Sunday, March 27, 2016

Into the Storm

A few years ago I made a ring for a dear friend before he went to the Philippines on a mission trip and when he returned I noticed he was't wearing the ring. Curious I asked him about it. He said that it had fallen off into the sea during a storm.

Interested in hearing more I asked him how that happened. He told me that he was out fishing with the fisherman in their canoes from the village he was staying at when they realized that a storm was quickly rolling over the horizon. His first thought was that they could out paddle the storm and make it to the shore since he could see the shore line from where they were. Instead the fisherman pulled in their nets and began to paddle towards the storm. Surprised he very quickly let them know that they were going the wrong way.  That was when the leader of the group piped up and said that they were too far form the shore to make it before it hit and the only way they had a chance was to paddle into the storm.

My friend who I would describe as a brave man told me that on that particular day he was tested and wasn't really sure that they would make it at all. There they were in handmade canoes paddling up and down the big waves moving through the ocean traveling through the storm itself. All he could do was to hang on and pray as the fisherman continued to paddle never skipping a beat. It was somewhere in the middle of it all that the ring slipped off his finger and was swallowed up by the ocean.

In what seemed like many hours he began to notice that waves got smaller and the wind and darkness fell away.  Looking up he could feel the calmness setting all around the canoes with an understanding that they had made it. They were safe and no one was lost. As hey sat there in the water watching the storm behind them they saw it spreading over where the beach and main land was located.  He said it was a sight to behold as darkness moved through that space. Then it dawned on him that they owed their lives to the leader who made the choice that day to paddle into the storm instead of trying to out run it. Sometime afterwards he looked down at his hands and noticed that the ring was gone but knew that when he returned I would make him another one. I of course was very honored to make him a ring and happy to have my friend back with us safe and sound.

As moved through storms in my own life his story has stuck with me over the years.  Looking at different experiences I see situations where we all may want to run the other way or avoid something at all cost but in the end it always catches up with us, creating more chaos than just facing it. No one ever said that life was easy. And I see too that not only the do the storms in our lives make us who we are but they allow us to look back with a knowing that we have really accomplished something once we reach the other side. It is in those moments that we know that we have truly lived our lives to the fullest.

Photographs by Ana

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Gift of Dreams

One of the biggest gifts of the spirit that some often miss is dreaming. Many know that dreams are important but with the stress of the physical day they are often forgotten or only brought up if it was a nightmare. Remembering that we are 50% spirit and we dream every night whether we remember it is something we need to take time out and investigate. Carl Jung might have had something there when he was studying dreams. Now, it is important to know that there are several aspects of meaning when it comes to dreams which can be noted under certain categories.

Dreams can be a warning or communication with your spirit that something is coming up in the future. A few years ago I had a dream that someone was coming into my life that would create a lot of change. I even had the name on my lips when I awoke the next morning and sure enough that person showed up allowing me to expand and grow more spiritually. A Blessing in my own life.

Dreams can also be a connection to people that we know who have passed on to the other side. They open up the veil that separates us from the spirit world and messages can be brought through to this side. How many of you have heard or seen someone in your own dream who has passed wanting to say hello or give you a message that they are Okay?

One of my most favorite aspects of dreaming is the classroom. No, it is nothing like what we did as children sitting at a desk raising our hands to speak. It is more like a movie that we are watching or apart of with someone with us like a Master teacher or Spirit guide by our side explaining or showing things to us. These are the dreams that most do not remember as it is the work of the soul.

When you are working on remembering these dreams it is best to work on conscious dreaming so that you can bring parts of the teachings back to help with lessons on this side. These dreams are extremely helpful as they allow you to understand many things that we overlook in our busy lives and help you mature in all situations. Some of the teaching are so advanced that they don't make sense in this 3rd dimension and can be confusing when you try to bring it back to this world. That is why we don't remember most of our dreams.

The other day I woke up and could not remember my dream and took a nap where I was semi-conscious while going into the dream and knew that I was continuing the dream from the other night which was a lesson. When I awoke I could not recall a thing that the dream was about only that it was a teaching and that my soul got it on a totally different level. sometimes I remember the dreams and sometimes they come back when I am in a situation that I need to recall the lessons.

Dreams can be a portal to the astral world of travel and exploring. There are so many dimensions that our bodies can not go to but we can when we move into the energy of our spirit navigating with ease and often accompanied by others that we know in those worlds. Sometimes those experiences can be so amazing that we don't want to wake from our dreams. Did you know that we can visit others in their dreams? We can!

Dreams are amazing and there is so much more to them than what we realize. If we only knew that we have the same power to create like we do in our dreams in this world as our whole world would change. Ahh... but it is coming.

Photographs by Ana,  Taos NM

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ancient Wisdom

"So what does that mean?" a dear friend asked over the phone one day as I was outside watering the flowers in the back yard. "Hmmm, good question, I said," as my brain tried to find an answer in a quick assessment of the conversation. You want to know if a person can transfer bad energy that can flow and infect another person?

The answer is "yes", but as soon as the thought moved to the tip of my tongue I could hear the words of the Medicine men from Taos, NM reminding me that energy is not ever good or bad. It is the person who uses the energy to be good or bad and that is what makes it what it is... So yes, a person with bad intentions can use it for evil, or if they have good intentions, for good.

Then the thought hit me. So, if a person has bad intentions toward another human being then, if that other person is aware of this energy they have the ability to change the energy to a good energy and send it out for the good of all.  A very good skill worth learning... It is what is in your heart and your mind that will show... sometimes the whole experience is a wake up call to learn what is in your own heart...

Don't laugh! As for those who make fun of the evil eye and the superstitious attitude that the older cultures hold to, a certain person came into my life who you would never suspect of giving people the evil eye and taught me a very valuable lesson. At the time I was at work when an acquaintance came up to me and warned me to watch out for that particular person for they would surely put the evil eye on me if I were not doing what that person wanted me to do. I remember laughing at the mere thought and thinking that the person who told me this had a wild imagination never even suspecting that one day I would witness it.

A few months later I was in a training session with a group of people from the office and out of the blue the woman I was warned about started glaring at me intensely from across the room. She showed such hatred and revenge in her eyes. When I turned to smile at her she would continue to stare, making it seem she wanted me to bolt from the room. I ignored her, but I could feel her icy stare trying to penetrate me through the rest of the training session. As uncomfortable as it was, I kept having to refocus my energy into the material that we were learning for the rest of the morning. Each time I was reminded that she was there I would send out love to her person. I did not play her game. At the time I was unsure what was the cause but later found out that I had chosen to go another direction in our group and had angered her profusely.

 I know that negative energy is out there but trust yourself and allow yourself to know that if you feel uncomfortable or the energy is off it is your choice to redirect the energy into the earth to be cleansed or to transform it into positive and loving energy. We forget that we don't have to take on others' energy unless we choose to.

Also, we must remember that we are human and with the highest intentions we can directly change the energy around us for the greater good. But know, if you are in a situation that is bad for you then it might be best for you to leave, even if you have the ability to shift the energy from negative to positive. think about what it is costing you and if it is really flowing in the positive... You have the personal power to change where and who is in your life.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Repost "Light Language"

Light language is a language that every human being is already very familiar with. It is a language of the chakras, aura, and energy fields around and in the body. The language is something that I feel most people are not conscious of yet it is a fluent language of the soul, spirit, and even the subconscious mind. The one draw back is that we as human beings become so invested in the physical world around us that we often miss this beautiful language all together even though our bodies, and energy fields are speaking the language and picking up information from others on an a every day basis.

What most people feel, or experience when they tap into this language is what the intuitive world calls hits or a knowing. In truth it is the light from our energy fields encoded with the energy from our emotions, and thoughts which are always talking to other people's energy fields expressing our deepest wishes, and desires. The information that is shared can be about our health and even our soul contracts that we have during this life time.

 When you break everything down you find that everything is created out of light and energy. This is the very basics of understanding that light also carries information that is not only an expression of a color but rather an energy that can be seen, felt, or experienced in a number of different ways within our energy fields which bump into other people's fields. For those that have the ability to see the human aura they can learn to read the colors but they can also learn to feel the energies that someone is expressing in their fields.

Our health is also projected in these energy fields around us and before we develop an illness it always shows up in our subtle bodies which is comprised of light and energy. If we don't clear the energy within the fields holding the illness we eventually advance to the next stage of carrying the illness in our physical bodies. Acupuncturist and energy workers have known this through out the ages. If you want to really look into language of light you will find that Ancient Chinese medicine has documented this amazing energy within the fields as well.

A few good books on the subject are.....

The Web That Has No Weaver, Understanding Chinese Medicine, by Ted Kaptchuk

Hands of Light, A guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, by Barbara Ann Brennan

Esoteric Acupuncture,  Gateway to Expanded Healing Volume 1, by Mkio Sankey, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Photographs by Steve Noyce