Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Healing Energy

I was visiting with a beautiful person this weekend, and as we were in a class together, the discussion of Reiki came up. I picked up, somewhere in the discussion, that they were a little uncomfortable with what we were being introduced to. It was then that my thoughts went back to a conversation that I had with my Mom on the phone on what Reiki was all about.

The really neat thing was that she was the one who described it to me to where it really made sense. She called me up one day and said that she had a realization that Reiki was really another method of prayer. I, being myself, said, "Oh and how so?" To which she replied, that Reiki was laying of hands and sending out healing energy to surround, heal and protect someone who was in need.

Reiki is sending energy from the Holy Spirit or Spirit, however you believe, to bring only the highest good on someones behalf. The best part is that you can't get it wrong and send negative energy because your favorite
team lost that day. It does not come from you.

Reiki is a beautiful energy created by our Creator that surrounds those who need it. It works on the same level as prayer, only without words or verbal communication. It is just another form of praying over someone for healing. For those of you who are feelers, or pick up energy, will love this form of healing as it heals you by moving though you as the human conduit.

I think that people who are afraid, because of religious backgrounds, really don't understand where the energy comes from and how it works, as it is no form of magic. If anything, it is a connection with the Creator and an amazing experience for those who facilitate it and those who receive it.


Monday, April 13, 2009

The Ties That Bind

Amazing, how we can go through life and not know how to intimately connect with ourselves and others. We are completely left at the mercy of our own ignorance. Who teaches this stuff? Where do we go to learn the very basics of connecting with each other and life?

Often times we go to our religious leaders and professionals to learn this but I find that many of them as they move through the motions are only learning about it themselves. So where do we go to fill in the gaps as we find ourselves falling in between the cracks?

As I search I have personally come to understand that many of us are on the path of seeking answers and asking questions. It is by asking questions that we began to sift through the many answers to find the truth that bears meaning to explain what we are experiencing and feeling.

I guess for many of us it is first overcoming our fear of learning the basics of tools that allow us to grow and cultivate ourselves. It is also through our learning and sharing with each other our amazing experiences and stories that bring an encouragement which allows others to find comfort in our trials and tribulations while sharing this earth.

It is with the great intent of love for each other that we break our ties that bind us from our fears so we may move on to greener pastures. This allows an opportunity of growth as we discover new possibilities in expanding our awareness of being.

So often we dismiss our inner voice or have it tuned out as we move forward down the path of our life journey. We forget about what it is like to feel our very own spirit and know the love and energy that surrounds us.

It is the fear that binds us and keeps us tide up from acknowledging our own inner experiences of learning. The fear of being different or strange only stops us from connecting to a higher sense of self and our higher source.

Yet, what if we cut these ties releasing our inner fears and allowing ourselves to express ourselves, as the true gifts of the spirit moves within us? What if we learn how to move on this earth without the pain and suffering that we impose on ourselves and others? Does this mean that we will have to change how we live? And to what extent does it change our lives while infecting those around us?

Each of us seem to have a purpose as we affect each other's lives with both positive and negative waves of our state of being. So here is the test. What is the tie that binds you?


The Human Condition

Now, I have done a lot of talking in my past writings about energy and working with others but now lets put the focus a little more on the home front. I call it the human condition which means that we forgot what it is like to feel our own energy and spirit.

A few years ago I was working with a wonderful teacher in Austin and he said, "that most of us have it all wrong because we have it backwards and that really we are all Spiritual beings having a human experience". " Not human beings having a spiritual experience". Of course at the time I couldn't get out of my own way to understand that.

How could that be when everything I saw and touched was so solid and real? That teacher must be nuts I remember saying as I was trying to get in touch with my true self. So like all things that I don't understand, I filed it away for a future analysis when I had more time and moved on.

I have learned since then that all things will be reviled when the student is ready so it wasn't until a year and a half later when I was working with a meditation, I had learned to feel the spirit within that I discovered the truth for myself. Doubting Thomas and I seem to share the same symptoms for the human condition.

The whole experience was quite breath taking as I could go into this beautiful mediation and began to feel my own energy. At first it was a little scary as I knew only how to pick up the energy of others but this was truly amazing to feel first hand what your own spirit feels like living in your own body.

I know it sounds weird or off the wall as your brain tries to process it but when you actual experience and become aware of your own inner being something changes inside of you. Suddenly those teacher's words were brought back to life with a light bulb attached to it.

I find it no coincidence that I started working on that particular meditation in early January as I lost my father, cousin and my 19 year old cat in mid February.
The losses were unexpected and devastating as my family and I suffered one loss after another within a weeks time.

It was somewhere in the middle of this week that I remembered the meditation and started to practice it and I was able to find a peace as I began to connect the dots between the body and the spirit once again understanding that the body is only a garment that we wear and shed when it is time to move on.

A few weeks later as a family, we were able to visit my father's grave as he died and was buried on a private ranch out in Presidio TX. I was able to walk around and feel the energy of the land where he died. I also was very aware of my own spirit, light and free yet living inside of me. It was there, as I started to feel connected that a feeling of peace rushed over me and I began to remember who I really am. I could also see how each and everyone of us are connected on this earth and in the next, as it brings a unity and healing of the self.

The loss and grief began to seep into the ground and a since of freedom of becoming the Spirit energy that we truly are overwhelmed me. As we left my Father's friends and the land, I remembered once again that my father who was a teacher in the ways of the Spirit and I had laughed at him as crazy had once again taught me a another lesson in healing.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Bigger Picture

Moving on to the path of light and shedding the darkness has been a life's work, I think for all of us. I sometimes wonder where we would all be without the experience that we have to share with each other. I know in my own life I take great comfort when I can sit and visit with someone who has been down the same road as I am starting my own journey.

Reaching out to each other in a time of need is only the beginning of sharing what we have to offer each other. Becoming aware of the beautiful light that surrounds others when we are in the company of someone else brings a passion into our own lives. It also allows us to see the beauty in this world.

Like all the people we are so wonderfully inter woven together in this life. That through it all, even in the heartaches we are here to be together as we live and grow in our experiences with each other.

Sometimes seeing the bigger picture for our lives and relationships is not seeing it from our own perspective. It might not be seeing from someone else's either. It is from seeing with the eyes of something much bigger than what we know. And coming to understand that, changes the way we see ourselves and others.

It was someone who is now a dear friend, who pointed that out to me. It was much like a Rubex cube as the combination changes and the pattern begins to fall into place. This is what explains the matrix of relationships and the way we communicate with each other as it becomes a life of understanding and forgiveness.

It is by grasping even a small part of the bigger picture that allows us to experience something much greater then ourselves as we lift each other up.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Energy Exchange

Like the free world money exchange we also exchange energy as freely as we hand money to one another. The only difference is that we often don't see it as it is not as tangible as a dollar bill.

But like money we often find ourselves in great debt as we are not brought up to understand how to balance and handle our personal energy. I find it rather interesting that we don't teach our children how to handle energy in school but we also don't teach them how to handle money either.

So where does that leave us? In great debt. We find that often our personal relationships take up so much of our time and energy that we can be exhausted by the end or even the beginning of the day.

Personal freedom, is discovering and understanding that we do have this energy exchange going on all the time and anytime we are with someone. This is where we learn about ourselves and our own personal power. Understanding the exchange rate in energy terms changes the dynamics on how we manage our lives and care for others.

I remember a few years ago when I first became aware of this, as it had all became very apparent by working closely with the different personalities on the staff that I was apart of.

At the time I had made an acquaintance who was a Councilor and I mentioned that I could feel people's energy when I walked into a room. I had also discovered that I could physically move energy but was not really sure what it was all about. The commit that was made was that they were not sure what religion I was but some churches excepted that. I stopped in mid sentence as I realized that there was nothing else to say as the energy I was experiencing had nothing to do with what faith I was.

Energy is very simple, as I have now come to know that it can be felt by everyone. The whole key is to understand how it works as we go about our daily activities with each other giving and taking it without realizing what we are doing. You see, it is how we are created which comes naturally in the way we interact with each other.

We are preprogrammed so to speak, the only difference is if we were programed to interact in a healthy way or not. A lot has to do in with our emotional environment as we were growing up. Yes, emotions are pure energy. Nothing like having a reaction to someone or something to get the heart racing and the blood pumping both in a positive or a negative way.

What people don't see is very real. Again, this has nothing to do with your religious background but has everything to do with being human. So there we are exchanging our emotional energy with each other without taking the energy exchange course 101.

No wonder so many of us wonder what in the world happened with some of our relationships. Think about this..... a person who is very angry is demanding attention and unconsciously taking energy form someone else. They are intimidating, draining and stealing energy form the other person to make themselves feel OK or stronger. On the other side when you have an argument the loser will often feel defeated, drained or hurt in the emotional battle.

Have you ever met someone with the "poor me" attitude? And I don't mean someone who is really down on their luck but someone who milks life to get your attention. When you meet someone like this, as a compassionate person you may feel like you want to help them. In which you find yourself giving energy and parts of yourself trying to make things right for them. They are happy and fulfilled and you leave feeling used and drained.

What about the person who is not wanting to interact? This personality gains energy form others as they make others seek them out and expend their energy trying to draw them out. When the other person realizes the amount of energy they are spending they might stop, in which case will often bring the person not wanting to interact to refocus on the relationship. And why wouldn't they? As my ex boss used to say," they were getting their well filled."

The intimidater is one that I really don't like to be around. This person uses power and demands in taking another person's energy. You will find that this personality will often be a "wolf in sheep's clothing" and when you least expect it, they come out of their disguise bearing teeth. When you finish dealing with someone of this nature you feel drained and exhausted of trying to keep the energy that they are demanding.

It is important to know that even if you recognize one of these patterns in yourself and have done major work on healing that by being in an environment that has unhealthy boundaries and unhealthy energy, you may revert back to your old habits out of the need for survival. This is a "red flag" going off telling you to get out of the unhealthy environment and work on yourself so that you don't begin to drain others.

One more thing I would like to mention is that the opposite of taking energy is giving it. Love is a big one in offering a beautiful exchange of energy and giving positive emotional support to someone. Love is healing which can change lives and relationships around you.

The only difference is that it is up to you to know when it is time to move out of an unhealthy situation or hold on. Just know that you are not crazy when you feel drained and weak. Know to that when you feel well balanced and full of love that you are in a healthy emotional relationship . The choice is yours. I guess that is why they call it," free will".......


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Speaking in Love

One of the things that seems to keep coming up these past few weeks is," speaking in love." I don' t think we give much thought about it as we go along in our very busy lives. I noticed a few times I have been very aware of what was going on around me as I realized that the small act of loving someone even when I had the urge to be upset seemed to change the whole dynamics of the relationship. It can be like adding cool water to an open wound.

I think that by being conscious of ourselves when we feel we are in the right is to know that it only brings in a negative energy that can destroy another's self esteem. Our beautiful relationships with each other are too preciouses to lose to such a fate. In the end, it is the act of love that moves mountains and removes the road blocks.

Anger destroys our inner peace with ourselves and others. Notice this when you are driving, that is when this really comes out for some. It is by speaking in love that not only can change our relationships in verbal communication but also leaks out in our actions with each other.

I know when I am on the other side and someone is frustrated with me, I am also frustrated with myself, them and the situation to. It makes it so much easier to have someone who offers grace and a kind word of understanding instead of criticizing and anger.

A word in love or even laughter changes the situation from something devastating to something very human which plants seeds in all of us for becoming loving towards each other. I know that we are in the mindset of being not able to make mistakes and rise above others but when we do, we take the humanity out of being human.

It is OK to make mistakes and it is OK to find solutions on how to fix them together with encouragement. As we grow in a loving maturity we learn to make allowances for each other and we also find the comfort of touching another life and our selves by the power of our loving words and actions.

One of my teachers once told me, "Ana, when you facilitate healing for someone else, you are also experiencing a healing in yourself. It is how we are created to share in the whole experince as we walk on this earth together."

Love, Ana