Monday, March 6, 2017

John of God

So I have been hearing about this amazing healer in Brazil named John of God and I decided to go and see for myself what all the hype is all about. I left on February 12th on an adventure for two whole weeks with a dear friend to Abadiania, Brazil. I am here to tell you that from my own personal experience John of God is the real deal.

My friend and I were a part of a group that had 12 people lead by our lovely guide  Kelsie Kenefick who walked us through the protocol of meeting with John of God. Now in our daily life that doesn't seem important but when you are one of two thousand to three thousand people in one day to work on your personal healing then the oder of operations is very necessary. Our guide was essential in not only helping us maneuver through the crowds and explaining what was happening before and after the meeting but even what was happening to us as we had spiritual shifts. Again for those who are thinking about going for their own experience might really want to think about having a guide.

I had three personal healings while I was there. It started the moment I got to Abadiania, and decided on what I wanted to heal. The energy in Abadiania next to the Casa has been described as a fish bowl because once you step into that space you are already being worked on on a spiritual level of healing. And yes this includes physical healings which many call miracles. I even got to witness a physical eye surgery where there was no numbing medicine etc.... It was amazing to watch. The man who volunteered was not in any pain nor did he cry out when a knife was used on his cornea. After the surgery the man was smiling.

John of God says that you really don't need to have a physical surgery to heal but since there are a lot of people who need to see a physical surgery to even understand how it all works he takes volunteers who want to do the surgery. I opted to do the spiritual surgery and I have to tell you as an energy worker I was impressed with the process. I felt the energy move and shift inside my physical body in healing what I asked for.

As an energy worker I want others to know about the work that is happening in Brazil.
Below are some Youtube videos if you are interested in learning more about John of God and Kelsie's email if you have any questions or want to know more about the tour.

John of God interview with Oprah

John of God Documentary

Kelsie Kenefick Tour guide

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