Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Last Post

So much has happened since I last posted. At this time I am not sure that I will be able to keep up with this blog as I've had over the many years as life is taking me on another journey.  For now we are looking at producing more YouTube videos with teachings.

However I do want to thank all my readers for their love and I hope that the blogs have inspired others in the own personal journey of life.

With much Love & Joy!

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Power of One - Repost

The power of one is stronger than I think most people even realize. It is when someone is in that gentle space of knowing who they are, and holding an energy of Love that things around them begin to change. It happens so rapidly that people who come in contact with a person who is inline with the energy of Love start to shift, and soon become a part of something much bigger then themselves.

What is it about you might ask? It is about remembering, and being conscious of who we are, and where we originally came from. It is that place of inner peace, not the judgement of others, or ourselves as we find the grace within us. It is about remembering that the Love that we send out in our own energy fields is just as contagious as the fear that is let loose among the world.

What we discover is that being around people who are in those higher frequencies such as Love can not only be heart lifting but can help us heal our own fields, if we allow ourselves to shift into the same vibration. Release comes sooner, as we learn that it doesn't take a mountain to move things around us but the power of an energy force that promotes a unity of consciousnesses within all of us.

Photographs by Ana

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Peace in Seconds

So, since we moved, we have had to change over all our medical doctors. I for one do not enjoy going for my annual check up but with a lot of encouragement from my husband I went to make him happy. As I sat there waiting for the doctor in my paper gown I worked myself up. Trying to push it away I realized what I was doing as the nurse was taking my temperature and asking me questions.

That is when I became aware that I was in a panic and decided to open my fields. Slowly, I took a deep breath when the nurse turned around and in an instant I became calm. In just a few seconds I went into an alpha state, feeling my body relax and my mind let go of the mental stress that I was putting myself through. Energy ran through my body like a gentle current as my awareness sharpened. I could feel different parts of my brain open up sending signals as I was conscious of a chemical reaction happening within me.

The nurse then hooked me up to a heart monitor and when she adjusted the machine the alarms went off. She did it again and the same thing happened. She then checked for a malfunction in the machine and started the whole process over. Again the alarms went off. After making adjustments she asked me if I ran marathons. I had to laugh and let her know I walked around the block, and that was not often. Confused, she explained that my heart rate was like someone who did a lot of exercise and aerobics. It was lowering itself. I explained that I intentionally lowered my heart rate because I was becoming stressed and knew that it was going to be high because of it.

I told her that I do mediation and can go into a meditative state in a matter of seconds when I need to calm down. I could also bring my heart rate up by pulling myself out of it. Then I raised my energy and the machine worked as it monitored my heart rate changing. Just something I know how to do.

It wasn't until the next morning when I got up with my husband and was watching the news that a story came on about the newest trend since yoga. It is meditation centers for people who want to not be so stressed with their lives. I realized then that I could teach others how to change their stress into peace in a matter of seconds when they are in a situation. They don't have to go somewhere where it is quiet or sit for hours trying to calm their mind with their eyes closed. This little technique can be done with eyes wide open in any situation. It is not hypnosis, only learning about how the human energy body works then opening up the field to plug in. As easy as that!

Now, as I am gearing up to teach the Light Language course I have decided to teach others how to go into this place of peace within themselves and the world around them. It seems to be a practice that would help people when they are in a stressful situation where they can be calm so they can move through the experience with as much ease as possible.

 Pictures by Steve Noyce

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Bigger Picture

Moving on to the path of light and shedding the darkness has been a life's work, I think for all of us. I sometimes wonder where we would all be without the experience that we have to share with each other. I know in my own life I take great comfort when I can sit and visit with someone who has been down the same road as I am starting my own journey.

Reaching out to each other in a time of need is only the beginning of sharing what we have to offer each other. Becoming aware of the beautiful light that surrounds others when we are in the company of someone else brings a passion into our own lives. It also allows us to see the beauty in this world.

Like all the people we are so wonderfully inter woven together in this life. That through it all, even in the heartaches we are here to be together as we live and grow in our experiences with each other.

Sometimes seeing the bigger picture for our lives and relationships is not seeing it from our own perspective. It might not be seeing from someone else's either. It is from seeing with the eyes of something much bigger than what we know. And coming to understand that, changes the way we see ourselves and others.

It was someone who is now a dear friend, who pointed that out to me. It was much like a Rubex cube as the combination changes and the pattern begins to fall into place. This is what explains the matrix of relationships and the way we communicate with each other as it becomes a life of understanding and forgiveness.

It is by grasping even a small part of the bigger picture that allows us to experience something much greater then ourselves as we lift each other up.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Dear Ones,

So much is happening as I am discovering a lot about YouTube and how to publish teachings that are in story from on the internet. My husband and I are learning the basics and so far have published three Youtube videos. One as you already have seen as"The Wedding Pot" another describing the book, and the third "Impressions of an Echo" which is a poem that was published on this blog.

We have many more to make and each time gets a little easier. I will continue to publish more articles on this blog but this week our focus has been really directed to learning the mechanics of YouTube. Bear with us.

 Love & Blessings,


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Repost, "The Spaces Between the Lines"

What is the space between the lines you ask? Why it is life... What else would it be? I loved this phrase even the first time I heard it. I realized that there is more to life and relationships than just the solid line of commitment. There were all the spaces that were not filled in on the whole sheet of paper.

It is what it is... the space between the musical notes written on a page, when played it fills the air creating music. It is the whole story of a life with all it's passion, love, inspirations and hardships that create a book of an individual.

It can also be a feeling or gut reaction that inspires you to hold out your hand to a friend in need. It is what being human is all about. The spaces between the lines...


Monday, April 24, 2017

The Wedding Pot - A Reading

This is our very first Youtube endeavor to add my own voice to the energy of the Book. I hope that you will enjoy the reading and plan to have more to follow on the Ana Noyce Youtube channel.

         In Love & Light,

Monday, April 17, 2017

"The Gene Pool"

We have been taught and it is still a part of our collective consciousness at this time that we are victims of our genetics and that what ever is seen in our genes is what we are stuck with. If our families had cancer we believe that we most likely have a chance to entertain the thought of having cancer. But lets look at the newer science that is now telling us that we have the ability to change what is written in our own genes and not only that but now proving we can change it for generations to come.

The science is called epigenetics that is now proving that we can turn off certain genes in our gene pool when we change our thinking and our environment. Scientist are now discovering that we have the capability to change what we once thought held us captive and even made us victims in our own bodies. But how does that happen?  In the book Spiritual Alchemy, by Dr Christine, page 38. Bruce Lipton cellular biologist offers the following hypothesis:

"Despite the fact that for the past 50 years science has maintained that our fate was preprogrammed in our genes, it is now emerging that our external universe, internal physiology and more importantly our perception directly controls the activity of the genes." 

Meaning...."Our perception controls the genes and their subsequent production of hormones, proteins, enzymes, etc. and not heredity unless the same thought patterns continue unchallenged from one generation to the next." Dr. Christine, page 38

"As the unification spreads upon this planet, we are also seeing the coming together of the four great tenets of society: religion, science, philosophy and the arts." Dr. Christine, page 38.

Something to make you go hmmmm....


1. Bruce Lipton: Cellular Biologist 

2. Epigenetics: The Science show 

3, Interview Dr. Emoto 

4. Dr. Joe Dispense 2017,  Defining Intentions 

5. Spontaneous Healing, Greg Braden


1.  Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, by Dr. Joe Dispense

2. Spiritual Alchemy, How to transform your Life, by Dr. Christine Page MBBS, MRCGPM DCH, DRCOG, MFHom

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Energy Practitioners

We all know when we break everything down in the body we are made up of tiny atoms. We also are aware that when we get sick there is a energy pattern that plays out as a program in a frequency that energy practitioners are trained to work with. Like doctors who understands the anatomy of a physical body an energy practitioner is trained in the understanding of how these vibrations and frequencies break down in the physical from and energetic bodies taking healing on to another level when working with atoms, waves, particles, and molecules.

History has shown us that years ago when the first doctors started to do their research people thought they were crazy, only now we know that it was all about learning and teaching others about human anatomy. Today energy practitioners are publishing and explaining how it all works using Quantum physics and new technologies that can now explain what is being done on an energetic level. It just took a little longer for the scientists and engineers to catch up.

Something else to be aware of is that energy practitioner's language is different just like a doctor's language is different as it refers to modalities, techniques and words about quantum physics that other practitioners understand. To someone who doesn't know the terms, it's going to sound strange. It all makes a lot more common sense when you start to learn the language and how the terms are connected or broken down into a language we understand on an everyday use. If you go to an energy practitioner and they use a words etc... you don't know, ask them to explain so you have a better understanding. You see communication is always key so you have the opportunity in participating in your own healing.

What to watch for as a person who is seeking out help from an energy practitioner is to make sure that they are qualified and even have the basic knowledge. Like searching for a doctor they have certifications and lists of teachers who they have worked with. Take the time to check out their background or if they are highly recommended by a credible source. It can all be so exciting but often we forget that energy changes the chemicals and molecular structure within the physical and energy bodies. Again just like a doctor you need to know about your practitioner before opening up to an energy healing. Look for integrity, credentials, experience, and if they are interning, who they worked with.

I have talked to people who didn't do their homework and got burned by an energy practitioner only to say that all energy practitioners are not reliable. This is not so and needs to be taken more seriously as just like picking out a doctor it is important to know who is working on you.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Healing Yourself

Raising one's vibration is important to learn when managing one's energy in healing the physical body. No, I don't mean more exercise like running although that is not a bad idea. What I do mean is learning how to create a higher source of energy that runs through the chakras and etheric bodies without an interruption. Spirit anatomy is just as important as the physical body and knowing how to clear and move the energy through the energetic system helps to maintain the physical body.

We know the basics such as food nourishes and helps to restore the cells and tissues. Exercising the body helps move oxygen through the blood replenishing the body. But we often forget that energy is just as important. Energy is the electrical current that runs through all the meridians, chakras, etheric bodies and inner core that restores the organs and helps to heal the physical body.

A good practice to help with arthritis is to build energy in the solar plexus either through breath work or using light language. When this is done then you can run the energy through the chakras or meridians to where the problem is occurring. For example say you have arthritis in the fingers, by using your intentions you can move the energy from the solar plexus with your thoughts guiding the energy through the body into the arms, down towards the palms and into the fingers allowing the energy to flow out into the air. What you are doing is helping the circulation and bringing electrical current into that area that helps remove the pain and heal the fingers.

Note: I usually point my fingers towards the earth and let the earth swallow up the toxins that are discarded with much gratitude. 

Practice doing this exercise for 10 to 20 minutes three or more times a day. Some people notice results right away and others it takes time. What you are doing is acupuncture that is working from the inside out, instead of using needles on the outside. You are also sending a signal to the cells, tissues, and bones to heal as you work on yourself. Be patient as it depends on each person how fast the relief will come.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Healing Lectures

I am excited to announce a new "Holistic Educational" group that will be starting up this week. Each month they will be hosting different speakers that will be talking about their modalities and how they can compliment western medicine in working with the mind, body, and soul in helping to promote healing.


Douglas Decker, MD, Debra Rohlfing and Robin Rohrer are hosting monthly lectures offered to further your knowledge in the many different healing modalities offered by the experts in their field. Please  come  and discover what we can learn about the magnificent frameworks we inhabit.  Hear about who is coming and other activities  we have to offer.  Your input is important.

MARCH 30, 2017

7:00-9:00 P.M.

Andrews Women's Hospital  (4th Floor)                         
Baylor Scott & White-Fort Worth                         
1400 8th Avenue                         
Fort Worth, Tx 76104

NOTE:  Park in parking garage (free) next to fountain in front of the hospital.  Security is available to escort you to and from your car upon request. When you enter the front door of the hospital the receptionist will guide you to the 4th floor conference room.

R.S.V.P:  817-689-3367  Just leave name and event name.
              Limited Seating

Saturday, March 18, 2017

An Interruption in Life

So often we are in an unconscious stream of thinking and doing when we are plugging into our daily lives. Then there are those moments when something catches us off guard and trips us up, making us think for a moment, wondering what happened. Looking at the situation we may even get a little frustrated as it interrupts our lives. But it is in that moment we find ourselves awake paying attention to things on a conscious level as an event etc... unfolds as an inconvenience.

Why? I have heard this question even from myself. Because before, we were not even aware when we moved through the motions of our lives that we were sleepwalking. We had forgotten what food really tastes like in our mouths hitting all the tastebuds. We didn't think twice about the air and how it fills our lungs moving though our bodies energizing us. And somewhere we even missed out on those around us who were hiding their pain and suffering.

Like a strayed pattern in the rhythm in a heart beat, it is the interruptions that get our attention and make us remember that we are alive and connected.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Holding Hands

When my children were youngsters my husband Steve and I used to volunteer as chaperones for their youth trips. The very first time we took a trip with one of their groups we got into a small circle and said a prayer, but before we did we all linked hands. What caught my attention is that when we held hands the young girl beside me intertwined her fingers with mine. At the time I remember feeling that it was a little uncomfortable so I pulled my hand away and clasped her hand again. She would have none of that and quickly corrected the way we held hands and once again overlocked her fingers with mine. Realizing it would be repeated I gave in.

When we finished the prayer I felt the need to ask her why she did that, in which she responded that it was a tradition with the group as it represented that her strength covers my weakness and my strength covers hers. I have to admit that was not what I expected and was a little taken back but also deeply inspired. As the young girl walked away I thought what a great way to hold another person's hand as a reminder that we are there for each other.

 If the world only took that view and we held each other in that way...

Monday, March 6, 2017

John of God

So I have been hearing about this amazing healer in Brazil named John of God and I decided to go and see for myself what all the hype is all about. I left on February 12th on an adventure for two whole weeks with a dear friend to Abadiania, Brazil. I am here to tell you that from my own personal experience John of God is the real deal.

My friend and I were a part of a group that had 12 people lead by our lovely guide  Kelsie Kenefick who walked us through the protocol of meeting with John of God. Now in our daily life that doesn't seem important but when you are one of two thousand to three thousand people in one day to work on your personal healing then the oder of operations is very necessary. Our guide was essential in not only helping us maneuver through the crowds and explaining what was happening before and after the meeting but even what was happening to us as we had spiritual shifts. Again for those who are thinking about going for their own experience might really want to think about having a guide.

I had three personal healings while I was there. It started the moment I got to Abadiania, and decided on what I wanted to heal. The energy in Abadiania next to the Casa has been described as a fish bowl because once you step into that space you are already being worked on on a spiritual level of healing. And yes this includes physical healings which many call miracles. I even got to witness a physical eye surgery where there was no numbing medicine etc.... It was amazing to watch. The man who volunteered was not in any pain nor did he cry out when a knife was used on his cornea. After the surgery the man was smiling.

John of God says that you really don't need to have a physical surgery to heal but since there are a lot of people who need to see a physical surgery to even understand how it all works he takes volunteers who want to do the surgery. I opted to do the spiritual surgery and I have to tell you as an energy worker I was impressed with the process. I felt the energy move and shift inside my physical body in healing what I asked for.

As an energy worker I want others to know about the work that is happening in Brazil.
Below are some Youtube videos if you are interested in learning more about John of God and Kelsie's email if you have any questions or want to know more about the tour.

John of God interview with Oprah

John of God Documentary

Kelsie Kenefick Tour guide

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Repost "A Common Thread"

A common thread that we all share is our connection we have with each other. Our energy, thoughts, and intentions all have a huge influence not only in our own lives but others that we come in contact with. For many this can be called Empathic but as I have learned we all share this ability at different degrees. For me it was a way that I could help others and understand blessings in my own life with what I could feel within my own body as a Reiki practitioner. Later with practice I learned that I didn't have to feel the energy but could read it instead which only changed the way that I learned about energy.

I once had a client come to me who was nursing a cold at the time asking me to balance her energy fields. During the session we had to stop a few times to let her blow her nose. Then in the middle of the session my nose started to run and I had to stop and blow my own. Finally it dawned on me to check in with myself when I recognized that I was fine when we started. It then became clear to me that I was working in her energy field and I was taking on her symptoms. This meant that I needed to acknowledge what was happening and then send the energy that was causing the nose to drip on it's merry way stopping it for the both of us so that we could to continue the rest of the session without all the Kleenex.

I had another client come to me for Reiki and I noticed a few minutes into the session that my stomach was hurting. Not bad but uncomfortable, so I asked my client if she was having a stomach ache.  She immediately responded that her stomach was hurting all that morning and so I started to work on releasing the energy and clearing out the pain from both of our energy fields. It worked, within the next few minutes the pain was gone which I quickly checked in with my client and hers was gone to.

Another time was when I went with a friend to pick up her daughter from her ballet class. Her daughter got in the car complaining that her foot was hurting. Seeing me in the car she asked if I would lay my hands on her foot and help with the pain. I did and after a little while my foot started to hurt which made me speak up letting her know what I was picking up. She smiled wanting to know where on the foot that I was picking up the pain. That was easy, as I could pin point the exact area of where the pain was coming from. She smiled really big and said that, yes, that was where her foot was hurting. I then placed my intentions to release the pain in her foot and my own energy field. After few seconds she sighed in big relief. The pain was gone for both of us.

My husband is a very dear person who sympathized with both my pregnancy and the births of our two children. As I was having contractions, he would feel the pain in his stomach. I must confess at the time, I was not very compassionate towards his pain. But now years later I am still in "awe" of how we can pick up emotions, and even feel physical pain from each other when we are connected.

Throughout my own life I have discovered that we as human beings don't even have to be in the same room but can be miles and miles apart and still be connected to each other.

An example of this was several years ago when I was doing a lot of traveling in my life and I could feel one of my friends thinking or praying over me. The feeling I got was so strong that I would make note of the time and day where ever I was. Later, when I got home, I would contact her and we would compare notes which always confirmed what I noted to the exact time and day. Again, I was reminded of the power our thoughts and prayers have on each other.

Now, years later, I understand more than ever how important it is to send out loving and healing thoughts towards each other, especially towards those who make us feel off-balance. They are the ones who need it the most and when we are conscious of this we can send loving energy that is needed to create that balance. The other thing to be aware of is that often when we are hurt and angry we send the energy out which can cause more pain and suffering for others and ourselves. I am not saying not to get angry but learn how to release your anger into the earth and let it regenerate into a healthy energy that doesn't cause pain to others and eventually make it's way back to you. As multi-dimensional beings it is our responsibility to be mindful for the things that we think as much as the things that we do.

Friday, February 10, 2017


"Memorized feelings limit us to re-creating the past."
                     Dr. Joe Dispenza

"Rather than resisting or getting rid of negative thoughts, simply place thoughts of a higher nature by their side."
                  Sanaya Roman

The Observer

A practice that is really powerful when working with strong emotions is to learn how to become our own observer. That means being conscious in what we are feeling in an intense experience, or even in an emotional exchange with someone else. When we do this we allow ourselves the privilege of really seeing what is being triggered, defended, or if it is our ego that was hurt.

It is by becoming our own observer that we have the opportunity to make choices from the information that we gathered and decide if it is important to respond by letting go or if we really need to take a stand without the emotions making a decision for us. If we learn that our emotions are really only a gauge for us to look at a situation and different views of the world around us then we feel more empowered for stepping into our integrity.

Photograph by Steve

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Ice Cubes Story

This is a story that I like to share with my Light Language class......

A few years ago as I was waking up and in that place of Twilight. I saw this image of myself standing in what I perceived at that time as hell. I was aware that my hands were up close to my shoulders open towards the heavens. Immediately I was reminded of the stature that is in the poster for the movie, "In the Garden of Good and Evil" While I was contemplating this I felt someone place an ice cube in each of my hands. Then I heard the voice of an angel that I was familiar with explaining that I was safe as long as the ice cubes didn't melt.

My awareness then settled on the images that surrounded me which were of great pain, and suffering. Toxic fumes blasted me with extreme heat that smelled so vile it took my breath away. Hopelessness wrapped it's self around my core sending a flash of fear that shot through me and as it did the ice cubes that were in my hands started to melt. When this happened I started to experience all the fear, pain, and suffering around me. I was also aware in that moment that my own thoughts and aguish were contributing to the horrors I was witnessing so that I was a part of what was happing.

That is when I remembered what the angel had said and for some reason I had a quick flash of my cat complaining about finding a spider in the house until we removed it. I could't help myself and started to giggle at how she doesn't like bugs which opened my heart with Love and forgiveness. A miraculous thing happened as soon as I saw this image, I noticed that the ice cubes were hardening in my hands freezing out the emotional fear and pain which departed quickly from within my body.  As I stood there a knowing came over me that as long as I held love and forgiveness within myself I was no longer contributing to what was going on around me nor was I absorbing it. Then a wave of compassion swept over me for what I saw happening around me which permeated from my soul.

Again, I heard the voice of the angel saying "As long as I was standing connected with my higher self and the Creator in that space of Love, compassion, and forgiveness I could walk through the valleys of darkness and hold the light for myself and others." I was also reminded that, "We are all able to do this and when we remember from where we originally came from and stand in that alignment we remind others that we all have the choice to align ourselves into the Light. It is when we forget and become caught up in the darkness in the world that our ice cubes melt. "

I have had the commit from a few of my students that they have had days with not only their ice cubes melting but they evaporated. We all have days like that and what I like to say to this is that we have the ice cube story to help remind us where we are when we are in a difficult situation. The story gives us a gage when we are conscious that we do have a choice in how we connect or hold the energy of a higher space for ourselves and others.  I am not saying it is easy but the more we practice we go less into a vicim, contributor, or fear mode as we learn how to step into our own personal power.

Look around you and see where you are in the story and if your ice cubes are melting? 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Making a Difference

I was't sure what I would write about this week until this morning when I was inspired by a story that young women shared with me. We  both have a love for animals in common and a month ago when we were visiting she was telling me about a cat that had walked into her apartment and made himself at home one day. She knew he was a stray in the apartment complex because he hung around with the other strays and had a few buddies that scattered when they saw her and he was skinny. She mentioned that she was thinking about adopting him but also had a hunch that he belonged to someone even though she knew he was on his own. This morning when I saw her I couldn't help myself and so I asked if she had a new cat.

As it turns out it was a beautiful story because when she went to take him to the vet to be checked out, he had a microchip. From there she went on to contact and deliver him to the family who had been missing him for a year. The story goes they had lived in the apartment complex but had moved and it was during the move that he got lost. Apparently they had made many trips back to find him with no avail and finally gave up. As tears filled my eyes she went on to say that the cat and family were so happy to see each other that he started to purr as soon as he saw the two children. It was a happy reunion for everyone!

This brings me to what I learned this past week and that is how many times do we stop to do something or have hunch and know that we need to take action on something and yet we walk away? This could be anything from taking the extra time to visit a friend or family member or even a phone call. A single action or moment has the chance to be more cherished then we could ever imagine. This is not only about being conscious of our own needs but the people, animals, plants and even the environment around us.  It only takes some action and little time to make a difference. 

Photographs by Ana

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Exchange of Energy

Years ago I was studying with a spiritual teacher and it was brought to my attention that we are all connected with our breath as living beings. The first thing we do when we are born is take a breath and the last thing we do is release the breath. What I thought was interesting is that as spiritual beings not only do we breath in and out but energetically we function the same way. Weather we are aware of it or not we all exchange energy with each other on a day to day basis.

This can happen by emotions, feelings or just being in the presence of someone as our aura fields talk to each other creating an energy exchange on a subconscious level. If you are aware of the exchange then you know that even when someone smiles at you and you react you are participating on some level of this exchange.

 If you are really conscious of this then you notice when walking into a public place if you are feeling comfortable or uncomfortable being in that space. Just by expanding your awareness you will notice when someone is hoarding energy absorbing everything around them or you may see a few who are feeling uneasy and anxious feeling overwhelmed by other people's energy. Not only does it affect their body language but it also affects the people who are standing or sitting around them.

My favorite is to find those who are perfectly comfortable being in that space that they are sharing as they take in and release the energy as normal as breathing.  These are the people who are not only balanced but really comfortable in their environment and in their bodies.

Photographs by Ana

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Quote by Sanaya Roman

"Unconditional love is learning to be the source of love rather than waiting for others to be the source."
Photograph by Steve Noyce

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Self Awareness

Okay, let's just say that now we understand that the illusion of the third dimension is separation and that the key is that everything in the whole universe is connected. We also know that our thoughts are a part of the different levels of consciousness.

The other things that we are starting to be more aware of is that not only are we plugged in but we are in communication with all levels of consciousness, which means that we are receivers and transmitters of energy signals, frequencies, and vibrations on a day to day basis. Our focus is now about learning to become masters of our own thoughts and what we create and attract into our lives.

Sounds easy? Well, here is the catch... Not only are we working on our thought process we are now learning how to step into the energy that is carried by the thoughts... Remember, if we are thinking one thing but in conflict on how we really feel, there is a disconnect. We can go around saying mantras and good things all day and still not change a thing if we are not in tune with the energy of what we are trying to create.

So, what we are learning is that the mind, body, and spirit connections are really important in making physical changes in our lives. Not only are we working on the thought process but we are also learning how to step into the energy that makes changes on all levels.

This brings to mind  the new Star Wars movie  "Rogue One" that I saw this past holiday. In the movie was a blind man who knew about the force and even repeated the mantra that he was connected. You had to love this character as he understood the idea but was learning how to embody the energy of what he was wanting to manifest. At one time towards the end he was able to accomplish not being hit by the stormtroopers laser fire but later lost his concentration and was killed. You see this is a prime example of what we as human beings are learning about as we all go in and out of conscious connection.

We are learning that, if we are wanting to heal our physical and mental bodies, then we have to become more aware of how we connect and the inner workings of that connection as we are a part of the Whole in general.

A good book that I recommend on working on the thought process... 

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, by Dr. Joe Dispense 


Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Illusion of Separation

Order of operations in the connection of everything in the universe is quite simple once you understand that Separation is only an illusion of the third dimension. If you had the opportunity to read the last two blogs prior to this one, you start to get the idea that everything is connected whether we are aware of it or not.

 A few days ago I had an interesting conversation with someone who mentioned that they had trouble with their knees. So I let them know that when we have trouble with the knees it is about us being afraid of the future and moving forward as the knees are a part of our independence of being able to get around in the physical world. The response I immediately got from what I said was that the cartilage in the knees where breaking down and it was more on a physical nature then emotional. I wasn't surprised as this is a classic response in what we have been taught.

So here is some insight... As everything is connected, even our emotional responses, and feelings about things, these responses are energy frequency loaded with information that is carried in a language as electrical pulses that run through the body telling the cells how to react and how to form. Body chemistry is amazing! Not only is the information from the emotional response affecting the physical body but it also goes beyond the physical form as it is then recorded in the layers of what many call the energy field, or aura outside the body broadcasting that vibration around us.

Can you see what a beautiful design we are as human beings? So here we have a wonderful example of the mind, body, and spirit connection as we watch part of the body responding such as the knees in response to thought forms that were either triggered or created by the person who is either consciously or subconsciously thinking them.

As a young child I was deeply captivated that we could breath and our hearts would pump the blood through our veins without us having to consciously think about it twenty four seven. You see so much goes on even if we are unaware of the mechanics of how things work and we still create without the focus of our thought forms as we are still sending messages into our body and energy fields.

I don't know about you but I have in my own life wondered at certain times where all the chaos was coming from only to eventually find my focus and then change the collision course I was heading straight for. Sometime I notice our experience as an individual and collective consciousness as being unconscious drivers on the road without any maps, signs, directions, or guide lines on the roads. We are just out there driving... 

A good youtube on how things respond. Also note that our blood responds the same as water...
Water Crystals by Maseru Emoto

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Patterns of Energy

In the prior blog "Insights" I mentioned the four levels of consciousness and that we all plug into those different levels either unconsciously or consciously. One of the biggest gifts reviled to me was when I discovered if I had a particular question I could find the answer just by asking on a conscious level.

Now think about this with the knowledge of the different levels of consciousness and knowing that the whole universe is made of pure energy it is quite exhilarating even if we don't realize that is true in the first level of consciousness. If you really think about it take for instance an artist or writer etc... who creates something, they not only put color or words on paper but their intentions of what they are trying to convey is captured in the essence of the art, book etc...  This is like a magnet to people who are on the same path or understanding and why some people like certain books or works of art and others don't. Doesn't mean that it is wrong we are just attracted to what we need in our life at that time. 

So one of my favorite things to do, is to go into a book store and ask my higher self a question that I really want to know the answer too. With this I trust my subconscious to know how to plug into the energy that is embedded in the books in that particular store. Then I just wander through the book store until a title, color or even symbol on a book catches my eye. After finding a book, I randomly thumb through it. No prior research, No investment in my find until I see the answer. Sometimes I get too excited over this little exercise so it may be necessary to repeat the process a few times because my physical mind or even ego may take over. What is exciting is that I often find the answer I was looking for and sometimes even find my question stated in a book with the answer.  

I have to admit that this happens so many times that I find it more of a game now and just enjoy the whole process and victory of my finds. So again what I understand is that when we plug consciously into our subconscious we are better able to direct the energy in a direction through our intentions as the energy patterns are imprinted somewhere out there in the universe. 

You see... Every thought, every person, every thing, is created out of an energy pattern. Now think about this... what happens on a bigger scale in our own lives...

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Friday, December 23, 2016


What we often forget operating from the perspective of the third dimension is that we are multi-dimensional beings. Not only are we flesh & bone and thinking beings but there is a lot more going on... So when we set ourselves up to heal a pattern in our relationships it all happens not only on the physical level but also on the mental, emotional, and etheric levels as well to complete the full healing experience. 

Let's take for instance consciousness.... wether we are aware of it or not we all plug into at least four different kinds of consciousness...

1st. As an individual with our own awareness of ourselves and others. 

2nd. A group consciousness. What we call "soul groups" who come into our lives, whom we have soul contracts with and are learning the same or similar life lessons. This is where we can see the patterns in our lives and others that relate to ours... 

3rd. the Collective Consciousness. What everyone shares as a collective in ideas and thought patterns in our norms and as a society. 

4th. The Universal Consciousness - Our full connection to the All.  What some call God, Creator, Source, or the Universal mind. This is when you are aware of being a part of every atom, every particle and energy that moves in the essence of the language of Unconditional Love. What is also known as "Oneness" as nothing is separated in any way, shape or form etc...

Then we have the "etheric field" which some see as the human aura and how it connects to the chakra system. These energy fields that everyone has are a broadcast of our mental, emotions and an etheric template of the human form that moves a thought into existence and us into an experience on the physical plane. We also pick up on what we call an intuitive level of these broadcasts, either on a conscious or subconscious level.. 

The physical body, as we know, is comprised of cells, organs muscles, blood and tissue... Also the brain who likes to drive our experience but is often asleep or unaware of the connections that is happening on the other layers... This is fascinating as physical and emotional triggers can influence body chemistry, and move one into recreating a pattern of reliving a time loop in our human experience that has been recorded in our cells sending signals to our brain and outer bodies. (etheric bodies)

Then we have the soul which is more than one layer... Soul contracts with ourselves and others before birth. Of course everything is connected so the dimensions  naturally flow into this as each part of consciousness exists on different planes of existence but the reason I mention all this is... that when we are healing we are healing on many levels of the creation of the self. And if we see it from the higher perspective it is the opportunity to experience all levels of our connections to ourselves, each other, and Source.

What I find as the true miracle is that no matter how complicated it all seems, when we look at the whole picture as a human being, we do and can learn how to change patterns and heal. And not only that... we can help lift and inspire others to do the same and heal as we are all connected on some level of consciousness...

Photographs by Ana - Los Angeles, CA

Monday, December 19, 2016

Reprint "Impressions of an Echo"

The repetition of an unhealthy pattern is like an echo bouncing off the canyon wall.

Each time it strikes it makes an imprint on the human heart.

The ripples of the waves move in sequence during a lifetime

Sending out signals validating the original pattern.
                                         Looking back one might wonder what was it all for?

A coincidence in life catches the attention of the listener

Bringing an awareness that the pattern is only a vibration

That can be changed by redirecting the energy within.

Transformation occurs, as the voice learns to speak its truth

Creating a reflection in a new sound.

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Sunday, December 11, 2016

"A Journey into the Sacred Heart"

It is with great joy that I am introducing my first book called A Journey into the Scared Heart, which is now published on Amazon on Kindle & Nook.  Soon to be in Paperback...

I have to admit that writing the book was an amazing experience in it's self as I am dyslexic and never thought that I would attempt such an endeavor in my lifetime. It was only with the love and encouragement of many dear and close friends, family, and spiritual guideance that gave me the courage to forge through with what I thought would hold me back in recording a part of my life journey. Through it all I have to say that I am and always will be humbled by the whole experience.

Below is a copy of the synopsis on Amazon describing the book.

"A Journey into the Sacred Heart starts with what is called a Spiritual crisis and soon becomes a life odyssey that delves into the very depths of the soul in search of a cure for soul sickness. With the help of spirit guides the adventure follows a trail that takes the reader on a journey of flashbacks and personal experiences into the world of the supernatural where energy healing, astral projection, chakras, akashic records, spiritual teachers, etc… are all a part of the natural progression of healing. In the end it is about finding the harmony within the human experience as both a physical and spiritual being while recognizing that there is more to life than what we think we already know."

A Journey into the Sacred Heart, by Ana Noyce

Link to the book on Amazon

Painting by Ana Noyce

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Our biggest strengths are out of our weaknesses. Because out of our weaknesses come our greatest strengths.


painting by Ana

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Into the Storm "Reprint"

A few years ago I made a ring for a dear friend before he went to the Philippines on a mission trip and when he returned I noticed he was't wearing the ring. Curious I asked him about it. He said that it had fallen off into the sea during a storm.

Interested in hearing more I asked him how that happened. He told me that he was out fishing with the fisherman in their canoes from the village he was staying at when they realized that a storm was quickly rolling over the horizon. His first thought was that they could out paddle the storm and make it to the shore since he could see the shore line from where they were. Instead the fisherman pulled in their nets and began to paddle towards the storm. Surprised he very quickly let them know that they were going the wrong way.  That was when the leader of the group piped up and said that they were too far form the shore to make it before it hit and the only way they had a chance was to paddle into the storm.

My friend who I would describe as a brave man told me that on that particular day he was tested and wasn't really sure that they would make it at all. There they were in handmade canoes paddling up and down the big waves moving through the ocean traveling through the storm itself. All he could do was to hang on and pray as the fisherman continued to paddle never skipping a beat. It was somewhere in the middle of it all that the ring slipped off his finger and was swallowed up by the ocean.

In what seemed like many hours he began to notice that waves got smaller and the wind and darkness fell away.  Looking up he could feel the calmness setting all around the canoes with an understanding that they had made it. They were safe and no one was lost. As they sat there in the water watching the storm behind them they saw it spreading over where the beach and main land was located.  He said it was a sight to behold as darkness moved through that space. Then it dawned on him that they owed their lives to the leader who made the choice that day to paddle into the storm instead of trying to out run it. Sometime afterwards he looked down at his hands and noticed that the ring was gone but knew that when he returned I would make him another one. I of course was very honored to make him a ring and happy to have my friend back with us safe and sound.

As I move through storms in my own life his story has stuck with me over the years.  Looking at different experiences I see situations where we all may want to run the other way or avoid something at all cost but in the end it always catches up with us, creating more chaos than just facing it. No one ever said that life was easy. And I see too that not only do the storms in our lives make us who we are but they allow us to look back with a knowing that we have really accomplished something once we reach the other side. It is in those moments that we know that we have truly lived our lives to the fullest.

Photographs by Ana