Monday, April 28, 2014

"Robin on the Roof"

I have had the honor of working with one of my dear friends in one of her callings in life which is "Robin on the Roof".  In 2010 as we traveled to a wedding in India my friend informed me that she had been having dreams of sitting on the roof somewhere for a cause. The only thing was that she was not sure why, or when she was supposed to do this only that the dreams kept coming. When we got to India, and saw all the poverty there we found we were touched by all the hunger. When we came back to the States, and she was confronted with people who lost there jobs, and wanting to look for food pantries she was inspired to bring a light to the many who were affected, and were hurting by trying to feed their families.

We decided first to approach a church to ask permission for her to sit on their roof since a lot of people will go there looking for help, but our first efforts were met in fear of paper work, and insurance complications. Since one my other friends was the music director at another church we decided to go there where we were met with open arms in the cause of shedding light, and awareness on the subject of hunger. What happened was a chain of events that took off into an incredible adventure that cascaded into four consecutive years of sitting on the roof to help rise awareness of the many who were struggling to feed their families. "Robin on the roof" is a world wide event, and people are encouraged to donate food, or money to any of their local food pantries from where ever they are.

Each year Robin goes on the roof on the last weekend of May, and stays there until she has met her goal of whatever the pounds of food she sets for the year. This year Robin has made the decision with the blessing of her host church to expand her wings, and fly to another church who has offered to host the event in Arlington TX.  Her plans are to go up on the roof on Friday May 30th at 9am, and not come down until she has met her goal to raise 85,000 pounds of food. This can be donated as food goods, or money donations which will go directly to the food pantries, and food banks. So you know... a donation of one dollar equals 5 pounds of food.

 I asked her once why she wanted to sit on the roof so close to the hot Texas summers since the roofs are higher in temperature than for us on the ground. She explained that the main reason is that people often make donations to the food banks, and food pantries during the holiday seasons. It is during the summers that the food pantries, and food banks are the most depleted when the kids are home during their summer break. She felt would be a good reminder to others that there is still a need for food donations during this time of the year. Of course this event is not only for the children, but for anyone who is hungry.  Her goal is to raise the awareness of hunger in the world while creating opportunities for those who want to help anyone who is in need of food.

If you would like to help then please feel free to check out her Facebook..... "Robin on the Roof". During the event you can also keep up with her as she will be blogging everyday, and recording the event as she is on the roof.

Here are also a few different ways you can help...

1. You can donate actual food to your own food pantries, and food banks in the area where you live. All she asks if you will let "Robin on the roof" know how many pounds you donated. You can report the pounds on the "Robin on the Roof" Facebook. 

2. You can make a money donation to your local food pantry, or food bank. Again please report your donation to "Robin on the Roof" Facebook so that she can count the pounds in helping her get off the hot roof. 

3. Another thing you can do is to make a money donation on the "Robin on the Roof" Facebook on the Paypal account that is set up there to be counted. Your donation will then be divided up, and given to the local food pantries, or food banks in Arlington, TX.  

4. You can also drive up to All Saints Lutheran Church in Arlington, TX which will be hosting the event for this year, and make a food, or money donation there in person. Please feel free to say hello, and visit with Robin while you are there. 

5. Last, if you can, help spread the word about "Robin and the Roof". All your help with Facebook, Tweeting, word of mouth, or any way you can to get the word out will help tremendously!

As Robin says, "Spread the Word, Spread the Love, and Spread the Food!" 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wherever You Go.... There You Are!

While I was doing the art show a few weeks ago one of the artist had a pin that she made with the saying, "Wherever you go, ......There you are". I of course loved the pin as I have found that it is one of my biggest disappointments, and greatest assists in my own life discovering that I am always there wherever I am. Now you may think this is silly, and in a way it is, but I have come to understand that no  matter how much I am frustrated with myself I can't get away from myself until I work through whatever it is I am carrying. You see no matter how much we try to run away from problems, and the situations that cause chaos in our lives we are still going to have to face them and learn how to maneuver through them.

A lot of times I find that changing venues in an effort to make a fresh start in life doesn't really work because whatever we are running from usually catches up with us, and that is usually ourselves. We still have the same old problems that follow us wherever we go.  We still attract the same relationships, and end up in the same situations until we master or release the patterns in our lives that keep us captive in being human.

What I have to say is that this little pin is a wonderful reminder that no matter how much we think we can get away from ourselves we are always there.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

"The Work"

When we are really doing deep healing work on ourselves we end up changing the energy in our energy fields. It is only then when we start to let go of the energy blocks that have held us captive over the years. As we continue to heal we learn that own bodies, and auras have to ability to repair, and heal themselves. This is something that I have discovered that each individual has the capability to do when they have decided they have had enough of the monotony of pain, and suffering. This is when they are willing to go the extra mile to work on themselves, and finally move on.

Now, it has been brought to my attention that when someone is doing deep releasing, and healing work on themselves, and they come into contact with others who have the "same blocks" it will affect the others. What I mean by this is that the other people might discover that they may become sick when they are around the person who is doing their own healing work. It is not because the person that is healing is making them sick, but they themselves are holding on to blocks in their energy fields that keep them from healing. Remember that all energy in which every thing is made up of... are "patterns".

When we come into the presence of someone who is digging deep down into their own healing, and we have the same issues then our own energy fields recognize the pattern wanting to release, and copy the healthy energy patterns. When this happens, and if we have a huge block it may show up as an illness like a headache, stomachache, or flu like symptoms because subconsciously we are not recognizing, or wanting to work on our own stuff. Somewhere in our own energy fields we remember the pattern of what it was like to be whole, and healthy again. This is why the awakening process can sometimes be painful. If you are already working on yourself you will find that just by acknowledging the block, and allowing what shows up to be examined, and released the symptoms will all go away. The important thing is not to blame others, but understanding while recognizing what is within yourself that causes the block in the first place.

 If you have a block in a particular area in your energy field you will be able to feel the block. You will experience it as an emotional, or physical condition either way you will respond to it. Another thing that happens with blocks is that your energy fields are still going to be playing the same old program attracting the same kind of people, and the same experiences to you until you do the work. The key is that you have to do your own work. If you don't work on yourself you wont be able to move on to the next energy frequency no matter how hard your energy fields want to move which create a tug of war within you.

I know that we often want a quick fix, or some kind of relief to continue on with our lives, but the truth is we have to work on ourselves. All of us, and the more we do it, it will inspire others, and change those around us as they remember to do their own work.

Monday, April 14, 2014

"And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth"

There seems to be an incredible energy around certain people that we come in contact with that have the ability to change, and inspire other people's lives without them even realizing they have touched so many. These people when you are in their presence you know, and sense that you have been blessed as their energy seems to lift you up all the while changing the frequency patterns in your cellar structure to a much higher level. I am not talking about desire, or even infatuations with other people, but a recognition that you are in the presence of someone very special. What you will find is that these individuals seem to be humble to the core yet carry a sense of great integrity, and compassion for themselves. and especially others.

I had the privilege to come across one of those unique individuals when I was doing an art show in Fort Worth, TX this past weekend. The person that I am speaking of surprisingly is only a few years older than my oldest daughter. He is a new artist who was also showing his art at the festival which is where I got to know him. As I talked to this twenty five year old young man I recognized when he spoke that I was meeting someone very unusual.

Since I have been working with energy, and studying with my teachers I couldn't help asking him some of the age old questions that have been posed by the Sages to people who are spiritually awaking. What surprised me was that he knew the answers to all the questions, but not because he studied them, or read about them. He knew by his own personal experiences explaining to me how he had understood the meaning of the questions by what had come to him when when going through them in great detail.

During the weekend as we shared a space to show our art I was able to witness others who would walk up, and hug him just happy to be in his presence. Then others would engage him in long conversations. Even my son who came to the show one day, and is known for being an introvert spent an hour talking to the young man about life, and school. The energy in the room as a whole changed drawing people in. I even noticed that people that I knew who dropped by to say hello were different when they left recognizing the shift of the energy within themselves, and around them as it was contagious.

It seems that when we are in the same room with others who are deeply gifted it changes us when we come into contact with them. It not only changes our mood, but seems to change us on a cellar level that stays with us until we add another program to our energy patterns. What I was reminded of was that when we are in our own integrity, and live in the higher frequency levels we inspire those around us, and help raise the energy levels on our planet. It is a wonderful place to live in when we experience those higher levels, and are able to be apart of those amazing frequencies. Now I understand the power in the statement when it is said that, "And the meek shall inherit the earth".

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Gift of Nightmares

I don't know about you, but in the past I have not been a real fan of nightmares. They have caused a great deal of stress when I am dreaming, and waking up from them as I have tried calming myself after experience one. In my own experience I have found that my heart would be racing, or I would wake up in a sweat from my body trying to process everything that happened in the dream. Once I am able recognize that I am okay then I usually dismiss the nightmare as something that doesn't affect me trying to forget it as I go back to sleep.

This has changed in the last few months as I have been doing some personal healing work in my own life. As an artist I have been trying to look at my fears from different perspectives that hold me back along with learning about the situations that I place myself in. As I have been doing the healing work I discovered how valuable nightmares can be in releasing, and learning about what is going on with my whole being on many other levels.

When I am seriously focusing on a fear learning how it all works I find that my dream life relives the fear by playing out different scenarios allowing me to experience it in other ways. Since I am dealing with my fear it usually takes the form of a nightmare. It is when I really take the time to analyze it examining what the nightmare is all about I usually find that it helps me to expand my understanding of my fears in my waking life.

What amazes me is that when I look at the dream I can see the whole picture from a much broader perspective. I can also witness the roles that others play in my life seeing how my own choices cause me to create situations that play out my fears that I feel hold me captive in my physical life experience. By really exploring these nightmares when I wake up I began to see solutions, and how to maneuver my way out of the situations that cause me stress.

Nightmares are incredibly valuable when wanting to learn about yourself, and even learning about patterns that block us in our own lives. I know that sometimes we don't want to remember the nightmare as it it can be alarming, but when we take the time to explore the darkness we often can bring light to that which we are most afraid of. It is also the safest way of learning about one's self without having to experience it in our physical reality.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Healing Energy

In 2004 I was running with a friend, and my left foot hit a pothole which jabbed my leg up into my hip.  I remember that the pain dropped me to the ground, and it took a few minutes to catch my breath to recover. My friend was concerned, but I felt silly so I just decided to walk it out. A few hours later I was not any better, and my husband suggested that we go have the Doctor check it out. After a few x-rays we were told that I had bursitis in that part of my hip from an old injury and I had aggravated it when I jammed it. Later I discovered what it felt like to have bursitis when the weather changed as my hip would throb with pain.

I had also started to develop arthritis over the years in my hands from knitting, and crocheting something I really enjoyed doing. The pain was not incapacitating, but I noticed it was there making my hands feel stiff as pain would shoot through them. I had to stop all my fun projects of knitting, and crocheting all together sparing my hands from the ordeal.

 In 2007 I started to study QiGong, and Tai Chi. I also learned Reiki, more for stress management than anything else. It was a few years later when I was in a class where a women was describing her pain with bursitis that I felt this great deal of compassion for her as I understood what she was talking about. That is when I made a mental check of my body trying to locate where mine was. The funny thing is that I couldn't find it. When that happened I remembered my hands, and started to check them looking for the arthritis. It was also gone. My mind raced trying desperately to figure out when was the last time I felt that pain. It was then that I realized that I didn't remember when all of the pain had left me. To this day I don't have any pain, or problems with my hip, or my hands. I now crochet, and knit to my heart's content.

Knowing what I do know now.
.. I have learned that the energy that I was moving through my body with all the energy work had healed both my hands, and my hip.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Gas Lighting"

I have to admit that I love movie classics, and one of my favorites is called "Gas Light" starring Ingrid Bergman, and Charles Boyer. The movie begins when a famous opera singer was murdered, and her niece Paula, and new husband Gregory move into her home. The rest of the story is about how Gregory isolates Paula more, and more so that he can manipulate her. Each night at a certain time the gaslights goes out causing her to think she is going crazy. The whole time Gregory hides things while playing tricks on her to convince her that she is. I wont spoil the ending for you, but it is a wonderful story about learning how to trust yourself when you see, or experience things.

 I know that there are times when we feel that something is wrong, but we aren't able to pin point it at the time as someone may tell us that we are really not clear about what is happening around us. Then we start to doubt ourselves as we began to change our mind thinking that we miss read the signs, or were going crazy. What I have noticed is that this gas light pattern is a lot more common than I think people realize. I have experienced it in both personal, and work relationships. It is one of those patterns that you come away saying to yourself going, "Wait, What!"

 Just to make a note that there is a wonderful book about this particular pattern called  The Gas Light Effect, by Dr. Robin Stern "It focuses on the dark side of relationships."  It helps you to identify emotional abuse, and toxic relationships that you may, or not be aware of in your own life. This is a wonderful pattern to learn about weather it is something that you are personally experiencing, or someone in your family, or work environment have come across. It is a wonderful book to have as a reference in your library.