Friday, January 20, 2017

The Exchange of Energy

Years ago I was studying with a spiritual teacher and it was brought to my attention that we are all connected with our breath as living beings. The first thing we do when we are born is take a breath and the last thing we do is release the breath. What I thought was interesting is that as spiritual beings not only do we breath in and out but energetically we function the same way. Weather we are aware of it or not we all exchange energy with each other on a day to day basis.

This can happen by emotions, feelings or just being in the presence of someone as our aura fields talk to each other creating an energy exchange on a subconscious level. If you are aware of the exchange then you know that even when someone smiles at you and you react you are participating on some level of this exchange.

 If you are really conscious of this then you notice when walking into a public place if you are feeling comfortable or uncomfortable being in that space. Just by expanding your awareness you will notice when someone is hoarding energy absorbing everything around them or you may see a few who are feeling uneasy and anxious feeling overwhelmed by other people's energy. Not only does it affect their body language but it also affects the people who are standing or sitting around them.

My favorite is to find those who are perfectly comfortable being in that space that they are sharing as they take in and release the energy as normal as breathing.  These are the people who are not only balanced but really comfortable in their environment and in their bodies.

Photographs by Ana

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