Saturday, March 18, 2017

An Interruption in Life

So often we are in an unconscious stream of thinking and doing when we are plugging into our daily lives. Then there are those moments when something catches us off guard and trips us up, making us think for a moment, wondering what happened. Looking at the situation we may even get a little frustrated as it interrupts our lives. But it is in that moment we find ourselves awake paying attention to things on a conscious level as an event etc... unfolds as an inconvenience.

Why? I have heard this question even from myself. Because before, we were not even aware when we moved through the motions of our lives that we were sleepwalking. We had forgotten what food really tastes like in our mouths hitting all the tastebuds. We didn't think twice about the air and how it fills our lungs moving though our bodies energizing us. And somewhere we even missed out on those around us who were hiding their pain and suffering.

Like a strayed pattern in the rhythm in a heart beat, it is the interruptions that get our attention and make us remember that we are alive and connected.

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