Sunday, June 29, 2014

Moon Cycles

The different cycles of the moon can play an important part in helping to move some serious energy when making healthy changes in one's life. As you already know the gravitational pull from the moon does affect the tides and as we carry a high percentage of water within our physical bodies so it can also stand to reason that we as human beings can also be influenced by the moon. I am not talking about people going crazy on the night of the full moon. I am speaking about being mindful of the different phases of the moon such as waxing and waning of the moon to set good intentions of what we want out of life. Why is this important you might ask? Just like the cycles of the moon our bodies follow the same energy pattern of the moon that helps us make those important shifts in our lives.

Just a little refresher on the subject on the different cycles of the moon to help you follow where I am going with this subject. There are two moon cycles to be aware of. The first is the waning moon which is when the moon is growing smaller until there is a night where there is no moon. The second is the waxing moon which is when the moon grows bigger and bigger until it become a full moon.

What is great about the waning moon is that it is the best time to let go of things that no longer serve you in your life. Just by setting your intentions during this time to release old baggage that is stuck or blocking your energy field will help you get the energy moving. At the beginning of the new moon you can then write or start to meditate on what you want to let go of as you track the pattern of the moon. You can then check in each day during the the waning moon cycle or you can just be be mindful in reminding yourself that you are going to work on releasing those things that are unhealthy in your life. This can be anywhere from letting go of an old habit, to changing an old thought process, to relationships that need to be let go of etc... It is a great way to cleans your energy field and hit the reset button in your life.

It is during the waxing moon cycle when you want to build or bring things into your life as the moon begins to grow. Again writing your intentions on a piece of paper or just set your thoughts in a direction that will help to bring things that you want or to change in your life. I am not talking about winning the lottery. This is the time to start anew and begin things in your life that brings healing or a healthy abundance back into balance in your life.

Here is a website with a wonderful moon calendar to find the phases of the moon to help with tracking when it is waxing or waning.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Empath

Recognizing when you are experiencing someone's else's truth is a sure sign that you are an empath. I have written about empaths before and it something that likes to return as a subject as I find others who feel as though they have the misfortune of being one. If you are an empath there is no need to suffer as it is really a wonderful spiritual gift that has been bestowed upon you and if you learn how to master and work with it then you will soon discover the many benefits of being one.

Being an empath means that you have to ability to feel and experience other people's energy. Basically you experience their emotions, physical pains, etc... as though they were yours. It is like being compassionate on steroids only for some they don't realize that they are being overly compassionate. This makes it really hard to know what belongs to the empath and what belongs to the other person. For an empath the way they process energy on the subconscious level is to conform their energy pattern into a carbon copy of the other person which their physical, and emotional body will follow as a blueprint thinking that is what it is supposed to do.  The empath is already programmed to do this when they are born into this world.

The way to live in harmony with being an empath is to first be aware that you are an empath learning how you pick up the energy of other people. That is a whole process in it's self by taking time out for yourself to find a quite place so that you can check to see if you are experiencing someone else or if you are really having the experience yourself.  By taking the extra time to analysis what is going on around you and what is happening to you will help to determine if you are an empath. Then taking the extra time to talk to the person or person's you have come into contact may reveal some of what is happening to you. After a few encounters and doing this you will discover a pattern that can be traced.

 Some empaths may be more in tune with the physical body. For example they may come in contact with someone who has a hernia and suddenly develop pain in the area that the other person is experience it. When they are with that person they start to feel as though they have a hernia and may even go home thinking that they need to call a Dr. Other empaths may find that they are more in tune with the emotional side of being empathetic. They may come into contact with someone who is grieving and find that even if they don't know that person or have any idea that person is grieving they will suddenly become very grief stricken. They are just doing what they do best and that is picking up energy and rewriting their own to match the people in the room. Then there are empaths that have both abilities and that can bring up other situations that they feel just by stepping out into the world.

As you can see if you are not familiar with how the empath functions in the world just how frustrating it could be if you are one. If you want to know more about being an empath I suggest that you Google Judith Orloff MD website where you can read more in depth about being empathic. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Victim Energy

I don't know if you have run into or recognized when you are in the presence of someone who carries the intense victim energy. That is a personality that is best described as saying, "No body likes me, everybody hates me."

One of two things to watch out for is that because of the victim energy you may find that you want to help and protect the victim only to be accused by the victim energy as another disappointment or failure in their lives. There is no pleasing or making the victim happy with themselves or with others. I believe that for anyone else that is the hardest part to learn is that you can't fix them. If you are a fixer it will only drive you crazy with the monotony of it all.

The other part to be aware of is that the victim will always find ways to blame others for any mistakes or misunderstandings as they feel they are the ones that others are coming against to hurt them. On a professional basis they often wont give credit to anyone else for any projects or anything that they are working on with others as they will voice that they were the ones left to do all the work themselves. The victim energy is hardest to please and if you do which I am not saying that it can't happen is that they will find a way to discredit or forget that the event ever happened as they go back into the fog of being a victim.

 The one thing to know if you recognize that you are in the company of the victim energy is the they are the ones who have to learn that life is not against them. It may take a full lifetime or they may never learn this in this lifetime but it is a lesson that they are working on which really has nothing to do with you.

I do want to make a note that this is a different energy from anyone who has suffered from a violent crime. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Merging of Tribes

I noticed something on our vacation as we went to visit our family in California these past two weeks. I noticed that within each tribe (or family unit) there are different family traditions and protocols that are unique to each family. As we were visiting it was wonderful to be included in the different activities of each family as we went to see my side of the family in Los Angeles and then my husbands side in San Francisco.

I became conscious that even the environment played a big part in how each family interacted with each other. Some of our family live in a canyon and the other side lives on the top of a hill overlooking a valley. Afterwards, our immediate family traveled back to Texas which is rather flat. There were different kinds of food and traditions that went with living in each geographic location as we went from hot to cold then up and down. Even the roads were different as we moved on flat roads to narrow roads to roads that made a switch back all the way up to the top of a large hill.

Of course, I discovered that our little family of four has its own culture and even its own language in which we communicate with each other which is unique to us as it is built within our own family community. As all of our family tribes blended their energies and love for each other together it was an exciting mix of how we all worked together sharing our own customs and tribal languages with each other on a bigger perspective. This only made it all the more enticing as I enjoyed learning what each family tribe brought to the whole experience when we were all together.

Then there were times when each family needed to do some down time to regroup during the day or evening to get ready for another blending of the tribes. On a few occasions, I did find myself a little uncomfortable only to realize it was because I was experiencing something different in which I allowed myself to explore what was going on around me only to find that I was delighted by the outcome.

The experience was much like sampling many different types of ethnic foods from other parts of the world as we discovered things about ourselves and our own traditions within our close family tribes as we all come together as a whole. When I expanded my awareness to a broader spectrum I saw the world with all the different countries where each of the tribes had their own cultures, customs, and languages. I realized that even on the bigger scale we are not so much different on the smaller scale as we learn about each other. It all made me pause for a moment as I explored the possibilities of the whole world merging together as one family unit melting together as one tribe.  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Life Review

A month ago I was driving home from an errand on a road that I have traveled thousands of times when I noticed I was suddenly aware I was not fully in my body. As I searched for an answer, I realized that my awareness was just a few inches outside of my body and was settled nicely in a few layers in my energy field. I have to admit that was amazing because I could access information that was not common knowledge for me.

What I mean by that is we all have different layers of energy fields that surround our bodies. Each energy field serves a purpose in holding information for the physical body. Energy programs are first manifested in the energy field then transferred to the physical body. This not only includes information about our physical bodies and cellular structure, but also holds the archives of our lives journey. It was the archives that I suddenly was able to access for a few seconds.

I was suddenly able to experience myself from the outside looking inward and in that one moment, I saw, felt, and understood who I was not just on a physical level but also on a spiritual level as I was able to experience life on my spiritual journey too. It was a life review through which I participated in everything while feeling and experiencing everything at once while completely understanding all of it. It was there that I found approval from myself on my own path I was taking in my life journey. It was strange as I was able to recognize that I was on the correct path and once I did, I found myself right back in my body, driving down the road and waiting for my brain to catch up with what had just happened to me. It was incredible!