Sunday, May 21, 2017

Peace in Seconds

So, since we moved, we have had to change over all our medical doctors. I for one do not enjoy going for my annual check up but with a lot of encouragement from my husband I went to make him happy. As I sat there waiting for the doctor in my paper gown I worked myself up. Trying to push it away I realized what I was doing as the nurse was taking my temperature and asking me questions.

That is when I became aware that I was in a panic and decided to open my fields. Slowly, I took a deep breath when the nurse turned around and in an instant I became calm. In just a few seconds I went into an alpha state, feeling my body relax and my mind let go of the mental stress that I was putting myself through. Energy ran through my body like a gentle current as my awareness sharpened. I could feel different parts of my brain open up sending signals as I was conscious of a chemical reaction happening within me.

The nurse then hooked me up to a heart monitor and when she adjusted the machine the alarms went off. She did it again and the same thing happened. She then checked for a malfunction in the machine and started the whole process over. Again the alarms went off. After making adjustments she asked me if I ran marathons. I had to laugh and let her know I walked around the block, and that was not often. Confused, she explained that my heart rate was like someone who did a lot of exercise and aerobics. It was lowering itself. I explained that I intentionally lowered my heart rate because I was becoming stressed and knew that it was going to be high because of it.

I told her that I do mediation and can go into a meditative state in a matter of seconds when I need to calm down. I could also bring my heart rate up by pulling myself out of it. Then I raised my energy and the machine worked as it monitored my heart rate changing. Just something I know how to do.

It wasn't until the next morning when I got up with my husband and was watching the news that a story came on about the newest trend since yoga. It is meditation centers for people who want to not be so stressed with their lives. I realized then that I could teach others how to change their stress into peace in a matter of seconds when they are in a situation. They don't have to go somewhere where it is quiet or sit for hours trying to calm their mind with their eyes closed. This little technique can be done with eyes wide open in any situation. It is not hypnosis, only learning about how the human energy body works then opening up the field to plug in. As easy as that!

Now, as I am gearing up to teach the Light Language course I have decided to teach others how to go into this place of peace within themselves and the world around them. It seems to be a practice that would help people when they are in a stressful situation where they can be calm so they can move through the experience with as much ease as possible.

 Pictures by Steve Noyce

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