Saturday, March 28, 2015

Energy Maintenance

Have you ever had that feeling when you are around certain people in your life you feel a little drained? In the past I used to just blow it off but later as I learned more about the energy centers in and around the human body it all began to make a lot more sense. One thing is for certain it is not a subject that is covered in our schools but it is as common as the physiology of the human anatomy. You see being both spirit and physical beings we have both to contend with in our lives and when we feel drained of energy which is not always due to the food we are eating or lack of sleep.

There are those articles that we might have come across about psychic vampires and I have to admit there is something to that. But what I wish to cover here is that we all have tendencies to be one. It really depends on our energy systems and how we maintain the flow. As social beings we can't help coming in contact with one another. Our natural ability is to exchange energy frequently and freely without giving it a second thought. It is a lot like breathing but when there is a kink in the system it causes us to become weak or vulnerable to others that need more energy to sustain their fields. This happens when we have energy blockages or tears in our energy fields that can be caused by emotional, mental, and physical stresses in our lives.

If we take a look at the way we were created we find there is a gentle balance between our energy bodies, and physical body. By maintaining our energy centers we are better able to sustain ourselves and the energy that moves through our physical bodies that gives us vitality and keeps us healthy. We also have the ability to help others that are in need of energy without being drained of our own energy supply. If you really think about it energy is not limited and comes in an endless supply. It is only when we break down and can't process the energy through our energy centers that causes a problem. That is when we become vulnerable and don't have the capacity to keep ourselves going not to mention others who we come into contact that may need our help. In which case it is an excellent reminder in alerting us to the fact that we may need help ourselves when others are draining us and we are draining others.

What is interesting is that so many of us are completely unaware that we draining the energy of others since there is no intention of doing such acts on purpose. What we do find is that so often we are naturally attracted to those individuals in our lives that help us feel good when we are in their presence. This is a very normal process but the key is to notice if we are draining those that we enjoy being around. The good news is that this is a dilemma that can be fixed if we focus on the problem and not blame others or brush it off. We are designed to naturally balance the energy of both the physical and spiritual worlds. We have it in us to repair our energy fields just like we have the ability to heal from a wound.

In the physical world we live in we have learned how to exercise and keep our physical bodies in shape with a proper diet but most of us have forgotten the other half of ourselves which is just as important. What we are now learning is that we need to treat the whole person and not just one part of the person. As we continue to become more aware of ourselves we are discovering that it is important to pay closer attention to the maintenance of our own energy centers and our energy fields. One thing is for certain is that you don't have to go to a energy practitioner to get back in balance, you have the capability to learn how to do this yourself but if you feel the need for help then you can find an energy practitioner that can help get you started. Examples of this would be Acupuncture, Reiki, Meditation, Massage therapist, Tuning forks, Singing bowls, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Qigong, Toning, etc... Just keep in mind that you are perfectly able to do your own self maintenance if you find a technique that works best for you.

Here are A few suggestions of books on energy healing that can help you get started;

Chakras for Beginners: "A Guide to Blanching Your Chakra Energy," by David Pond 
Hands of Light: "A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field," by Barbara Ann Brennan
Esoteric Acupuncture: Gateway to Expanded Healing, Volume 1 by Mikio Sankey, Ph.D.,L.Ac.
Aura Energy, for Health, Healing and Balance, by Joe H. Slate, PH.D.

Photographs by Steve Noyce - London, UK

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Subtle Energies

Several years ago when I was working at an acupuncture clinic I not only had the opportunity to learn about energy medicine but really got to see first hand how all of it worked together. Not only did l discover how meridians ran like little highways inside the body but I was also delighted to be introduced to the Subtle Body energies that surround the physical body. Once again I found myself excited to learn that there is so much more to being a human-being than what we really think we know.

The reason I bring this up is that I had a rather interesting experience last week. Before I go into it I just want to mention a few things about the subtle bodies for background information. All of the subtle bodies encircle the physical body in different layers like an onion. Each one of the subtle bodies are like a Chakra and has a purpose and function that not only affects us on a mental level but also affects the physical body itself. What I found intriguing was that illness could often be detected in the subtle bodies by a skilled practitioner and when it was not treated or settled on its own it would manifest itself in the physical body.

So now with this very tiny amount of information about Energy medicine it may give you the idea of what I am writing about. It all started when I was exposed to the flu and at the time I took no notice of it. That week I just happened to be under a deadline for a particular project so most of my attention and effort was focused on making my deadline. Doing errands and visiting people all the time I am exposed to a lot of things so it took me quite by surprise when this time it was different.

What I did notice during the week was that my pets at home would look at me as if they were concerned. They would watch me as if they were seeing past me into my energy field of the subtle bodies or aura. Then they would change some of their daily routines to come and lay on me. Later I went to the grocery store and noticed a women being strange. When I asked her if she knew where something was she kept looking as if she was seeing something above me. The same thing happened at the dry cleaners. I did think it was odd but thought I was imagining it and brushed it aside keeping my focus on my task.

It wasn't until a week to the day after being exposed, in the middle of the afternoon, that I got chilled and then realized I had all the symptoms of the flu. The doctor confirmed it the next day. As I was recovering I reflected on what I had missed during the week remembering our pets and the people I ran into. Now that I am over it the pets went back to their normal routines and look directly at me when they want something or if I am speaking to them. But I also started to thinking about some of the people who I came in contact with. I wondered if they were aware on a conscious or even subconscious level in detecting that I was carrying the flu in my energy field or even in my body when I felt perfectly fine.

What I have come to understand is that each of us is very capable of picking up on other people's energy but many of us have forgotten or don't use it as we are occupied with our physical lives. (Myself included) On the other hand most people will agree that animals have this ability but my thought was this... as human beings it would seem that it would save a lot of time, money, and effort if we all remembered how and used it. For me it was another life lesson as I missed my deadline......

Note; If you are interested in learning more about Energy medicine here are a few books that may help...

The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of your Energetic Anatomy, by Cyndi Dale
The Web that Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine, by Ted Kaptchuk
Esoteric Acupuncture: Gateway to Expanded Healing, Volume 1 by Mikio Sankey, Ph.D.,L.Ac.

Photographs by Steve Noyce
1st photo - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
2nd and 3rd photos - Arlington, Texas

Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Lavender Oil"

In 2010 I had been organizing and hosting a Healing Circle in Arlington, TX for several years so when I was asked to set up and organize a Healing Circle at a local Acupuncture clinic in Fort Worth, TX, I couldn't help being excited in expanding the Circle to another venue. The premise of the Circle was to invite various holistic teachers and healers to speak to the groups that gathered once a month informing them about the different healing modalities that were available. This included essential oils, energy medicine, healing colors, Reiki, massage, music therapy, sound healing, prayer etc...

It was at one of these Healing Circles that I had the honor of making the acquaintance with a women named Carol through a mutual friend who organized and put together the Healing Arts program at one of the local hospitals in Fort Worth, TX. The program was a way of using both western and holistic medicine that complimented each other in helping with the healing process.

Carol was a nurse and one of her specialties in the Healing Arts program was working with the patients using essential oils as a compliment to their stay at the hospital. She came to speak at one of the Healing Circles and her subject that evening was on Lavender Oil. What I remember that really stood out about Lavender oil was using it on burns. This information would become very crucial in my life when I had an emergency later on down the road.

 A few years later I was hosting a family get-together at our home in Arlington and had just made a pot of tea on our electric stove in the kitchen when my sister-in-law who was keeping me company and was telling me a story placed the palm of her hand down on the hot stove. I have to say that both of us were shocked and I grabbed her hand and took her to the sink instantly running cold water on it. I then ran to the bathroom remembering the Lavender oil and the talk that Carol did at the Healing Circle. Grabbing the oil I took her hand and drenched it in the essential oil. Then we used ice cubes on her hand to help numb the pain. Not sure what else to do we talked about the lavender oil and what I had learned at the Circle that Carol had spoken at.

My sister-in-law called me the next day and told me that she didn't have any pain and the skin on her hand was not coming off or even marred. I still was in shock about the whole thing but it wasn't until a few months later when my son had made a pizza and left the hot pan on the stove that I found out just how well the lavender oil worked first hand. ( No pun intended) I came in that day and saw the pan not knowing that it was hot and picked it up only to drop it on the floor burning my fingers. Again I ran for the lavender oil. I used the cool water to sooth the pain and then placed the oil on my burnt fingers. I then used ice cubes to help with the pain. It was painful but the next day I looked at my fingers thinking they would blister up but the skin was good. The pads on the fingers were as if I hadn't burned myself. It was crazy!

I ended up calling Carol and talking to her about the oil as I wanted to know a little more about it. She explained that there were two different kinds of lavender plants that the Lavender oil was made out of for different uses. She warned me to be careful on which one I was using because it could be bad if I used the wrong one. She gave me the names of the different plants but I couldn't remember them when I got off the phone as they were long names and I didn't write them down. However I did know that the Lavender oil I used worked. So now I only buy the two brands that I know worked for me.

When I tell people about those experiences I warn people that there are two different kinds of lavender plants and they might want to "Google" it if they wanted to know more. For me I use the "Young Living" Lavender essential Oil and the other brand I keep on hand is "Aura Cacia." I found out later that Carol was invited to speak in Japan about the essential oils she uses for the Healing Arts program at the hospital. She still works with the Healing Arts program at the hospital in Fort Worth, TX, even today.

 1st photo taken in Ft Worth, TX by Ana, 2nd photo taken in San Francisco in Napa Valley by Steve 

Friday, March 6, 2015

"The Pill"

Awhile ago, it was pouring down rain and I was frantically hurrying because I was late in meeting my good friend for lunch. Since I was in such a hurry, I got in the wrong lane and had to drive around the block which made me even later, since I had to wait again for the light to change.

As I rushed in the door, I saw my friend who smiled and waved. Of course, I immediately apologized and quickly sat down feeling as if my day was already starting out to be a little off. As she looked at my face she said that she was having one of those days to and shared with me an experience that made her feel rather out of line with the things that were going on around her. Then she ended her story with, "And so I guess I took my pill".

"Pill", I said "What Pill"? "Oh", "didn't I tell you?" She said..... " I took my stupid pill." "Your what?" "My stupid pill", she said. "I take it sometimes without thinking and when I am doing something really dumb, I realize that I took my stupid pill."

Of course this brought on some amazing stories of pain, suffering, being frightened and crazy events along with enormous amounts of laughter as we reminisced over our lives and taking that pill.

I guess it was later, in the afternoon as we walked out back out onto the rainy street that I realized how wonderful it was to know that there was a pill, that we all take in life. And even if it was painful at the time, we could look back and laugh.....

Photo by Steve Noyce