Thursday, March 9, 2017

Holding Hands

When my children were youngsters my husband Steve and I used to volunteer as chaperones for their youth trips. The very first time we took a trip with one of their groups we got into a small circle and said a prayer, but before we did we all linked hands. What caught my attention is that when we held hands the young girl beside me intertwined her fingers with mine. At the time I remember feeling that it was a little uncomfortable so I pulled my hand away and clasped her hand again. She would have none of that and quickly corrected the way we held hands and once again overlocked her fingers with mine. Realizing it would be repeated I gave in.

When we finished the prayer I felt the need to ask her why she did that, in which she responded that it was a tradition with the group as it represented that her strength covers my weakness and my strength covers hers. I have to admit that was not what I expected and was a little taken back but also deeply inspired. As the young girl walked away I thought what a great way to hold another person's hand as a reminder that we are there for each other.

 If the world only took that view and we held each other in that way...

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