Sunday, April 26, 2015

"The Eyes"

This week I have had some very interesting conversations with various people and one of those conversations happened to be on the subject of eyes. What spurred the conversation was that they had heard from the eye doctor that there was really no treatment for glaucoma. This remark triggered a memory of someone I knew who had healed their eyes through energy work. Now it was a little different as that person was working on healing their eyesight because they didn't want to wear glasses, but if it worked with wearing glasses why not with glaucoma. As an energy practitioner myself I knew that all things are created out of energy and that even our physical forms can be broken down into energy patterns, so why not. I then told the story...

Years ago when I was working at the Acupuncture Clinic in Fort Worth I met a women who was studying at the time to be a Qigong master. She knew the woman who ran the clinic so she started to teach Qigong classes there. One evening after one of her classes we had time to visit and that is when she confided to me that she was working on healing her eyesight. She admitted that she wasn't fond of wearing glasses and through energy work she knew that she could heal her vision. This was something that never even entered my mind even though I wear contacts. I am fine with my contacts but was truly fascinated by her story and the eye exorcises that she did. She was really dedicated to the cause.

A few months later I ran into her again when she was there for a class. I worked days and her classes were in the evenings so I just happened to be working late that evening when I saw her. Of course I was highly curious about her eyes and had to ask how she was doing. She was excited to report that her eyesight had improved so much that the eye doctor wasn't sure if he hadn't misdiagnose her vision. We both enjoyed a good chuckle. As fate would have it I didn't see her again until a year later. I ended up taking time off to write a book and so when I saw her at a social event I had to ask again about her eyes. When I did she smiled really big and let me know her vision had improved to almost 20/20. It was amazing!

After I told my story to the person who told me about the glaucoma. I had to say that from my own experience I knew someone that healed themselves and that through energy work they could possible do the same. However I did want them to know that I wasn't the person to help them but that there were Qigong master teachers out there who taught techniques for healing the eyes and that she could look up and find help..

If you are interested... below are a few websites that I found that do techniques for healing the eyes.

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Friday, April 17, 2015

"The Stone People"

My love for stones started very early in life. My mother used to tell the story of when I was a toddler and would sit out in the driveway putting stones in my mouth. People would ask her if she was afraid that I would swallow them but she said that I never did, so she didn't think it would do any harm to let me do it. Years later I used to join my father in Taos, New Mexico where he had an art gallery and would set up his tepee for the summer. When I was there I would help him gather stones for the fireplace and sit around the fire in the evening listening to him tell stories. Some of his stories were about the stone people reminding me to have respect for all things.

I always enjoyed my dad's stories but I used to think that he was making it all up until I was in my early thirties and was sitting in the living room one day knitting. On that one particular day I was feeling so happy and full of love that I ended up shooting out of my body from the top of my head and merged into a brilliant bright light of pure consciousness. Any worries that I had at the time dropped to the floor like discarded clothing. From there high above my physical form I could see and experience everything around me and in me made out of complete unconditional love. I was fully aware at that time that everything in the room and anything that existed was made up of one consciousnesses. I also understood that I was only a tiny speck connected to it all and so was everything beyond what I could imagine. Even what I thought were empty spaces held this one consciousnesses as the tiny particles that made up the air were a part of it, as nothing was separated from it.

In that moment of full awareness my attention fell upon the rocks that I had collected sitting on my fireplace. Immediately I recognized they were a part of that same consciousness and I could see the tiny atoms bumping around in different sequences making up the physical form of the energy that held them together. I knew in that moment that my father had been right all along and that he was not just telling stories. After that experience I started to become sensitive to energy patterns and of course one of the things that drew my attention were stones. As I worked with them as an artist I could also see how the different energy patterns of stones affected the subtle energy bodies. Later on as an energy practitioner I also learned that we were attracted to the various stones according to what we needed in our energy fields. An analogy of this is when our body has a food craving and we seek a particular kind of food as our body needs certain nutrients from it.

Since matter is also made up of an ethereal substance the atoms and subtle energy in our bodies can also become out of balanced like our physical forms causing us to be attracted to things in our lives that we crave to help us find balance. This is not to be mixed up with the mind following the ego but the feeling we get when we actually hold a stone in our hands feeling it's energy as that is the energy pattern we are seeking to help us balance our energy fields. Our energy fields finds the atomic pattern and copies that into our field making us feel that feeling of peace as it rebalances itself.

Now, I do want to make a note: That I am not going to say that I don't love stones and gemstones because of their looks and sparkle... but there is also a feeling of balance that moves through the soul that has nothing to do with looks which is very much a part of our own energy make up. The other point was something my father used to say which was that, "The stone people like everything else in the physical world are only there for us as teachers, the rest is up to us."

To learn more about stones and their energy I would recommend...

The book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach, by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian

Also please join me at the Artini Art Gallery as I continue to share my own passion for stones.  

Photographs by Ana

Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Our Heart's Desire"

This past Friday I went to visit some of my artist friends who are showing their work at the Main Street Art festive in Fort Worth, TX this weekend. As I was looking around one of the artists who I met last year came up to me and started to talk about a conversation we had and how much it had affected him. He then went on to say that it was about the power of what we say and how it was connected to our heart's desire that made the real difference. As I listened to him it was nice to have that subject echoed back to me as my own soul needed to hear what we had talked about because of the changes that I am thinking of making in my own life.

He told me that after our conversation he decided to make the conscious effort to look at what he really wanted in life and how it was connected to what he really was feeling, thinking, and saying. He said that by being aware of matching the energy that he was putting out to his heart's desire, his whole life made a dramatic shift. He was then able to manifest what he wanted as it all seemed to quickly drop into his life.

As I walked away later after visiting for awhile I thought about my dad who liked to give lectures on the power of our own words and what we said spilled out the inner struggles inside of us. Often we don't even realize that our words don't match up to what we want in our lives therefore releasing into the universe that we are not ready to create what we want. If energy follows thought then we are only canceling out what we want to manifest. After leaving I decided to file it away in my memory bank to return to it when I had more time to work on myself as I felt like this was something worth revisiting.

Saturday evening after having a lovely dinner out with my family we decided to go to the bookstore as a treat as we all love to read. My attention was immediately drawn to a book called Magnetizing Your Hearts Desire, by Sharon A Warren M.A. Laughing at the coincidence I picked it up and thumbed through the pages thinking that if something like that dropped into your lap it might be the universe trying to bring it to your attention on some level. Still thinking that it was funny I thumbed through the book only to read a few pages realizing that I felt an energy resonating inside me almost pulling me in to read it. Listening to that feeling I made the connection that something was really going on with me so I picked it up along with a novel and went to find the rest of my family which had scattered throughout the bookstore.

Later in the evening I started to read the book and discovered that not only did it talk about the subject of changing our thoughts, feelings and words but also how to use magnets to demonstrate how the concept of attracting what we want and how it was repelled. I thought using the magnets was an ingenious idea as it physically helps to understand the whole idea of lining it all up. As I read on I again became aware of a physical tugging inside of my energy field as if wanting to match up with some of the changes I was still thinking of making in my own life. It felt a lot like what I felt in the bookstore when I picked up the book. I then realized that it was time to make those changes and then gave thanks for being shown that I needed to pay closer attention.

Photograph #1 by Ana - Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth, TX
Photograph #2 by Ana - Cowgirl Museum, Fort Worth, TX

Monday, April 6, 2015

"The Robe"

I had an interesting thing happen to me a few nights ago. This past week we have been enjoying our time visiting our family for the holidays in California. A few nights ago I woke up in a cold sweat from a nightmare not knowing where I was and as I started to catch my bearings I felt my heart pounding away. I thought about the dream trying to calm myself down telling myself it was only a dream and I was safe. The dream itself was a lot like being in one of those zombie movies. I don't watch zombie movies because they do tend to give me nightmares and this particular dream had me really upset.

To help calm down I decided to get up and get a drink of water thinking it might distract me from the images and feelings that I felt still reeling inside my body. As I continued to try to get a hold of myself I saw my old robe that I love so much draped over a chair in the room. Instantly feeling a need to pick it up I wrapped myself in it and immediately felt my heart slow down as a warm feeling of being safe rushed though my body. At the time I did think it was strange how quickly my heart changed over to a normal beat when I did this. I then felt myself start to relax into the familiar soft fabric of the old robe and laid back down with no trouble of falling into a peaceful sleep. I had no more nightmares though the rest of the night.

Later the next day I thought about what had happened and wondered why when as soon as I put on my favorite robe my heart stopped pounding. When I looked back I could see that the old robe was not just a symbol in my life for being safe but when I wore it I was happy as I padded around the house working on my art, playing with the pets, or hanging out with the family. This beautiful energy had woven itself into the very fiber of the fabric with the precious moments of being content at home. That energy was what I felt that night when I was upset when I placed the robe on.

Now I know now what children feel like when they feel safe when they have their special blanket or the old toy that they loved until it is ratted and falling apart. When you really look at, it isn't the tangible item itself but all the loving energy that is trapped and held within it.

Photographs by Steve Noyce - Malibu, CA