Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Conversation of Food

When I was growing up there were a few things my mother taught me not to bring up in polite conversation one was religion, and the other was politics as people may have very strong opinions. What she didn't tell me was that food was another one of those topics that can push people's buttons. This all came to me as a complete surprise when I found that it did. It is one of those subjects that we all believe is quite innocent, but for most people when you bring up food, or food habits there may be a force to reckon with.

I found it surprising that people have their own eating habits, and like religion don't like to be converted to someone else's idea of how it all works. I mean think about it... I am not talking about dieting to lose weight, but eating just in general.  Amazingly the idea of being vegetarian, vegan, or eating meat brings out people's judgments, or prejudice of how eating should occur. What I find really fascinating is that not only do people have all different ways of eating to maintain their body, but it all breaks down differently with each person.

My daughter for instance has her own particular way of eating than the way I do. If she tries to eat what I eat often her stomach hurts her. On the other hand when I try to eat what she is eating it affects me a lot different than it does her. Now we are both from the same household, but it seems that our bodies process food very different from each other. I do know that even though she carries some of my gene pattern she also carries her fathers. People in other parts of the world eat things that others in other parts of the world do not. Some people may be able to eat more meat where others have to settle on rice, or vegetables. With our world today we all seem to be a bigger melting pot which affects our gene pool changing the way our bodies process things. Then we all get thrown into a culture that has it's own unique eating patterns, and we try to adapt.

In my own case I have had people adamantly show me the food pyramid that we teach in our schools here in the states. I've been lectured about how this program is all about balancing milk, grains, meat, and veggies. Yet I have heard others complain that our bodies were not meant to process milk. Then I have heard the argument that meat is not good for our bodies taking to long to breakdown in our stomachs. Also there are those who believe that grains are not at all good for our bodies either. People who like meat will argue that you must have your meat, or the body will not function right. The vegans, and the vegetarians have their own arguments. When you break it all down you have to wonder what then do we really have left to eat? Again what I find is that eating habits tend to be very unique to each individual, and each person I have talked to seem to be very passionate about their beliefs in the way that the body process food. In this case there is no way in convincing them into trying something different.

On a whole other perspective I have also noticed like everything else in the universe our bodies all vibrate at different frequencies. Like a fingerprint we are all unique. It is because of this that we each have our own way of processing, and breaking down food which is also energy that turns into fuel. So it only makes sense that we as human beings have to find the right way to eat that works for us to get the more efficient fuel for our bodies. The good news is that there is so much information, and so many different kinds of food that we have many choices to choose from.  The key is to find what works for you, and know that others have to find what works for them. What an exciting world we live in, and how wonderful that we are all unique!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Energy Patterns

I had something come up in the Reiki class that I as honored to teach yesterday, and I thought it would be good to make a note of it. It was about energy exchange.  One of the things that we as human beings do weather we know it, or not is exchange energy through our energy fields. Our energy fields are lot larger than our body and they tend to fan out around as as we go about our day. Some people may be able to see the energy, and would call it the aura.

What I find fascinating is that when our energy bumps up against another human we get signals that we call our gut feeling, or our intuition. My guides explained to me how it all worked one day when I was complaining about someone's energy years ago. I was told that the person I was with didn't match up with mine, and I could feel it through my own energy field. Then I got an image of an example of what they meant.  I was shown a bunch of hearts, and squares which represented the other person's energy. Then I was shown a lot of triangles, and octagons that was supposed to represent me. "Okay", I thought out loud. Next both patterns were merged together showing me that they didn't quite fit. It all felt very jumbled, and different.

 The next example I was given was an image of someone who had the same energy pattern that I did, and when the energies mixed together I got a feeling of complete ease. In that experience I already knew what this energy felt like, and it felt comfortable to be in. The last example that I was shown was someone who had half of my pattern, and the energy patterns merging together. The feeling I got was that something was off, but was unsure what it was.....

The guides came in later to explain that this was just a little example of how it all works. I was then reminded that energy patterns are a lot more complicated than what I was shown. Energy patterns exist in the aura field which hold recordings of  life experiences. They can be recordings, and experiences of what we are moving in and out of our lives in that moment. They can be recordings where we have taped over them with a new learning experience where we change the pattern. We all carry it in our fields. It is when we bump up against each other that we feel, or have those moments of deciding if it is a close match, a real match, or if we need to move on.

The other thing that I was able to share with my students yesterday in our Reiki class was that we may feel the energy in different places of our body. For me when I was first learning I would get sensations in my arms. If someone's energy didn't fit well with my energy I would get a sticky sensation like someone poured syrup on my arms. If I was in a situation where I felt fear in the room my arms would prickle like they were on alert. Other times when I was in someone's energy field who had lots of joy, love, and acceptance I felt a nice, bubbly feeling running up, and down my arms. These were all physical ques that I got when I picked up someone's else's energy when we were in a room together.

 Again, we are all so different so one person's way of feeling, or picking up something is unique to them although we may find others that have some of the same energy patterns, and share the same sensations. There is no right, or wrong way to feel, or pick up the patterns. There is no one way that is better than the other. It is what it is, and it is unique. The trick is to be aware how you pick up energy patterns.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Balance of the Ego

I know that many people talk about egos, and there have been books written about it. We all know that a healthy ego is one that we want to have in our own lives, but then there are those experiences where we find that the ego comes out like a mother bear protecting her cub.

As an artist I look at things from many different directions, and when I talk to people I try to see things from their view point along with my own. I have to admit if there is an emotional trigger I am likely to see their viewpoint later on after an encounter. I know that many have had that experience as the thoughts will run through the mind like, "I should have said this, or maybe I should have reacted this way instead of that way". The word should is the key to this line of thinking.

As human beings we are always in situations were the ego is tested unless we remove ourselves from society. Somehow I don't think, or believe that is the answer. What I have found is that we all play those parts of being teachers even when we aren't conscious of it. From both sides we play the parts of the character like the little boy named "Dennis the Menace" who pushes buttons to watch people's heads spin around. From one view point it is all about what the reaction will be or what will happen to us if we do. Another angle could be a wound that was reflected back causing the buttons to be pushed in a response.

On the other side I find that when we look emotional triggers whatever they may be as that part of us that is somehow being mirrored back in our own egos. When we react to something that has such a strong emotional attachment within ourselves then that is when we need to look at the wound that is being prodded causing the ego to respond. If we are in that state of grace where we are in balance with our ego then the emotional reaction is not going to react. Then I have to wonder if we are looking for healing within ourselves that is that state of grace where we are learning, and grateful for each other in our lives that help us to work on ourselves. Again it is all about learning who we are and all about finding how we tick. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Habit of Stress

One of the things that I have noticed as I have been talking to others is that most people seem to be a little stressed with their everyday lives. I know I have in my own life that is why I have been asking around wondering what other people are doing about their stress. I must admit that I have been surprised about some of the things that I have seen as people shared with me. Someone that I know is so stressed that it has affected his eyes. Another person that I talked to has trouble sleeping and found out that it is because the stress has started to burn out her adrenal glands. A dear friend of mine is gaining weight because she eats when she is stressed. Other people that I know are either taking something for it or trying their best to relax when they can so that the stress doesn't make them edgy when they are with their families and loved ones.

 In some cases people are so stressed out that it begins to take a toll on the physical bodies. Examples like clenching our teeth at night causing a shift in the bite changing the way our teeth are set. We age quicker, we become sexually inactive, and we become sick as the stress affects our organs. Stress even causes emotional blocks which turn on us and block the natural flow of energy that is meant to rejuvenate our physical bodies. We can't think and feel that we are walking around in a fog.

As I thought about it I wondered to if we as human beings can become addicted to stress or was it more of a habit? If we live within a world that is always saturated with stress then what would happen if somehow we woke up, and noticed that it was gone. What would happen then? Would we look for things that start the adrenaline going so that we have that edge that we need everyday to get that jolt like a cup of coffee? Would we wonder what it was like to be in a world of peace, but become board? I was just wondering if we can change our lifestyles, and change our eating habits along with what we think about would we find that we miss the stress in our lives, and began to look for it again? I know this thought sounds crazy, but as I look around I find that in a world of traffic, and deadlines we seem to be living in a world that seems to somehow perpetuate promoting stress in our lives.

Then as I was sitting in traffic I realized that the only one who could change things in my own life was me, and I was in the drivers seat. I was the one who allowed the stress in my own life, and I was the one who could make the rules in my life that would eliminate stress. One of the things that I needed to think about was allowing myself to let go of the things that stress me out, and to be aware of any triggers that would trigger it. Just by being aware more of what I am feeling, and what makes me stressed gives me options of what I can do to handle it, and let it go. I knew to that holding it in my body to deal with it later was not a good idea, or to live in it for hours was only making me unhealthy. It was time to step into my own personal power, and own it. Sounds easy, but not really. It is amazing how I discovered in my own life that the auto pilot in my body could take over in some situations, and I would move back into wool gathering. Now, I knew I was acting out of an old habit, and it is time to break the pattern. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Transfer of Cancer

Something came to me today as I was driving down the road to visit a friend. As I was exiting off the highway a memory of my mother telling me that she thought cancer could be contagious. The reason was that my grandmother, her mother who was nurse had noticed that a lot of her friends who were nursing in the cancer ward had died of cancer.

I have a dear and wonderful friend who is also a nurse. One of her biggest hurts in life is losing some of her dearest nursing friends to cancer who also cared for those who have cancer. As I was driving I was wondering why this was happening when we know that cancer is not contagious. When I asked this the answer formed in my head that the reason that people who are caring for people who have cancer often get cancer themselves is because it all starts on an energetic level.

 I was quickly reminded that we are not only physical beings but are also made up of energy and atoms that move in sequence making up everything in the world as we know it. Then I was shown that when we come into contact with each other we merge our auras or spirit bodies together sharing information about each other on an energetic level. If we have strong auras and energy bodies then there is no reason to worry about it. But if we become tired or beaten down then this weakens the energy bodies allowing information to flow in and settle.

It is when we come into contact with someone's information everyday or a program that is in someone else's energy such as cancer with a weakened energy body then there is a chance that we can subconsciously mistake that as our own program if it gets played enough in our energy fields. This information that plays such as a program like cancer then transfers to the physical body and settles into certain parts of the body that are the weakest. Therefore cancer is not contagious but it is transferable. The way to stop a program of information transfer is to clear and cleanse the energy fields each day.