Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Illusion of Separation

Order of operations in the connection of everything in the universe is quite simple once you understand that Separation is only an illusion of the third dimension. If you had the opportunity to read the last two blogs prior to this one, you start to get the idea that everything is connected whether we are aware of it or not.

 A few days ago I had an interesting conversation with someone who mentioned that they had trouble with their knees. So I let them know that when we have trouble with the knees it is about us being afraid of the future and moving forward as the knees are a part of our independence of being able to get around in the physical world. The response I immediately got from what I said was that the cartilage in the knees where breaking down and it was more on a physical nature then emotional. I wasn't surprised as this is a classic response in what we have been taught.

So here is some insight... As everything is connected, even our emotional responses, and feelings about things, these responses are energy frequency loaded with information that is carried in a language as electrical pulses that run through the body telling the cells how to react and how to form. Body chemistry is amazing! Not only is the information from the emotional response affecting the physical body but it also goes beyond the physical form as it is then recorded in the layers of what many call the energy field, or aura outside the body broadcasting that vibration around us.

Can you see what a beautiful design we are as human beings? So here we have a wonderful example of the mind, body, and spirit connection as we watch part of the body responding such as the knees in response to thought forms that were either triggered or created by the person who is either consciously or subconsciously thinking them.

As a young child I was deeply captivated that we could breath and our hearts would pump the blood through our veins without us having to consciously think about it twenty four seven. You see so much goes on even if we are unaware of the mechanics of how things work and we still create without the focus of our thought forms as we are still sending messages into our body and energy fields.

I don't know about you but I have in my own life wondered at certain times where all the chaos was coming from only to eventually find my focus and then change the collision course I was heading straight for. Sometime I notice our experience as an individual and collective consciousness as being unconscious drivers on the road without any maps, signs, directions, or guide lines on the roads. We are just out there driving... 

A good youtube on how things respond. Also note that our blood responds the same as water...
Water Crystals by Maseru Emoto

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