Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Experiencing the Holidays"

Something that came to my attention this past week was being aware of how one can become over stimulated with all the activity during this time of year that comes with the holiday season.  As dimensional beings it can be somewhat of a challenge in taking the extra care in processing all that is happening within ourselves and all around us. When moving through our own experiences in the 3D world we often forget that we are processing most of it beyond the five senses. These other senses help us to navigate in making sense of our situations so that we can understand and learn from what we are moving through.

As the holiday season progresses we also find ourselves in positions that we not only experience in the now but which also collide with the past and future at the same time. What I mean by this is that during this time we are honoring and bringing in past traditions as we create new ones in which to hold our celebrations in. It is during this time we also began to weave our ideas of what the future will look like as we fill in the empty spaces of how it will all turn out.

Being part spiritual beings we have the opportunity to offer our own expressions in the world as we blend with each other in coming together in celebration. By adding other people into the mix it can be a rather interesting progression of ideas, feelings and frustration that can sometimes throw us off balance if we are not aware of the other energies that are moving into the mix. These feelings and experiences can be felt by others and be somewhat contagious feeling good when we are in those higher frequencies. The same can also be felt when we are in the lower energies. That is why it is always a good idea to be aware of what signals we are sending out as we affect each other.

 The other part of this is that it can be rewarding and very enriching is observing others in how they experience and express themselves. It is when we truly allow ourselves to not worry that things are not going the way we expect and take that time to relax, it takes a great deal of the edge off the whole event creating somewhat a relief as we find joy in what we see in ourselves and others.  This in itself becomes the magic of the season...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"The Queen Bee"

The archetype that made itself known this week as I became aware of the interaction of energy exchange between the many different people that I was in contact with was the queen bee. Out of all the archetypes I find this one particular fascinating as it is a lot more common than I think people realize. Most often this energy pattern can be over looked as it can at first be very subtle until it rears it's head catching anyone who stands in its way a little off guard. The red queen from Alice in Wonderland seems to come into focus when she wants to take people's heads off.

From standing back and looking in on the outside, the Queen bee is an incredible energy force who has a great deal of charisma and power that she holds over her subjects and the environment she rules. What is interesting is it seems that her subjects are not aware that they are under her hypnotic influence as they follow her while executing her every command. If a subject seems to have awakened from their trance they often try not to let on, so as not to rock the boat. These subjects have a tendency to be very passive aggressive as they may have been reprimanded for being outspoken or thinking outside of the domain of the kingdom at one time.

The queen bee can be in all walks of life. She doesn't just don't show up in the work environment or school as she can be found ruling over different circles of friends and even her own family. She is a strong social energy as long as the direction of the event or environment is geared to going her way.

As this archetype continued to make it self known, I started to become aware of a common thread that lead to creating this archetypal energy pattern. From what I observed, this archetype is not a born trait but more of a learned reaction to a life experience that creates the queen bee syndrome. This experience seems to be related to a break in the father and daughter relationship long before she became an adult. This can be due to some sort of betrayal, neglect, abuse, or even abandonment. When this happens she learns to become aggressive in competing with other females for the attention that was not bestowed on her by her father. This break in the relationship creates a energy betrayal that is in desperate need for that balance of the male and famine energies that create harmony in her life when growing up.

On both the professional and personal side she then develops qualities of being competitive with both the male and female energies. From her past experience she has learned that any loss of power that represents the male energy have rendered her powerless and therefore she continues to control anyone who comes into her energy field. This form or control can be strong enough that it becomes a determent to the people who fall under her or even have to work side by side.

What one must remember is that the queen bee archetype is not really about other people but a smoke screen in appeasing an old wound that has not healed and has begun to fester unless treated by professional counseling. Again the queen bee archetype is a great force to be reckoned with and again can be missed until challenged at any point. If you know anyone or run into this energy pattern then I suggest to proceed with great caution and a deep respect in knowing what is really going on underneath.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

"Reflection of the Self"

Last week I had the chance to sit down and really visit with one of my friends and as we were talking she said something that I thought was profound. She made the statement that, "We talk about abundance but we only allow ourselves to have what we think we deserve. It is because of this that we limit ourselves in what we really want in our lives. "Wait a minute!" I thought as the word "Allow" seemed to come into focus. Suddenly I recognized the word and understood it's influence. I already knew that we can attract things in our lives, that was the easy part. What had not come to me was the thought that we allowed ourselves to have things.

That meant that we limited what was attracted not only by choice but unconsciously by what we thought we deserved. The more I pushed this idea around I could see all it's limitations. While I knew it was true that we can hold ourselves back, even when we really asked for something or wanted something in our lives, I hadn't seen that we really stood on the threshold of not allowing ourselves to have it. Then I remembered a pastor at a sermon saying it was in the Bible to "Ask and you shall receive". I thought about this some more and wondered if we did ask but think we didn't deserve it, then we wondered why it never manifested, at least I did.  

Sure we can say that we want something in our lives but when it comes down to it, I wondered what causes many of us to step aside feeling awkward when we get it. Then the thought of when we do get something we really wanted, how many of us think, "It is too good to be true" wondering when it will end missing out on enjoying the real blessing of the experience of what we asked for. So in that thought process I decided to let it rest until I had an experience that I could draw more information in allowing something to happen in my own life.

That was when I made up my mind to test it. I did a self analysis and asked for a few things in my life that I felt limited on. I didn't have to wait long, as the very next day I got an invitation to something that I really wanted to be a part of. When I got off the phone I noticed that I was nervous and even though it was something that I really wanted to participate in, I was worried with some sort of fear attached.

There it was in my own thoughts that I had allowed myself to think outside of my own limitations and then wanted to pull back, feeling uncomfortable when offered a new experience that I really wanted to do. This made me aware that I had limited my own choices before becoming aware of the limitations that I had set for myself. I also understood as I explored the emotions and energy around being handed what I wanted, that I could very well feel me trying to block the energy in allowing myself to grant it. When I went inside myself for a deeper understanding I found that it all seemed to stem from a fear of stepping out into something completely new and a fear of not being able to hold the space until it all manifested.

After exploring the energy around these thoughts and emotions, I made the choice to release it all by accepting that I was loved unconditionally. This one action was extremely powerful and as I let myself accept the love, a feeling of total freedom and peace flooded in instantly erasing any feelings of fear or regret.  Then a the feeling of complete acceptance that I was the one who had the power to release myself from holding myself back began to register. It was true, we are given the keys to the universe and yet sometimes we don't even realize we have them.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

"The Energy Exchange"

I was invited to lunch by a dear friend the other day and what came up in our conversation was the question about energy exchanging. As energy beings we automatically exchange, share, and move energy without even being conscious of it, as it is as natural to us as breathing.

One of the subjects that seems to come up when talking about energy exchange is the fear of being drained by energy vampires. I do want to point out is that we all have the ability to control what is being given and what is being taken when we are with others. The trick is to be aware of what is going and coming into your energy field. If you feel as if you are invaded or drained, then you can do something about it. The first thing is to do a quick self analysis. Ask yourself if the feelings you are picking up are really yours. If you feel drained allow yourself to become more aware of what is going on around you.

One thing to remember as energy beings is that our energy bodies when depleted of energy often will pick up energy where it can and when it is around others to balance and complete itself. It is kind of like an unconscious craving that it needs to be satisfied. Even our physical bodies respond the same why when we crave something in our diets that it needs. It is the way we all keep in balance as we all swap energy back and forth when we interact with each other.

The only problem is that when a person energy field is weak or has holes in it they are more susceptible to becoming drained or even feel sick when around someone who is also in more need of energy support. On a different scale a person who's energy field is strong and healthy that is well connected to the Source has unlimited energy and will have the ability to share supporting itself and the other field that is weaker. However I do want to make a note that I have also noticed that when we leave our energy centers wide open and walk into a huge room with a lot of people it also affects us if we are not mindful of being connected directly to Source, in that moment. Again it is all about being aware of what is happening and going on around you.

If you find that you are being drained or feeling that you need to stop the energy exchange there are several things you can do. One is to go into a mediation or prayer finding your connection to the Source and reconnecting. If you feel uncomfortable or not in a place to do that then you can block the energy exchange until you have the opportunity to reconnect and work on your aura's energy field. The quickest way to do this is to imagine a ball of golden or blue light that covers your whole body. This light becomes a shield that can be programmed to reflect other's energy influences on you at that time. Later when you have time you can expand the golden light all through your aura field to heal and repair any holes in your energy field. If you are are a Reiki practitioner you can use Reiki to block or reconnect. These are only a few suggestions as there are countless ways to work with this and it is all about what resonates best for you.

As human beings we have the best of both worlds. As we all become more aware of the our own energy fields and all the energies around us, we find that we have to ability to step into our own personal power. We lose the fear of others draining us whether it is conscious or unconscious. Once we understand this we can learn to work in a more balanced and harmonious way with ourselves while helping each other.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

"Speaking Ones Inner Truth"

Children are amazing as they say what they feel or want to know about things without thinking twice about what they have said. On one hand this can be refreshing, but on the other hand it can be horrifying as we find ourselves faced with a truth that is not what we wanted to hear. As we all progress into adulthood we learn to curb our tongues and may even go so far as learning not to express our inner truths. So then we are faced with the dilemma of not knowing how to share our true feelings with those around us in our lives. Eventually this can become serious as it can sometimes lead to dysfunction or even illness within the body as we become afraid to speak up.

This was the pattern that came to my attention this week that continued to show itself in all the different relationships in and around my own life. The pattern was about knowing when to honestly speak ones own truth. What surprised me is how common this was in all the different situations that I was in, being able to observe or be apart of. What became apparent was the spur of emotional aggression from the misconceptions of what was not being spoken openly. What I observed while talking to people in different scenarios of relationships within their lives was the fear of being afraid to really let people know what was being felt even when it was not deep within the soul.

As I looked back on many years of conditioning I could see that by not being honest with ourselves and others,we can create situations where we find that we have lost or given away our own personal power. This only progresses into resentfulness or even passive aggressive feelings and behaviors, as the situations escalate perpetuating blame on others for putting us there.

I am not talking about letting others know what we think of them. This is not about judging or telling other people what to do at all but learning to let others know how you feel while staying within your own integrity. What I did find was that most are afraid to hurt someone else by honestly expressing their feelings even when asked to do so. The other thing that made it's self known was rejection or being judged for feeling a certain way causing anxiety.

All this only brought more into focus that if we as human beings hinder our ability to openly speak the passions of the inner soul, we not only create situations of chaos within our own lives but also in others. Again there is always a balance of knowing that there is a time to speak up and speak our inner truth knowing that the people who are in our lives may be affected. This is a lesson that if we don't learn is a lot like the value of money as it deflates through time.