Friday, December 31, 2010

In the Heart of Things

This morning I got up and visited with my husband drinking my cup of hot tea and just enjoying the morning. We sat in bed and he began to work on his laptop and I decided to watch a little TV and enjoy the rest of my tea and found a movie that I had been trying to finish this whole holiday season called "Love Happens"

I got in on the last 10 min which is where I left off a few days ago. What was interesting is that it is about a Grief speaker helping people and it was ending with him discovering something in himself. What touched me was the relationship between him and his father in law. Just before I noticed my eyes were wet and my heart opened up to the touching scene and this warm energy shot through the core of my being with this amazing feeling of it moving out through my skin.

The emotion was so beautiful and the heat that moved through my body and out into my outer energy field was loving and healing at the same time. I took a moment to stop and be aware of what was happening to me. This is something we all experience but mostly we are unaware as our emotions are so powerful that they move outside of ourselves and effect others.

Smiling to myself I felt good about how we all feel when we hear music, watch a move or experience a piece of art. It is powerful as it moves the energy around us and brings it alive.... Now the trick is to be able to focus of that powerful energy in a loving and healing way toward others to help bring healing in our world...... The connection is through the heart!