Friday, June 16, 2017

The Power of One - Repost

The power of one is stronger than I think most people even realize. It is when someone is in that gentle space of knowing who they are, and holding an energy of Love that things around them begin to change. It happens so rapidly that people who come in contact with a person who is inline with the energy of Love start to shift, and soon become a part of something much bigger then themselves.

What is it about you might ask? It is about remembering, and being conscious of who we are, and where we originally came from. It is that place of inner peace, not the judgement of others, or ourselves as we find the grace within us. It is about remembering that the Love that we send out in our own energy fields is just as contagious as the fear that is let loose among the world.

What we discover is that being around people who are in those higher frequencies such as Love can not only be heart lifting but can help us heal our own fields, if we allow ourselves to shift into the same vibration. Release comes sooner, as we learn that it doesn't take a mountain to move things around us but the power of an energy force that promotes a unity of consciousnesses within all of us.

Photographs by Ana

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