Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Cheese Baby

I know there are times in our lives that we have to learn the hard way. Those are the lessons that teach us so much about ourselves that no one else can help us as we have to move through our own experience to learn. This was such the case when I was working at the Acupuncture clinic in Fort Worth, TX. My friend who owned, and ran the clinic offered to cure me one day when I told her that I was Lactose intolerant. She offered to use tuning forks instead of needles as I don't like needles so I decided to take her up on it since I had nothing to lose. I got on her table, and she did a ten minute session with her tuning forks then let me lay there resting as the energy from the forks realigned the atoms in my physical body bringing it back into balance. I laid there for another ten minutes thinking to myself that I didn't feel a thing. I had no spiritual visions. I felt that I didn't have any sensation that anything had really changed except I felt relaxed from the treatment which was really nice. I went home thinking that nothing really happened, and quickly forgot about it.

 A few days later my little sister came to visit with the whole family. It was an amazing time with everyone together. One night she had a cheese platter with every kind of cheese you can think of. If you know me then you know that I love cheese, and have always had a love affair with it. I have no trouble at all helping myself to it only to know that being lactose intolerant I will eliminate it from my body within the few hours. I also know that with cheese I don't suffer any pain as it leaves so I don't have to worry about calories, or how much I eat as it all goes away.

This time no one in our family was eating the cheese as there were a lot of other goodies to eat.  I couldn't help myself as I tired one kind of cheese then another only to take seconds, or thirds possible even more of my favorites. Hours went by, and I was still good. It wasn't until the middle of the night when I awoke with this terrible stomach ache that I realized that something had gone terrible wrong. A rather large amount of pain ripped through my body, and tore at my insides as though I was about to go into labor. My stomach was hard, and I really thought I was about to have a baby. To put it mildly I tired to eliminate it, but had no such luck. My suffering for the rest of the night seemed endless, and continued on into the morning. I begged my husband to go to the store to find something to relieve me from my pain, or just finish me off. He was happy to oblige after being kept up all night. The relief was a slow process, but eventually came to an end.

It was then that I called my friend asking what had happened to me.  I told her what I had eaten, and she began to laugh on the phone as she explained that what I was experiencing was what most people do who are not lactose intolerant. My body was now functioning on a normal process of breaking down the cheese, and I had overloaded it. No longer could I have my fill of my favorite food. There were healthy limits.

With this realization I begged her to change me back to being lactose intolerant. I had lived over forty years with it, and knew how it worked in my body. I realized that at that point in my life I didn't want to change. Her answer was that her job was to fix people not break them. I ended up doing energy work on myself trying to bring myself back to where I was before her treatment as I felt comfortable being lactose intolerant. Eventually I was able to change my body back to the way it was before.

Years later I was teaching a class with my friend who is a Fire Walker. We had two students who were really trying to heal from certain experiences in their lives, and were really vocal about it. That is when my friend stopped, and turned directly to them asking if that they could be healed that day would they be okay with it. Now I remember thinking what an odd question that he was asking as I believed in my heart that we all want to be healed so that we can move on.  I remember that both students paused for a long time as we all waited to hear that they wanted to be healed. But it came to mine, and everyone's surprise as they both agreed that they didn't want to be healed because they understood how to live with their pain, and to heal would change the way they had to think, and live their lives. As I sat there in shock I heard a gentle guidance from within reminding me that I was not so much different as the cheese baby incident came crashing through my thoughts.

You see whether it is a spiritual, physical, emotional, or a mind experience that we are working on we are human after all, and sometimes the real cure can be more than what we are willing to achieve in that time in our lives.

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