Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Reprint "The Grief Experience"

The grieving process is one of those experiences that when we really look at it we can see how it affects the the different layers of us being multi-dimensional beings. Yes, we can track a formula that follows a certain pattern and sometimes it soothes us a little to have a particular course that we can follow. But then there are those other times we may find that we are stuck in a monotonous cycle of the grieving process reliving the experience over and over. So the next question is, "When does it end?" That is a very good question and when we look at ourselves again as multi-dimensional beings we see that we are indeed very complicated beings making that question dependent on healing three important parts of ourselves that hold our grief.

Grief is an emotion that marks the separation of the mind, body, and soul scattered in different directions. When we grieve, we grieve with our whole being but each part of the mind, body, and soul has it's own unique way of processing the whole grief experience. For example even if we are able to accept and understand what has happened, our body may still be moving through its own course of action in releasing the loss. This is why we find that we burst into tears, become angry, or feel depressed even after we thought that we had mentally processed a loss. Another example is when we feel that something isn't right and yet we can't place a finger on it feeling an enormous emptiness or heaviness within ourselves as we have lost our way. This can be described as Soul Sickness. The soul has lost or is missing something that needs to be processed or experienced within the lifetime of the individual yet it makes no sense to that person until they find meaning or cause in making a serious effort to change their course in life to heal the soul. Then there is the mind which can also play its part in grief causing a person to relive and over process an experience of loss to a point of minor madness.

Ancient Chinese medicine says that we carry our grief in our lungs. For many of us we feel it in our hearts. If it is not through the breath in our lungs it is through our hearts torn into a thousand pieces. Even though it may seem to be cruel it is the physical body's way of realigning itself so that it can bring itself to heal within the cells as it tries to reprogram itself to cope with what has happened to continue on with life. The mind also has it's own way of remembering, replaying, processing, firing-off, or even forgetting an experience as it also adjusts itself to come to terms to what has happened or endured. Then there is the energy of the soul that spills over affecting the energy bodies within and the outer layer of the subtle bodies that surround the physical body. Each of these energy centers are also influenced by the mind and body experiencing the grief causing them to become out of balance creating more anxiousness and frustration with one's plight in life. 

For whatever reason a person is moving through their own grieving experience it is always good to know that there is more going on than just the emotion of grief. Grieving is not a process of allowing time to change things so that we heal. No, it is a process of finding balance and learning how to work with and heal those different parts of ourselves that are experiencing the grief. We are after all a whole being not just a body, not just a mind, and not just a soul. We are unique as multi-dimensional beings with all three built into one that needs to find a healthy balance for our grief to heal.   

photographs by Angelique

Monday, August 22, 2016

What Is Left Unsaid

The power of our words is huge but what is left unsaid is massive. It is only when we become aware of the open spaces of time which birth an energy frequency sending out signals to the physical world that there is more to what is really being said. It is there that we began to experience the intentions and life lessons that are woven into the delivery of the spoken words.

It has come to my attention over the last month of a patten that has made itself known in the various conversations I have had with different people whom I have come in contact in my day to day life. The pattern makes itself known in a person's speech patterns. Like the movie "Sybil," as people speak they are unaware that they have many personalities that come through out of what they are trying to convey.

For those who are visual I would describe it as like going into someones home and seeing all the colors in their home that they have painted on the walls that represents all the emotions and energy that a household holds within it. The host or hostess may not tell you everything that they are going through yet the colors on the walls speak volumes of what is happening inside. There is that saying, "If walls could talk," and they do! The same goes with the patten of how words are put together and then communicated.

What I have notced is that there is a heavy undertone of a person's past, present, and future experiences in the way people communicate. I am not talking about basic grammar but built within the lining of a conversation what is revealed are several different threads leading off into different aspects of the person's character and experiences that color what is communicated. What surprises me is that I often catch glimpses of different ages of inner children of people speaking out who have have certain fears of past experiences that feel the need to be tended to as conversations progress. Each inner child seems to have their own agenda which can make a discussion move from one place to another as each child has to have their turn to speak.

Then there is a subtle ripple that happens when a conversation is focused on in the present time of a subject where hidden within the words are some form of the hopes, and dreams of the future lingering in the intentions of where the discussion is heading.

 With a little understanding of what is going on doing a converstaion it is easy to see that when most people talk to each other they are speaking on so many different levels of experiences, prejudice, education levels, and desires that can separate a person from what is really trying to be expressed and yet feeling the need to be understood. No wonder we have so much miss-communication if the listener is not up to looking at all the different veins that move into various experiences. And yet on so many levels some how we take it all in only to walk away satisfied that we were heard or wonder what was going on with the other person we were trying to connect with.

In the end I find it fascinating that we as human beings can communicate on so many levels and how amazing we are as we all progress in our life journeys in our human experiences.

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Monday, August 15, 2016

Reprint "Beginning and End"

Years ago I was sitting in a class that my fire walker friend Daniel D'Neuville was teaching when he asked everyone, "Where does the universe begin and end?"  At the time I thought that was a very strange question as it made no sense to me. Then as I sat there, and pondered I saw this swirl of planets out in the universe, but again it didn't add up. Daniel our teacher then just waited for all of us to contemplate on the question, but the answers in my head were all leading me to a dead end.

It wasn't until I got tired of the question, and my mind rested on where I was setting that the answer hit me! "Of course it's inside of me!" Then I realized that it is not only in me, but in every living being. A flash of me when I was a child realizing that one day I would die, and the sun, and the earth would go on without me. The sun would still rise, and the moon will still shine, but I would no longer walk this earth. The universe from my own perspective, and with everyone else starts within our own experience that we are aware of.

Then Daniel after awhile said to the group,"The answer is... it begins and ends from exactly where you are". I have to admit that it made me smile as it made a lot of sense.

Monday, August 8, 2016

"Play it again, Sam!"

"Play it again, Sam!", I have heard myself sometimes say when my higher self  asks if I am finished with a particular lesson. This saying comes from the famous movie Casa Blanca when Humphrey Bogart asks his piano player to play his favorite song over and over again. I think most people who go through a painful experience in their lives don't wish to repeat the same process but for some reason I find with human nature we often step back into the same situation just to try it on for size in order to see if anything has changed. I agree and from the outside to any rational person this sounds ridiculous. Why keep repeating something that is painful?

How many of us wonder why people date the same kind of person in every relationship? Why a person chooses similar situations in their lives that create chaos or jobs that point them in a direction where disappointment is unavoidable. I could go on but you get the picture.  I believe the answer to that question for all of us is sometimes it is easier for us to follow a path that we already know on an unconscious level than to continually be present in taking the measures to change an old pattern when it comes back up in our lives.

I  like to use the example of dieting. Once we area able to make a conscious decision to change our diet we empower ourselves and feel good about our appearance. It is when we forget about our purpose that we go back into an old pattern that feels ever so familiar to us as we either gain or lose the extra pounds that we fought so hard to change. Again it is about the support we get in remembering to be mindful enough in that moment of what we are doing when the old pattern comes back up which makes our tasks into a rock or a mountain later on in the process.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Influence of Energy Patterns

I feel like one of the things that people often miss on a conscious level but totally get on a subconscious level are energy patterns that are created by a lot of traffic in certain spaces. Heavy traffic patterns over the years, whether it is in a home or business, set up an energy pattern that creates a recording of that pattern. Sometimes we notice it when we step into a room feeling as if something took place in that room or, if we are aware, we may witness the recording with our senses as it plays over and over. This kind of energy pattern came to my attention a few days ago when I was reaching for a spoon and went to the wrong drawer in our new home.

This may seem innocent enough but the same behavior has been repeating itself ever since we moved. It happened so much that I even moved the silverware to the drawer that I keep pulling out. What I also noticed when I was in the kitchen was that the plates and glasses also felt as if they were in the wrong cabinets or so it seemed as I reached for an item. As I was in the middle of changing out the dishes to the other cabinets I recognized that I had set up the kitchen in the way it works best for my husband and myself. It was then that I decided to replace the things where I had originally had them.

Again, I found myself repeating the old pattern of continuing to go to the wrong cabinets and drawers for what I needed. It wasn't until I happened to find some old photographs of our home of the rooms in the house that I understood what was happening. What surprised me was that I had arranged the furniture, and rugs exactly to the size and style of the previous owner.  I bought rugs that matched theirs and even placed them in the same exact spaces. The house was barely furnished when we were thinking of buying it. Knowing this, it dawned on me that the reason the silverware and dishes felt as if they were in the wrong place was that there was already a placement pattern coded with the energy of the utensils and dishes in the kitchen. The house is 17 years old.

Then I was reminded about energy patterns and since our new home had some years on it there was already a program that was running through it that I was picking up and following it like a well written road map except for the kitchen, which I was fighting to change.

What I have learned over the years is that in mays ways a house is a lot like people. We build collect or build energy patterns with our feelings and emotions over time sending out signals to others who pick up on what we are broadcasting out into the world. Often when we get stuck or try to make some changes in our lives we find that we are still in the same situations and continue to have the same experiences with the same outcomes. The only difference is that the people in our lives may change as we repeat the pattern. The reason this happens is that in order to make a real change we must first be couscous of what is going on so we are able to make a decision in creating a path to see our way out of where we are. Then we have to add in the extra effort to keep repatterning the old behavior in following the new path while being aware of when we are slipping backwards without judgement. What I want to point out is that not only are we working with bodies' muscle memory but also energy patterns that influence our mental and emotional bodies as well.

Since we are all different  it may take two weeks, twenty-one days or, for people like me, a little longer.  Again No judgement but remember if you want to change an old pattern, it is also a healthy combination of patience and practice. In the end you will have the results you are seeking. The other side of this is that we are conscious beings and can find our solid footing when we are aware of what is going on inside and around us. We are creators in our own lives.