Monday, November 23, 2015

Energy Exchange

As the natural flow of energy is always moving in and around us there is a simple fascination and awe of wonder in how it is all connected. What I find most intriguing is that we can't help being connected even when we are completely unaware of the energy exchange that is going on with our everyday experiences. We, as human beings, are comprised of more than mere flesh and bone but also a whole other complicated energy make-up that not only affects the way that we feel and think about ourselves but the world around us.

One thing for sure is that we are created so that our physical bodies are well equipped to handle the energy currents that spill out and in through our whole energetic systems. It is the job of the Chakras within the body which are connected to the subtle bodies outside of our physical anatomy to assimilate, making sense of what is going on inside us. Beware if these energy centers become clogged or forget how to function properly.

 Something to be conscious of is that since everything is created out of energy no matter how solid it may seem there is an energy dance that occurs even when we think things are standing still. Part of our own existence is dealing with energies that we are exposed to on a day to day basis. Not only are we exposed to our own creations of electronic devices, each other, but also the magnetic fields that exist in our planet's atmosphere making our lives an interesting chaos of energy exchanges.

In time as we all continue to understand more about living as a multi-dimensional being, we must learn how to balance our own energy as we interact with other forms of energetic fields that are a large part of our every day life. When I look at us as a whole being it always amazes me how we can keep up with all the energy exchanges that are going on even without knowing what is happening around us.

To lean more about magnetic fields around us here is a YouTube video to enjoy; produced by Semiconductor. Filmed at Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley

"How Magnetic Fields work on your body"

Photographs by Steve

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Common Thread

A common thread that we all share is our connection we have with each other. Our energy, thoughts, and intentions all have a huge influence not only in our own lives but others that we come in contact with. For many this can be called Empathic but as I have learned we all share this ability at different degrees. For me it was a way that I could help others and understand blessings in my own life with what I could feel within my own body as a Reiki practitioner. Later with practice I learned that I didn't have to feel the energy but could read it instead which only changed the way that I learned about energy.

I once had a client come to me who was nursing a cold at the time asking me to balance her energy fields. During the session we had to stop a few times to let her blow her nose. Then in the middle of the session my nose started to run and I had to stop and blow my own. Finally it dawned on me to check in with myself when I recognized that I was fine when we started. It then became clear to me that I was working in her energy field and I was taking on her symptoms. This meant that I needed to acknowledge what was happening and then send the energy that was causing the nose to drip on it's merry way stopping it for the both of us so that we could to continue the rest of the session without all the Kleenex.

I had another client come to me for Reiki and I noticed a few minutes into the session that my stomach was hurting. Not bad but uncomfortable, so I asked my client if she was having a stomach ache.  She immediately responded that her stomach was hurting all that morning and so I started to work on releasing the energy and clearing out the pain from both of our energy fields. It worked, within the next few minutes the pain was gone which I quickly checked in with my client and hers was gone to.

Another time was when I went with a friend to pick up her daughter from her ballet class. Her daughter got in the car complaining that her foot was hurting. Seeing me in the car she asked if I would lay my hands on her foot and help with the pain. I did and after a little while my foot started to hurt which made me speak up letting her know what I was picking up. She smiled wanting to know where on the foot that I was picking up the pain. That was easy, as I could pin point the exact area of where the pain was coming from. She smiled really big and said that, yes, that was where her foot was hurting. I then placed my intentions to release the pain in her foot and my own energy field. After few seconds she sighed in big relief. The pain was gone for both of us.

My husband is a very dear person who sympathized with both my pregnancy and the births of our two children. As I was having contractions, he would feel the pain in his stomach. I must confess at the time, I was not very compassionate towards his pain. But now years later I am still in "awe" of how we can pick up emotions, and even feel physical pain from each other when we are connected.

Throughout my own life I have discovered that we as human beings don't even have to be in the same room but can be miles and miles apart and still be connected to each other.

An example of this was several years ago when I was doing a lot of traveling in my life and I could feel one of my friends thinking or praying over me. The feeling I got was so strong that I would make note of the time and day where ever I was. Later, when I got home, I would contact her and we would compare notes which always confirmed what I noted to the exact time and day. Again, I was reminded of the power our thoughts and prayers have on each other.

Now, years later, I understand more than ever how important it is to send out loving and healing thoughts towards each other, especially towards those who make us feel off-balance. They are the ones who need it the most and when we are conscious of this we can send loving energy that is needed to create that balance. The other thing to be aware of is that often when we are hurt and angry we send the energy out which can cause more pain and suffering for others and ourselves. I am not saying not to get angry but learn how to release your anger into the earth and let it regenerate into a healthy energy that doesn't cause pain to others and eventually make it's way back to you. As multi-dimensional beings it is our responsibility to be mindful for the things that we think as much as the things that we do.

Monday, November 9, 2015

"An Awakening of the Spirit"

As spirit beings grounded in the physical body there is a resonance that seeps out of the human heart.

 Even without the consciousnesses of knowing that we are all intertwined with each of our actions we all share the consequences and love that we put forth into the world in which we live in.

We are the children who play among our own humanity as we forge the planet learning how to hold a sacred space with our Creator, ourselves and each other.

It is only when we awaken and remember that we are multidimensional beings that were created out of unconditional love that we find our connection to the divine and our way back to our true selves.

Photographs (universe aside) by Ana

Monday, November 2, 2015

"And Then There is Toast"

One of our family traditions on Halloween is to watch The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, with Don Knotts. I caught myself laughing when the banker told another character how excited his wife was when she found out that a house was haunted in her small town. He said that she just came home and vibrated. However this made me think about how many times we as human beings change our energy because of outside influences. It also brought up the thought about how we change our frequency within ourselves as we send out signals in an unconscious state attracting certain people, events, and things into our lives.

This morning when I got up I found my husband in the kitchen making toast and I had another thought about energy frequencies as I watched him go through his little ritual of making sure his toast was perfect. In that instant I saw that most of us go through a time of experimenting with the different settings in our relationships. If we are not aware of what we like, or don't know ourselves well enough to know what we want in a our relationships with others, it is a lot like taking a chance on a toaster that was set for someone else.

Again I was reminded that we as energetic beings have the ability by being conscious to change our energy to attract certain relationships and events in our lives. This includes being aware of the signals that we send out into the world with our values, emotions, needs, and wants that we have attached to our lives in case we want to change transforming them into new ones. We don't have to be powerless with the things that go on in our lives if we recognize that we play an active part.  

For more information about frequencies in our energy fields here are a few books on this subject...

1. Frequency, The Power of Personal Vibration, by Penney Peirce
2. The Holographic Universe, The Revolutionary Theory of Reality, Michael Talbot
3. The Field, The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, by Lynne McTaggart