Monday, January 25, 2016

" An Awareness"

A Dream

One night I dreamed that I was really sick and everyone that I came across in the world was sick. Then I saw myself talking to my friends and telling them when I remember getting sick and how it started. We all had the same thing. In my dream I saw a screen on the wall telling everyone how sick we were and how bad the symptoms and the pain would be that we would all experience.

As I looked around the house I realized that there were huge screens all over the place so I decided to go for a walk. I noticed on my walk there were screens everywhere all saying the same thing. I saw this man who stood out from the rest of us standing on the street and I asked about him. Someone told me that the man was crazy and to stay away from him. I noticed that he didn't seem to be sick or dying in any way, shape, or form. "He was not like us?"

That was when I woke up...

An Awareness

The next day on my drive over to see a friend I turned the radio on to listen to some music. I liked the song that was playing so I turned it up. I started to sing along when I realized what I was saying... "I am a Victim!"...."What? What did I just say?"... I listened paying close attention to the words realizing that I didn't like what it was saying so I turned the dial... Another song came on only this one talked about a Co-dependent relationship...  The next song was about hating someone. What????..

Later when I got home I turned the TV on and was surfing through the channels. Again I became aware of what I was hearing and seeing, only to recognize that a lot of it was about fear, loss of power, or taking someone else's!! 

Wow, "I didn't know I was really into it!" It was everywhere just like in my dream...

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Monday, January 18, 2016

Repost "Cheese Baby"

I know there are times in our lives that we have to learn the hard way. Those are the lessons that teach us so much about ourselves that no one else can help us as we have to move through our own experience to learn. This was such the case when I was working at the Acupuncture clinic in Fort Worth, TX. My friend who owned, and ran the clinic offered to cure me one day when I told her that I was Lactose intolerant. She offered to use tuning forks instead of needles as I don't like needles so I decided to take her up on it since I had nothing to lose. I got on her table, and she did a ten minute session with her tuning forks then let me lay there resting as the energy from the forks realigned the atoms in my physical body bringing it back into balance. I laid there for another ten minutes thinking to myself that I didn't feel a thing. I had no spiritual visions. I felt that I didn't have any sensation that anything had really changed except I felt relaxed from the treatment which was really nice. I went home thinking that nothing really happened, and quickly forgot about it.

 A few days later my little sister came to visit with the whole family. It was an amazing time with everyone together. One night she had a cheese platter with every kind of cheese you can think of. If you know me then you know that I love cheese, and have always had a love affair with it. I have no trouble at all helping myself to it only to know that being lactose intolerant I will eliminate it from my body within the few hours. I also know that with cheese I don't suffer any pain as it leaves so I don't have to worry about calories, or how much I eat as it all goes away.

This time no one in our family was eating the cheese as there were a lot of other goodies to eat.  I couldn't help myself as I tired one kind of cheese then another only to take seconds, or thirds possible even more of my favorites. Hours went by, and I was still good. It wasn't until the middle of the night when I awoke with this terrible stomach ache that I realized that something had gone terrible wrong. A rather large amount of pain ripped through my body, and tore at my insides as though I was about to go into labor. My stomach was hard, and I really thought I was about to have a baby. To put it mildly I tired to eliminate it, but had no such luck. My suffering for the rest of the night seemed endless, and continued on into the morning. I begged my husband to go to the store to find something to relieve me from my pain, or just finish me off. He was happy to oblige after being kept up all night. The relief was a slow process, but eventually came to an end.

It was then that I called my friend asking what had happened to me.  I told her what I had eaten, and she began to laugh on the phone as she explained that what I was experiencing was what most people do who are not lactose intolerant. My body was now functioning on a normal process of breaking down the cheese, and I had overloaded it. No longer could I have my fill of my favorite food. There were healthy limits.

With this realization I begged her to change me back to being lactose intolerant. I had lived over forty years with it, and knew how it worked in my body. I realized that at that point in my life I didn't want to change. Her answer was that her job was to fix people not break them. I ended up doing energy work on myself trying to bring myself back to where I was before her treatment as I felt comfortable being lactose intolerant. Eventually I was able to change my body back to the way it was before.

Years later I was teaching a class with my friend who is a Fire Walker. We had two students who were really trying to heal from certain experiences in their lives, and were really vocal about it. That is when my friend stopped, and turned directly to them asking if that they could be healed that day would they be okay with it. Now I remember thinking what an odd question that he was asking as I believed in my heart that we all want to be healed so that we can move on.  I remember that both students paused for a long time as we all waited to hear that they wanted to be healed. But it came to mine, and everyone's surprise as they both agreed that they didn't want to be healed because they understood how to live with their pain, and to heal would change the way they had to think, and live their lives. As I sat there in shock I heard a gentle guidance from within reminding me that I was not so much different as the cheese baby incident came crashing through my thoughts.

You see whether it is a spiritual, physical, emotional, or a mind experience that we are working on we are human after all, and sometimes the real cure can be more than what we are willing to achieve in that time in our lives.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Exercise to raise your vibration

Here is an easy exercise that I share with people to help raise their vibration by using Light.

In the beginning you may want to find a place where you wont be interrupted. You can either sit up or lay down. Find what works best for you to get comfortable. When you do then close your eyes and locate your center by going inside and concentrating on your Heart Chakra. It doesn't matter how you do this either by feeling or imagining it but allow yourself a few minutes to find that space within yourself.

Next become aware of your breathing. You don't have to hold it or count bot notice what you notice. This exercise is about you and recognizing when you are connected so take the time to become aware of the subtle changes and what is happening with you as you go through the exercise. After you feel comfortable with the rhythm of your breath then take your awareness into the lower Chakras, Solar Plexus, Second Chakra, and Base, going down through your feet, continuing on out of the soles of your feet grounding into the earth. Some people like to imagine roots going out into the ground. Another way is to take silver cords with anchors and find a place to anchor down. Do what works best for you.

When you feel comfortable then take your awareness back up through the lower chakras into the heart, throat, third eye, and up into the crown Chakra. This is fun as from there you can then go up into the Soul Star. There you can access a golden/white light that is both relaxing and healing. For some you may need to revisit this exercise a few times before experiencing the Light or even seeing it. If it is as far as you get for now don't worry as it is good that you are even practicing it. Take as long as you need to get yourself merged into the golden/white Light.

Once you adjust and are able to experience the Light you can use your intention to take that gold/white light down into your 7 Chakra bodies. You can move it into all seven in one mediation or do a mediation that works on one  Chakra at a time . The choice is up to you. The point is to expose and change the chakras into a higher vibration by using the light. It takes time and is a great way to do light work on yourself. The golden/white light also helps to balance the chakras and cleans them at the same time. When you feel comfortable and want to disconnect then take your awareness back into the heart Chakra and come out of the meditation when you are ready.

With practice you will be able to access the Light and find your center a lot quicker if you find yourself in a stressful situation. This exercise will help you to align with your higher self within a minute or a few seconds allowing you to connect and deal with the situation in a lot more balanced state. This opens up the bigger picture allowing you to see more options when you need them.  

Photographs by Steve Noyce; Marfa Texas

Monday, January 4, 2016

"2016 - A Time for Clearing"

2016 has come in like a hungry lion. For many the planetary shifts have affected more than just our relationships, but the environment around us. These energy shifts have created a lot of friction in different areas of our lives when we start to have old patterns resurface to be revisited. As we continue to adjust to the higher levels of energy that is now supporting us, it is a time to allow ourselves to become aware of patterns that we are working on and decide if we want to let go of them or to work them out so that we can move on.

This can be somewhat challenging when we are Empathic and tend to find ourselves distracted by what we pick up from others and what they are feeling or going through. Our job is to focus on our own energy patterns and recognize that while we can have compassion for others it is not the time to pick up what others are carrying and carry it for them.

Each person must do their own work to succeed in letting go. Those who are afraid to make the changes will continue to stay in these unhealthy patterns that create chaos in their lives and those who take the time to release it will find life less challenging. It is important to remember that what is good for one may not always be good for another. It all depends on the individual and what the life lesson is for that particular person.

2012 was another year that affected a lot of people. This type of energy clearing often brings out a lot of fear. But the flip side is that it is good for us to move on and let go of what is holding us down that no longer serves us for the highest good. It is what some may call a Spring cleaning of the soul.

The best ways to move through an energy clearing is find one's center, recognize when you notice something off, examine it, and decide if it is worth holding on to or letting go. This kind of release allows us to recognize the pattern before it really begins to affect us giving us the chance to take action in either stepping back into it or bypassing it with our own actions. The choice is ours.

Clock Photograph by Ana
Tire Photograph by Steve