Thursday, December 29, 2016

Patterns of Energy

In the prior blog "Insights" I mentioned the four levels of consciousness and that we all plug into those different levels either unconsciously or consciously. One of the biggest gifts reviled to me was when I discovered if I had a particular question I could find the answer just by asking on a conscious level.

Now think about this with the knowledge of the different levels of consciousness and knowing that the whole universe is made of pure energy it is quite exhilarating even if we don't realize that is true in the first level of consciousness. If you really think about it take for instance an artist or writer etc... who creates something, they not only put color or words on paper but their intentions of what they are trying to convey is captured in the essence of the art, book etc...  This is like a magnet to people who are on the same path or understanding and why some people like certain books or works of art and others don't. Doesn't mean that it is wrong we are just attracted to what we need in our life at that time. 

So one of my favorite things to do, is to go into a book store and ask my higher self a question that I really want to know the answer too. With this I trust my subconscious to know how to plug into the energy that is embedded in the books in that particular store. Then I just wander through the book store until a title, color or even symbol on a book catches my eye. After finding a book, I randomly thumb through it. No prior research, No investment in my find until I see the answer. Sometimes I get too excited over this little exercise so it may be necessary to repeat the process a few times because my physical mind or even ego may take over. What is exciting is that I often find the answer I was looking for and sometimes even find my question stated in a book with the answer.  

I have to admit that this happens so many times that I find it more of a game now and just enjoy the whole process and victory of my finds. So again what I understand is that when we plug consciously into our subconscious we are better able to direct the energy in a direction through our intentions as the energy patterns are imprinted somewhere out there in the universe. 

You see... Every thought, every person, every thing, is created out of an energy pattern. Now think about this... what happens on a bigger scale in our own lives...

Photographs by Steve Noyce

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