Friday, May 29, 2009

Stuck Emotions

So, I am talking to a group of friends and the subject of being held hostage by our own emotions comes up. I loved this, because everyone can relate to being stuck and just like the commercial says, only with a twist, "I am stuck and I can't get out."

Now, I must admit that positive emotions are amazing and, as far as I am concerned, can stay as long as they can last. But the negative ones need to pass on by without leaving a calling card. Only it seems that it is the negative emotions that we get stuck in and really seem to notice.

It just so happened that I was listening to one of my teachers talk about emotions and how we need them to listen to, so that we can use them to live as warnings or signals, as they were created to help us get along is this old world.
It is when the emotions get stuck and we are not in tune with ourselves that this becomes a major problem.

A past trauma may cause an emotion to get stuck and because we as humans don't like pain we send it away without dealing with the emotion that reminds us of the past trauma. Sounds a lot like cell memory or Post traumatic stress for those of you who like the scientific terms.

The reality is that now when you come upon a similar situation, you will experince this past baggage of emotions as it is now registered in your cells. This allows you to revisit it over and over until you finely decide to deal with it.

OK, now that we are aware of the stuck emotion we have to go through the process of revisiting the trauma and moving through the emotions in a safe environment with someone you trust and very qualified to help you with this. As for a lot of people the experience will be very real but will be different for each individual.

Truth is that our emotions are powerful, healing and helpful as they are the true signals of what we are experiencing and learning in this life as long as we keep them from getting stuck and learning how to move them into a healthy state of growth.


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