Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Into the Storm "Reprint"

A few years ago I made a ring for a dear friend before he went to the Philippines on a mission trip and when he returned I noticed he was't wearing the ring. Curious I asked him about it. He said that it had fallen off into the sea during a storm.

Interested in hearing more I asked him how that happened. He told me that he was out fishing with the fisherman in their canoes from the village he was staying at when they realized that a storm was quickly rolling over the horizon. His first thought was that they could out paddle the storm and make it to the shore since he could see the shore line from where they were. Instead the fisherman pulled in their nets and began to paddle towards the storm. Surprised he very quickly let them know that they were going the wrong way.  That was when the leader of the group piped up and said that they were too far form the shore to make it before it hit and the only way they had a chance was to paddle into the storm.

My friend who I would describe as a brave man told me that on that particular day he was tested and wasn't really sure that they would make it at all. There they were in handmade canoes paddling up and down the big waves moving through the ocean traveling through the storm itself. All he could do was to hang on and pray as the fisherman continued to paddle never skipping a beat. It was somewhere in the middle of it all that the ring slipped off his finger and was swallowed up by the ocean.

In what seemed like many hours he began to notice that waves got smaller and the wind and darkness fell away.  Looking up he could feel the calmness setting all around the canoes with an understanding that they had made it. They were safe and no one was lost. As hey sat there in the water watching the storm behind them they saw it spreading over where the beach and main land was located.  He said it was a sight to behold as darkness moved through that space. Then it dawned on him that they owed their lives to the leader who made the choice that day to paddle into the storm instead of trying to out run it. Sometime afterwards he looked down at his hands and noticed that the ring was gone but knew that when he returned I would make him another one. I of course was very honored to make him a ring and happy to have my friend back with us safe and sound.

As moved through storms in my own life his story has stuck with me over the years.  Looking at different experiences I see situations where we all may want to run the other way or avoid something at all cost but in the end it always catches up with us, creating more chaos than just facing it. No one ever said that life was easy. And I see too that not only the do the storms in our lives make us who we are but they allow us to look back with a knowing that we have really accomplished something once we reach the other side. It is in those moments that we know that we have truly lived our lives to the fullest.

Photographs by Ana

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Art of Learning

One of the statements that I often hear is how people can be disappointed with themselves and some of the choices that they make in life. What comes to mind when I hear this is how amazing it is to just be alive and be able to experience life. Often we judge ourselves by trying to keep up with our own expectations and beliefs only to abandon ourselves forgetting how incredible it is that we learn by our mistakes.

What I want to point out is so often we repeat that same lesson over and over not realizing that each time we come out of the experience a little more wiser. I think what we forget is that it takes time to perfect anything that we do and even though patience is not always a virtue we have the opportunity to expand our awareness in understanding how things really work.

Sure we allow ourselves the grace to learn a new language making mistakes that other people laugh at or even frown at. We give ourselves permission to make mistakes when we learn how to drive a car or lean a new software. What is important to remember is that it takes time and practice to make any art or skill perfect. Isn't that why we are all here?

Photographs by Ana

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Completion of the Self

A interesting energy pattern that is important to be aware of is the idea that when we feel empty we need other people in our lives to complete us. This is not true as we all are created as whole and to look to someone else to complete us would only be highly disappointing.

One of the greatest connections in relationships is the reflection of ourselves that we see through the eyes of other people. Like a mirror we see what we want to be, our short comings, and also our highest potential of who we are. For some when they see this reflection they can make the mistake of thinking they need the other person in completing themselves only to find that that path leads to giving away their  power or creating a situation of trying to recreate the feelings in the relationship that makes them feel whole. What we learn is that if we are not making others responsible for our own happiness and our lives then we step into our own personal power of recognizing that we are connected and complete.

All we have to remember is that our connection is really about knowing that we are always plugged into what we know otherwise as Source, God, Creator, or Universal Mind which makes us complete in expanding our awareness of who we really are.

Photograph by Steve

Monday, November 7, 2016

Conscious Creating

We are born into this world to be conscious creators. The only thing is that many of us go into, as my father used to describe, a state of sleep walking, Often we can become bored or get stuck in our normal routines in our lives switching ourselves onto autopilot, not realizing that we have given a great deal of ourselves away in the process of falling into a causality of circumstance.

In this state we forget how to connect our heart centers to our desires and the war within ourselves is the pulling and pushing of the life and things we want only to come to the very end with regret as it seemed to somehow elude us. As conscious creators we have to wake up and become more aware of our dreams when the energy burns deep within our heart centers. This recognition alone is the catalyst that starts the engine when we apply our focus to casting our vision.

Then as we start the process we must send the energy from our heart centers of having the experience in gratitude for not only the things we have but also for the things we see ahead of us as this lays the foundation in the direction we want to go in. It is when we become congruent in our minds and hearts that we have the ability to move into creating a new energy in ourselves that attracts what we see to us like a magnet.

 What is important to know is that we have the ability to be or do anything we want in this lifetime but we must remember that energy follows thought and therefore we must put our fears and doubts aside if we want to change the equation. Again reminding us that if we want to succeed we have to fully conscious of our thoughts.

Photograph by Steve Noyce - Stonehenge

Monday, October 31, 2016

Shadow Work

Dramas of the past can quickly turn into night terrors as one begins to do shadow work if not fully aware of the process. What is shadow work you might ask? It is what some may already know as the dark night of the soul. It is where a person can revisit old baggage that no longer serves honoring the experiences of a time when an old program may have been needed on a survival level. It is that time where the past can be reviewed to decide if old patterns are a necessary truth or something to be discarded to allow new programs to take it's place.

What changes the whole experience is the way one looks at the process. A person who is in fear mode may feel that it is something that is put upon them not realizing it is a privilege to let go of things that hold them from attaining a high level of awareness. Like the human body releases it's waste products so does the human soul to allow healing to hold the light of a higher consciousness. It is the transition before the butterfly emerges out into the world. A blessing in disguise.

Photograph by Ana

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Line in the Sand

Personal boundaries is a topic that we all know about and yet can be a very positive or negative obstacle in our relationships.  For some this may less of a hard thing to do and for some it is an area of learning how to master. What I discovered is that healthy boundaries are one of those things that we all need to have in our own lives and yet a number of people are not even sure what it is in their lives that they need so that they can create them.

Then the other thing that happens is that some people may have healthy boundaries in their personal lives often they don't have them in their professional life. While still for others this can be the opposite for them. Very seldom do people have it in both but when they do there is a deep penetrating respect that is honored by those who come in contact with them. 

As I began to analyze and take a closer look I had to ask the question of how many times do we draw a line in the sand and announce that it is a boundary only to cross it ourselves or allow others to step over the line? When this happens tiny grains of sand spill over into the line only to blur what was once a declaration of what is needed in our own lives. 

Then I remembered what one of my spiritual teachers told me once which was
, "We teach people how to treat us. It is up to us to hold the space for ourselves and what we stand for and when we don't, we end up relinquishing our own personal power to someone else."  Sometimes it is about stepping out of our comfort zone to hold the space when someone wants to cross the line or even when we get tired and want to cross it ourselves. That is when the real test happens and we make that decision in that moment to hold it or let go of our own truth.

photographs by Ana

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Snap Back!

This past week the rubber band has been really prevalent in the work that I am doing. "Why?" you might ask? Well, it has to do again with energy patterns and one of my favorite topics on energy is the emotional body. What we have to remember is that an emotion is only set up as a warning of something that is occurring in our life that throws us off balance. When it does we have the choice to be caught up in the emotional drama or to recognize that the emotion is a red light signaling we need to make a self check on what is going on with ourselves.

So with that background, it is for us to understand that part of our human experience is that we sometimes fall into autopilot and when we are triggered by an event or another person we snap back like a rubber band into the old pattern, responding without thinking or remembering we have a choice in our response.

The really cool thing is that it works both ways. If we take the time to become couscous when our emotions are triggered we can train ourselves to override the old program of responding negatively or losing control. By mastering the art of controlling our response we send signals throughout the body that we are in a place of personal power rather then being victimized and that is the whole game changer right there.

One of the techniques of the martial artist is to be in control of the emotional body. Emotions can cloud the mind and take over the response of the body in a confrontation. The idea of the Snap back is that if we have been working on ourselves and we fall back into an old pattern we can always reverse the energy because what we have accomplished in our change is rewritten in our cellar structure and can be consciously called back. The idea is not to go into a downward spiral because we had a setback but to remember that the groundwork is already there when we participate in our own healing. It is then our choice to sever the tie to the old responses.

photographs by Steve Noyce

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Last week I shared a very personal story with a dear friend of once being in a difficult working situation with a person years ago who's energy didn't resonate with my own. The feeling was mutual. At that time in my life I had an opportunity to work with many different people coming in and out of my office during the day and so I stayed in the situation even though I knew the time for me being there was coming to a close. It was towards the very end that I had to really to look at myself and deal with my own baggage that was being triggered by this one particular person. I knew that as an energy practitioner this energy would not benefit or even help the people I was working with so I had to raise my vibration to unconditional love.

The problem was that being human made my defenses with this person come up as it did theirs. The really neat thing about the whole experience is that I learned a lot about unconditional love as the meaning of unconditional love is loving without exception. By staying in the situation I had the opportunity to learn how to see the other person without triggering my own fears.

Before I saw my first client for the day I would envision the person that I was not getting along with as a small child learning about the world themselves. Then I would see the love inside them and how they were connected to Source. It would be in that moment that I was able to plug into that part of All that is inside of them. Once I finished bringing that energy within myself I was able to be in the presences of that day fully loving that person and working with people without being distracted with the office politics. When I went home each day, though, my own stuff would resurface and I would have to work on letting this go only to return the next day to realign myself again with the unconditional love.

Eventually I did leave the practice but I learned that if I was conscious of a trigger from another person or in a  difficult situation I could see beyond what was being displayed before me and move into the Love. My friend, who was listening to the story, said, "I am surprised that you looked for unconditional love and connection to our Creator in a living person". A very valid question in which I was reminded  of the word Namaste very clearly in my thoughts. You see the meaning of Namaste is,  "The God in me greets and meets the God in you."  I have written that we are all connected and a part of the All that is. We are the grain of sand on the beach and our Creator is the whole beach but we are always in that connection and created out of Unconditional love. And so is all that exists as  everything only exists in the thoughts and one dream of our Creator.


Photographs by Steve

Monday, October 3, 2016

"Physician, Heal Thy Self"

I know at least one time in our lives we may have come across the phrase "Physician, heal thy self." So as an energy practitioner this is a guideline that most us try to follow which can lead down the path to some very interesting experiences.

Just a little background. I wanted to raise the frequency in my energy field. So, to begin, I decided to focus on my eating habits and the chemistry in my body. This meant cleaning up my diet, exercising, and drinking lots of water with lemon. Also, to complete the regimen, I did a full energetic body scan and found Candida. Knowing this really needed to be cleared up I made the decision to take the easy way out and jumpstart the whole process by doing a candida cleanse that I found at the Whole Foods market in the vitamin section. I soon found that the cleanse turned out to be a taxing  experience on my body when trying to keep up with my work and family schedules. Instead of raising my energy fields I ended up lowering them. Removing the toxins out of the body can be hard on it. Then I became tired and cranky, not allowing myself extra time to rest and heal.

Wednesday, I ended up having three different people call me, who were in crisis, that I have been working with in the past. Usually I can handle the energy because it bounces off my fields and I can hold my power but that day I didn't feel it bounce off and somewhere between the calls I began fighting a major headache and feeling flu like symptoms. Doing another energy assessment of my body I found that I was beaten down and was absorbing lower vibrations from the energy around me making me feel physically sick.

Exhausted, I fell asleep at 6:30pm with a heavy headache taking Tylenol which I never do unless I am in major pain and given up. At 9:30pm I awoke with not only a headache but my bones ached and I felt sick to my stomach. Again I tried to clear myself and it didn't work. I went back to bed and slept through the night only to wake up with the headache and flu like symptoms at 5am.

Here is the really cool thing!!!  Feeling sorry for myself, I woke up my husband Steve, who is a huge blessing in my life, and we started to watch a movie to get my mind off of my pain. Somewhere in doing that I had a barrage of images of things that led up to my situation. So here I am laying in bed that morning sick, and digging a bigger hole in which to wallow, thinking of all the phone calls I needed to make to clear the day, so I can rest when I was hit with a feeling of extreme gratefulness which came out of nowhere. The memory of my friend Mary who is an Acutonics practitioner who had offered a few days before to treat me to a tuning fork session on Friday as a gift would be there the next day to help me. With that gratitude it all of a sudden dawned on me that I also had the unique opportunity to feel what others feel when they are in this state of physical pain. It was in that very moment that I started to get really excited to be able to work on myself from the inside out instead of working from the outside in to find a way to help others.

As I was thinking about what I could learn, I got this tingling feeling inside my solar plexus that was so exhilarating that pure joy burst out of the solar plexus surging into my energy fields. It was like the excitement I used to feel when I was little girl and got up Christmas morning to see what Santa had left me. It happened so quickly. My body started to vibrate and I could feel the pain lifting and leaving my body. Within the hour all the pain and flu like symptoms were completely gone. My bones and spine didn't hurt leaving me with a feeling of being well, and empowered. I even went walking in our neighborhood with Steve and our little dog that morning.

Steve always asks me what I learned from anything I go through...

What  I learned... I was again reminded that we all have the power to clear ourselves and heal with the power of our thoughts and the way we look at life in general!  I am also grateful to the loving people that I love in my life who inspire me.

I kept my appointments that day...

Photographs by Ana, California

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Atomic Shield

Last week we touched a little on Spirit Anatomy. It is just as important to know about this as it is to learn about anatomy of the physical body. As we progress in our knowledge we see there is more to us as multidimensional beings than what we always thought. We are both body and spirit so it stands to reason when we are working with our well being and physical health that we understand how everything is connected.

The atomic shield is another term I would like to mention. As we already know we have many layers of spirit bodies that encase our physical form. Each layer has its purpose and when those layers become ripped or blocked they can create dis-ease in the spirit bodies creating what we know as soul sickness. When this happens it affects the energy centers that we know as our Chakra system and then affects the physical body as an illness or triggers an emotional imbalance. What the atomic shield does is protect us and sift out an overload of energy that can affect the physical and emotional levels of an individual.

So what happens when this field becomes ripped or torn? The answer is that you are more susceptible to picking up the energy or feelings of others to a point that it can be overly distracting, or even painful.  It is like an Empath on overload... Some people will even begin to have the symptoms, physical illness, or even feel the pain that others are experiencing to the point of believing it is theirs.

Mikio Sankey, PH. D., L.Ac. mentions in his book Esoteric Acupuncture Vol. 1 that "The atomic shield is part of the outermost part of the Atomic Web which has a protective energy field, or energy shield, that is located between the etheric and astral bodies."  In his book he mentions that, "It is built to block the memories of any astral travels that occur during deep sleep."

So how do we heal our outer bodies and atomic shields? I like to recommend the Golden White-Light Meditation. After finding a quiet place to sit and centering on one's energy within the heart chakra you can tap into the flow of the energy that runs through the center of the physical body flowing through the crown and the feet. Take some time to sit in the energy that is moving through the chakras and ground yourself through the feet into the earth. Then move your awareness to the Soul Star which holds the golden white light. From there you can bring in the golden white light through all the chakras expanding it out through the physical cells and body out past the skin into the ethic bodies and atomic shield.  Allow the light to expand all through your aura field healing any holes or tears on all levels.

Sit in the energy for awhile as you bask in the healing light. When you are ready you can move your awareness back into your physical form and into your heart chakra feeling energized and full of light as you bring your awareness back into the room and where you are sitting.  This is something I like to do in my twilight stages before I enter sleep. My suggestion is to find what times work best for you and enjoy!

Just a side note:  Scientist have now discovered that the earth has the similar field to protect it from radiation of outer space.


Esoteric Acupuncture, Gateway to Expanded Healing Volume 1,  by Mikio Sankey, Ph.D., L.Ac. 


Earth's protective shield   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaXKL5eWYTc

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Spirit Anatomy

Spirit anatomy is something that we are never taught and yet it is a huge deal when we are looking into how we are designed. Remembering that we are both spirit and physical beings we learning that we are more complicated that we ever realized.

As an energy practitioner I find that many people know about the seven basic chakras but didn't know that each of them are connected to a spirit body outside of the physical body. Each sprit body encases the physical body like a glove only in layers. The first chakra is the base chakra which is connected to the etheric body that is an inch out from the body. The first chakra is about the basic necessities and security which are connected to the earth experience. The etheric body is the layer that keeps your spirit in the physical form connected and without it, you would not be in your body. You could call it the bridge that holds you together.

The sacral chakra is connected to the emotional body. The sacral is about the emotional centers in the body that feel passion, intimacy and connect us to ourselves and others through the sensations of the body.  The emotional body is three inches from the body and is all about feelings and emotions. Then you have the third chakra with is the solar plexus that is connected to the mental body. I love this one as it is all about personal power and self esteem. The mental body is located three to eight inches off the physical body. This spirit body is about our mental activity and how we process information.

The astral body is connected to the heart chakra. This chakra is the bridge for the higher and lower planes of energy moving through the physical body. The astral body which is six to twelve inches off the body helps us with our connection to the vibration of unconditional love that joins us to everything on the higher vibrational planes. Next we have the Throat Chakra that is connected to the Etheric Template body. This chakra is about self expression and communication. The Etheric Template is an actual blue print of our physical form.

The third eye chakra is connected to the celestial body. This third eye is about inner vision and intuition. The celestial body is about connection with the other side with symbols and visions with the celestial beings. Then the seventh chakra which is the crown is connected to the causal body. The crown helps us reach higher levels of awareness and consciousness. The causal body is three to four feet from the body which connects us to our higher selves and our connection with Spirit and our
Creator which is All that is.

I have only mentioned a small portion of how the chakras and spirit bodies connect but it is well worth looking into when learning about healing. When we heal we are healing on several layers that are on the mind, body and soul levels that lead us into learning more about ourselves as multi-dimensional beings. If you want to learn more about Spirit anatomy then here are a few books I would like to recommend.

1. The Awakened Aura, by Kala Ambrose

2. Aura Energy,  for Health Healing & Balance, by Joe H. Slate, PH.D.

Photographs by Steve Noyce, California

Monday, September 12, 2016

"It Is In the Words"

 Just a little something to think about is, if the entire universe is built with vibration, then just think what is built within the vibrations that we create with the different frequencies of our voices. What is truly exciting is that as multidimensional beings the very sounds of  heaven and earth are merged together in the vowels and consonants of every single word that parts from our very lips. The vibration of the heavens is held within the vowels and our connection to the physical world grounds us in the frequency of the consonants.

Think for a moment that when we look beyond the physical world remembering that we are 50% Spirit beings and the other half of us is physical then we can open our awareness to something we are apart of whether we are conscious of it or not.  How many times have we been touched by the sound of the human voice and didn't understand a word? The answer is in the vibrations.

Spiritual teachers like to remind us of the phase, "As above, so below" so we can see that we can experience this even in our words whether we are speaking English or Swahili as we are all connected in one way or another to each other and to the everything that is. The sounds that we create with our mouths is a language that links the heavens and earth in union with each other.  It is beautiful when you think about it.

Photographs by Steve Noyce, California

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Journey

On one of my trips, my husband dropped me off to catch an early flight at the DFW airport. I was making my way to visit my mom who lived in Taos, NM. It had been awhile since my last visit and I was excited to see her. So after saying goodbye I slowly made my way to find the area where I had to check in my bags. While waiting in line I got bored and opened my energy, casting my gaze around the big room only to notice large amounts of energy spinning off of other people's energy fields. I let my own excitement get the better of me, captivated by the ocean of colors. So many interesting things going on as people were occupied tying to maneuver through the crowd dragging bags across the floor, checking flights or hurrying to step into a line. Many energy fields were lit up like christmas trees as their auras burst with color while they expanded their awareness stimulated by the interaction of the hustle and then there were others who held their fields tight around them lost in their own thoughts.

  Moving on into the security line I pulled my field in close around me but my joy of thinking about seeing my mom opened me back up sending my field flooding out into the open space. Quickly I tried to get a grip on my emotions trying hard not to spill my energy over into someone else's field so that I wasn't intruding. Still my fascination with watching the colors of light around people kept me occupied until I remembered that one of my teachers had told me it was rude to check on people's auras because it was their business what was going on in their lives. Averting my gaze I didn't read the colors but was aware of the light.

Every once in awhile I was reminded of my destination of going home, feeling a grin escaping across my mouth. My joy spilled over, opening up my energy fields, as I started to take my turn to talk to the Security guard, only to receive a smile back which released more light exploding like wings around us which merged our fields. Our energies matched in that moment making the exchange of information a pleasant experience. Afterwards, I pulled myself together entering into the line and finally into the main waiting area of the airport. Lucky for me they had already started the procedure of boarding the plane so my wait was short as I continued to hold my energy around me. Once inside the plane I was joyful again that my husband had booked me a seat by the window. Looking at my surroundings the man next to me was engaged in a book and people were hurrying to find their seats.

I closed my eyes excited about landing and seeing my mom feeling more anxious for the plane ride being over so I could be grounded and back in my old room. After take off  I caught myself watching the sea of colors expanding over and around people's heads as the plane left the ground. Behind me I could hear a man who was talking to someone about his life in New Mexico. Another person was laughing while reading a book.  The person across the aisle was sleeping, as others had their laptops open working or watching something as we flew over the desert.
The feeling of anxiousness swept over me as I wanted to be at my Mom's house sitting by the fire. Even after the flight from Texas we still had a three hour drive from the Albuquerque airport and I was adding that to my list. Then, as I was sitting there, I remembered something my mom used to say, "Life is really all about the Journey and not the destination." Relaxing into my seat, I asked the man about his book which started a whole conversation about life and how we connect. Before long the Captain was preparing us for landing and we were heading out the door. I couldn't help smiling at the whole experience and when I reached my mom she asked me about my flight which tickled me as we enjoyed a long conversation on our drive to Taos.

Photographs by Ana, Taos NM

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Reprint "The Grief Experience"

The grieving process is one of those experiences that when we really look at it we can see how it affects the the different layers of us being multi-dimensional beings. Yes, we can track a formula that follows a certain pattern and sometimes it soothes us a little to have a particular course that we can follow. But then there are those other times we may find that we are stuck in a monotonous cycle of the grieving process reliving the experience over and over. So the next question is, "When does it end?" That is a very good question and when we look at ourselves again as multi-dimensional beings we see that we are indeed very complicated beings making that question dependent on healing three important parts of ourselves that hold our grief.

Grief is an emotion that marks the separation of the mind, body, and soul scattered in different directions. When we grieve, we grieve with our whole being but each part of the mind, body, and soul has it's own unique way of processing the whole grief experience. For example even if we are able to accept and understand what has happened, our body may still be moving through its own course of action in releasing the loss. This is why we find that we burst into tears, become angry, or feel depressed even after we thought that we had mentally processed a loss. Another example is when we feel that something isn't right and yet we can't place a finger on it feeling an enormous emptiness or heaviness within ourselves as we have lost our way. This can be described as Soul Sickness. The soul has lost or is missing something that needs to be processed or experienced within the lifetime of the individual yet it makes no sense to that person until they find meaning or cause in making a serious effort to change their course in life to heal the soul. Then there is the mind which can also play its part in grief causing a person to relive and over process an experience of loss to a point of minor madness.

Ancient Chinese medicine says that we carry our grief in our lungs. For many of us we feel it in our hearts. If it is not through the breath in our lungs it is through our hearts torn into a thousand pieces. Even though it may seem to be cruel it is the physical body's way of realigning itself so that it can bring itself to heal within the cells as it tries to reprogram itself to cope with what has happened to continue on with life. The mind also has it's own way of remembering, replaying, processing, firing-off, or even forgetting an experience as it also adjusts itself to come to terms to what has happened or endured. Then there is the energy of the soul that spills over affecting the energy bodies within and the outer layer of the subtle bodies that surround the physical body. Each of these energy centers are also influenced by the mind and body experiencing the grief causing them to become out of balance creating more anxiousness and frustration with one's plight in life. 

For whatever reason a person is moving through their own grieving experience it is always good to know that there is more going on than just the emotion of grief. Grieving is not a process of allowing time to change things so that we heal. No, it is a process of finding balance and learning how to work with and heal those different parts of ourselves that are experiencing the grief. We are after all a whole being not just a body, not just a mind, and not just a soul. We are unique as multi-dimensional beings with all three built into one that needs to find a healthy balance for our grief to heal.   

photographs by Angelique

Monday, August 22, 2016

What Is Left Unsaid

The power of our words is huge but what is left unsaid is massive. It is only when we become aware of the open spaces of time which birth an energy frequency sending out signals to the physical world that there is more to what is really being said. It is there that we began to experience the intentions and life lessons that are woven into the delivery of the spoken words.

It has come to my attention over the last month of a patten that has made itself known in the various conversations I have had with different people whom I have come in contact in my day to day life. The pattern makes itself known in a person's speech patterns. Like the movie "Sybil," as people speak they are unaware that they have many personalities that come through out of what they are trying to convey.

For those who are visual I would describe it as like going into someones home and seeing all the colors in their home that they have painted on the walls that represents all the emotions and energy that a household holds within it. The host or hostess may not tell you everything that they are going through yet the colors on the walls speak volumes of what is happening inside. There is that saying, "If walls could talk," and they do! The same goes with the patten of how words are put together and then communicated.

What I have notced is that there is a heavy undertone of a person's past, present, and future experiences in the way people communicate. I am not talking about basic grammar but built within the lining of a conversation what is revealed are several different threads leading off into different aspects of the person's character and experiences that color what is communicated. What surprises me is that I often catch glimpses of different ages of inner children of people speaking out who have have certain fears of past experiences that feel the need to be tended to as conversations progress. Each inner child seems to have their own agenda which can make a discussion move from one place to another as each child has to have their turn to speak.

Then there is a subtle ripple that happens when a conversation is focused on in the present time of a subject where hidden within the words are some form of the hopes, and dreams of the future lingering in the intentions of where the discussion is heading.

 With a little understanding of what is going on doing a converstaion it is easy to see that when most people talk to each other they are speaking on so many different levels of experiences, prejudice, education levels, and desires that can separate a person from what is really trying to be expressed and yet feeling the need to be understood. No wonder we have so much miss-communication if the listener is not up to looking at all the different veins that move into various experiences. And yet on so many levels some how we take it all in only to walk away satisfied that we were heard or wonder what was going on with the other person we were trying to connect with.

In the end I find it fascinating that we as human beings can communicate on so many levels and how amazing we are as we all progress in our life journeys in our human experiences.

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Monday, August 15, 2016

Reprint "Beginning and End"

Years ago I was sitting in a class that my fire walker friend Daniel D'Neuville was teaching when he asked everyone, "Where does the universe begin and end?"  At the time I thought that was a very strange question as it made no sense to me. Then as I sat there, and pondered I saw this swirl of planets out in the universe, but again it didn't add up. Daniel our teacher then just waited for all of us to contemplate on the question, but the answers in my head were all leading me to a dead end.

It wasn't until I got tired of the question, and my mind rested on where I was setting that the answer hit me! "Of course it's inside of me!" Then I realized that it is not only in me, but in every living being. A flash of me when I was a child realizing that one day I would die, and the sun, and the earth would go on without me. The sun would still rise, and the moon will still shine, but I would no longer walk this earth. The universe from my own perspective, and with everyone else starts within our own experience that we are aware of.

Then Daniel after awhile said to the group,"The answer is... it begins and ends from exactly where you are". I have to admit that it made me smile as it made a lot of sense.

Monday, August 8, 2016

"Play it again, Sam!"

"Play it again, Sam!", I have heard myself sometimes say when my higher self  asks if I am finished with a particular lesson. This saying comes from the famous movie Casa Blanca when Humphrey Bogart asks his piano player to play his favorite song over and over again. I think most people who go through a painful experience in their lives don't wish to repeat the same process but for some reason I find with human nature we often step back into the same situation just to try it on for size in order to see if anything has changed. I agree and from the outside to any rational person this sounds ridiculous. Why keep repeating something that is painful?

How many of us wonder why people date the same kind of person in every relationship? Why a person chooses similar situations in their lives that create chaos or jobs that point them in a direction where disappointment is unavoidable. I could go on but you get the picture.  I believe the answer to that question for all of us is sometimes it is easier for us to follow a path that we already know on an unconscious level than to continually be present in taking the measures to change an old pattern when it comes back up in our lives.

I  like to use the example of dieting. Once we area able to make a conscious decision to change our diet we empower ourselves and feel good about our appearance. It is when we forget about our purpose that we go back into an old pattern that feels ever so familiar to us as we either gain or lose the extra pounds that we fought so hard to change. Again it is about the support we get in remembering to be mindful enough in that moment of what we are doing when the old pattern comes back up which makes our tasks into a rock or a mountain later on in the process.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Influence of Energy Patterns

I feel like one of the things that people often miss on a conscious level but totally get on a subconscious level are energy patterns that are created by a lot of traffic in certain spaces. Heavy traffic patterns over the years, whether it is in a home or business, set up an energy pattern that creates a recording of that pattern. Sometimes we notice it when we step into a room feeling as if something took place in that room or, if we are aware, we may witness the recording with our senses as it plays over and over. This kind of energy pattern came to my attention a few days ago when I was reaching for a spoon and went to the wrong drawer in our new home.

This may seem innocent enough but the same behavior has been repeating itself ever since we moved. It happened so much that I even moved the silverware to the drawer that I keep pulling out. What I also noticed when I was in the kitchen was that the plates and glasses also felt as if they were in the wrong cabinets or so it seemed as I reached for an item. As I was in the middle of changing out the dishes to the other cabinets I recognized that I had set up the kitchen in the way it works best for my husband and myself. It was then that I decided to replace the things where I had originally had them.

Again, I found myself repeating the old pattern of continuing to go to the wrong cabinets and drawers for what I needed. It wasn't until I happened to find some old photographs of our home of the rooms in the house that I understood what was happening. What surprised me was that I had arranged the furniture, and rugs exactly to the size and style of the previous owner.  I bought rugs that matched theirs and even placed them in the same exact spaces. The house was barely furnished when we were thinking of buying it. Knowing this, it dawned on me that the reason the silverware and dishes felt as if they were in the wrong place was that there was already a placement pattern coded with the energy of the utensils and dishes in the kitchen. The house is 17 years old.

Then I was reminded about energy patterns and since our new home had some years on it there was already a program that was running through it that I was picking up and following it like a well written road map except for the kitchen, which I was fighting to change.

What I have learned over the years is that in mays ways a house is a lot like people. We build collect or build energy patterns with our feelings and emotions over time sending out signals to others who pick up on what we are broadcasting out into the world. Often when we get stuck or try to make some changes in our lives we find that we are still in the same situations and continue to have the same experiences with the same outcomes. The only difference is that the people in our lives may change as we repeat the pattern. The reason this happens is that in order to make a real change we must first be couscous of what is going on so we are able to make a decision in creating a path to see our way out of where we are. Then we have to add in the extra effort to keep repatterning the old behavior in following the new path while being aware of when we are slipping backwards without judgement. What I want to point out is that not only are we working with bodies' muscle memory but also energy patterns that influence our mental and emotional bodies as well.

Since we are all different  it may take two weeks, twenty-one days or, for people like me, a little longer.  Again No judgement but remember if you want to change an old pattern, it is also a healthy combination of patience and practice. In the end you will have the results you are seeking. The other side of this is that we are conscious beings and can find our solid footing when we are aware of what is going on inside and around us. We are creators in our own lives.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Repost "Lavender Oil"

In 2010 I had been organizing and hosting a Healing Circle in Arlington, TX for several years so when I was asked to set up and organize a Healing Circle at a local Acupuncture clinic in Fort Worth, TX, I couldn't help being excited in expanding the Circle to another venue. The premise of the Circle was to invite various holistic teachers and healers to speak to the groups that gathered once a month informing them about the different healing modalities that were available. This included essential oils, energy medicine, healing colors, Reiki, massage, music therapy, sound healing, prayer etc...

It was at one of these Healing Circles that I had the honor of making the acquaintance with a women named Carol through a mutual friend who organized and put together the Healing Arts program at one of the local hospitals in Fort Worth, TX. The program was a way of using both western and holistic medicine that complimented each other in helping with the healing process.

Carol was a nurse and one of her specialties in the Healing Arts program was working with the patients using essential oils as a compliment to their stay at the hospital. She came to speak at one of the Healing Circles and her subject that evening was on Lavender Oil. What I remember that really stood out about Lavender oil was using it on burns. This information would become very crucial in my life when I had an emergency later on down the road.

 A few years later I was hosting a family get-together at our home in Arlington and had just made a pot of tea on our electric stove in the kitchen when my sister-in-law who was keeping me company and was telling me a story placed the palm of her hand down on the hot stove. I have to say that both of us were shocked and I grabbed her hand and took her to the sink instantly running cold water on it. I then ran to the bathroom remembering the Lavender oil and the talk that Carol did at the Healing Circle. Grabbing the oil I took her hand and drenched it in the essential oil. Then we used ice cubes on her hand to help numb the pain. Not sure what else to do we talked about the lavender oil and what I had learned at the Circle that Carol had spoken at.

My sister-in-law called me the next day and told me that she didn't have any pain and the skin on her hand was not coming off or even marred. I still was in shock about the whole thing but it wasn't until a few months later when my son had made a pizza and left the hot pan on the stove that I found out just how well the lavender oil worked first hand. ( No pun intended) I came in that day and saw the pan not knowing that it was hot and picked it up only to drop it on the floor burning my fingers. Again I ran for the lavender oil. I used the cool water to sooth the pain and then placed the oil on my burnt fingers. I then used ice cubes to help with the pain. It was painful but the next day I looked at my fingers thinking they would blister up but the skin was good. The pads on the fingers were as if I hadn't burned myself. It was crazy!

I ended up calling Carol and talking to her about the oil as I wanted to know a little more about it. She explained that there were two different kinds of lavender plants that the Lavender oil was made out of for different uses. She warned me to be careful on which one I was using because it could be bad if I used the wrong one. She gave me the names of the different plants but I couldn't remember them when I got off the phone as they were long names and I didn't write them down. However I did know that the Lavender oil I used worked. So now I only buy the two brands that I know worked for me.

When I tell people about those experiences I warn people that there are two different kinds of lavender plants and they might want to "Google" it if they wanted to know more. For me I use the "Young Living" Lavender essential Oil and the other brand I keep on hand is "Aura Cacia." I found out later that Carol was invited to speak in Japan about the essential oils she uses for the Healing Arts program at the hospital. She still works with the Healing Arts program at the hospital in Fort Worth, TX, even today.

 1st photo taken in Ft Worth, TX by Ana, 2nd photo taken in San Francisco in Napa Valley by Steve 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Read Between the Lines

"Read between the lines," is a phrase that always sparks an early memory on the playground that caught the attention of anyone who was present. In those moments we all knew it was a challenge as the energy flowed like an electric current moving swiftly through our energy fields attracting us like moths to a flame. Only a few would run off to tell the teacher while the rest of us were captivated by what was to unfold in front of us only adding more fuel to the fire. It wasn't until later in life when I heard the same phrase the intention behind the words were changed. Instead of an open challenge it was in an expansion of awareness.

Spirituals teacher's all over the world have always taught us that; "Energy follows thought," and as I move through my own experiences this past week visiting with others around me I find that a really good technique to use when feeling a little off balanced by what someone might say is to take a step back to analyze what stands behind the intentions and their words. By doing this it makes it easier to quickly discern if the conversation has touched upon an old wound. Next it is important to ask the question if it is yours or theirs. If it is yours then look for the source of the wound to release it, with gratitude for revealing itself so the energy can be pulled back from the person so not to be pushing up against them. If it is theirs then do your best to push aside the energy as it is really not about you but something that was triggered by their own experiences.

There is something to be said about being conscious of the flow of energy that expands in all of our energy fields. It gives us the power to decide how we want to participate when we feel unsure of our balance as it offers us the opportunity of not to be caught up in the emotional force that pulls us into situations that are not healthy for any of us. Instead it gives us an opportunity to practice stepping into our higher selves so as not to contribute to the turmoil that separates us from each other and even our true selves.

 Again, I find that we are always reminded that we are are all active participants in our own experiences which can change the meaning of  any challenge on the playground. Even a phrase like "Read between the lines,"  can demonstrate something that we are a part of that is larger then ourselves as we all move into a higher state of awareness.

Photos by Steve and Ana.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Lost in translation.

Well this is our third week in our new home and we have had some interesting new challenges as we move through our transition. Looking back I don't know how anyone ever moves and keeps their wits about them.  The newest thing that happened to us is that my sister is also moving and offered us her bed frame that I had seen a few times when I had visited her in California. What I could remember is that it looked like a normal sized frame and I was delighted that she gave it to us as it would fit perfectly in our new home. She offered to ship it to us and all we had to do was to buy a California King mattress.  Looking back somewhere in that first conversation I vaguely remember her saying that we didn't need a box spring and that we only needed a top mattress. 

Simple? So we headed off to the furniture store and before we made it through the bedding department we were approached by a salesman who had us try the electric mattresses with the remote control. Of course when you have all the gadgets it is really hard to go back to a regular old mattress. We bought it not really sure if it would fit in our bed frame but knew enough to buy a California king.  That was two weeks ago. The bed frame came in this past Thursday and we put it together on Saturday. Once we had it all assembled we realized that where the mattresses would set on the bed frame was at least 17" off the floor.

The next day, which was yesterday, the mattress was delivered and placed on the bed frame. I have to say that jarred the memory of my sister telling me that we didn't need a box spring so now the top of the bed stands 43" off the floor with it all assembled! If you are unfamiliar with electric mattresses, they have a base that does all the work with the mattress on top. I am only 5' tall on a good day. Somehow that vital piece of information got lost in the excitement of the announcement of her gifting it to us. My poor husband had no idea what he was in for as I was so excited about the bed itself and didn't think to share that key information when we were buying the mattress. So as the delivery men were leaving I had to ask if they had seen other beds that were that tall and of they both agreed that they had. That gave me a little peace.

The good news was that my sister had also given us a little step stool that went with the bed frame but it was only two steps. We made the bed and then used the steps to get on the side board and then up onto the bed. I used to ride horses in my youth and it reminded me  a lot of mounting a horse. I must admit the bed looks ridiculous but once in it, it is amazing!

After making all our adjustments we turned out the lights only to hear our old cat crying, looking for us.  I had to holler that we were up on the bed, fortunately we had some insight to place an old pet ladder next to the bed and she eventually found us. The kitten had no problem pouncing on us and then bounding off only to turn around and pounce again. Once we were all settled we fell asleep until the dog woke us up wanting to go out. I heard my husband fumbling out of bed trying to find the floor and when I asked if he was okay all he said was that it was a controlled fall! Early on in the morning I woke up thinking about making my way to the bathroom but then decided to wait for the room to get light enough for me to see my way down.  We don't have lamps yet and the light switch is on the wall by the door.

This morning my husband has a few ideas of how to make some adjustments to the bed frame and make it easier to get into. I love that he is creative and only looks at life as an interesting challenge and not a defeat. Again I feel very loved by my sister and my husband both who know that in the excitement sometime we can get lost in the translation only to have the option to experience life as an adventure.

Thursday, June 30, 2016


I don't think anyone could have prepared me for such an event in my life. I was so excited and had been wanting to move for years even when the children were young. That sense of adventure was always attached to the whole process in my own mind. Then after being in one house and one place for 21 years the time had come and just as fast as the thought occurred and was agreed upon we were relocated last week to a new city and new home.

The stress of moving didn't really hit until a few weeks before the actual move and then the grief that followed from leaving something that had been so familiar came in waves. Driving by the children's old school or going to the store would bring deep emotions of attachment that I didn't even realize were there. It wasn't until we found a home that I was able to transfer all my emotions  into new dreams of what was ahead of us once we moved.

The first few nights were okay but on the third night I awoke to the sound of water running through the house. I jumped out of bed sleepy eyed thinking the whole house was filled with water as we had just had the water heater replaced the day before. stumbling out into the living room I saw that the door was wide open as the sprinklers were going off in the front yard. It was then that I realized that my beloved pets could have easily slipped out in the middle of the night in a strange neighborhood. I immediately called, waking up my husband who quickly counted the number of heads in our house hold and realized we were one short. The kitten was gone!

As we searched the neighborhood in our pajamas and robes calling for our kitten at 2 am we heard a faint meow after 20 minutes. There in the bushes three houses down we found a very grateful and scared kitten wanting to go home in our arms. Once we got back to the house my husband went over how the door could have opened in the middle of the night. He came to the conclusion that it was the kitten who had discovered how to open the door. She had watched us use the lever handle which also opened the deadbolt in one motion as a precaution in case of a fire. It was a smart door handle but the kitten was smart too. After talking to the lock smith the next day we discovered that there were a few changes that needed to be made in the way the house was to be secured.

The day before I had also locked myself out of the house for three hours in the back yard. I had gone out to dry a towel on one of the lawn chairs at 2:30 in the afternoon. We had also placed a padlock on the gate as we have a pool so I was in a little bind in the Texas heat. Lucky for me we did have a pool so I was able to keep myself cooled off until my husband found me when he came home from work. I ignored his comment about how surprised he was that I had bought a new bathing suit and after I was drying off he realized it wasn't a bathing suit that I was swimming in.

All in all we are enjoying our new location and finding that we are learning a lot about the house that we are in. However I am observing my energy and my emotions as I open boxes placing things in their place in the house and how different the energy around me shifts. Each time I open a box I either have a wave of excitement to see something or a sadness of old memories that come flooding in recognizing all the new changes. I am learning that sometimes life can be bittersweet but in the end it is about how we react and process the whole experience. 

1st Photograph - Ana - Taos NM
2nd Photograph - Ana - Napa Valley CA
3rd Photograph - Steve - Napa Valley CA

Thursday, June 16, 2016

"The Load"

There are times in our lives that we love someone so dearly that we want to help them in anyway we can and one of the things that we often do is offer to take whatever load they are carrying and place it on our own shoulders. Now this may seem like a kind and compassionate gesture but the lesson here is that when we try to take on someone else's burdens it can become a large block in both lives delaying the learning process which will start up again once one fails to hold the load.

Don't get me wrong, there are times when we are compassionate towards others and their plight in life but there are also those times when we know how long to help and when to let go and allow them to have their own experience in life. It is when we take someone else's load of lessons and try to make it ours that we lose the things that we are trying to accomplish in our own lives, This creates a relationship that becomes codependent on the other person. The other person may be grateful in the beginning but then later on expects you to carry their burdens without realizing that the whole purpose for them is to carry their own load so that they learn from the experience which allows them to ascend on a higher levels of consciousness.

I had a spiritual teacher tell me once that, "If we try to walk for someone they never learn how to walk". Part of our human existence is to have our own experiences no matter how heavy or cumbersome life can be. Something we need to remember is that when we are climbing a mountain it is best to encourage and support each other as we move through the whole process of the climb but to carry someone else up the mountain along with our own load on our back, in the end can only lead to disaster.   

Photographs by Steve Noyce, photo 1 Stonehenge, England and photo 2 Tower of London, England