I can read without feeling like I am the only one missing out on all the symbols of the story. I found to, that it is not just in our culture that discusses this event but a lot of others who have the same story just viewing it from a different perspective. All you Artist know what I mean.

I have been having these beautiful experience on and off through out my whole life but never understood the true meaning of what it was all about until now as I am starting to put it all together with my teachers, gifted friends and the amazing circles of learning.

Last night, as I laid my head on the pillow and started to go into the dream state, I was reminded of my experience, which I talked about in an earlier blog about this feeling of an all encompassing love that took over my whole being. And when I say being, I mean the mind, body and the soul. This love connected me to everything as we call alive and nonliving. And even though I was in my living room I felt apart of every human, plant, mineral and animal. I knew what everything was thinking and experiencing for that brief moment of time. It was almost so overwhelming as my heart expanded and I started to lose myself in it.

It was fear, that brought me out of it, as I was becoming one with everything and was losing my since of me. Yes, I have always prided myself as being quite the separate individual and free. I had never experienced this feeling of oneness in my life and when I calmed down enough to analysis what just happened I discovered that I liked it! I even felt, I would like to do that again but
this one unique experience has not happened since and that was four years ago.

As I have searched to find the answers to such spontaneous experiences in my life. These amazing people have been coming into my life and teaching me about healing. As I work and learn I find that things in my own life that have caused me pain are finely started to change into lessons of teaching without suffering attached to it.

I discovered to that the very basic teaching is forgiving myself and others in my life that I have held accountable for so much. I have also learned that through the love, that I can now send out to those in my life in the past, present and future that love is once again seeping through and moving me in a direction of healing.

The pain that blinded me in my own experience has now changed to feeling the pain of those who were hurting. Yet, I have discovered that I can now revisit those past experiences and send love and healing to those caught in those events.

I have also learned that by moving through this process of healing that I am pulling more of a higher energy through myself which is what many teachers on this earth through out the ages were talking about. By doing this alinement I am beginning my path of once again, toward the experience of feeling that state of being whole and apart of everything.

There is a saying that, Once you experience first class, then nothing else compares".

With Great Love,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Depths of the Soul

One of the many lessons it seems that I am learning on my spiritual quest is finding that place inside us all that we hide the beauty that the Creator gave to each of us. No, I am not talking about spiritual gifts but that place inside that makes us feel apart of everyone and everything.

This is an amazing part of ourselves that we often deny because of fears or blocks that we have decided to make our own. I know that sounds strange as most of us think we can just let it go but it takes more than that to set this straight, as we navigate through life's path.

This is really about discovering our emotional fears and not moving away but trusting in that very small voice of inner guidance that God has entrusted to each and everyone of us as we move through the storm.

It is about loving that part of you that you are afraid that others will reject but instead seeing yourself through the eyes of our Creator. Discovering that delicate weave that has been tailored as you and only you, who with love can change the world out of the compassion of moving through the depths of your fears which brings people together.

That beauty lives in all of us and the time is coming to set it free, as it is in our make up and in our surrender of letting go.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


Sometime things come out of the blue and hit you when you least expect it which it is always nice to have someone there who can

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Inner Peace

I truly find it amazing that people are starting to realize that they hold the keys to their own healing. By just saying that they want to change is the beginning of a life long journey of healing and learning that will never end. I used to think that it was only last a few years and then you would be cured but we as humans are so much more complected than that. We have layer after layer that we are working on in this life to find the peace that lies within.

The true excitement of going on this journey is discovering so much of how you are connected to others and how they are connected to you. One thing that is really clear is that we are never alone as we move down this path of life lessons.
As I move through each step being introduced to teachers and students a like I find the common thread of learning.

Miracles happen all the time only we have forgotten that the true healing is locked deep inside ourselves. So much of our own head noise and misery is created in our own minds. It is when we are able to let go of the thought or thoughts that torment our souls and set it free that we are able to grow from our own mistakes or pain.

How we torture ourselves with thoughts and raw emotions that bring a beautiful soul out of the light and into the darkness. We are the masters of our own ships and we are the ones who hold the key to our own happiness. All we have to do is accept and let the thought go as we move into another thought of higher ground.