Sunday, August 30, 2015

"The Choice"

This past week I was on my way to visit a Reiki Client and ended up stuck in traffic. That wasn't so bad until I realized the time. Looking at the situation I decided that the lane that I had chosen was not the best to make my way out of the traffic. I checked my rear view mirror to move into the right lane seeing a truck that was at least three cars behind giving me a clear path if I was quick. I then turned my signal on and hit the gas but being in a manual to my horror my Mini tried to stall. That was the only time I had to make the move, leaving me in-between lanes. What resulted was that the driver of the large pickup truck decided he could move fast enough so that I couldn't get in and we almost hit each other in the middle of all the traffic.

I waved at the truck and since I was already in the lane proceeded to move forward. The driver of the truck had his own ideas and he also moved forward. We almost hit each other again. Still stuck in the middle of both lanes I couldn't believe what was happening and so I proceeded to move forward again only this time I hit the gas and pulled the mini out of his way as the big truck jerked forward to take over the space that I was occupying. I got in by the skin of my teeth and then became rather angry once it was all over. No, I was furious! Then I remembered the night before when I was teaching a class and the subject came up about sending out thoughts that had a negative vibe to them.  
As it just so happens road rage is one of those experiences where we get to be tested in what we are sending out to our fellow human beings and out into the world. I knew in that moment that whatever I sent out through my own energy field would not only hit that other person's energy field but it could influence others around us. I also knew that it would eventually return to me as I was the original source of the thought. Being conscious of all of this I decided to take the higher road. Instead of sending out anything that was negative, I felt it was important to forgive and to move into a positive energy. As I sat there in the traffic with the truck in my rear view mirror I sent out love saying a prayer for the person so that they would heal whatever it is that was making them so aggressive. I surrounded myself in love feeling peace flood my being and as I did the traffic opened up and we were all back at the high speed of 70 moving down the highway.  

I ended up being only a few minutes late to my Reiki session with my client. As I got out of the car a flash of the whole incident went through my mind and I caught myself smiling as I knew that I it was going to be a beautiful and wonderful day! Feeling joy in my heart I went inside the building to meet with my client.

Photographs by Ana

Monday, August 24, 2015

"Light Language"

Light language is a language that every human being is already very familiar with. It is a language of the chakras, aura, and energy fields around and in the body. The language is something that I feel most people are not conscious of yet it is a fluent language of the soul, spirit, and even the subconscious mind. The one draw back is that we as human beings become so invested in the physical world around us that we often miss this beautiful language all together even though our bodies, and energy fields are speaking the language and picking up information from others on an a every day basis.

What most people feel, or experience when they tap into this language is what the intuitive world calls hits or a knowing. In truth it is the light from our energy fields encoded with the energy from our emotions, and thoughts which are always talking to other people's energy fields expressing our deepest wishes, and desires. The information that is shared can be about our health and even our soul contracts that we have during this life time.

 When you break everything down you find that everything is created out of light and energy. This is the very basics of understanding that light also carries information that is not only an expression of a color but rather an energy that can be seen, felt, or experienced in a number of different ways within our energy fields which bump into other people's fields. For those that have the ability to see the human aura they can learn to read the colors but they can also learn to feel the energies that someone is expressing in their fields.

Our health is also projected in these energy fields around us and before we develop an illness it always shows up in our subtle bodies which is comprised of light and energy. If we don't clear the energy within the fields holding the illness we eventually advance to the next stage of carrying the illness in our physical bodies. Acupuncturist and energy workers have known this through out the ages. If you want to really look into language of light you will find that Ancient Chinese medicine has documented this amazing energy within the fields as well.

A few good books on the subject are.....

The Web That Has No Weaver, Understanding Chinese Medicine, by Ted Kaptchuk

Hands of Light, A guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, by Barbara Ann Brennan

Esoteric Acupuncture,  Gateway to Expanded Healing Volume 1, by Mkio Sankey, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Sunday, August 16, 2015

"A Lesson in Life"

Over the years I have been learning to access the Akashic Records in combination with past lives and shamanic journeying. These have been valuable lessons taught by dreams, Spirit, Masters and even a few teachers on this side. If someone were to have asked me several years ago if this was something I would be doing in this lifetime I would have laughed and walked away. Today it is very much apart of what I am learning and helping others to discover within themselves.

I don't talk a lot about past lives as it scares so many but the truth is that it is very much a part of our development in our Soul's spiritual journey. It is when you step onto that realm that there are no limitations to what God and the Holy Spirit can do. You begin to have an understanding that there is a lot more beyond our own comprehension even in this life time. We as humans are limited and it is only natural to limit and try to control what is around us from our own understanding.

Learning to be in the Akashic Records and the different modalities of moving in the spirit world can be more than just liberating but causes you to connect to your spirit and soul on a whole different level while bringing you closer in a higher level of connection to God and the love that you were created out of. The Spiritual support that is right by your side and at your finger tips is completely within your sight and grasp.

Now, this does not infringe on free will or the sacred contract that was signed by you and the Heavenly Creator. You still have a life mission and lessons to learn on this world of matter and that includes carrying out the life that you chose to do them in. Yes, this even includes your birth, family, circumstances and death.

It is when you examine your life from the outside and from the soul's perspective you lose some of the fear and anxiety knowing that you are 50% physical body and the other half Spirit. This is when you also discover that you have a life in both worlds living in a simultaneous connection that is linked to each other.

Photographs by Steve Noyce - India

Sunday, August 9, 2015

"The Hamburger Theory"

I used to have a friend who liked to tell me that they thought that people were really strange. I didn't understand until he told me about the hamburger theory. What is the hamburger theory you ask? Well, you might be surprised because we hear it all the time.

It kind of goes like this....... You are talking to someone and they tell you that they hate hamburgers and if they saw or smelled a burger then they would be sick. Then you for some reason you ask them if they would like to go to lunch and they say..... Yes! So next you ask where they would like to go since you realize they have strong ideas about food. They suggest this little hamburger place that is around the corner where they make the best hamburgers.......

OK, this might make you think.....Hmmmmm...... Something is not right......and you are right. What you have just experienced is being in the hamburger theory. You are confused and well right you should be..... because what you are hearing is not adding up..... It is a sign of the soul being separated from the body and mind.....

The person is split in half.... One side wants a hamburger and the other side hates them. {Soul separation}is the term and a signal for help. Now here is the hard part, most of the time the person is not even aware that they are split in two. So blurting it out that they are split is not going to win you any points or make you popular in the relationship.

Also know that there is something they might need to deal with and could be detrimental if you see it and bring it up with annoyance. So where does that leave you?

I have a good friend who's mission in life is to remind people that we should all speak in love. So when you are with someone and you notice the discrepancy it is better to speak in love and repeat what they are saying to you asking them again which they prefer. They may even be confused by you doing this because they are completely unaware of their actions.

Just repeat it in love and go on like it is not an issue. This will allow them to hear themselves and later they can then analysis it when they are ready to deal with the separation. If you notice that someone is doing this for you then you have something to think about.

So now when you hear the hamburger theory, you now know you are not crazy and neither is your loved one. Just know that it is just one way we ask for help.....

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Energy Cords

Now here is something to ponder about which are energy cords or you might have encountered them under the name of codependency. If you are a visual person like me, then think of it like attaching a cord to someone you cherish or even care for. The only difference is that when you do, you start to give them all your energy or personal power.

Everything revolves around what this person is thinking and feeling. You lose yourself in this person and it might seem fine when you love them but you need to wake up and smell the coffee. This is not just about those people in love but can effect all different kinds of relationships such as friends, marriages, coworkers, family relations, etc.....

As you read this someone may be coming to mind. You might even have known someone who has a child and the world seems to revolve around that child. And everyone knows it except the the two involved. The sad thing is that someone in this kind of relationship is always giving and the other is always taking.

The one taking, understands that this is just how it is and will sometimes push things to the outer limits as proof of the commitment form the other person. The giver gives until they are all used up and hopefully realize that they have not been appreciated but only taken advantage of.

This might bring an individual to realize that maybe they were allowing the other person to use them and that it would be wise to sever the energy cord. The term energy cord comes form all the thoughts, actions, and energy put into the relationship in satisfying the other person's needs.

I have met people in my life who have said, "that life or whatever they were doing was all about, what the other person wanted". "As long as the other person is happy or content then their life was good." That leaves a lot of responsibility for the other person to carry to be happy all the time. And will often retaliate by telling others how unhappy they are with the people pleaser.

If you suddenly wake up and find that you have an energy cord attached to another person then it is time to sever it and become free. You are not doing them any favors by trying to live your life through them or to please them. In fact you are only a hindrance to them growing. Yes, the other person will know when you have cut the cord and will want you back. Why wouldn't they, when you give yourself to them so freely.

I once took a class in Dennison, TX and the teacher Jody reminded us of the energy cords that we have attached to other people. It of course brought up a few memories for me. Ones that I plan not to repeat.  Jody also talked about how the cords grow in thickness as the relationship became stronger but not in a healthy way. This makes it harder to cut through but if you need a chainsaw then I suggest you do it for the sake of yourself and them.

Energy cords only drain you of your vital essence, time, and energy as you allow all of it to flow to the other person. Remember that getting yourself in touch with yourself may revile some issues that need to be worked out and if this is one of them then the road to healing is putting a stopper in the unplugged drain.

Photographs by Steve Noyce - Las Vegas, NV