Sunday, April 30, 2017

Repost, "The Spaces Between the Lines"

What is the space between the lines you ask? Why it is life... What else would it be? I loved this phrase even the first time I heard it. I realized that there is more to life and relationships than just the solid line of commitment. There were all the spaces that were not filled in on the whole sheet of paper.

It is what it is... the space between the musical notes written on a page, when played it fills the air creating music. It is the whole story of a life with all it's passion, love, inspirations and hardships that create a book of an individual.

It can also be a feeling or gut reaction that inspires you to hold out your hand to a friend in need. It is what being human is all about. The spaces between the lines...


Monday, April 24, 2017

The Wedding Pot - A Reading

This is our very first Youtube endeavor to add my own voice to the energy of the Book. I hope that you will enjoy the reading and plan to have more to follow on the Ana Noyce Youtube channel.

         In Love & Light,

Monday, April 17, 2017

"The Gene Pool"

We have been taught and it is still a part of our collective consciousness at this time that we are victims of our genetics and that what ever is seen in our genes is what we are stuck with. If our families had cancer we believe that we most likely have a chance to entertain the thought of having cancer. But lets look at the newer science that is now telling us that we have the ability to change what is written in our own genes and not only that but now proving we can change it for generations to come.

The science is called epigenetics that is now proving that we can turn off certain genes in our gene pool when we change our thinking and our environment. Scientist are now discovering that we have the capability to change what we once thought held us captive and even made us victims in our own bodies. But how does that happen?  In the book Spiritual Alchemy, by Dr Christine, page 38. Bruce Lipton cellular biologist offers the following hypothesis:

"Despite the fact that for the past 50 years science has maintained that our fate was preprogrammed in our genes, it is now emerging that our external universe, internal physiology and more importantly our perception directly controls the activity of the genes." 

Meaning...."Our perception controls the genes and their subsequent production of hormones, proteins, enzymes, etc. and not heredity unless the same thought patterns continue unchallenged from one generation to the next." Dr. Christine, page 38

"As the unification spreads upon this planet, we are also seeing the coming together of the four great tenets of society: religion, science, philosophy and the arts." Dr. Christine, page 38.

Something to make you go hmmmm....


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1.  Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, by Dr. Joe Dispense

2. Spiritual Alchemy, How to transform your Life, by Dr. Christine Page MBBS, MRCGPM DCH, DRCOG, MFHom

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Energy Practitioners

We all know when we break everything down in the body we are made up of tiny atoms. We also are aware that when we get sick there is a energy pattern that plays out as a program in a frequency that energy practitioners are trained to work with. Like doctors who understands the anatomy of a physical body an energy practitioner is trained in the understanding of how these vibrations and frequencies break down in the physical from and energetic bodies taking healing on to another level when working with atoms, waves, particles, and molecules.

History has shown us that years ago when the first doctors started to do their research people thought they were crazy, only now we know that it was all about learning and teaching others about human anatomy. Today energy practitioners are publishing and explaining how it all works using Quantum physics and new technologies that can now explain what is being done on an energetic level. It just took a little longer for the scientists and engineers to catch up.

Something else to be aware of is that energy practitioner's language is different just like a doctor's language is different as it refers to modalities, techniques and words about quantum physics that other practitioners understand. To someone who doesn't know the terms, it's going to sound strange. It all makes a lot more common sense when you start to learn the language and how the terms are connected or broken down into a language we understand on an everyday use. If you go to an energy practitioner and they use a words etc... you don't know, ask them to explain so you have a better understanding. You see communication is always key so you have the opportunity in participating in your own healing.

What to watch for as a person who is seeking out help from an energy practitioner is to make sure that they are qualified and even have the basic knowledge. Like searching for a doctor they have certifications and lists of teachers who they have worked with. Take the time to check out their background or if they are highly recommended by a credible source. It can all be so exciting but often we forget that energy changes the chemicals and molecular structure within the physical and energy bodies. Again just like a doctor you need to know about your practitioner before opening up to an energy healing. Look for integrity, credentials, experience, and if they are interning, who they worked with.

I have talked to people who didn't do their homework and got burned by an energy practitioner only to say that all energy practitioners are not reliable. This is not so and needs to be taken more seriously as just like picking out a doctor it is important to know who is working on you.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Healing Yourself

Raising one's vibration is important to learn when managing one's energy in healing the physical body. No, I don't mean more exercise like running although that is not a bad idea. What I do mean is learning how to create a higher source of energy that runs through the chakras and etheric bodies without an interruption. Spirit anatomy is just as important as the physical body and knowing how to clear and move the energy through the energetic system helps to maintain the physical body.

We know the basics such as food nourishes and helps to restore the cells and tissues. Exercising the body helps move oxygen through the blood replenishing the body. But we often forget that energy is just as important. Energy is the electrical current that runs through all the meridians, chakras, etheric bodies and inner core that restores the organs and helps to heal the physical body.

A good practice to help with arthritis is to build energy in the solar plexus either through breath work or using light language. When this is done then you can run the energy through the chakras or meridians to where the problem is occurring. For example say you have arthritis in the fingers, by using your intentions you can move the energy from the solar plexus with your thoughts guiding the energy through the body into the arms, down towards the palms and into the fingers allowing the energy to flow out into the air. What you are doing is helping the circulation and bringing electrical current into that area that helps remove the pain and heal the fingers.

Note: I usually point my fingers towards the earth and let the earth swallow up the toxins that are discarded with much gratitude. 

Practice doing this exercise for 10 to 20 minutes three or more times a day. Some people notice results right away and others it takes time. What you are doing is acupuncture that is working from the inside out, instead of using needles on the outside. You are also sending a signal to the cells, tissues, and bones to heal as you work on yourself. Be patient as it depends on each person how fast the relief will come.