Monday, July 11, 2011

The Human Experience

A few months ago someone asked, "What does the soul crave the most" as we were talking about healing? I remember sitting there moving around in my chair wondering out of the whole universe what was it that every soul wants?.....Think about it. It is not something you hear every day. Then with a big smile they said, "Drama".

"What!" I was thinking what does drama have to do with anything that we are talking about. It's not possible that we as these beautiful beings want drama in our lives. Then as I sat there I saw how much we love drama... Look at our lives. We love to hear what is going on with others whether it is in movies or the next door neighbour we want to know. "Inquiring minds want to know"....

We want to see, feel, know or experience it if not through second hand but through our own lives. Granted the sting is not as harsh when it is second hand but we still manage to add our experiences and feelings into the equation.

Those T-shirts with the message that was so popular a few years ago with the expression "Drama Mama" or "Drama King" are just a little example of what we look for in our own lives. We wear it like a badge of honour.

It is meshed in our culture like the news, movies, music, books, talk shows even in our own lives when we react to something or someone creating an emotional stir within ourselves and others. What an amazing teaching tool it is and yet we become addicted to it. We can't wait to see the next episode or hear the next load of gossip in someone else's lives or even our own. We fixate on it and hold close to us.

I began to realise that what goes hand in hand with drama is the judgement along with all the emotions that flood in like a drug. Wow! how intoxicating is that? But it is the drama in our lives that teaches us the most and it is when we learn not to be emotionally tide to it and that we are in control of our own emotions that we become the master of our own lives.

It is when we can look at another person and not judge them as they move through their own drama and not being caught up in it that we learn that we are standing in a personal power that allows us to be there for the other person. I am not saying not to be sensitive to what the other person is experiencing but I am saying not to be in the middle of it adding to the situation. It is about us moving in the experience free from judgement and just allowing that other person to just feel what it is like to be in that moment so that we can all grow.