Saturday, January 31, 2015

"The Attractions in Our Lives"

The law of attraction not only applies to the material things in our lives but also to the relationships in our lives. One thing for sure is that somehow we are never were given a handbook on how all of this works so it is up to us to fumble through trial and error as we stumble through the darkness, wondering if we have made the right choices in our lives. As I have travel through my own experiences I have had numerous opportunities to visit with others who are moving through their experiences finding out that they to have had to change directions, that they find themselves in.

One of the biggest set backs of this kind of experience is to blame others for the choices we have made in our own lives. This type of judgement only leads to depression or anger. It also creates illness within ourselves and keeps us in the same energy frequencies in attracting the same kind of experiences to us. This is a key factor in looking back at the situations and understanding that there were real lessons in our life experience that needed to be addressed before going on to a different kind of relationship.

Now you may have heard the phrases that,"Opposites attract or like attracts like". This may give you pause to wonder which is it? The truth is that we as multi-dimensional beings don't always fit in a tidy little box. We are operating on a way bigger system than what our human brains can sometimes fathom. So to answer the question the answer lies in what the soul is in need of in completing it's self at the time of the attraction.

As humans it can be really hard to look back on an experience that may have gone incredibly awry. It is only when we are at a point in our lives that we can revisit a situation where we can see that the soul during that time was in need of that particular experience. Now I want to make it clear that I am saying that anyone in their right mind would want to be in an abusive or destructive relationship. What I am pointing out is that relationships most certainly play a key role in that persons's personal soul's evolution and even though a person may not be aware of a cretin situation at the time it is something on a deeper level that the soul is attracted to for the experience.

Something to remember is that since we are energy beings. We have different levels of energy frequencies that attract different people and experiences into our lives. When we are in a relationship wither it is a family member, friend, lover, spruce, coworker, boss, acquaintance etc... and one person shifts without the other to a higher or lower frequency this will often leave the other person involved feeling uncomfortable creating friction within the relationship itself. If they make the shift together then there is harmony within the relationship. Again remembering we are multi-dimensional beings and there is a lot more going on than what we are often aware of.

An example of this is if a couple is in a situation where they are both involved, such as heavy drinking and then one stops, it changes the dynamics of the relationship. The same with any kind of change such as spiritual practices, money, drugs, sex, obsessions, depressions, illness, loss, etc... it all changes the energy of the couple and how they relate to each other in the relationship. If they both change as a mutual agreement and are able to make a change together they will continue to move on as a couple but if not, then eventually the relationship will split.

It is only when we are able to look back without being critical and see the lessons that were learned during that time where we really grow, on so many levels. This is where we are able to learn not be hard on our selves as there is no judgment in being right or wrong with the attraction. If the lesson is learned, it will empower us to recognize and quickly make better choices in what is being attracted into our lives as we shift into a new energy frequency that no longer attracts those kind of situations into our lives.

Personally, I like to use this phrase when I recognize a lesson that I no longer want to repeat ....
"Been there done that!"

Photos by Steve Noyce - The Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas

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