Thursday, January 5, 2017

Self Awareness

Okay, let's just say that now we understand that the illusion of the third dimension is separation and that the key is that everything in the whole universe is connected. We also know that our thoughts are a part of the different levels of consciousness.

The other things that we are starting to be more aware of is that not only are we plugged in but we are in communication with all levels of consciousness, which means that we are receivers and transmitters of energy signals, frequencies, and vibrations on a day to day basis. Our focus is now about learning to become masters of our own thoughts and what we create and attract into our lives.

Sounds easy? Well, here is the catch... Not only are we working on our thought process we are now learning how to step into the energy that is carried by the thoughts... Remember, if we are thinking one thing but in conflict on how we really feel, there is a disconnect. We can go around saying mantras and good things all day and still not change a thing if we are not in tune with the energy of what we are trying to create.

So, what we are learning is that the mind, body, and spirit connections are really important in making physical changes in our lives. Not only are we working on the thought process but we are also learning how to step into the energy that makes changes on all levels.

This brings to mind  the new Star Wars movie  "Rogue One" that I saw this past holiday. In the movie was a blind man who knew about the force and even repeated the mantra that he was connected. You had to love this character as he understood the idea but was learning how to embody the energy of what he was wanting to manifest. At one time towards the end he was able to accomplish not being hit by the stormtroopers laser fire but later lost his concentration and was killed. You see this is a prime example of what we as human beings are learning about as we all go in and out of conscious connection.

We are learning that, if we are wanting to heal our physical and mental bodies, then we have to become more aware of how we connect and the inner workings of that connection as we are a part of the Whole in general.

A good book that I recommend on working on the thought process... 

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, by Dr. Joe Dispense


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