Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Bigger Picture

Moving on to the path of light and shedding the darkness has been a life's work, I think for all of us. I sometimes wonder where we would all be without the experience that we have to share with each other. I know in my own life I take great comfort when I can sit and visit with someone who has been down the same road as I am starting my own journey.

Reaching out to each other in a time of need is only the beginning of sharing what we have to offer each other. Becoming aware of the beautiful light that surrounds others when we are in the company of someone else brings a passion into our own lives. It also allows us to see the beauty in this world.

Like all the people we are so wonderfully inter woven together in this life. That through it all, even in the heartaches we are here to be together as we live and grow in our experiences with each other.

Sometimes seeing the bigger picture for our lives and relationships is not seeing it from our own perspective. It might not be seeing from someone else's either. It is from seeing with the eyes of something much bigger than what we know. And coming to understand that, changes the way we see ourselves and others.

It was someone who is now a dear friend, who pointed that out to me. It was much like a Rubex cube as the combination changes and the pattern begins to fall into place. This is what explains the matrix of relationships and the way we communicate with each other as it becomes a life of understanding and forgiveness.

It is by grasping even a small part of the bigger picture that allows us to experience something much greater then ourselves as we lift each other up.


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