Monday, April 17, 2017

"The Gene Pool"

We have been taught and it is still a part of our collective consciousness at this time that we are victims of our genetics and that what ever is seen in our genes is what we are stuck with. If our families had cancer we believe that we most likely have a chance to entertain the thought of having cancer. But lets look at the newer science that is now telling us that we have the ability to change what is written in our own genes and not only that but now proving we can change it for generations to come.

The science is called epigenetics that is now proving that we can turn off certain genes in our gene pool when we change our thinking and our environment. Scientist are now discovering that we have the capability to change what we once thought held us captive and even made us victims in our own bodies. But how does that happen?  In the book Spiritual Alchemy, by Dr Christine, page 38. Bruce Lipton cellular biologist offers the following hypothesis:

"Despite the fact that for the past 50 years science has maintained that our fate was preprogrammed in our genes, it is now emerging that our external universe, internal physiology and more importantly our perception directly controls the activity of the genes." 

Meaning...."Our perception controls the genes and their subsequent production of hormones, proteins, enzymes, etc. and not heredity unless the same thought patterns continue unchallenged from one generation to the next." Dr. Christine, page 38

"As the unification spreads upon this planet, we are also seeing the coming together of the four great tenets of society: religion, science, philosophy and the arts." Dr. Christine, page 38.

Something to make you go hmmmm....


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