Monday, December 28, 2015

Holiday Quote

"I like to compare the holiday season with the way a child listens to a favorite story. The pleasure is in the familiar way the story begins, the anticipation of familiar turns it takes, the familiar moments of suspense, and the familiar climax and ending."

by Fred Rogers
Mr. Rogers

Monday, December 21, 2015

"An Investment of Love"

If the truth be told it is true that we attract people, experiences, and things into our lives by what we send out in our energy fields which includes the length of time it all stays with us. This may make us pause to think about what it is that are magnetically pulling into our lives. The reason I mention this is because there are so many of us who are with people not only experiencing being in a person's presence but can also feel what is in their energy fields when we are with them. What I find most intriguing is that there is still a large percentage of people who are completely unaware of the energy frequencies that are being sent out in their fields around them. This is what my father called "being asleep". For those who are aware of this you already know what I am talking about which brings me to a beautiful story that a friend shared with me only last week.

I was having lunch with a friend and she opened up with a personal story about someone in her past who asserted a lot of power and control over others creating a lot of fear, and anguish among the people they were around. My friend said at the time she was at her wits end when she finally talked to a spiritual teacher who suggested to send an image encapsulating this person in golden Light and releasing them from her anger every time she thought of them. ( Sounds simple enough) She did confess that she was so angry with this person that for a while she was sending them light all the time. A few weeks into her doing this she noticed that something inside her started to change and she began to think of them less and less. Her anger released, replaced with Love where she could then intentionally send healing thoughts, and the highest intentions of good when she thought of them in the Light.

Later on she found out that her efforts had not been in vain but had miraculously changed the situation helping to open the eyes of others who were involved with being controlled. The story has a happy ending as the person released their hold and the people in the situation were able to leave. My friend discovered that when we send out the image of "Light" which is the language of the soul for Love, things change. The lower emotions only feed the energy of lower frequencies and keep people, and situations stuck in a muddy haze.

Throughout history spiritual teachers have told us many times over to Love our enemies and to pray for them. This brings a balance into a low vibration to not only see the Light but to recognize it as a frequency that is remembered, as we are all created by the same hand of our Creator. I know it can sound silly when so much fear is being projected out into the world and when we are resonating in the emotions of our own fears, and anger cloaking the truth in darkness. But the power of Light and Love is a lot stronger than we can even imagine. In those times of fear, frustration, and anger we are all given the opportunity to stand in our own personal power as we are connected and the choice to not only heal someone else, but ourselves as well. In those moments it is about us learning that as we make investments in Love, things happen.

 Photographs by Ana

Monday, December 14, 2015

"The Power of One"

The power of one is stronger than I think most people even realize. It is when someone is in that gentle space of knowing who they are, and holding an energy of Love that things around them begin to change. It happens so rapidly that people who come in contact with a person who is inline with the energy of Love start to shift, and soon become a part of something much bigger then themselves.

What is it about you might ask? It is about remembering, and being conscious of who we are, and where we originally came from. It is that place of inner peace, not the judgement of others, or ourselves as we find the grace within us. It is about remembering that the Love that we send out in our own energy fields is just as contagious as the fear that is let loose among the world.

What we discover is that being around people who are in those higher frequencies such as Love can not only be heart lifting but can help us heal our own fields, if we allow ourselves to shift into the same vibration. Release comes sooner, as we learn that it doesn't take a mountain to move things around us but the power of an energy force that promotes a unity of consciousnesses within all of us.

Photographs by Ana

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

"As Above and So Below"

"As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul..." is part of a quote that originated by Hermes, and seems to play a key part in life when you are aware of the world, and universe around you. I was reminded of this when I was having lunch with a friend, and we were talking about how we as human beings are an incredible combination of both the spirit, and the human bodies that we occupy.  The really amazing thing is that if you are conscious of this then the some of the secrets of the universe are not as mysterious as it all begins to make more sense.

  Later that evening when I had time to myself I was reminded that the human voice also plays a part in our connection to both heaven, and earth. Since we are all made up of atoms, and energy knocking themselves together creating the physical world then our voices that vibrates also creates a frequency, and sound that is just another part of the big picture.

 A few years ago I had the opportunity to sing with a band, and during that time I was also studying voice like all people do when they want to improve their singing. It was during this time that I became aware that certain notes could shift the energy in my physical, and spiritual bodies. At first it was only an awareness, but later on when I started to take Qigong classes I discovered it was not my imagination going wild as we learned a technique to heal, and repair the organs in the physical body by using different frequencies in our voice. It was explained in our class that our internal organs each make their own particular sounds when they are healthy. When we are sick the organs change their vibrations as they become out of balance creating a different sound, and vibration within the body. By working with the voice, and concentrating on the sick organ we have the opportunity to reprogram the body bringing it back into it's original frequency to give it that boost it needs start to heal it's self.

  Learning this technique was amazing experience, and when I went to sing with the band I began to notice more how the vibration of the voice blended with the instruments creating a resonances both within, and outside of myself. As I looked out onto the audience when we were performing I started to see that the blending of sounds had created a union within the singers, music and listeners as we all came together as one during the whole the experience. It was all so beautiful to behold, and be apart of.

It was also during this time in my life that I wanted to know more about what was happening with the voices, and how it all connected that I came across a spiritual teacher who shared with me that the human voice has more to it than what we are aware of. It was explained that vowels when spoken are on a frequency that connects us to the heavens, and higher realms, and the consonants are connected to the physical frequencies. That means that when we speak the different languages we are still connecting to both heaven, and earth as both spirit and physical beings. We speak the languages of the universe in our own languages without even knowing it. We connect to each other when we speak or try to learn a language as it is in the vibrations of our voices that connects us one universal language. We are of course both spirit, and physical beings as we are always connected to the above, and below, (heaven, and earth), within, and outside of ourselves.

Photograph by Ana

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"The Holidays"

We all know that the holidays allow us to have the extra time out of our busy schedules to spend cherished moments with our families and friends. This makes it the perfect occasion to reconnect and enjoy just being together. With these special people in mind it gives us a chance to make plans and prepare for the events, finding ways to express our creativity. It is during this time that we often forget that not only are we looking for the ingredients to mix up in our favorite recipes but we are also going to be mixing all different kinds of energies together making for a shift in the energy frequencies around us.

Sure, Aunt Harriet makes us crazy by placing items from around the house in her bra and Uncle Henry will be telling stories that are inappropriate for the kids. Not to mention that grandma pushes food on everyone making sure no one leaves the house without partaking of at least three helpings of her dressing that she copied out of a holiday magazine leaving out some of the key ingredients. Looking back maybe the six egg cake exploding in the oven prior to cooking the turkey should have been a precursor to what was to come. In some of those moments we may find that we had forgotten, until surrounded in the chaos, that it was what had triggered our last mental breakdown as we tried our best to make everything work without pulling out our hair and hiding in the closet.

I guess what I am trying to say is that with all the shenanigans and crazy stories that we have to tell after the events of the holiday seasons it is a time that we can look back on and see that what we have with each other is a true treasure. It is the people in our lives who make our lives interesting. The one thing to remember is that when we find ourselves preparing for the holidays it is a good time to take a few moments to allow yourself to breath, recognizing that the energies that will be coming together is not about you but to each their own.

Most important is to practice centering the energy fields within the heart chakra in holding a space while being aware when someone else is having a moment. This exercise is crucial in learning to be healthy and bringing balance within the energy fields while maneuvering through certain situations in finding a sense of calm to enjoy those precious times we have with each other. In the end it is about knowing that we all have a place and even though we are all connected we can hold a sacred space for ourselves while still being in the diverse energies of those we love.

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Monday, November 23, 2015

Energy Exchange

As the natural flow of energy is always moving in and around us there is a simple fascination and awe of wonder in how it is all connected. What I find most intriguing is that we can't help being connected even when we are completely unaware of the energy exchange that is going on with our everyday experiences. We, as human beings, are comprised of more than mere flesh and bone but also a whole other complicated energy make-up that not only affects the way that we feel and think about ourselves but the world around us.

One thing for sure is that we are created so that our physical bodies are well equipped to handle the energy currents that spill out and in through our whole energetic systems. It is the job of the Chakras within the body which are connected to the subtle bodies outside of our physical anatomy to assimilate, making sense of what is going on inside us. Beware if these energy centers become clogged or forget how to function properly.

 Something to be conscious of is that since everything is created out of energy no matter how solid it may seem there is an energy dance that occurs even when we think things are standing still. Part of our own existence is dealing with energies that we are exposed to on a day to day basis. Not only are we exposed to our own creations of electronic devices, each other, but also the magnetic fields that exist in our planet's atmosphere making our lives an interesting chaos of energy exchanges.

In time as we all continue to understand more about living as a multi-dimensional being, we must learn how to balance our own energy as we interact with other forms of energetic fields that are a large part of our every day life. When I look at us as a whole being it always amazes me how we can keep up with all the energy exchanges that are going on even without knowing what is happening around us.

To lean more about magnetic fields around us here is a YouTube video to enjoy; produced by Semiconductor. Filmed at Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley

"How Magnetic Fields work on your body"

Photographs by Steve

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Common Thread

A common thread that we all share is our connection we have with each other. Our energy, thoughts, and intentions all have a huge influence not only in our own lives but others that we come in contact with. For many this can be called Empathic but as I have learned we all share this ability at different degrees. For me it was a way that I could help others and understand blessings in my own life with what I could feel within my own body as a Reiki practitioner. Later with practice I learned that I didn't have to feel the energy but could read it instead which only changed the way that I learned about energy.

I once had a client come to me who was nursing a cold at the time asking me to balance her energy fields. During the session we had to stop a few times to let her blow her nose. Then in the middle of the session my nose started to run and I had to stop and blow my own. Finally it dawned on me to check in with myself when I recognized that I was fine when we started. It then became clear to me that I was working in her energy field and I was taking on her symptoms. This meant that I needed to acknowledge what was happening and then send the energy that was causing the nose to drip on it's merry way stopping it for the both of us so that we could to continue the rest of the session without all the Kleenex.

I had another client come to me for Reiki and I noticed a few minutes into the session that my stomach was hurting. Not bad but uncomfortable, so I asked my client if she was having a stomach ache.  She immediately responded that her stomach was hurting all that morning and so I started to work on releasing the energy and clearing out the pain from both of our energy fields. It worked, within the next few minutes the pain was gone which I quickly checked in with my client and hers was gone to.

Another time was when I went with a friend to pick up her daughter from her ballet class. Her daughter got in the car complaining that her foot was hurting. Seeing me in the car she asked if I would lay my hands on her foot and help with the pain. I did and after a little while my foot started to hurt which made me speak up letting her know what I was picking up. She smiled wanting to know where on the foot that I was picking up the pain. That was easy, as I could pin point the exact area of where the pain was coming from. She smiled really big and said that, yes, that was where her foot was hurting. I then placed my intentions to release the pain in her foot and my own energy field. After few seconds she sighed in big relief. The pain was gone for both of us.

My husband is a very dear person who sympathized with both my pregnancy and the births of our two children. As I was having contractions, he would feel the pain in his stomach. I must confess at the time, I was not very compassionate towards his pain. But now years later I am still in "awe" of how we can pick up emotions, and even feel physical pain from each other when we are connected.

Throughout my own life I have discovered that we as human beings don't even have to be in the same room but can be miles and miles apart and still be connected to each other.

An example of this was several years ago when I was doing a lot of traveling in my life and I could feel one of my friends thinking or praying over me. The feeling I got was so strong that I would make note of the time and day where ever I was. Later, when I got home, I would contact her and we would compare notes which always confirmed what I noted to the exact time and day. Again, I was reminded of the power our thoughts and prayers have on each other.

Now, years later, I understand more than ever how important it is to send out loving and healing thoughts towards each other, especially towards those who make us feel off-balance. They are the ones who need it the most and when we are conscious of this we can send loving energy that is needed to create that balance. The other thing to be aware of is that often when we are hurt and angry we send the energy out which can cause more pain and suffering for others and ourselves. I am not saying not to get angry but learn how to release your anger into the earth and let it regenerate into a healthy energy that doesn't cause pain to others and eventually make it's way back to you. As multi-dimensional beings it is our responsibility to be mindful for the things that we think as much as the things that we do.

Monday, November 9, 2015

"An Awakening of the Spirit"

As spirit beings grounded in the physical body there is a resonance that seeps out of the human heart.

 Even without the consciousnesses of knowing that we are all intertwined with each of our actions we all share the consequences and love that we put forth into the world in which we live in.

We are the children who play among our own humanity as we forge the planet learning how to hold a sacred space with our Creator, ourselves and each other.

It is only when we awaken and remember that we are multidimensional beings that were created out of unconditional love that we find our connection to the divine and our way back to our true selves.

Photographs (universe aside) by Ana

Monday, November 2, 2015

"And Then There is Toast"

One of our family traditions on Halloween is to watch The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, with Don Knotts. I caught myself laughing when the banker told another character how excited his wife was when she found out that a house was haunted in her small town. He said that she just came home and vibrated. However this made me think about how many times we as human beings change our energy because of outside influences. It also brought up the thought about how we change our frequency within ourselves as we send out signals in an unconscious state attracting certain people, events, and things into our lives.

This morning when I got up I found my husband in the kitchen making toast and I had another thought about energy frequencies as I watched him go through his little ritual of making sure his toast was perfect. In that instant I saw that most of us go through a time of experimenting with the different settings in our relationships. If we are not aware of what we like, or don't know ourselves well enough to know what we want in a our relationships with others, it is a lot like taking a chance on a toaster that was set for someone else.

Again I was reminded that we as energetic beings have the ability by being conscious to change our energy to attract certain relationships and events in our lives. This includes being aware of the signals that we send out into the world with our values, emotions, needs, and wants that we have attached to our lives in case we want to change transforming them into new ones. We don't have to be powerless with the things that go on in our lives if we recognize that we play an active part.  

For more information about frequencies in our energy fields here are a few books on this subject...

1. Frequency, The Power of Personal Vibration, by Penney Peirce
2. The Holographic Universe, The Revolutionary Theory of Reality, Michael Talbot
3. The Field, The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, by Lynne McTaggart

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Soles of Our Feet

I was having tea at a friend's house and she was telling me about how sensitive the soles of the feet are. Knowing that she had spent time in New Mexico learning about herbs I felt honored to listen to what she had to say.

"No, really", she said! "Try this sometime by taking fresh garlic that you cut up and rub it on the bottom of the feet. In a few hours you will be able to taste it with your tongue. If you are stressed you can rub an essential oil like lavender on the feet and it will move into the blood stream quickly helping you to relax."

Of course it wasn't until I woke up the next morning at 4 am that the thought that came to me was how many times had I heard that the ancients not only washed their feet but also smudge oils and different kinds of herbs on the bottom of their feet.

Could this not only be a way to care and cleanse the feet but actually a way of caring for the body as a whole? I have heard stories of people in the past putting Vicks on their children's feet when they had a cold and it would help them breath better.

This made me wonder if our feet are that sensitive then by not caring for them properly might effect our blood, organs, immune system, etc...

Wow, this puts Athlete's foot in a whole other category. What is in the inside of our shoes? What is really in our foot powders and sprays?

Things that make you go Hmm...

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Impressions of an Echo

The repetition of an unhealthy pattern is like an echo bouncing off the canyon wall.

Each time it strikes it makes an imprint on the human heart.

The ripples of the waves move in sequence during a lifetime

Sending out signals validating the original pattern.
                                         Looking back one might wonder what was it all for?

A coincidence in life catches the attention of the listener

Bringing an awareness that the pattern is only a vibration

That can be changed by redirecting the energy within.

Transformation occurs, as the voice learns to speak its truth

Creating a reflection in a new sound.

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Tiger Under the Bed

A dear friend once told me a story about when she was really little. She was afraid of a tiger living under her bed.  Her memories were of calling her father to come and chase the tiger away, but she would lay there later on thinking about it, afraid that if she stepped down from the bed it would get her. I often think of her and her story. I know that in our early age there is often a fear of something, whether it is a tiger or the boogie man, that is going to jump out and get us.

This memory of her story brought to my attention this week the understanding that fears can make us miserable if we let them get out of hand. Like a rabbit, we may be too afraid to make a move as we build our fear into something as big as a ferocious tiger.  In those moments, deep emotional pain can add to our suffering because of the imaginary restrictions and consequences that we place on ourselves and others.

I am not saying that fear is something to be taken lightly. There are times that our fears can warn us of danger, and help reveal deep inner truths about ourselves. What I do want to point out is that it can be just as important to investigate what it is that keeps us from moving forward or causes rifts in our relationships. By taking the cover off our head and looking to see if that original fear is an actual truth in our lives, or something that we created for ourselves, can be like turning on the light and recognizing that in most cases we don't have anything to fear but fear itself.

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Monday, October 5, 2015


The first time someone showed me what psychometry was I thought it was a magic trick. I was instantly delighted that there was so much information to be picked up just by holding an object. At the time I didn't realize that it was a natural talent that we all have whether we are aware of it, or not. We were born with it, and often when we find ourselves holding an object, or walking on a piece of property where we pick up the subtle energies around us feeling something deep down inside our gut. In those moments it is up to us to know ourselves well enough to know what we are really picking up from the energy that is held within the land.

When we break it all down everything is created out of energy. Emotions are just another form of energy. Often when these two energies become entangled with one another the emotional energy becomes a part of the object, or land. This happens a lot more than we even realize. Thank about a watch, or a piece of jewelry that someone wore all the time. After sometime some of their feelings and moods become imprinted within the item's energy. Someone else may come along later and pick up on what the other person was going through as they hold the jewelry, or watch in their hand.

Land is another way that people can pick up energy patterns that are trapped, or left behind. We being multidimensional beings have our energy fields that span out around, and in us. Sometimes when we go to a place, or find ourselves visiting where a battle has taken place we may feel the presence of fear, grief, terror, or even hopelessness. Rage, anger, defiance, revenge, hate, lust, greed, power, control, etc... may also be among these emotions left behind embedded in the land. The energy can hit us so fast that we are unsure what is happening to us as we take it all in.

 I had a similar experience this past weekend when my husband, and I decided to visit a town that is known as an art center located in the mountains in a near by state. This past week we decided to drive up for a weekend and as we got closer to our destination I noticed that my husband started to get really quiet. When I asked him what was wrong he said he was feeling sadness and a sense of loss. Grief had overtaken my heart too and when I examined where else in my body it was residing I also found it in my throat, and forehead. Immediately, I asked my husband where he was feeling the sadness in his body and he pointed out the same places on himself.

We knew some of the history of the town and that many battles had been fought there with the Natives and Spaniards battling over the land. What was surprising was how strong the emotions were still a part of the land. Our stay was bittersweet as we enjoyed talking to the artists and shopkeepers and seeing all the sights. It was when we walked around certain parts of the town that it felt as if the ghosts from the past stepped out onto the streets to share their sorrow with us.

Sunday, as we drove home, I noticed that as we got further and further away from the town the sadness began to leave us. Don't get me wrong, I loved our time being together and seeing all the sights, but once again I recognized that we were designed to pick up the energies around us, some of which are supposed to be a deterrence of danger and others are the impressions left behind from of the past. Psychometry is just a part of us and as we evolve we learn that when we pick up these energies they may be useful to us or a reminder of another time...

Photographs by Steve Noyce 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Insanity of it All

I have heard that one of the definitions of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over in life with a certain ending only to expect a different outcome.

One of my children's favorite movies when they were growing up was the Disney movie Bambi. In one of the scenes Bambi's mother is shot by a hunter and killed. It can be a real tear jerker if you sit down and become invested in the movie. I remember several times I would sit with the kids and watch it with them and when it came to that particular scene I would psych myself up for a different outcome wanting the mother to see the hunter and get away. Then the hunter would kill the mom and I would be devastated crying like a baby over an animated movie.  After this happened I am sorry to say more then a few times I realized that I was just setting myself up for failure and a big disappointment. Not to mention making myself crazy.

This in itself may sound silly but think about those people who date the same type of person over and over. Thank about someone who is always choosing the same kind of friends or works for a particular kind of boss who under appreciates them. What about someone who continues to rescue a certain type of person from their own fate. Monotony, frustration, disappointment, pain, fear, anger, depression, etc... which are all attached to repeating a broken pattern in our lives that no longer serves us. In one way or anther we have all experienced this kind of insanity. Sometimes we are aware of the pattern and other times we sleepwalk through it only to find ourselves back on the hamster wheel.

The really good news is like in the Bambi example it may only be that first step in recognizing the insanity that helps us recalculate so that we can remove a lot of unnecessary stress and pain in our lives. We have the ability to learn from these broken patterns allowing us to take the responsibility for ourselves and not blame others for the things that are not panning out. This also gives us the power to change our course in life and steer it in another direction that is more in line with what we wish to accomplish.

Photographs by Steve Noyce - The Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Sunday, September 20, 2015

"Sending Love out Into the World".

Love is something that we have great abundance of when we remember who we really are. Here is a powerful meditation that can be used to send out love into the world.  

  • First find a quiet place where you can sit and relax. 
  • Then when you do find your center and focus your attention on the Heart Chakra.
  • Follow your breath at a regular pace and when you are comfortable breath in white light and release anything that no longer serves you on the out breath. Do this awhile until you feel you have filled the Heart center with white light.    
  • When you are ready place your intentions into a ball of pink rose light for Love inside the Heart Chakra as it is cradled in white light. Give the pink rose light a little time to settle into the white light. 
  • As it does allow the ball of pink rose colored light to grow inside your Heart Chakra so it expands throughout your whole body.
  • Then expand the ball of pink rose light out through your skin and into your whole aura.
  • Sit with the energy of the pink rose light for a while as you place your intention to saturate your whole being with Unconditional Love
  • Then expand the pink rose light out into the world as far as you can go. Each time going farther sending love out into the world and the whole universe.
  • Feel free to stay there for as long as you want.
  • When you are ready bring your awareness back into you heart allowing the pink rose light to continue to encase you for the rest of the day as you ground yourself back into the physical world.   
  • Now you continue to carry love in your aura and physical body as you go about your day sharing it with others. 
Side Note; Remember when you are connected into your Heart chakra you are connected into the All and the energy is flowing through you, not from you so you have unlimited access and are not drained.

Here is a fun website that explains the colors and meanings 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

"The Antagonist In Our Lives"

I think one of the most confusing relationships in life is the one with an Antagonist. These people either show up when we least expect it, or they have been there all our lives as a family member. When we take the time to actually evaluate our experiences with them it is easy to see the relationship as rather a large nuisance especially when we are in a position where these encounters create chaos, and brings out our personal fears.

These kind of relationships can become quite difficult as we find ourselves scrambling to use coping skills that may, or may not work, or even be in our best interests influenced by triggers from past emotional traumas opening up our basic instincts of fight, or flight. Then without an understanding of what is happening to us we face these encounters as blocks within ourselves giving us a feeling of being stuck causing us to have feelings of being out of control, helpless, or even hostel. To complicate matters if we don't learn how to heal our emotional wounds from these interactions with our Antagonist physical illnesses have an opportunity to set into the body as fear, or obsessiveness places untimely stress on our whole well being.

On the flip side to this relationship the antagonist can actually be a blessing because when we take the time to look back on past experiences with them we are able to see that these people not only create a large impact on us, but also help us identify how we define ourselves by our interactions with them. They are the teachers in our lives that reflect those parts of ourselves that make us uncomfortable. When we have an understanding of this we know that when the antagonist shows up they give us an opportunity to learn how to maneuver through our own life lessons by the choices we make when we are with them.

It is through these encounters that we can grow as we learn about our own fears so that they become less, and less of a threat that push us off balance. Once we establish this we see that the relationship is bittersweet as we still want to proceed with some caution while recognizing that we have the choice to either be destroyed by our experiences with our antagonist, or to learn how to step into our own personal power so that we can take control of our own lives.

Photographs by Ana

Monday, September 7, 2015

"Esoteric Acupuncture"

In 2010 I was working at an Acupuncture clinic in Fort Worth Texas as a Reiki Practitioner.  I had the opportunity to learn about Acutonics which uses tuning forks and how they work on the different meridian points on the body. It was because of this that the concept that kept coming to mind was that since Reiki was a healing energy channeled through the hands why wouldn't it be possible to do the same thing with the Acupuncture points.

Reiki is very simple process as the energy flows through the practitioner's hands into the client. Since the energy comes from Source it goes directly to the places in the body that it is most needed for healing. Reiki has also been described as a laying of hands energy prayer. In the case of Acupuncture the practitioner is physically engaged with different points on the body that follow the energy flow through the meridians using needles, or tuning forks to help with healing. What caught my attention was that since energy could be channeled through the practitioner why couldn't the energy as a healing vibration be mentally guided instead of using physical instruments on the client.  

As a Reiki practitioner it may all seem a little complicated but what I found working at the Acupuncture clinic was that people wanted to use different techniques that resonated with their own healing process. This idea of mentally guiding the energy flow through the meridians was just another way of working with the healing energy. Also I loved the fact that it didn't need any physical tools to create the same affect. 

I went home one night and searched on the internet to see if anyone else had come up with the same idea. What I found was that there was one man named Dr. Mikio Sankey who not only knew about this technique but had even published a few books about it calling it Esoteric Acupuncture. He even had a wonderful YouTube video describing his work and the success he had using it. Thrilled I couldn't wait to share what I had learned the next day with the Acupuncturists who ran the clinic. To my surprise I found out that she not only read the books but had met Dr. Sankey in Austin. She was happy that I was excited about the whole process and offered to loan me her books.

After reading about how Esoteric Acupuncture worked I asked the Acupuncturist if we could use the same techniques with some of her clients. She thought about it and felt like there were a few clients that would be open to trying that kind of acupuncture out and would really benefit from it. The outcome was amazing. The clients that agreed to use the process were happy with the results and it seemed to speed up their healing process.

I ended up leaving the clinic in 2012 to take time off to write a book and begin teaching about energy patterns. But I will never forget my time learning about the different ways that Acupuncture can be applied in helping to heal the physical and emotional body.

Note: If you are interested in Esoteric Acupuncture here are a few books on the process.

Esoteric Acupuncture; Gateway to Expanded Healing by  Dr. Mikio Sankey P. Hd. L.Ac
* Discern the Whisper,  Esoteric Acupuncture Vol.2, Dr. Mikio Sankey P.Hd. L.Ac
* Climbing Jacob's Ladder, Esoteric Acupuncture Vol. 3, Dr. Mikio Sankey P.Hd. L.Ac

Photographs by Ana

Sunday, August 30, 2015

"The Choice"

This past week I was on my way to visit a Reiki Client and ended up stuck in traffic. That wasn't so bad until I realized the time. Looking at the situation I decided that the lane that I had chosen was not the best to make my way out of the traffic. I checked my rear view mirror to move into the right lane seeing a truck that was at least three cars behind giving me a clear path if I was quick. I then turned my signal on and hit the gas but being in a manual to my horror my Mini tried to stall. That was the only time I had to make the move, leaving me in-between lanes. What resulted was that the driver of the large pickup truck decided he could move fast enough so that I couldn't get in and we almost hit each other in the middle of all the traffic.

I waved at the truck and since I was already in the lane proceeded to move forward. The driver of the truck had his own ideas and he also moved forward. We almost hit each other again. Still stuck in the middle of both lanes I couldn't believe what was happening and so I proceeded to move forward again only this time I hit the gas and pulled the mini out of his way as the big truck jerked forward to take over the space that I was occupying. I got in by the skin of my teeth and then became rather angry once it was all over. No, I was furious! Then I remembered the night before when I was teaching a class and the subject came up about sending out thoughts that had a negative vibe to them.  
As it just so happens road rage is one of those experiences where we get to be tested in what we are sending out to our fellow human beings and out into the world. I knew in that moment that whatever I sent out through my own energy field would not only hit that other person's energy field but it could influence others around us. I also knew that it would eventually return to me as I was the original source of the thought. Being conscious of all of this I decided to take the higher road. Instead of sending out anything that was negative, I felt it was important to forgive and to move into a positive energy. As I sat there in the traffic with the truck in my rear view mirror I sent out love saying a prayer for the person so that they would heal whatever it is that was making them so aggressive. I surrounded myself in love feeling peace flood my being and as I did the traffic opened up and we were all back at the high speed of 70 moving down the highway.  

I ended up being only a few minutes late to my Reiki session with my client. As I got out of the car a flash of the whole incident went through my mind and I caught myself smiling as I knew that I it was going to be a beautiful and wonderful day! Feeling joy in my heart I went inside the building to meet with my client.

Photographs by Ana

Monday, August 24, 2015

"Light Language"

Light language is a language that every human being is already very familiar with. It is a language of the chakras, aura, and energy fields around and in the body. The language is something that I feel most people are not conscious of yet it is a fluent language of the soul, spirit, and even the subconscious mind. The one draw back is that we as human beings become so invested in the physical world around us that we often miss this beautiful language all together even though our bodies, and energy fields are speaking the language and picking up information from others on an a every day basis.

What most people feel, or experience when they tap into this language is what the intuitive world calls hits or a knowing. In truth it is the light from our energy fields encoded with the energy from our emotions, and thoughts which are always talking to other people's energy fields expressing our deepest wishes, and desires. The information that is shared can be about our health and even our soul contracts that we have during this life time.

 When you break everything down you find that everything is created out of light and energy. This is the very basics of understanding that light also carries information that is not only an expression of a color but rather an energy that can be seen, felt, or experienced in a number of different ways within our energy fields which bump into other people's fields. For those that have the ability to see the human aura they can learn to read the colors but they can also learn to feel the energies that someone is expressing in their fields.

Our health is also projected in these energy fields around us and before we develop an illness it always shows up in our subtle bodies which is comprised of light and energy. If we don't clear the energy within the fields holding the illness we eventually advance to the next stage of carrying the illness in our physical bodies. Acupuncturist and energy workers have known this through out the ages. If you want to really look into language of light you will find that Ancient Chinese medicine has documented this amazing energy within the fields as well.

A few good books on the subject are.....

The Web That Has No Weaver, Understanding Chinese Medicine, by Ted Kaptchuk

Hands of Light, A guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, by Barbara Ann Brennan

Esoteric Acupuncture,  Gateway to Expanded Healing Volume 1, by Mkio Sankey, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Sunday, August 16, 2015

"A Lesson in Life"

Over the years I have been learning to access the Akashic Records in combination with past lives and shamanic journeying. These have been valuable lessons taught by dreams, Spirit, Masters and even a few teachers on this side. If someone were to have asked me several years ago if this was something I would be doing in this lifetime I would have laughed and walked away. Today it is very much apart of what I am learning and helping others to discover within themselves.

I don't talk a lot about past lives as it scares so many but the truth is that it is very much a part of our development in our Soul's spiritual journey. It is when you step onto that realm that there are no limitations to what God and the Holy Spirit can do. You begin to have an understanding that there is a lot more beyond our own comprehension even in this life time. We as humans are limited and it is only natural to limit and try to control what is around us from our own understanding.

Learning to be in the Akashic Records and the different modalities of moving in the spirit world can be more than just liberating but causes you to connect to your spirit and soul on a whole different level while bringing you closer in a higher level of connection to God and the love that you were created out of. The Spiritual support that is right by your side and at your finger tips is completely within your sight and grasp.

Now, this does not infringe on free will or the sacred contract that was signed by you and the Heavenly Creator. You still have a life mission and lessons to learn on this world of matter and that includes carrying out the life that you chose to do them in. Yes, this even includes your birth, family, circumstances and death.

It is when you examine your life from the outside and from the soul's perspective you lose some of the fear and anxiety knowing that you are 50% physical body and the other half Spirit. This is when you also discover that you have a life in both worlds living in a simultaneous connection that is linked to each other.

Photographs by Steve Noyce - India

Sunday, August 9, 2015

"The Hamburger Theory"

I used to have a friend who liked to tell me that they thought that people were really strange. I didn't understand until he told me about the hamburger theory. What is the hamburger theory you ask? Well, you might be surprised because we hear it all the time.

It kind of goes like this....... You are talking to someone and they tell you that they hate hamburgers and if they saw or smelled a burger then they would be sick. Then you for some reason you ask them if they would like to go to lunch and they say..... Yes! So next you ask where they would like to go since you realize they have strong ideas about food. They suggest this little hamburger place that is around the corner where they make the best hamburgers.......

OK, this might make you think.....Hmmmmm...... Something is not right......and you are right. What you have just experienced is being in the hamburger theory. You are confused and well right you should be..... because what you are hearing is not adding up..... It is a sign of the soul being separated from the body and mind.....

The person is split in half.... One side wants a hamburger and the other side hates them. {Soul separation}is the term and a signal for help. Now here is the hard part, most of the time the person is not even aware that they are split in two. So blurting it out that they are split is not going to win you any points or make you popular in the relationship.

Also know that there is something they might need to deal with and could be detrimental if you see it and bring it up with annoyance. So where does that leave you?

I have a good friend who's mission in life is to remind people that we should all speak in love. So when you are with someone and you notice the discrepancy it is better to speak in love and repeat what they are saying to you asking them again which they prefer. They may even be confused by you doing this because they are completely unaware of their actions.

Just repeat it in love and go on like it is not an issue. This will allow them to hear themselves and later they can then analysis it when they are ready to deal with the separation. If you notice that someone is doing this for you then you have something to think about.

So now when you hear the hamburger theory, you now know you are not crazy and neither is your loved one. Just know that it is just one way we ask for help.....

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Energy Cords

Now here is something to ponder about which are energy cords or you might have encountered them under the name of codependency. If you are a visual person like me, then think of it like attaching a cord to someone you cherish or even care for. The only difference is that when you do, you start to give them all your energy or personal power.

Everything revolves around what this person is thinking and feeling. You lose yourself in this person and it might seem fine when you love them but you need to wake up and smell the coffee. This is not just about those people in love but can effect all different kinds of relationships such as friends, marriages, coworkers, family relations, etc.....

As you read this someone may be coming to mind. You might even have known someone who has a child and the world seems to revolve around that child. And everyone knows it except the the two involved. The sad thing is that someone in this kind of relationship is always giving and the other is always taking.

The one taking, understands that this is just how it is and will sometimes push things to the outer limits as proof of the commitment form the other person. The giver gives until they are all used up and hopefully realize that they have not been appreciated but only taken advantage of.

This might bring an individual to realize that maybe they were allowing the other person to use them and that it would be wise to sever the energy cord. The term energy cord comes form all the thoughts, actions, and energy put into the relationship in satisfying the other person's needs.

I have met people in my life who have said, "that life or whatever they were doing was all about, what the other person wanted". "As long as the other person is happy or content then their life was good." That leaves a lot of responsibility for the other person to carry to be happy all the time. And will often retaliate by telling others how unhappy they are with the people pleaser.

If you suddenly wake up and find that you have an energy cord attached to another person then it is time to sever it and become free. You are not doing them any favors by trying to live your life through them or to please them. In fact you are only a hindrance to them growing. Yes, the other person will know when you have cut the cord and will want you back. Why wouldn't they, when you give yourself to them so freely.

I once took a class in Dennison, TX and the teacher Jody reminded us of the energy cords that we have attached to other people. It of course brought up a few memories for me. Ones that I plan not to repeat.  Jody also talked about how the cords grow in thickness as the relationship became stronger but not in a healthy way. This makes it harder to cut through but if you need a chainsaw then I suggest you do it for the sake of yourself and them.

Energy cords only drain you of your vital essence, time, and energy as you allow all of it to flow to the other person. Remember that getting yourself in touch with yourself may revile some issues that need to be worked out and if this is one of them then the road to healing is putting a stopper in the unplugged drain.

Photographs by Steve Noyce - Las Vegas, NV

Monday, July 27, 2015

"What is in a Word?"

I used to play a word association game with my friends when we would get bored as I was growing up. The way it worked was that my friend or I would say a word and the other one would say the first thing that came into their head. We got the idea from some detective show that we watched on television and it was a fun way to pass the time. Now as I look back I see that not only does a word have more than one meaning it has plays a huge part in understanding how we are connecting to each other, ourselves and to the Universe.

The idea behind the game is that each word has some kind of meaning or attachment to it. Bear with me as I know you already know this but the interesting thing is to take it a step further... So, for example, even a simple word like woman has different meanings to different generations. I found this out when I asked some women who were in their 70's what the word woman meant to them. They said, it meant meant hardship, no equal pay in the workforce, pain and struggling. Then I asked some of my friends who are in their 40's what the word woman meant to them and I got back nurturing, caring for the family, being their for others. When I asked someone ladies in their early 20's they said it meant power, getting out in the world and making a place for themselves, Being in charge of the workforce and others.

The reason I bring this up is that I was having lunch with a friend the other day and we were talking about how we attract things to us with our thoughts which send signals into our energy fields that tell the rest of the world what we desire in our lives. This of course lead us into talking about the different associations we have with words.

Now think about this... What do you think when you think of abundance? When talking to some people it meant having more money and physical things in their lives while others said it meant to have more love. Then I asked about the word money. Again I got different meanings spanning from, joy of spending, hoarding it, not enough, to the root of all evil. It was different for each person depending on their experiences or even what was imprinted on them from their families and culture. This really brings to mind a saying that I used to hear in old western movies which was, "Man speaks with forked tongue". I get that now! I know it wasn't a nice statement in the movie but playing this word game it makes so much more sense.

So think about this.. What are you saying actually saying when you are trying to attract something into your life?

Photograph #1 by Ana
Photograph #2 by Angelique