Saturday, January 31, 2015

"The Attractions in Our Lives"

The law of attraction not only applies to the material things in our lives but also to the relationships in our lives. One thing for sure is that somehow we are never were given a handbook on how all of this works so it is up to us to fumble through trial and error as we stumble through the darkness, wondering if we have made the right choices in our lives. As I have travel through my own experiences I have had numerous opportunities to visit with others who are moving through their experiences finding out that they to have had to change directions, that they find themselves in.

One of the biggest set backs of this kind of experience is to blame others for the choices we have made in our own lives. This type of judgement only leads to depression or anger. It also creates illness within ourselves and keeps us in the same energy frequencies in attracting the same kind of experiences to us. This is a key factor in looking back at the situations and understanding that there were real lessons in our life experience that needed to be addressed before going on to a different kind of relationship.

Now you may have heard the phrases that,"Opposites attract or like attracts like". This may give you pause to wonder which is it? The truth is that we as multi-dimensional beings don't always fit in a tidy little box. We are operating on a way bigger system than what our human brains can sometimes fathom. So to answer the question the answer lies in what the soul is in need of in completing it's self at the time of the attraction.

As humans it can be really hard to look back on an experience that may have gone incredibly awry. It is only when we are at a point in our lives that we can revisit a situation where we can see that the soul during that time was in need of that particular experience. Now I want to make it clear that I am saying that anyone in their right mind would want to be in an abusive or destructive relationship. What I am pointing out is that relationships most certainly play a key role in that persons's personal soul's evolution and even though a person may not be aware of a cretin situation at the time it is something on a deeper level that the soul is attracted to for the experience.

Something to remember is that since we are energy beings. We have different levels of energy frequencies that attract different people and experiences into our lives. When we are in a relationship wither it is a family member, friend, lover, spruce, coworker, boss, acquaintance etc... and one person shifts without the other to a higher or lower frequency this will often leave the other person involved feeling uncomfortable creating friction within the relationship itself. If they make the shift together then there is harmony within the relationship. Again remembering we are multi-dimensional beings and there is a lot more going on than what we are often aware of.

An example of this is if a couple is in a situation where they are both involved, such as heavy drinking and then one stops, it changes the dynamics of the relationship. The same with any kind of change such as spiritual practices, money, drugs, sex, obsessions, depressions, illness, loss, etc... it all changes the energy of the couple and how they relate to each other in the relationship. If they both change as a mutual agreement and are able to make a change together they will continue to move on as a couple but if not, then eventually the relationship will split.

It is only when we are able to look back without being critical and see the lessons that were learned during that time where we really grow, on so many levels. This is where we are able to learn not be hard on our selves as there is no judgment in being right or wrong with the attraction. If the lesson is learned, it will empower us to recognize and quickly make better choices in what is being attracted into our lives as we shift into a new energy frequency that no longer attracts those kind of situations into our lives.

Personally, I like to use this phrase when I recognize a lesson that I no longer want to repeat ....
"Been there done that!"

Photos by Steve Noyce - The Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas

Sunday, January 25, 2015

"The Connection of the Mind, Body and Soul"

As I moved through my own life this week I found that I was highly aware that as we move into higher states of consciousnesses we begin to recognize how really important it is for the proper care of the mind, body, and soul. With this knowledge I had a strong understanding of the connections that what we think, eat and bring into our lives on a spiritual level all has a large influence on us and the world around us.

Now, I know there are many people who are already very much aware of this. It is only when we really look at the whole picture of being multi-dimensional beings or spontaneously having an experience that we can be reminded to take a step back. When we do this we began to notice the tremendous influence of this trio that is all apart of the natural learning curve in the evaluation of the soul's journey in transforming us into a higher state of awareness of our soul's purpose.

So when thinking about it the process itself ought to be relatively easy but even with this insight it often falls to the way side when we have to concentrate or even really focus on it which can somewhat blur the lines. Generally we are unaware of the three coming into union until we begin to shift in making a conservative effort to bring ourselves back together again. Often we can disconnect with any one or all of the three aspects of the trio that makes us whole when we are out living our daily lives.

As we begin to learn to observe ourselves in different areas of our lives we find that our thoughts, physical bodies and our spiritual connection combined play important roles in making us feel a sense of being united as a whole. This in itself makes us become more conscious of the connection not only to ourselves but to those incredible souls around us on all levels. When we make this shift we soon discover that we are not really separated from each other as we move through different experiences in our lifetimes but become more aware that we are all eventually reaching for the same goal.

By continuing to develop we see how important our thoughts are in influencing us in helping us to connect with others as well as our environment. We learn how our thought process in very crucial as we know that energy follows thought reminding us where we are putting our best efforts in and attracting experiences into our lives. It is when we are conscious of this that our minds began to expand opening new doors allowing us to see all different sides of our thought process that gives us more options in making better choices.

Then of course there are our bodies in which we understand more about how our they function, and survive in the physical world. Through our experiences each of us began to learn that there is more to us then just flesh, bone, and bodily fluids for now we have discovered the changes in our DNA, our diets and even the influence of the different regions which also impact the way we live and think. Our feelings of safety and health are important to all of us as it allows us to have the personal freedom to explore and understand more of how we function as a human being living on this planet.

Last but not least is the soul and the soul's journey. This is very important to our well being as we are continuing to evolve in learning the language of the soul through prayer, energy prayers and light languages. All of these forms of communication help us to align with our higher selves in connecting to God or what some may call the universal mind. By having this connection again we are reminded from where we originally came from and have that sense of being apart of something bigger then ourselves.

A while ago someone asked me out of the mind, body, and soul, which was most important to really focus on when working on self healing. The answer that came was all three of them because we are all three at once. One may call for more attention and that of course needs to be address first but it also is important to remember that the other two can be also out of balance. So by bringing the three back into harmony with each other allows us to locate the inner peace within us as we find comfort in the unity within ourselves.

The two photographs are by my sister, Angelique

Saturday, January 17, 2015

"A Foot in Both Worlds"

I had a very interesting experience happen to me this past week. It happened while I was driving to the grocery store of all things. It was when I was in my car coming up to an intersection when all of a sudden I felt a slight shift and was deeply conscious that I really was a spirit being having a human experience. Now, I know the quote, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  I have even quoted this in the book I have written. This is not something new but in that moment it wasn't me seeing out of my human eyes in my own body. It was me seeing out of my spirit recognizing I was in a human body.

For a few brief seconds I was aware of more than just the routine drive to the grocery store and the tasks at hand. What I saw and understood on a much deeper level was well past my own life and even other people's lifetime experiences in their own physical bodies. In that moment I saw the connection of all the spiritual contracts with everyone in my own life and how we inner reacted with each other. I knew without question that this experience in this physical body was only a small amount of time as we would return back into our original forms of spirit in which that experience was massive in comparison of what we have experienced on this earth.

The analogy that came to my mind was like taking a trip to Europe and then returning back to our regular lives after the trip was over. This thought hit me as my brain tried to take over the whole experience in rationalizing and bringing into context of what was happening to me. As I sat there in my car I was aware that I was experiencing both the realities of the spiritual and physical worlds at one time. I could even feel my mind struggling to take back control of it's reality when again I felt a shift. When this happened I felt the whole experience began to slowly fade as a memory as I became more aware of driving to the grocery store with my grocery list still in my purse. By the time the light turned green for me to go I was well grounded in the physical world again but part of me was still in "awe" of the whole experience.

As I drove on I tried to put the whole experience behind me but knew if I ever wanted to go back to analyze what happened to me I could, if I really wanted to know more. One of the things that I have come to understand is that once you have an experience it seems to be imprinted in your memory. Today as I write the account of my experience I don't feel the need to question what happened. I know that what happened to me was very much real and that I am like everyone else on this planet a spirit being having a human experience.

Note:  I do not participate in recreational drugs to achieve these states.  They happen spontaneously.

Photo 1 by Steve Noyce at the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth TX.
Photo 2 by Steve Noyce trees outside the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth TX.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

"The Age of Aquarius"

We are living in the Aquarian age and like the song, "The Age of Aquarius" says all the planets have aligned themselves along with the rest of the universe creating a higher energy frequency that has arrived with it. This means that we are also experiencing the shift of the pendulum swinging from one direction into a more balanced state of consciousnesses. We are now transitioning from the patriarchal energy pattern into an awareness of the feminine energies around us. What does this mean you may ask? What it is about is that we as multi-dimensional beings have the advantage as human beings to experience the whole change on multiple levels as we learn to bring both energies back into balance within and around us.

To help illustrate this I also want to point out that the element for Aquarius is waterWater is one of those elements that has the ability to change it's form from solid to liquid and then into vapor. We as multi-dimensional beings are also made up of the physical body, mind and spirit. Just like water we are all three and have the ability to be all three at the same time during our life experiences.

One of our many advantageous is that as we become more aware of the changes around us we can be active in making conscious decisions in helping ease the tension in the shift for ourselves and others. As we experience ourselves and each other on various levels it stands to reason that by making those adjustments we learn to shape our own lives to a higher standard of living that make numerous changes that affect us all. This also means that holding on to old baggage and thinking patterns that no longer serves the highest good can hold us hostage and even create illness within our physical and mental forms if we decide not to let go.

As we move through this energy transformation our DNA is changing as the universe is speaking a new language. Even the atoms and molecules are affected. The analogy that comes to mind of this is like saying that the old energy is more like large rain drops and the new energy that is upon us is now a fine mist.

Our physical bodies, mind and spirit are making the adjustments whether we are conscious of it or not as we are all realigning with the new energy frequencies as a whole. As this shift continues to happen there is nothing to fear as it is only the evolution of the universe. The quote that comes to mind is the name of the song by R.E.M. that says... "It is the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine." 

Note: picture above is in North Dakota. The other is of my little sister Angelique in Taos, NM.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Surviving the Holidays"

As we look back on the holiday season with our families we can count our many blessings and our time together. Then there is the other side of this which is merging the many different energy patterns from all of the family members during all the get-together sometimes making the being together a little uncomfortable. This is why I think that the movie studios continue making holiday family films about dysfunctional families gathering during this time of the year. If you are like me you may find yourself laughing at the movies of this sort as some of the situations seem to mirror some similar experiences.

 Personally I find that holiday situations with family are some of the greatest opportunities to really learn about one's personal power. It doesn't mean exerting more power over another but learning how one maneuvers through tough situations when they come up. In those instances if one is aware, it is important to allow others to be who they are while still being in control of one's own personal passions and actions. I am not saying to relinquish one's power but to be conscious while standing back in observing all sides of a situation before making a commitment to any particular outcome. By doing this, helps in making wiser choices then being consumed in an emotional commitment and then trying to take over a situation because of the fear of losing power. I find that by looking at the whole picture and the different outcomes can help in discovering better solutions in merging energy patterns together making life more compatible for everyone involved.  

Then there are those times that our well meaning may be taken out of perspective and of course it is always good to have another tool that can help in those situations. This is a healthy sense of humor which can be a great way to survive an intense situation that may pop up when you least expect it. Laughing or making a joke of it at the time may not be appropriate but allowing oneself to really see the humor in the a situation will help to ease some of the tension within one's own energy field. Often just by doing this opens up the energy fields breaking down some of the tension in the room even if the other person is not fully conscious of what is transpiring on an energetic level. It is in no way intended to manipulate others but to ease the energy so that the energy walls are not bumping up against each other causing friction. When the energy in the room settles down, it opens up a brand new slate for open communication to commence once again provided that the conversation doesn't intentionally lead down the same path. 

When analyzing family spats or upsets as we all merge together during the holidays, it seems to be more about miss-communication and the different ways that we are all hard-wired in our own nuclear families.  What I find that is helpful is not making a commitment to any one outcome but learning how to even step out of my own comfort zone and trying something new. It is after all only for a few days or even weeks that we all get to be together. As I learn about my own discomforts I noticed that others are also learning about themselves and how they also match the puzzle pieces as we all merge together as a whole.