Monday, February 29, 2016

A Sacred Space

One of the many lessons for me in this lifetime as an energy worker and teacher was to learn how to stand and hold the space for someone when they are learning how to work with energy. What does this mean, you may ask? It means knowing that you are connected to all things and everything without a doubt. In that moment you step out of faith into a full knowing and peace as you hold an energy with the Creator that allows miracles to happen in that presences without judgment. It is a sacred space that opens up when connected, reminding others of their own connection, ushering in unconditional love.

This past weekend I was reminded again how important it is to be aware of holding that sacred space. I had the opportunity to hear a story of a person whose spouse had been in an accident and the doctors were preparing them in case they didn't recover from the brain injuries. The one telling the story explained that in the chaos of the trauma they reached into their faith and then went into a full knowing that things were going to be okay in the end. As they held their vigil, their spouse miraculously recovered. In fact I met both of them and enjoyed visiting, not even realizing that one of them had suffered such a grave injury a year ago, until I was told.

Most of us don't even realize that we step into that space until we are tested with our love for others. It is something that we are becoming more and more aware of as we learn about energy and how we merge into the All. If there is a temptation to take over, or to manipulate someone else's experience then we are not in that space of unconditional love, but coming from a place of ego. It is to not for us to interfere once we move into that sacred space of connection to change others. It is for us to hold the energy so that they can find their way by being an example.

It was explained to me once that the vibration of moving into unconditional love and the All is an energy code that we all remember on some level of our being. It is when someone remembers and holds that energy code in their vibration and if we are not afraid we then can follow the code to find the combination that fits, to help us move into that energy of recovery, and being whole.

Photographs by Ana, Taos, NM

Monday, February 22, 2016

Why We Ground

One of the age old questions that I am frequently asked about in my classes is "why do we ground before doing energy work?" For many this topic is a no brainer but for those of us, me included, who seem to have to learn from experience, it is an important to understand how it works when working with energy. If you do a internet search you will find that the spiritual teachers agree that grounding is vital to energy work. Some will even warn you that if you are in a class and not being grounded then you are in a situation that is unhealthy for your well being.

Those people who are natural in astral projections or moving outside of the realm of the physical body are not limited to always being grounded as that is their natural state. But when you move energy inside the cellular structure or release old energy patterns that block the flow of the chakras and subtle bodies, grounding is key in bringing balance to the whole system. You see, we are energy beings in a physical body. We experience both of these sides as our human experience in the physical plane therefore we must remember who we are as a whole.

I first learned about being grounded when I was sixteen and spent that summer visiting my dad in Taos, NM. At that time he was painting, lecturing, and running an art gallery. When I arrived, my father was already busy with the tourist season, and not knowing what to  do with my time I became bored. Because of this I would follow him around like a shadow talking about my day non stop. Tired of tripping over me, my dad enrolled me in a Tai Chi class in the park. I went only because he dropped me off and insisted it would do me some good to get some fresh air.

Eventually I started to enjoy the class and began to learn a few things. Our master teacher explained how the earth is like a huge battery under our feet in which we could tap into energy whenever we needed to. He taught us how to plant our feet firmly into the ground, holding on to our stance, while pulling the energy up through the bottom of our feet into our chakras and subtle bodies. This exercise created heat within the core while moving the energy in our bodies and anchoring us into the physical form. From there, our thoughts were clearer and our movements were in line with the flow of the energy currents in and around us.

It was years later, when I started to work as an energy practitioner, that I was reminded once again to stay grounded or the effects of the energy work would be less effective. If, for any reason, I skipped this one step I would become extremely tired and light headed during and after the sessions.  If  I plugged into the energy of the earth before starting an energy session I was well able to hold the channel of the natural flow of energy moving through me as a conductor. As long as I stayed out of my own way I could work with clients and not feel drained or sick.

In classes, I like to use the analogy of a tree as an example to remember to ground before working with energy. When we look at the branches on the tree they reach out and spread into the sky. If you took that same tree and looked at it upside down you would see the same spread in the roots system connected into the ground. Which brings to mind a saying... "As above, so below and as below, so above". Like an electrical current, it is important to be connected both in the ethereal and the physical, to move the energy. And what better way to stay connected than by planting your feet into the earth.

Photographs by Ana

Monday, February 15, 2016

Repost "A Foot in Both Worlds"

I had a very interesting experience happen to me this past week. It happened while I was driving to the grocery store of all things. It was when I was in my car coming up to an intersection when all of a sudden I felt a slight shift and was deeply conscious that I really was a spirit being having a human experience. Now, I know the quote, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  I have even quoted this in the book I have written. This is not something new but in that moment it wasn't me seeing out of my human eyes in my own body. It was me seeing out of my spirit recognizing I was in a human body.

For a few brief seconds I was aware of more than just the routine drive to the grocery store and the tasks at hand. What I saw and understood on a much deeper level was well past my own life and even other people's lifetime experiences in their own physical bodies. In that moment I saw the connection of all the spiritual contracts with everyone in my own life and how we inner reacted with each other. I knew without question that this experience in this physical body was only a small amount of time as we would return back into our original forms of spirit in which that experience was massive in comparison of what we have experienced on this earth.

The analogy that came to my mind was like taking a trip to Europe and then returning back to our regular lives after the trip was over. This thought hit me as my brain tried to take over the whole experience in rationalizing and bringing into context of what was happening to me. As I sat there in my car I was aware that I was experiencing both the realities of the spiritual and physical worlds at one time. I could even feel my mind struggling to take back control of it's reality when again I felt a shift. When this happened I felt the whole experience began to slowly fade as a memory as I became more aware of driving to the grocery store with my grocery list still in my purse. By the time the light turned green for me to go I was well grounded in the physical world again but part of me was still in "awe" of the whole experience.

As I drove on I tried to put the whole experience behind me but knew if I ever wanted to go back to analyze what happened to me I could, if I really wanted to know more. One of the things that I have come to understand is that once you have an experience it seems to be imprinted in your memory. Today as I write the account of my experience I don't feel the need to question what happened. I know that what happened to me was very much real and that I am like everyone else on this planet a spirit being having a human experience.

Note:  I do not participate in recreational drugs to achieve these states.  They happen spontaneously.

Photo 1 by Steve Noyce at the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth TX.
Photo 2 by Steve Noyce trees outside the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth TX.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Balance of the Energies

Remembering to clear one's self is the subject that really drew my attention this week. I noticed that as we go through our everyday routines we forget that we can take a few minutes to clear our energy centers and fields. When I say centers and fields I am referring to the Chakras and Subtle Bodies. One thing to keep in mind is that if we are running energy through our systems to clear ourselves sometimes energy can get blocked for whatever reason which can throw us off balance while we are clearing our fields. This feeling gives us the opportunity to acknowledge that there is something we need to pay special attention to, and to work a little more on those areas in the chakras or subtle bodies where the energies are stuck.

When I first started out working with energy I leaned that I needed to find a safe and quite space to practice. Home was the best place for me when I started this process. First I would get comfortable and close my eyes focusing on my breath while not trying to control it. After a little while I would then move my awareness into my Heart Chakra which is connected to the Astral body. There I would breath in white light and release any stress, fears, or worries that didn't serve my highest good on the out breath.

When I felt comfortable with what I released I would work my way down each chakra repeating the same process until I reached the Earthstar Chakra under my feet. There I would plant my energy into the earth for grounding and again when I felt good with being grounded I would then move my awareness quickly through the Chakra system back into the Heart Chakra and work my way up to the Crown Chakra.

Once I opened the pathways with white light I could take my awareness into the Soul Star Chakra located above the Crown Chakra enjoying the energy from the golden/white light. After basking in the light energy within the Soul Star I would take the gold/white light down through all my chakras all the way into my Earthstar Chakra. Then I would envision the gold/white energy expanding out through all the chakras, moving out through all my cells and out through my skin into the Subtle Bodies to repair any leaks or tears within them. This process is amazing in healing in balancing the whole energy system and can push out any attachments that may have slipped in. When done I would just sit in the energy and allow that feeling of peace to sweep over my whole being. After awhile I would go back into my Heart Chakra and come out of the mediation.

I also learned that instead of having to go into a heavy meditation that could take twenty or thirty minutes we can then move into clearing our fields in matter of a few minutes because the cellular, energetic bodies and subtle fields already know the drill. I have often sat at a red light and cleared my own fields by the time the light turned green and proceeded to go about my day. Anyone can do this but it is like lot like weight lifting. It builds upon itself. A majority of people can't lift a hundred pounds on the first day but we can work our way up to it.

Photographs by Angelique

Monday, February 1, 2016

Energy Frequency

Working with energy I have run into a topic with various people about keeping other people's energy out of their fields. Amazingly this is a common fear and one that I had myself when I started working as an energy worker.

As an Empath it is only natural to pick up on other's thoughts and feelings that are around us but it can also be a hinderance to our energy fields when it gums up our own inner workings. Too often it is easy to blame others for interfering with our energy frequencies but the truth is that we participate in this energy exchange. Some part of us, whether it is conscious or unconscious, is allowing our frequency to open up to the energy of others or allowing ourselves to be corded.

This is true even for those who are not energy workers and feel themselves being drained by others. It is our own responsibility to learn how to work and live in the physical world without shutting ourselves off from it. We must remember that we have the right to say, "No" and release the energy that is overwhelming us. We are not victims, but active participants in all energy exchanges, even the ones that we feel forced upon us. We have the right to deny access and we can block those pathways so we don't get overloaded.

Once, I was sitting with a dear friend having tea one afternoon and as we were enjoying our conversation I started to feel like I needed to take a nap. I was so tired that I was about to excuse myself and go on home. As I was barely able to keep my eyes open and concentrate, my friend excused herself from the table to go to the bathroom. While she was gone the tiredness started slipping away as I began to awake up when it dawned on me that I had been corded by her. I love my friend and knew that if she knew what was going on she would feel bad so I quickly did a body analysis of my energy field and sure enough found a cord in my solar plexus.

 After doing Reiki on my Chakra I then channeled-in gold and white light to release and heal the place where the cord had plugged in. I infused it with unconditional love with the intention that she no longer had access to my energy fields. By the time my friend came back I was no longer tired and was ready for round three of courses with our tea. My friend started the conversation up again and within a few minutes I noticed that she seemed to be a getting tired herself without my ample supply of energy. After about ten minutes into the tea she excused herself and went home letting me know that she was extremely tired.

Driving home, I remembered that in the past, my encounters with her had always left me going home afterwards to sleep for hours. This time I was unaffected. In fact I felt really good but I also understood that I had somehow allowed her unconsciously to have access to my energy because we were friends. This happens a lot more then people realize.

From this experience I learned that I had a say in who's energy I let in and who's energy I could block allowing me to have control over my own fields. I also learned that when I worked with someone or if someone did energy work on me and I didn't like their energy once we started I could allow the energy that resonated with me to work in my fields and deny the energy that I didn't like. There again I discovered the personal power that I had over my own energy fields. Once we all  learn this then we discover how much we really do have a say in our own lives both in the physical and spiritual world.

Photographs by Ana