Sunday, March 26, 2017

Healing Lectures

I am excited to announce a new "Holistic Educational" group that will be starting up this week. Each month they will be hosting different speakers that will be talking about their modalities and how they can compliment western medicine in working with the mind, body, and soul in helping to promote healing.


Douglas Decker, MD, Debra Rohlfing and Robin Rohrer are hosting monthly lectures offered to further your knowledge in the many different healing modalities offered by the experts in their field. Please  come  and discover what we can learn about the magnificent frameworks we inhabit.  Hear about who is coming and other activities  we have to offer.  Your input is important.

MARCH 30, 2017

7:00-9:00 P.M.

Andrews Women's Hospital  (4th Floor)                         
Baylor Scott & White-Fort Worth                         
1400 8th Avenue                         
Fort Worth, Tx 76104

NOTE:  Park in parking garage (free) next to fountain in front of the hospital.  Security is available to escort you to and from your car upon request. When you enter the front door of the hospital the receptionist will guide you to the 4th floor conference room.

R.S.V.P:  817-689-3367  Just leave name and event name.
              Limited Seating

Saturday, March 18, 2017

An Interruption in Life

So often we are in an unconscious stream of thinking and doing when we are plugging into our daily lives. Then there are those moments when something catches us off guard and trips us up, making us think for a moment, wondering what happened. Looking at the situation we may even get a little frustrated as it interrupts our lives. But it is in that moment we find ourselves awake paying attention to things on a conscious level as an event etc... unfolds as an inconvenience.

Why? I have heard this question even from myself. Because before, we were not even aware when we moved through the motions of our lives that we were sleepwalking. We had forgotten what food really tastes like in our mouths hitting all the tastebuds. We didn't think twice about the air and how it fills our lungs moving though our bodies energizing us. And somewhere we even missed out on those around us who were hiding their pain and suffering.

Like a strayed pattern in the rhythm in a heart beat, it is the interruptions that get our attention and make us remember that we are alive and connected.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Holding Hands

When my children were youngsters my husband Steve and I used to volunteer as chaperones for their youth trips. The very first time we took a trip with one of their groups we got into a small circle and said a prayer, but before we did we all linked hands. What caught my attention is that when we held hands the young girl beside me intertwined her fingers with mine. At the time I remember feeling that it was a little uncomfortable so I pulled my hand away and clasped her hand again. She would have none of that and quickly corrected the way we held hands and once again overlocked her fingers with mine. Realizing it would be repeated I gave in.

When we finished the prayer I felt the need to ask her why she did that, in which she responded that it was a tradition with the group as it represented that her strength covers my weakness and my strength covers hers. I have to admit that was not what I expected and was a little taken back but also deeply inspired. As the young girl walked away I thought what a great way to hold another person's hand as a reminder that we are there for each other.

 If the world only took that view and we held each other in that way...

Monday, March 6, 2017

John of God

So I have been hearing about this amazing healer in Brazil named John of God and I decided to go and see for myself what all the hype is all about. I left on February 12th on an adventure for two whole weeks with a dear friend to Abadiania, Brazil. I am here to tell you that from my own personal experience John of God is the real deal.

My friend and I were a part of a group that had 12 people lead by our lovely guide  Kelsie Kenefick who walked us through the protocol of meeting with John of God. Now in our daily life that doesn't seem important but when you are one of two thousand to three thousand people in one day to work on your personal healing then the oder of operations is very necessary. Our guide was essential in not only helping us maneuver through the crowds and explaining what was happening before and after the meeting but even what was happening to us as we had spiritual shifts. Again for those who are thinking about going for their own experience might really want to think about having a guide.

I had three personal healings while I was there. It started the moment I got to Abadiania, and decided on what I wanted to heal. The energy in Abadiania next to the Casa has been described as a fish bowl because once you step into that space you are already being worked on on a spiritual level of healing. And yes this includes physical healings which many call miracles. I even got to witness a physical eye surgery where there was no numbing medicine etc.... It was amazing to watch. The man who volunteered was not in any pain nor did he cry out when a knife was used on his cornea. After the surgery the man was smiling.

John of God says that you really don't need to have a physical surgery to heal but since there are a lot of people who need to see a physical surgery to even understand how it all works he takes volunteers who want to do the surgery. I opted to do the spiritual surgery and I have to tell you as an energy worker I was impressed with the process. I felt the energy move and shift inside my physical body in healing what I asked for.

As an energy worker I want others to know about the work that is happening in Brazil.
Below are some Youtube videos if you are interested in learning more about John of God and Kelsie's email if you have any questions or want to know more about the tour.

John of God interview with Oprah

John of God Documentary

Kelsie Kenefick Tour guide