Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Cheese Baby

I know there are times in our lives that we have to learn the hard way. Those are the lessons that teach us so much about ourselves that no one else can help us as we have to move through our own experience to learn. This was such the case when I was working at the Acupuncture clinic in Fort Worth, TX. My friend who owned, and ran the clinic offered to cure me one day when I told her that I was Lactose intolerant. She offered to use tuning forks instead of needles as I don't like needles so I decided to take her up on it since I had nothing to lose. I got on her table, and she did a ten minute session with her tuning forks then let me lay there resting as the energy from the forks realigned the atoms in my physical body bringing it back into balance. I laid there for another ten minutes thinking to myself that I didn't feel a thing. I had no spiritual visions. I felt that I didn't have any sensation that anything had really changed except I felt relaxed from the treatment which was really nice. I went home thinking that nothing really happened, and quickly forgot about it.

 A few days later my little sister came to visit with the whole family. It was an amazing time with everyone together. One night she had a cheese platter with every kind of cheese you can think of. If you know me then you know that I love cheese, and have always had a love affair with it. I have no trouble at all helping myself to it only to know that being lactose intolerant I will eliminate it from my body within the few hours. I also know that with cheese I don't suffer any pain as it leaves so I don't have to worry about calories, or how much I eat as it all goes away.

This time no one in our family was eating the cheese as there were a lot of other goodies to eat.  I couldn't help myself as I tired one kind of cheese then another only to take seconds, or thirds possible even more of my favorites. Hours went by, and I was still good. It wasn't until the middle of the night when I awoke with this terrible stomach ache that I realized that something had gone terrible wrong. A rather large amount of pain ripped through my body, and tore at my insides as though I was about to go into labor. My stomach was hard, and I really thought I was about to have a baby. To put it mildly I tired to eliminate it, but had no such luck. My suffering for the rest of the night seemed endless, and continued on into the morning. I begged my husband to go to the store to find something to relieve me from my pain, or just finish me off. He was happy to oblige after being kept up all night. The relief was a slow process, but eventually came to an end.

It was then that I called my friend asking what had happened to me.  I told her what I had eaten, and she began to laugh on the phone as she explained that what I was experiencing was what most people do who are not lactose intolerant. My body was now functioning on a normal process of breaking down the cheese, and I had overloaded it. No longer could I have my fill of my favorite food. There were healthy limits.

With this realization I begged her to change me back to being lactose intolerant. I had lived over forty years with it, and knew how it worked in my body. I realized that at that point in my life I didn't want to change. Her answer was that her job was to fix people not break them. I ended up doing energy work on myself trying to bring myself back to where I was before her treatment as I felt comfortable being lactose intolerant. Eventually I was able to change my body back to the way it was before.

Years later I was teaching a class with my friend who is a Fire Walker. We had two students who were really trying to heal from certain experiences in their lives, and were really vocal about it. That is when my friend stopped, and turned directly to them asking if that they could be healed that day would they be okay with it. Now I remember thinking what an odd question that he was asking as I believed in my heart that we all want to be healed so that we can move on.  I remember that both students paused for a long time as we all waited to hear that they wanted to be healed. But it came to mine, and everyone's surprise as they both agreed that they didn't want to be healed because they understood how to live with their pain, and to heal would change the way they had to think, and live their lives. As I sat there in shock I heard a gentle guidance from within reminding me that I was not so much different as the cheese baby incident came crashing through my thoughts.

You see whether it is a spiritual, physical, emotional, or a mind experience that we are working on we are human after all, and sometimes the real cure can be more than what we are willing to achieve in that time in our lives.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Reading All the Signs

Part of spiritual growth is learning about being aware of any kind of repetition in signals, triggers, and subtle thought patterns that we may possess. It is by taking a moment to analyze this that we will learn a lot about ourselves, and how we can change our lives creating new opportunities when we tune into those frequencies. What I mean is that we may pick the same kind of friends over, and over in our lifetime. We may find that we are attracted to the same kind of mate over, and over again. We may even find a form of sabotaging ourselves, and our relationships as we peel back the layers. Then there are those times that we notice that we are falling into the same financial struggles as we end up in the same situations that we have been in before.

In those experiences there is always some kind of key to our thinking, behavior, or lesson that teaches us to find another way out of those positions. All we have to do is to be aware of the maze that we are in, and the way we tried to problem solve the last time. Most of the time it will lead us back to where we started, but eventually as we recognize our patterns it allows us to discover that there are many ways to looking at the same problem that help find the solution to the way out.

Most of us use the old "Trial and Error" as it is the way we can really dig our teeth into it. Then we have "Reasoning and Searching" for an answer.  On our journeys we might find others that have had the same experiences, and help show us the way out. In those cases it is important to remember the lesson lest we get stuck in the same situation again.  Monotony is the word I like to use as we continue down a path that seems some what familiar. I always find myself a bit surprised when this happens as the signs, and cues are always there, I just failed to allow myself to see them. Once a pattern becomes apparent so does a lifetime of memories come rushing in as I remember the pattern in different experiences. As a person looking from the outside in they may see it as ridiculous, but to the person on the inside they may see it as normal making it all the harder to recognize.

So you ask... what do we do? First is to identify, and be aware of an unhealthy pattern as it will continue to come up until we take notice. Then we start to watch for the signs making a note if there are any triggers, or consequences when this pattern is repeated in our lives. Then it is about being aware of how the pattern affects us in our physical, emotional, and spiritual day to day living. After that we can take a look at all the different angles, and how all the puzzle pieces fit together creating the full picture.  This makes changes possible allowing to grow out of an experience that keeps repeating itself, and move on. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Go Between

As I started to take a part the energy pattern of control I soon discovered the "Go Between" zone. What is the "Go Between" zone you may ask? It is where a person gets into a situation where they stand between two other people who are not communicating well. Now I am not talking about the professional trained counselor or a psychiatrist. What I am talking about is the someone who finds themselves being the go between two other people who refuse to work out their issues. The "Go Between" zone starts out to be perfectly innocent, and then it leads into a whole different ball of wax as the three personalities start to compete for control with their agendas. If you ever heard of the expression "Damned if you do, and Damned if you don't" then you have probably had some experience with this energy pattern.

What I find most intriguing about this energy pattern is that the person that is trying to help the situation after pulling the layers back a little is in their own way trying to control the situation to create some kind of peace in their own life. This is not a bad thing, and often they are labeled as the peace keeper. The only problem with this pattern is that the person that ends up as the "Go Between" usually creates chaos for themselves as they try to balance the scales. I am not saying that we shouldn't try to help someone if they ask for help, but often this pattern usually comes to a head when the "Go Between" is asked to pick sides. This situation then only creates a feeling of loss of control as the scales try to tip heavy to one side for the "Go Between" as they search for where their loyalties rest in the whole picture. Unfortunately balance is not always achieved as going between the two is no longer an option.

I have noticed this behavior in adults who as children had gone through a tough divorce with their parents, and often end up having this pattern as they have tried to adapt to each parent's coping styles do to their circumstances. Then there are situations where two friends that have had a spat, and another friend steps in trying to help heal the situation so that life can continue as it was. There are also those examples with coworkers who disagree creating anxiety within the work place. Sometimes it is good to step back allowing others who have differences of opinions to resolve their own issues as they create situations for themselves to learn form. In any case it is really good to be aware if you find yourself as a "Go Between" taking the time to examine what is happening within yourself as you analyse your true motives.

As for the Go Between it may be better to step aside in most cases letting someone who is trained as a negotiator who can help resolve or bring the issues to some kind of compromise if it is possible.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Gift of Flowers

I wanted to make a note of something that I have learned about flowers.  One of my favorite things to have in the house on occasion is fresh cut flowers from either our garden, or I buy them.  It was brought to my attention years ago from one of my teachers that flowers are good for clearing the energy in a room. Some of my spiritual teachers will have fresh cut flowers in the room where they teach as flowers will soak up any dense, or negative energy like a sponge. It not only clears the room, but helps bring balance to the energy of the people in the room.

What is interesting to see is that the flowers will wilt, or change colors when they are around too much negative energy which is a really good sign to make a note of what is going on in that environment. The energy shift may be very subtle happening over night, or it may occur right after you first put them out. Darker energies like dark spirits will also affect the energy of the flowers, but will also be affected by them. The essences of the flowers will change the room's energy at their own cost helping to bring healing into the room, or to the people in the room. Darker energies will often move, or find other places to get away from the essence of the flowers.

If the flowers stay vibrant, and last awhile then it is a good sign that the environment that they are in is filled with very positive, and flowing energy. People who have extremely high, and a very positive vibrations can contribute the energy of the flowers to where they last a lot longer then usual as their energy mixes with the flowers prolonging their blooms.

The other thing to know about flowers is that some healers will use flower essences by mixing them in an elixir to help bring balance to their clients energy fields. Amazingly it does work. It when you really get down to it, everything we know breaks down into a form of energy. The flowers have an energy essences that they give off in their own fields that helps bring that person's energy field back into balance. When you send flowers to someone you love when they are sick you might want to look up the flower essences, and see what flowers help heal the kind of illness the person you are sending them to. Not only are they beautiful to the, eye but there is a lot more going on that the eye can't see. One thing to know is that the body knows the energy signals, and latches on to it.  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

" A Lesson for the Week"

Each week I seem to have some kind of spiritual lesson whether it is something that I notice off hand, or a pattern that keeps repeating itself until I finally realize what is going on. This past week seemed to be all about boundaries with other people's energy fields. The only problem I have had with keeping boundaries is when I am over tired, or needing a break I will merge with someone spontaneously. That is when I become super sensitive to other people's energy fields, and picking up information.

Now I want to mention that is not just me, but everyone has this going on as we are both spiritual, and physical beings. Most may not know it is happening, or even be aware of it. If you have ever heard the expression "Pull yourself together," you may be experiencing yourself in several different ways. The trick is to be conscious of what is going on in your own body, mind, and soul at the time it is happening. When you do this you may find that you are not really fully present in your physical body, but off somewhere else. This is what we do when we are having traumatic experiences, over tired, stressed, or times of needing a break. It is a natural process, and often if we are aware in those states we can access information about ourselves, and even others.

What we have to remember is that we are all connected to each other, and everything that exists. Thought is again energy, and everything including the physical world when you break it all down is energy. The really cool aspect of this is that as conscious beings we can become aware of our own energy, and other people's frequencies patterns. If we are in that state of consciousness we can match the frequency, and merge into the pattern. It is like fitting a square peg into a square peg.  This can also be achieved with animals, plants, and anything we can think of.

 What I do want to point out is that unless it is spontaneous it is considered bad manners to move into someone's else's frequency on purpose to access information without their permission. What I have learned from my experience is that when I drift what follows is that I find myself in someone's else's energy frequency as the soul has no boundaries. Again boundaries are limitations, and rules that we agreed to follow in the physical world so balancing the two can sometimes be harder than one may think.

We can also do this in our physical bodies only we are often limited by the boundaries of the physical world. What I mean by this is when you are with someone, and they are grieving, and you may feel it on a physical level within your own body, and mind. Sometimes it will go as deep as to penetrate your soul where you experience this emotion as if it was yours.  Again this all reminds me how connected we are to each other, and everything around us.