Monday, May 30, 2016

Repost- "The Habit of Stress"

One of the things that I have noticed as I have been talking to others is that most people seem to be a little stressed with their everyday lives. I know I have in my own life that is why I have been asking around wondering what other people are doing about their stress. I must admit that I have been surprised about some of the things that I have seen as people shared with me. Someone that I know is so stressed that it has affected his eyes. Another person that I talked to has trouble sleeping and found out that it is because the stress has started to burn out her adrenal glands. A dear friend of mine is gaining weight because she eats when she is stressed. Other people that I know are either taking something for it or trying their best to relax when they can so that the stress doesn't make them edgy when they are with their families and loved ones.

 In some cases people are so stressed out that it begins to take a toll on the physical bodies. Examples like clenching our teeth at night causing a shift in the bite changing the way our teeth are set. We age quicker, we become sexually inactive, and we become sick as the stress affects our organs. Stress even causes emotional blocks which turn on us and block the natural flow of energy that is meant to rejuvenate our physical bodies. We can't think and feel that we are walking around in a fog.

As I thought about it I wondered to if we as human beings can become addicted to stress or was it more of a habit? If we live within a world that is always saturated with stress then what would happen if somehow we woke up, and noticed that it was gone. What would happen then? Would we look for things that start the adrenaline going so that we have that edge that we need everyday to get that jolt like a cup of coffee? Would we wonder what it was like to be in a world of peace, but become board? I was just wondering if we can change our lifestyles, and change our eating habits along with what we think about would we find that we miss the stress in our lives, and began to look for it again? I know this thought sounds crazy, but as I look around I find that in a world of traffic, and deadlines we seem to be living in a world that seems to somehow perpetuate promoting stress in our lives.

Then as I was sitting in traffic I realized that the only one who could change things in my own life was me, and I was in the drivers seat. I was the one who allowed the stress in my own life, and I was the one who could make the rules in my life that would eliminate stress. One of the things that I needed to think about was allowing myself to let go of the things that stress me out, and to be aware of any triggers that would trigger it. Just by being aware more of what I am feeling, and what makes me stressed gives me options of what I can do to handle it, and let it go. I knew to that holding it in my body to deal with it later was not a good idea, or to live in it for hours was only making me unhealthy. It was time to step into my own personal power, and own it. Sounds easy, but not really. It is amazing how I discovered in my own life that the auto pilot in my body could take over in some situations, and I would move back into wool gathering. Now, I knew I was acting out of an old habit, and it is time to break the pattern.

Photographs by Ana - Taos, NM

Monday, May 23, 2016


I don't know why we have days when we are very aware and others when we just go through the motions while taking life in stride.  Looking back I realize we have all been through some major shifts. I always have a clearer picture when I first wake up from a good night's sleep than I do when I am right in the middle of something just going about my usual day.

Yesterday, after talking to a few friends, I ran into some major fears about being open about their gifts. It is interesting to know that even now there are still many people feeling that there is a lot of persecution going on. Surprisingly enough, it is the lower energy of fear that calls out to the lower energies in the world that create this experience of being attacked.

You might have heard the term "Like attracts Like." With that, look around at your friends and who is in your life. We just can't help being with those that we can relate to and those who are like us. This does not change, even on the other side. It was a few years ago that I learned that there are really only two major types of emotions, one is love and the other is fear. Everything else falls under one of those categories.

This is why it is good to be mindful that it is fear that the lower energies feed on, and it is fear that attracts those who feel comfortable in those lower emotions. When you work and live in the vibration of love, then there is no room for fear, and for any reason to lose or gain power to control others or a situation. It is the love that shines a light on darkness, which opens the doors for healing and spiritual growth.

Sounds simple?

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Energy Fever

 Memories of being sick and having fever is an experience that we all have shared in our own human experience. As our temperature rose we felt hot and our energy escaping through the heat out of our bodies into our energy fields around us. Even our breath was hot when we breathed. Then after the heat came the chills that seemed to seep from our bones making us dive under the covers for warmth.

Why do I even mention this you might ask? Well, fever is the way our physical body purges the germs that are not compatible for our health. But did you know that you can use a technique that can help with anxiety that is in the form of an energy fever? What we do know is that anxiety can be triggered by a lot of different things but when it is triggered in the body bleeds into our cellular memory causing our physical bodies to react. Sometimes our minds are wondering what is going on as our body goes into a memory response and we become ill or over anxious.

To work on clearing out the cellular memory is to first find your center and locate where it is in your chakra system that is being affected the most by the trigger. Once this information is obtained then you can place your focus on that particular center and open it up by imagining a door or an opening.

Side Note:  If there is more than one chakra center affected then I would work on one at a time. 

Once the door is open, allow the energy of any emotions, images, and any sensations to surface in that chakra you are working on while moving your complete attention and awareness into the energy. Don't judge but go ahead and allow yourself to experience it as it comes up and makes itself known. It may get very intense but if you can hold the energy and continue to experience it without having to disconnect it will eventually calm down. From there you can imagine building an energy heat or what I call an energy fever in that chakra to rise up while burning and pushing the intense energy out through the door of the energy center. Feel it or imagine it rising up and leaving the physical body as it radiates out through the skin and into the outer bodies of the spirit.

When the energy fever reaches the spirit bodies around the physical form what you have left is the residue that you are clearing out. From this point I like to ask that what is left to be taken into the light for the highest good so that it is not just floating around in the field to be recycled again into the physical form. This will also make sure that any residue will not be in a place to affect others who may be vulnerable to that kind of energy.

Side note: the chakra that you are working can respond intensely to the treatment. For example if you are working on the heart chakra and you discover a lot of fear embedded in it you will feel the intensity of emotional energy in that organ that is related to that particular chakra. This is caused because the energy of the fear is programmed in the cells creating a response in the heart.

 Several things can happen on the physical level depending on the person and how they hold the energy. They may experience a tightness, shortness of breath, heart beating faster, left arm may go numb, or you may feel the urge to throw up. All this can happen when doing this self treatment which is a part of the clearing of that emotional energy and the attachments to the emotional fear. If it gets too intense then stop and recenter yourself to calm the chakra down to revisit later when you feel you can come back. If you decide to continue remind yourself that what you are experiencing in that moment is a part of the emotional  trauma in the energy that you are releasing.  It will eventually calm back down as it releases. Always do a self check and self evaluation before, during and after the treatment. Sometimes the energy that is being released may not release in one session. And will have to be revisited to finish the release. A word of caution is if for any reason you feel that you are in danger from over stressing the organ then shut it down to see if it resides and if it doesn't then contact a physician.

Remember it is always best to do things in moderation when learning a new technique. And the energy fever is a process that the body recognizes as a natural way to release and re-balance the energy within the body. In my own work I have practiced the energy fever on myself and used it on clients with excellent results from the procedure.

Photographs by Steve Noyce - Okaloosa Island - Florida

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Shards of Grief

 I have had my own experiences of grieving weather it was the loss of someone I loved, the loss of a pet, or even an event in my own life that caused my soul wanting to vacate the hull of the shell that is my body. In those moments I have had the opportunity to feel what it is like to lose something precious to me as my being is flooded with an unending emptiness, losing all hope of recovering. And then years or even days later I would wake up one day sensing that something had lifted only to recognize that the grief was gone.

 In those moments I find myself carefully doing a self check to see if it was my own imagination or just a tiny break that transpired while I was sleeping. It is like walking through a field of land mines wondering if I will step on a mine and it will go off. Most often I find that the grief was gone but in it's place memories attach to a knowing that it is going to be okay and the loss was only a temporary situation as  separation is only an illusion. So how does it all work?

I have pondered this in my own mind as the grief seems to have a life to itself. Each one of us on this earth handles grief differently and it is perfect the way we are all programed to move through the process.  But in my own path I have noticed that when I grieve there really isn't anything I can do to control it. My emotions and my body have the whole process down and it is better to just go with what I am feeling because if I hold it back it seeps into my life reminding me that I am not finished with the process.

So here is what I see... The mind, no matter how much it understands the situation or tries to put the loss together, separates from the physical form and is flooded by emotions. There in itself we have lost the battle of trying to hold it together. Our bodies then remembers the energy of the physical presence of what was lost. It is like someone stepping out of a room and the feeling of losing something that was there before. On an unconscious level when a death occurs we pick up the energy of the physical from no longer holding the energy of the soul on the earth as it transitions into the pure energy of the spirit creating a shift in our own energy fields. The same thing happens when we have a big change in our lives and our energy fields pick up on it because it creates a ripple hitting our emotions alerting us that something has been changed.

It is when all three parts of us unite as the mind, body, and spirit that we process the change on a much higher level sending the signals which calm the emotions while penetrating the energy field and spreading out through the physical from. This union is the game changer as now the mind and body is linked up with the field recognizing that the change was dictated and executed on a much higher level releasing us from the emotional grief.  As the shards come together we began to feel whole and are accepting of what unfolds in our live creating peace once again. For some this union happens quick and for others it is a slow process. I have experienced both. What we have to do is allow ourselves the grace to move through our own healing.

 Photographs by Ana - Taos, NM