Sunday, December 22, 2013

Shadow People

In tribute to Sage

Have you ever felt like you were living in the shadow of someone else? It might be a boss, a family member or a dear friend. It is not something that you may really even be conscious of but your whole life revolves around this person.  Then the aftermath sets in with resentment, anger or even grief when the other person demands more and more of your personal time and essence.

The reason I am bringing this up is that this morning when I awoke and was thinking about opening my eyes I was immediately hit with a clear image of people in my life including myself who are following this emotional pattern. As I lay there watching the dream the list seemed to go on endlessly. The whole thing continued to play out through a thread of relationships moving past people that I knew. What came next was a feeling of confusion even with my own life wondering why such an emotional pattern was so prevalent. About that time my husband was waking up and I told him what I was seeing and that I felt that there was a pattern programmed within most people to sacrifice themselves to their own detriment.  My husband replied that, "Most people don't realize that everyone has a bright light within themselves and it is important that we all recognize it and do our best to show it."

 It wasn't until later this morning when I was washing dishes and visiting with my teacher Silver Feather that I understood that this pattern was something that comes about quite innocently.  Again, I was reminded that each of us are apart of the woven fabric of our Creator and that we were all created out of light. I also understood that we sometimes hide our light for whatever reasons. And it is because of this that we find others who show their brightness which is attractive as we end up vicariously living through them.  The whole lesson today was about recognizing the pattern and working on remembering and bringing forth the light and brightness from within so that we don't drain others or feel that our light doesn't matter.  As I finished up the dishes I asked Silver Feather what to call this. In which she replied, "They are the people of the shadows. They are the Shadow People both in the physical plane and on the other side."