Sunday, May 17, 2009

Energy Color

If you have read my past blogs on energy then you understand that seeing energy has nothing to do with religion. It is not something to worship or be afraid of as it is apart of everything and in everything. Emotionally it is truly a state of being. It is learning how to balance the emotional self with body, mind and spirit.

For those of you, who can see the color around living things then you understand that energy can be transposed by the brain into color as it shows the different moods of individuals. Emotions, come in so many colors and the way people are feeling shows up in the energy field around them. As I talk to people more and more I am finding that everyone has this gift of seeing the colors, only most have forgotten and have left it behind.

Two years ago when I started to remember how to see colors again, I was explaining it to my children. One of my children who is very well grounded said, "Oh, you are talking about the colors of light that surround people." I had no idea that my children could see this or were even aware of it. When we stated to talk, I discovered that they are able to see but have played it off as a trick of the light.

Energy is nothing to be afraid of as it makes up everything in the universe. It is in everything and around everything only most of us are not aware of it as some. As far as color is concerned, people don't realize how beautiful they really are. This has nothing to do with skin color, faith or other, it is about really just being human.

Something fun you can try......

I find myself doing this when I am board or wanting to know the color of my own energy. Find a mirror and look into it. When you do, find your outline and stare at it for a minute. What you will began to see is a whitish light surrounding you. So often this is what most people see only at first and some will even see color at that time. If you are like me, it might take a few times at first but you will eventually see it.

Once you do, then you can play with it, by expanding the light out by thinking of someone you love or feeling good about. Later, you might began to see color. Don't be discouraged if you don't see color right away, it takes some time and once you do it is like riding a bike.

If you are feeling love, then send it to someone you care about. Trust me the energy is there to carry that love to them. If they don't pick it up then I promise their spirit will.

Love, Ana

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