Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Healing from Within

One of the things that I remember about my Father is that he would tell me over and over to be careful of my words and thoughts. As I was growing up he said this a lot and would have me be re mindful of how I expressed myself. This was a process of stopping me in mid sentence and rephrasing what had just tumbled out of my mouth. Oh .... These memories were not my happiest memories and as soon as I was old able to be out of ear shot I spoke the way I wanted....

That was 30 years ago and now looking back I see the wisdom in what he was trying to teach me. You see in my studies and in my learning about the world of cellar healing. I understand that the world and the things in it respond to our words and our energy. It is amazing to see the studies on water and our own blood responding to the tones and our intentions with our words. Yes, I know we see this with animals and children but did you know that your own bodies respond to your thoughts? Not only does the body respond but the cells that make up the network and inner workings of the body.

Wow, I guess Dad was right as our cells respond to the emotions that carry waves of energy though out our whole inner workings changing the chemistry of our physical bodies.