Thursday, February 26, 2009

Notes on an Empath

What is an empath? It is a person who shares great empathy with someone, something, or someplace. To me it is a little like being autistic, as the emotional and energy around people floods the senses of the person taking it all in. It can be quite overwhelming and emotional de stabling to those who are uninformed on what it is.

Being an empath is something that many people share in common and if properly informed and trained they can become very successful in the professional world. A person who uses these skills and knowledge can be quite good at reading others and the situations around them. The business world can be a whole different ball game as these talented individual use their skills. You will also find that they are are highly sought out in high profile jury selections.

Children who are exposed to highly unstable home situations develop this skill as a survival technique. These children learn quickly how to read their environment and people around them to see if it is a safe place for them to be in.

While still there are others who are just born with the door wide open and if they grow up in a family who does not understand what the child is going through, may most likely label them as highly sensitive. Gifted? You got that right, you may be dealing with a very gifted child who has the ability to read others and environments like an open book.

So often children and adults are misdiagnosed who are put on drugs and given therapy that only mask a true talent of their soul. Often these highly skilled people will turn to alcohol, television, and other forms of addiction to mute the fine tuned signals that they are receiving.

Like all gifts it is good to be exposed and trained on how to use these talents by someone who understands and can help explain what is happening. It can be an overwhelming experience if the individual can not separate their true feelings from what they pick up from others and the space around them. When I say space, I mean that energy can be held in an environment where trauma or something that has happened that stirs up the peace.

Think about it, haven't you had the experience of walking into a boardroom or a room where your senses go up and you know something has happened there? Or you may have walked into your home where your parents were fighting and you thought to yourself that something is wrong? Well then multiply that times ten and you know what it is like to be an empath.

We all agree that we are multi sensory but what do we truly know beyond our hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching? What is it about this gift of the senses that we are afraid of?

So often we contribute these behaviors as being someone who is manic depressive, but that can be measured and eliminated on a scale of testing. So that means these highly gifted individuals are often misunderstood because the rest of us are not as developed. It is we who are handicapped, as we can not see into the world past our own five senses.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

In the Mouth of Fire

A new awareness and awakening that is starting to attract a lot of attention, is in the heart of control, where there are symptoms that lead to strong roots of abandonment. It is something I think that we as a society have not really looked at as a virus that spreads like a forest fire through the fertile grounds all around us.

Often you will see it in the fight for control and power. And people who are sensitive are attracted to it like a moth to a flame. There are two main players in this game, the Abandoner and the Abandoned. A person exposed to one will often act out the other and will exhibit traits of both. But they are the key to creating unbalance and major control issues that lead to unhealthy relationships and that come into contact with the two as they fight for power and control.

As spectators, it is almost seems like attending a Gladator game, as the two forces come together as they go into a power play in the fine arts of war and seduction. Cleopatra would only be so proud. For the two players the game is a true battle of life and death and to others is only a display of bad behavior.

What truly miffs me is that we see it displayed on TV as favorite pass time games that we root for our favorite fighters as if it was something to be proud of. Our thirst for blood only dictates and encourages the fight as we enjoy watching the behavior, redeeming the winner as a strong spirited individual. And yet in reality when we are in the center of the battle we will often run for cover or chose sides hoping that our choice in a hero will be the winner as to share in the spoils of war.

I was amazed that even though we as a society teach our children not to be caught up in these events that we as adults participate and encourage this pattern of ill behavior. You see it everywhere and is considered to be "just the way people are". "Accept it and move on," as I was told by Coworker, where I worked. People are people.....

But in my search for the root of the cause of this behavior, I have discovered that Abandonment can play a big part in creating these unhealthy environments. It is something that most of us live with and may not even be aware that it exists. It is out of our patterns of brokenness that these behaviors show up and destroy lives and all those who showed up for battle.

You may often hear the phrase that "history often repeats its self". Well get out he history books and lets start looking up some of the symptoms. You may think that it was only in the past when you had to sleep with a loaded gun under your pillow but honey tread lightly when you walk into a room and turn on a light.

One of the books that I recommend is "The Journey of Abandonment to Healing" by Susan Anderson if you are looking for material to read to help shed light on the situation.

I will talk more about it in later insights but just wanted to bring to the table how we dress up our most wounded in armor and set them up for the battle field. Nothing has changed in the past thousands of years and it is time to stop this insanity and reach out to each other. After all we are all the creations and children of something much more greater then ourselves.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Retrieval of the Soul

The first time I mentioned Soul Retrieval to my Pastor, who was my boss at the time, who I thought I did a good job of trying very hard to compose himself as we walked down the hall that connected our offices as I poured out my heart. I was far to ignorant to give him a full explanation at the time but felt that I had been called in that direction. He was really big on being called by the Spirit but I am afraid that what I had just blurted out as a full confession was far too much for him at the time.

I had been guided and studying healing with the intention of finding a solution that not only brought spirituality back into the church but also allowed people to reconnect with themselves and the Holy Spirit. As I talked to people I became aware that we as human beings. Are often too busy to explore our spirituality and find ourselves becoming stuck when we are facing some of the realities in our own lives. I found myself guilty as charged.....

I am not saying that everyone is in this state but a good amount of us are which results in bad relationships, sickness,and sadness as we move through trying to figure out what went wrong. It was when I was given the assignment to go ahead a look for a solution that I came across Soul Retrieval. It was unfortunate for my Pastor to not know that I had been exposed to the "Warriors Way" of healing as a small child by my father when I started to search.

It was something that I had tucked away as insignificant knowledge in my mind as the teachings of someone who knew nothing of the true world. Little did I know that my journey would bring me back home and what I had learned those many years ago as I sat around the fires in the tepee during the summers and listened to my father's stories.

They were just stories to pass the time as I told myself. So why now thirty years later were people teaching the old way of healing? Why was it when I was searching myself for relief of painful relationships was I attracted to what I thought was just the imagination going wild. You see my dilemm.

But determination to find the answer was my influence and I continued on with my path. It lead me to an experience that changed my life and showed me once again that maybe my father had not been a certified nut case after all. All of his teaching had suddenly became a realization that maybe there was truth to what I was experiencing with my own spiritual experiences.

Funny, how we run away from who we really are and if we stopped and just listened, life would be so much in tune to what we were crated for. As I listened to our teacher I realized that all soul retrieval was about was finding the pieces that we lost when we give away our own personal power or taken by someone else. It was very logical and made since to my left brain that tends to sort and organize. This was what my father had taught years ago.

Soul retrieval is about post traumatic stress disorder and teaches in finding the way to retrieve the parts that were lost in a major trauma. This of course could be in a server accident, abuse, loss, abandonment, war, violence, operation, relationship or other trauma where the soul detaches itself from the body and goes to a safe place. Only apart of the soul may not return because it does not realize that the trauma is over. The person experiences not feeling complete and a loss of self. Often they will revisit the trauma over and over in their mind trying to fix it or find the piece that they are missing.

Soul retrieval is an ancient way of relocating the piece of the soul that was lost and returning it to the person who lost it. It also involves working with the person and helping them work with and through the memories of the trauma. It is considered very serious work and takes major training.

As I moved through the training and learning experience I realized that the new and the old were really the same only one was excepted in our society and the other was feared. The ancients were not really far off when they were working with healing and bringing the soul, body and mind together in balance.

To be honest it was an amazing experience. I wish I had gotten the chance to tell my dad that what he taught long ago was not bogus but something that really changes lives and heals. But for some reason I understand that he already knows as he crossed over to the other side this last Sunday.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Spirit Walking

Spirit Walking, something I learned from my father who just recently passed away when I was very young and only now have come full circle back to the roots of my past. What is Spirit Walking, you ask? Why it is when you are aware of the completeness of your own being.

Years ago as a very young girl, I walked away from the teachings of my father as I decided to go and fit in with the rest of the world. As I left my past behind to go to the university and discover what life was all about, I began to forget all the teachings that I was once held so closely in my heart.

I am not saying that this was a bad experience as I learned to become apart of the world and started a family which is a huge blessing in my life. But somewhere deep inside me there was a dark hole as though a piece was missing that always seemed to haunt me as I searched for the truth and the meaning of my life.

I tried the depths of organized religion but only found the politics and the painful side of human nature in myself and others as we tried to fit God very neatly in a tight little box. There wasn't enough room for God much less his son or spirit to even close the lid. But through the whole process I began to ever so slightly see a glimpses of the other side and as I did teachers began to show up in my life reminding me of what was once recorded in my heart.

As I am learning and having more experiences, I find that reconnecting with our Creator and who we are in spirit is something that can truly be defined. A few times when I was working at the church I became aware of having this amazing tingling sensation that moved all through me and it was later that a teacher described the sensation of being able to feel the spirit that lives inside. I remember laughing and saying you sound like my crazy dad.

But the experiences wouldn't stop and it would happen spontaneously as I was working in the kitchen or putting together fellowship events where the whole congregation would gather in celebration. The funny part is that if I stood still I felt like I would fall asleep as the warmth and sensation would move like a Swedish massage inside and outside my entire body.

The Pastor of our church at the time, used to ask me why I kept moving and what I was running from by staying so active. He had no idea what I was running form and how do you explain to someone you are having a spiritual experience when you don't even realize you are having one? It was later when I became the Healing Director, as I know that God truly has a since of humor that I began to slow down and search for the unrest inside myself.

My excuses of being busy and politics tried to keep me from coming full circle to where I started from, my past. Sometimes I think that we have the answers all along but refuse or reject them as we are afraid to grow through our own experiences. This is where true intervention comes in.

Only recently with the help of the Holy Spirit am I able to go into meditation and call on my spirit that lives inside me and feel myself as true spirit. The sensation of tingling and lightness moves again through me as my brain seems to be able to register the difference between body and soul. I am now conscious of the coexistence of both, separate but the same as it inhabits the same space I call myself.

You might think this is the best kept secret of our times but we are all capable of doing this and feeling this once we recognize ourselves as true spirit beings in a human body. We are spirit walking when we sleep, you are just not aware of it.

When you think about it in the terms of dieing, it is really about returning to what we already know and where we came from when we move back to the arms of our Creator and that is in the form of our true selves.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cosmic Cowboy

On Sunday February 15th I got a phone call from my Mother that my father A. Kelly Pruitt had passed away early that morning at 5am. He was buried in a private cematary on a good friend's ranch a few hours later wrapped in his bedroll. She said that he had passed away quietly with a friend holding his hand as he slipped from this life on to the next.

It was later when we called my dad's friend and asked what had happened what had happened that he told us the story. He said that my dad had suffered from a heart attack ten days before while he was out shoeing a horse on the ranch in Persideo Texas. He had laid there until he was found in the horse correll when on of his fiends came out to check on him. His dogs were laying on him.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Word for Word

The day before Valentine's day I sent an email to my Mom. I had misspelled the heading and since I am dyslexic that was something in my normal range of writing. It was fortunate for me that she had come over to visit and had brought her laptop so when she opened the email she asked about it. The word Site had been changed to Stie.

I had to look at it and realized that it was a dyslexic thing and we started to laugh. This started me to thinking as I had been reading about how all the old text were copied by hand before the printing press was invented and that most of the oldest text copies could be subject to manual error. This could be form a mistake of the hand or misinterpretation since a lot of the oldest books were from Europe and were translated to meet the audience of that time.

I had also learned that and it makes since that most of the world, only a few hundred years ago were illiterate. Education and reading were not as it is today in our everyday existence. Because of my own dyslexia I got an Education degree in reading to help me understand it.

What really fascinates me is that we take things for granted that our books are copied exactly the same so in mass production if there is an error in th copy then it is in millions of copies. Everyone gets the same copy "word for word". You can go to one book store and read the same book over and over without skipping a beat.

But what about the older text that were translated by a town scribe that did not have a college education or a degree in Language? Yes, there were educated monks but what about how the text could be changed by the translation of one language to another. What happens if someone who is translating an ancient text and has their own insight of something and changes the words ever so slightly to meet the meaning of the person copying the text?

An example would be like, when I attended a sermon as the quote form Jesus was used,"that you should render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and render unto God that which is God's. This was followed by that we should be tithing to the church. Maybe that is what it is supposed to be but my take is that Caesar's things are of this earth and God's is of the spirit. My own belief and personal feelings seem to step in the way of what I was being told. So my own judgment stands in the way of translation.......

This makes me wonder that the things that we take for granted are not the things that the old world could take for granted and yet we fight over old text and differences. We all seem to agree that man is quite capable of being imperfect. So by taking a text word for word that has been copied for thousands of years are we not saying that man is infallible and that perfection is achieved?

As a dyslexic I see how a single word can change a single meaning. Just imagining if a massager was to take a message to a fellow kingdom form a dyslexic scribe....

Just something to think about.....


Monday, February 2, 2009

The Poisoned Apple

How many of us grew up seeing "Snow White" ? Then the concept of the old witch giving the princess a poisoned apple is not new. I remembered when I was was 6 years old and saw the movie I cried because I thought that the young princess died.

Of course it was later in the movie when we see she is placed in a glass coffin that we realize that death did not come to her, only sleep. We see to that what awaits is the handsome prince and the whole kingdom is happy.

It seems that last week and especially this weekend I have been on a journey and it was discovering what lies inside myself. I have discovered by meeting and talking to others that we each have a sleeping soul inside ourselves that is waiting to be awakened to discovering that we are far more than flesh and bone.

I find too, that we each carry apart of ourselves offering us a poisoned apple that contaminates our personal freedom by sabotaging our emotions and our lives. Many of us know this by the name of the ego. Yes, the ego is the apple that we all seem to bite into and find that it hurts not only us but the people around us.

The more that we are aware of this, then we will find that our past has conditioned us to believe that when we are in fear we become defensive. Doesn't sound so bad but when we add two and two together you find that mostly this means other emotions are added to the whole equation. Sound complected? It is and I am sure you have heard of the term of "peeling an onion". Which means that there are layers and layers that need to be opened and dragged into the light.

The poisoned apple theory can go as far as poisoning an ear. Our intentions may be good as to warn others not to get stuck in someone's else's mess but if our own issues are not taken care of, then we may do our own projection or even unload some of our personal baggage. This will only inflame the situation or cause damage to another.

Of course this does not promote healing for us or the situation that may need to be handled in a loving way. And the emotions of anger or guilt will follow which only add to the mind dialog that can be an emotional trauma to ourselves, kind of like salt poured into an open wound.

Therefor, it is important for us to take some time out to heal and reevaluate where we are and how our own past might infect a situation or relationship. It is a good time to look within, bringing care to those places that were hurt. Self care is so important and we wonder why we are so prone to diseases and emotional trauma in our lives.

We don't give ourselves time to heal. We don't balance our bodies, mind and souls along with emotions. So our fears only becomes transfered to others without us even realizing that we are in pain. Taking the time off to do some personal care, reading a book on healing, going to a class, talking to someone who is trained in healing, doing body work, studying emotional art, taking a walk in nature, and learning about energy of the soul are all part of self discovery and healing.

Last week and weekend some amazing people came into my life and touched my heart in so many ways in their walk in helping and healing others. They have the ability to hold individuals up and seek only the highest good for those around them. The apples they offered were pure gold, as I could see into their hearts and feel the healing energy around them.

I found myself just wanting to be in their presences and was grateful for the time I had with them. I think that by dealing with our past we can then remember to reawaken our own beauty within ourselves as we share with others.