Monday, September 26, 2016

The Atomic Shield

Last week we touched a little on Spirit Anatomy. It is just as important to know about this as it is to learn about anatomy of the physical body. As we progress in our knowledge we see there is more to us as multidimensional beings than what we always thought. We are both body and spirit so it stands to reason when we are working with our well being and physical health that we understand how everything is connected.

The atomic shield is another term I would like to mention. As we already know we have many layers of spirit bodies that encase our physical form. Each layer has its purpose and when those layers become ripped or blocked they can create dis-ease in the spirit bodies creating what we know as soul sickness. When this happens it affects the energy centers that we know as our Chakra system and then affects the physical body as an illness or triggers an emotional imbalance. What the atomic shield does is protect us and sift out an overload of energy that can affect the physical and emotional levels of an individual.

So what happens when this field becomes ripped or torn? The answer is that you are more susceptible to picking up the energy or feelings of others to a point that it can be overly distracting, or even painful.  It is like an Empath on overload... Some people will even begin to have the symptoms, physical illness, or even feel the pain that others are experiencing to the point of believing it is theirs.

Mikio Sankey, PH. D., L.Ac. mentions in his book Esoteric Acupuncture Vol. 1 that "The atomic shield is part of the outermost part of the Atomic Web which has a protective energy field, or energy shield, that is located between the etheric and astral bodies."  In his book he mentions that, "It is built to block the memories of any astral travels that occur during deep sleep."

So how do we heal our outer bodies and atomic shields? I like to recommend the Golden White-Light Meditation. After finding a quiet place to sit and centering on one's energy within the heart chakra you can tap into the flow of the energy that runs through the center of the physical body flowing through the crown and the feet. Take some time to sit in the energy that is moving through the chakras and ground yourself through the feet into the earth. Then move your awareness to the Soul Star which holds the golden white light. From there you can bring in the golden white light through all the chakras expanding it out through the physical cells and body out past the skin into the ethic bodies and atomic shield.  Allow the light to expand all through your aura field healing any holes or tears on all levels.

Sit in the energy for awhile as you bask in the healing light. When you are ready you can move your awareness back into your physical form and into your heart chakra feeling energized and full of light as you bring your awareness back into the room and where you are sitting.  This is something I like to do in my twilight stages before I enter sleep. My suggestion is to find what times work best for you and enjoy!

Just a side note:  Scientist have now discovered that the earth has the similar field to protect it from radiation of outer space.


Esoteric Acupuncture, Gateway to Expanded Healing Volume 1,  by Mikio Sankey, Ph.D., L.Ac. 


Earth's protective shield

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Spirit Anatomy

Spirit anatomy is something that we are never taught and yet it is a huge deal when we are looking into how we are designed. Remembering that we are both spirit and physical beings we learning that we are more complicated that we ever realized.

As an energy practitioner I find that many people know about the seven basic chakras but didn't know that each of them are connected to a spirit body outside of the physical body. Each sprit body encases the physical body like a glove only in layers. The first chakra is the base chakra which is connected to the etheric body that is an inch out from the body. The first chakra is about the basic necessities and security which are connected to the earth experience. The etheric body is the layer that keeps your spirit in the physical form connected and without it, you would not be in your body. You could call it the bridge that holds you together.

The sacral chakra is connected to the emotional body. The sacral is about the emotional centers in the body that feel passion, intimacy and connect us to ourselves and others through the sensations of the body.  The emotional body is three inches from the body and is all about feelings and emotions. Then you have the third chakra with is the solar plexus that is connected to the mental body. I love this one as it is all about personal power and self esteem. The mental body is located three to eight inches off the physical body. This spirit body is about our mental activity and how we process information.

The astral body is connected to the heart chakra. This chakra is the bridge for the higher and lower planes of energy moving through the physical body. The astral body which is six to twelve inches off the body helps us with our connection to the vibration of unconditional love that joins us to everything on the higher vibrational planes. Next we have the Throat Chakra that is connected to the Etheric Template body. This chakra is about self expression and communication. The Etheric Template is an actual blue print of our physical form.

The third eye chakra is connected to the celestial body. This third eye is about inner vision and intuition. The celestial body is about connection with the other side with symbols and visions with the celestial beings. Then the seventh chakra which is the crown is connected to the causal body. The crown helps us reach higher levels of awareness and consciousness. The causal body is three to four feet from the body which connects us to our higher selves and our connection with Spirit and our
Creator which is All that is.

I have only mentioned a small portion of how the chakras and spirit bodies connect but it is well worth looking into when learning about healing. When we heal we are healing on several layers that are on the mind, body and soul levels that lead us into learning more about ourselves as multi-dimensional beings. If you want to learn more about Spirit anatomy then here are a few books I would like to recommend.

1. The Awakened Aura, by Kala Ambrose

2. Aura Energy,  for Health Healing & Balance, by Joe H. Slate, PH.D.

Photographs by Steve Noyce, California

Monday, September 12, 2016

"It Is In the Words"

 Just a little something to think about is, if the entire universe is built with vibration, then just think what is built within the vibrations that we create with the different frequencies of our voices. What is truly exciting is that as multidimensional beings the very sounds of  heaven and earth are merged together in the vowels and consonants of every single word that parts from our very lips. The vibration of the heavens is held within the vowels and our connection to the physical world grounds us in the frequency of the consonants.

Think for a moment that when we look beyond the physical world remembering that we are 50% Spirit beings and the other half of us is physical then we can open our awareness to something we are apart of whether we are conscious of it or not.  How many times have we been touched by the sound of the human voice and didn't understand a word? The answer is in the vibrations.

Spiritual teachers like to remind us of the phase, "As above, so below" so we can see that we can experience this even in our words whether we are speaking English or Swahili as we are all connected in one way or another to each other and to the everything that is. The sounds that we create with our mouths is a language that links the heavens and earth in union with each other.  It is beautiful when you think about it.

Photographs by Steve Noyce, California

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Journey

On one of my trips, my husband dropped me off to catch an early flight at the DFW airport. I was making my way to visit my mom who lived in Taos, NM. It had been awhile since my last visit and I was excited to see her. So after saying goodbye I slowly made my way to find the area where I had to check in my bags. While waiting in line I got bored and opened my energy, casting my gaze around the big room only to notice large amounts of energy spinning off of other people's energy fields. I let my own excitement get the better of me, captivated by the ocean of colors. So many interesting things going on as people were occupied tying to maneuver through the crowd dragging bags across the floor, checking flights or hurrying to step into a line. Many energy fields were lit up like christmas trees as their auras burst with color while they expanded their awareness stimulated by the interaction of the hustle and then there were others who held their fields tight around them lost in their own thoughts.

  Moving on into the security line I pulled my field in close around me but my joy of thinking about seeing my mom opened me back up sending my field flooding out into the open space. Quickly I tried to get a grip on my emotions trying hard not to spill my energy over into someone else's field so that I wasn't intruding. Still my fascination with watching the colors of light around people kept me occupied until I remembered that one of my teachers had told me it was rude to check on people's auras because it was their business what was going on in their lives. Averting my gaze I didn't read the colors but was aware of the light.

Every once in awhile I was reminded of my destination of going home, feeling a grin escaping across my mouth. My joy spilled over, opening up my energy fields, as I started to take my turn to talk to the Security guard, only to receive a smile back which released more light exploding like wings around us which merged our fields. Our energies matched in that moment making the exchange of information a pleasant experience. Afterwards, I pulled myself together entering into the line and finally into the main waiting area of the airport. Lucky for me they had already started the procedure of boarding the plane so my wait was short as I continued to hold my energy around me. Once inside the plane I was joyful again that my husband had booked me a seat by the window. Looking at my surroundings the man next to me was engaged in a book and people were hurrying to find their seats.

I closed my eyes excited about landing and seeing my mom feeling more anxious for the plane ride being over so I could be grounded and back in my old room. After take off  I caught myself watching the sea of colors expanding over and around people's heads as the plane left the ground. Behind me I could hear a man who was talking to someone about his life in New Mexico. Another person was laughing while reading a book.  The person across the aisle was sleeping, as others had their laptops open working or watching something as we flew over the desert.
The feeling of anxiousness swept over me as I wanted to be at my Mom's house sitting by the fire. Even after the flight from Texas we still had a three hour drive from the Albuquerque airport and I was adding that to my list. Then, as I was sitting there, I remembered something my mom used to say, "Life is really all about the Journey and not the destination." Relaxing into my seat, I asked the man about his book which started a whole conversation about life and how we connect. Before long the Captain was preparing us for landing and we were heading out the door. I couldn't help smiling at the whole experience and when I reached my mom she asked me about my flight which tickled me as we enjoyed a long conversation on our drive to Taos.

Photographs by Ana, Taos NM