Friday, June 26, 2009

Definition of the Self

What is it that truly defines you? Is it the clothes that you wear, your job, the people you hang out with, money, position or your family? What makes you, You? Do you define yourself with the things that other people think or see?

Is it your reputation, how you deliver yourself and handle yourself in front of others so that you put on a tight corset around your inner being and can only be this certain type of person who others deem worthy that becomes a definition of the self? No, I am not saying to lose your integrity but remember who are you trying to impress?

Who is the real you and if others catch a glimps of the real you will they go off screaming? I doubt it........ What are we as humans trying to hide? What are the things that put fire and passion in our lives as we seek to learn and grow in our own experiences? Who in your life do you let define who you are and you realise that they are only projecting their own lives and fears?

What is it like, to not walk in someone else's footsteps and tare off the mask that we all wear to be who others define us to be? How hard is it to make that break and be comfortable with our true selves and talents? What does it take to be comfortable with who we are inside?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In the Beauty of the Spirit

Wisdom and guidance comes in a language that only connects us to our Spirit as we connect to the Source of our Creator. Who are we, unless we are connected to that Source? It is by remembering that our inner connection is so important that we do not hand it over to someone else.

Letting go and clearing out the old, so that we can make way for the new, can be unimaginable to us as we move through the experience of loss. But it is our understanding that by doing so we are moving into the true path of our souls and opening our lives to a higher level of growth in our Spirits.

What better way to test our faith in ourselves as we learn not to let the material things of the earth keep us away form where we are to be connected. It is by remembering that we are the spirit that lives in the body having a human experience and that our lives are only a flash in time but the the lessons are eternal.

Change is never an easy thing to do yet we live day to day with both the birth and death of our loved ones around us, reminding that time is only a fleeting moment. It is by not getting stuck in the the man made rules and regulations of the religious order that we learn to trust ourselves in our own personal relationship to God. It is our own spiritual growth to be aware that the changes in our lives will move us on our personal journey of this life.

I am not saying don't be religious but don't let that stop you from connecting. You were made in the image and loved by the Spirit of the Holy Spirit and the true Source. So by learning to connect you are opening up the healthy connection between you and the Creator and become personally guided within your soul.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Facing Our Shadow Selves

The shadow side is something that many of us seem to fear in ourselves as we discover a side of us that we want to hid form others. Often this is something that we are afraid if someone else gets a glimpse of, they will turn way and hide.

So what is the shadow that we allow it to hold us back and why is it apart of us?
Everyone has a shadow as no one escapes this. So if we all have it, then why do we judge others for having it? Please note, this is not to be confused with the Dark Soul. But know that both the Dark Soul and the Light Soul have the shadow. With this knowledge we still find it hard to let others know that we have it.

A few years ago, I was in Taos, New Mexico and had the privilege to meet Ted Wired who is a Minister and Councilor who introduced me to the idea of what the shadow was all about. I learned that the shadow in our lives helps us grow and learn form our experiences here upon this earth.

The fear of our own shadows can freeze us as we move through the experience which cause us not to move on to a higher understanding of how to move past the darker nature of ourselves. It is when we become stuck that we begin to judge others for the shadows within ourselves.

Fear now becomes the obstacle of how we view others and ourselves and we become tormented in our own shadow and project that upon others. But if we are aware of our shadow selves and realize that when we shed light upon this area within ourselves, it is almost like turning on a light and finding that the dark shadow in the dark is only a chair with a coat hanging on it.

Freedom is brought in by shining light on our own inner fears and learning to move though the experience as we learn how to grow. In truth, by facing ourselves and discovering what we fear that others would judge, we learn that we can forgive ourselves and not judge others with the same fear.

So what does this mean? Major healing within the soul, that is all......... Self acceptance and acceptance of others as we learn that the shadow is only there to teach us how to move onto higher ground. And by moving through the shadow to the other side, into the light, we find peace within ourselves.


A Flash from the Past

I think for many of us we forget how much the energy around us and in us affects us. I know that I for one, even though, I try to make it my intention to be aware, I don't always do. So that is when I am caught off guard, when someone or something comes up and surprises me.

The other day my daughter and I went shopping for a dress for her to wear to my little sister's wedding which is coming up very soon. As we were walking into the store, she brought up the subject that she had been hurting in the joints of her hands as the heat and humidity was climbing.

She then went on to tell me that she decided that it was not something that she felt she needed to experince, so she envisioned a light of healing energy that was around her hand and in her hands. With that she then scraped the pain off with each hand like sloughing off a coating of wax.

What surprised me was that this is an ancient technique of energy work, that I had been learning about with one of my teachers and had not imparted that knowledge to her or anyone in my family. It is a healing practice that helps to relieve pain. And I personally felt silly doing the technique with others. So where did she get this knowledge?

This brought me to speaking with one of my teacher's who imparted the information that a lot of the healing techniques are passed down and embedded in our own DNA. It is almost like being down loaded though the cellarer memory and structure of our ancestors. So maybe the Bible is right, and we do pass what we do here on earth, form generation to generation. Sins or healing is all shared as it is recorded in our DNA and the make up of our cells.

Interesting, as I am exploring that thought..... I am learning that even things that I know intuitively are not my imagination, as learn to trust myself with the help of many teachers. I have been learning not to stand in my own way.

So here is my daughter, who is becoming into her own with not only that intuitive knowledge but the ability to access the energy to heal. How much of this kind of thing happens to our children and we tell them it is their imagination and to move on? What kind of abilities and spiritual gifts are we squashing because we where told the same or rejected it ourselves?

As I look around and have learned to open to the arts of energy and healing, I see so many children with the gifts of reading energy, energy work, intuition, healing, seeing, and connecting others to their spiritual side, who don't have the encouragement and validation of what comes so naturally. I talk to those in the family who are aware of the gifts but blow it off as a childhood fancy.

Which brings me to my own experience and what I know to be true as it has been an major shift in self discovery of how these things work and flow in a stronger connection to myself and the Creator.

Some of my own knowledge was taught to me by my own father in the past but I rejected it myself as I wanted to fit in with the everyone else, yet there are things that come with natural ability so that I have sought out teachers for answers. Moving through this, I have found that my children are amazing teachers themselves.

Many Blessings,

Friday, June 5, 2009

the Gathering of the Souls

I was working with a wonderful teacher this past week, and this story was told to me once before, and I was gently reminded of it again, about the two kinds of souls and how they came about here on earth. One is the dark soul and the other is the light soul.

The reason why there are two types of souls, is that dark souls decided to come to the earth without the blessing of the Creator. They decided to break off and come to this life experince with their own agenda, but they didn't realize that without the blessing of God they would not have the beautiful light energy that everyone else has. So the dark soul is constantly seeking the light of the souls with the divine spark of light.

The light souls have the blessing from God to be here on earth, to live and learn within the plan of their lives. They are here to work with other souls to improve themselves all within this plan and the spark inside them is the light they shine from God as they are connected.

Now, you must know that a dark soul can never be light as they do not have this blessing, and the light souls have the blessing so they are always light even when they stray off the path and become dim, because they carry the spark of the Creator.

The dark souls are attracted to this light and will often use the compassion of the light soul to try to suck the energy and light from the light soul. This will cause the light soul to be confused, in pain, and wonder why, if they are trying to help, why their light is beginning to dim.

Remember, the light is the spark and blessing from God, so it can never be taken away, only covered up. It is when the light soul learns that they are being sucked dry, that they will have to learn to move completely away form the dark soul, that is trying so hard to use their light for their own agendas. The separation from the drain of the dark soul will restore the light back to the light souls, so that they may move back onto the path of health and peace, and the soul work they are here to do.

What we don't realize is that a dark soul looks like everybody else on this earth. They don't have four heads and breath fire with a large wart on their nose. They look and act like everyone else. The only difference is that you will know a dark soul as they drain the light's vital essence and energy away to attract other light souls, as they try to hide behind their light.

The misuse of power and the need to control is another way to recognize these souls. Even the dark souls can tap into and speak with a gifted tongue of the heavens so you can be fooled into thinking a dark soul is full of light, when in truth, the dark soul is looking for the light they never have.

No, these souls are not demons but lost, as they decided to do things their own way without the light, blessing, or spark of the Creator. These souls are surrounded by chaos, un-health, unrest and peace is lost with the misuse of the power they crave.

A dark soul will use projection of their own fears upon the light soul to bring their light energy down as a way of power and control, as they never feel really good enough, no matter who they are, or where they are. This has nothing to do with the shadow side of the soul as both the light and dark souls still have the shadow to deal with.

Redemption is between them and God.........

Peace be with you,